Biden responsabiliza a iraníes por muerte de soldados de EE.UU.

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28 Jan 202403:55


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  • 😥 Attacks against US targets in Iraq, Syria and now Jordan by pro-Iran militias are intensifying following the Israel-Gaza war
  • 💥 A drone strike killed US soldiers in Jordan in the first such attack inside the country
  • 🤔 It's unclear if the US will retaliate against Iran, which worries many the war could expand
  • 🔥 Another pro-Iran militia attacked oil tankers in the Gulf of Aden, setting one ablaze
  • 🚀 The attacks come as the US and UK recently struck the pro-Iran Houthis in Yemen
  • ⚔️ Hezbollah has also launched attacks from Lebanon into Israel, drawing Israeli retaliation
  • 🛡️ Israel continues to surround hospitals in Gaza that could shelter Hamas leadership
  • 🤥 The UN refugee agency is accused of having 12 staff participate in Gaza massacres last year
  • 😤 At least 9 accused staff have been removed, prompting some donors to halt UNRWA aid
  • 🔎 The Gaza war continues to rage fiercely with Israel reporting ferocious battles

Q & A

  • What is the US trying to prevent in regards to the intensity of the war?

    -The US is trying to prevent the intensity of the war from spreading further.

  • Who appears to not think the same way about preventing the spread of war?

    -Pro-Iranian militias appear to not think the same way and are intensifying attacks against US targets in Iraq, Syria and now Jordan.

  • What happened in the attack in Jordan?

    -In the drone attack in Jordan, US soldiers were killed and dozens injured.

  • Who might the US respond against for the attack?

    -The US may respond against bases of anti-US movements in the region or possibly take action against Iran.

  • What is another militia that is attacking targets related to the US?

    -Another pro-Iranian militia in Yemen continues attacking oil tankers in the Gulf of Aden, including one related to the UK which caught fire.

  • Who else is exchanging attacks relevant to the conflicts mentioned?

    -There are also attacks by the pro-Iranian militia Hezbollah from Lebanon into Israel, with Israeli responses of airstrikes and artillery shelling.

  • What accusations have been made against a UN organization?

    -There are accusations that 12 employees of the UN refugee agency participated in Hamas massacres on October 7.

  • How has the international community responded to the accusations against the UN agency?

    -A dozen countries have temporarily halted aid to the refugee agency in Gaza following the accusations.

  • What do the Israelis believe about Hamas' use of hospitals in Gaza?

    -Israel believes Hamas may be using central Gaza hospitals to shelter its leadership.

  • What is the overall situation of attacks happening relevant to these conflicts?

    -There is an intensification of attacks between pro-Iranian militias and US/allied targets, as well as continuing heavy fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.



😲 Rising tensions as Iran-backed militias intensify attacks against US targets

Paragraph 1 discusses escalating attacks by Iran-backed militias against US troops and allies in Iraq, Syria and Jordan, including a drone strike in Jordan that killed and wounded US soldiers. This comes amid the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict. The US vows to hold responsible parties accountable, raising fears of expanded regional war as militias continue provocative actions.

😡 Israel-Gaza conflict continues with fierce battles in Gaza City

Paragraph 2 covers the ongoing fierce fighting in Gaza City between Israel and Hamas, with Israel increasingly surrounding major Gaza hospitals they believe provide Hamas leaders shelter. This comes amid international condemnation over accusations that UN refugee agency employees participated in Hamas military operations.



💡United States

The United States is mentioned as trying to prevent the escalation of war while facing attacks from pro-Iranian militias in Iraq, Syria, and now Jordan. This highlights the US's role in attempting to maintain stability in the region, despite challenges from groups opposing its presence and policies. The attacks against American targets, including the death of US soldiers in Jordan, underscore the direct impact on the United States and its military personnel abroad.

💡Pro-Iranian militias

Pro-Iranian militias refer to armed groups in the Middle East that receive support from Iran and align with its interests. These militias have conducted over 150 attacks against US interests since the conflict between Israel and Hamas began, illustrating their active opposition to American and Israeli presence and policies in the region. Their actions, including drone strikes and attacks on American soldiers, indicate a significant escalation of tensions.

💡Israel-Hamas war

The conflict between Israel and Hamas is a central point of tension in the script, serving as a backdrop for the escalating violence in the region. This war has led to increased hostilities, including attacks from pro-Iranian militias against US targets. The conflict's intensity and its regional implications are evident, as it influences the actions of various groups and the international community's response.

💡Drone attack

A drone attack in Jordan resulting in the death and injury of American soldiers marks a significant escalation in the conflict. This method of attack denotes the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for military purposes, illustrating the changing dynamics of warfare and the risks posed to military personnel in volatile regions. The incident underscores the increasing use of technology in conflicts and its implications for international security.


President Joe Biden's statement on holding those responsible for the attacks accountable reflects the US government's stance on seeking justice and deterring future aggression. This concept of accountability is crucial for understanding the potential diplomatic and military responses by the United States to acts of aggression against its forces, indicating possible retaliatory measures against the perpetrators.

💡Potential US response

The uncertainty surrounding the US's potential response to the attacks by pro-Iranian militias and its implications for broader conflict with Iran illustrates the delicate balance of power in the region. This ambiguity highlights the strategic considerations at play, including the risk of escalation into a larger-scale conflict, which is a major concern for international security and stability.

💡Attacks on oil tankers

The script mentions pro-Iranian militia attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Aden, indicating a strategy to disrupt crucial international trade routes and apply economic pressure. This act not only signifies the geographical spread of the conflict but also its impact on global oil supply and the potential for broader economic repercussions.

💡UN Refugee Agency accusations

Accusations against members of the UN Refugee Agency for participating in the massacres by Hamas highlight the complex and often controversial role of international organizations in conflict zones. These allegations, leading to the suspension of aid by several countries, raise questions about neutrality, accountability, and the challenges facing humanitarian efforts in war-torn regions.

💡International response

The international response, including the temporary cessation of aid to the UN Refugee Agency in Gaza, reflects the broader geopolitical implications of the conflict. It signifies the challenges in maintaining humanitarian support amid allegations of misconduct and the impact of warfare on international relations and aid distribution.

💡Battle of Khan Yunis

The reference to fierce battles in Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip, and the encirclement of hospitals by Israeli troops, points to the intense ground combat and its humanitarian implications. This situation illustrates the strategic importance of Khan Yunis in the conflict and the dire circumstances faced by civilians and combatants alike, highlighting the war's brutality and the complex urban warfare environment.


Attacks against U.S. targets in Iraq, Syria and now Jordan are intensifying

First attack with armed drone in Jordan kills U.S. soldiers

Unclear if U.S. response will target anti-U.S. groups or Iran itself

Fears that conflict could escalate on a large scale

Pro-Iran militia in Yemen continues attacks on oil tankers in Gulf of Aden

U.S. and UK recently attacked Houthi militia targets in Yemen

Hezbollah militia from Lebanon attacking targets inside Israel

Fierce battles reported in Khan Younis, Gaza

Israel believes Hamas leadership hiding in Gaza hospitals

Attacks intensifying while UN faces accusations about refugee agency staff

12 UN refugee agency staff accused of participating in Hamas massacres

UN Secretary General says 9 accused staff have been dismissed

Dozens of countries have temporarily halted aid to UN agency

Israel increasingly surrounding major Khan Younis hospitals

Israel believes hospitals being used by Hamas leadership to take shelter



en Estados Unidos aseguran que intentan


impedir que la intensidad de la guerra


se pueda extender pero junto a esto


vemos Que milicias Pro iraníes no


parecieran pensar de la misma forma y


vemos que los ataques contra objetivos


estadounidenses en Irak en Siria y ahora


en Jordania tan solo se van


intensificando vemos que ya serían más


de 150 160 ataques desde que comenzó la


guerra entre Israel y jamás y ahora es


la primera vez en la cual en un ataque


armado con un dron en el interior de


Jordania mueren soldados estadounidenses


y también decenas resultan heridos todo


esto en una situación en la cual asegura


el presidente Joe biden que tendrán que


rendir cuentas los responsables Se


desconoce si la respuesta de Estados


Unidos puede ser contra bases de los


movimientos anti


estadounidenses en la zona o si


inclusive puede haber algún tipo de


acción en contra de Irán que eso para


muchos es el gran temor de que la guerra


se pueda extender a gran escala esto


cuando vemos que también otra milicia


Pro iraní esta vez en el yemen sigue con


los ataques contra petroleros en la zona


del Golfo de aden alcanzando a unor


relacionado con el Reino Unido que saltó


en llamas haciendo necesarias horas para


poder extinguir el fuego esto después de


que Estados Unidos y el Reino Unido


realizaran ataques contra objetivos de


la milicia pro iraní huti en el interior


del yemen todo esto cuando vemos que


también están los ataques de otra


milicia Pro iraní jbal desde el Líbano


contra el interior de Israel y las


respuestas israelíes con aviones y


también con proyectiles de artillería y


esto cuando sigue intensificándose la


guerra en lo que es el sur de la franja


de gaza concretamente en junes se habla


ahí de batallas feroces se habla de que


también las tropas israelíes durante ya


una semana están cada vez más rodeando


los distintos hospitales centrales de


junes en Israel creen que estas zonas


pueden ser utilizadas por el liderazgo


de jamás para encontrar a ir cobijo Pero


qué es lo que pasa vemos que estos


ataques se intensifican y eh todo esto


cuando se está también frente a


acusaciones contra la Organización de


las Naciones Unidas responsable de los


refugiados ahora tenemos las acusaciones


de que 12 de ellos habrían participado


en los ataques en las masacres de jamás


del pasado 7 de octubre Antonio guterrez


el secretario general de la ONU asegura




Ya al menos nueve de ellos habrían sido


cesado de sus cargos en unas eh


acusaciones que tienen un eco


internacional de hecho ya son una decena


de países los que han decidido el


terminar temporalmente con la ayuda a


esta agencia de refugiados en el


interior de gaza rey