YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude | Chrome Extension

3 May 202303:32

TLDRThis video tutorial introduces a Chrome extension that enhances YouTube and web page summarization, powered by HGBD. Users can view transcripts, select languages, and easily summarize content with a single click. Customization options include theme, text format, and model selection, catering to both free and premium users. Strategies for longer videos are discussed, such as segmenting content or focusing on key parts. Additional features include visibility toggles and keyboard shortcuts for summarization. The extension also promotes a community for sharing insights on reading, watching, and learning.


  • 😀 The video demonstrates the use of a Chrome extension for summarizing YouTube videos and web pages.
  • 🔍 After installing the extension, a widget appears on YouTube, enabling users to view transcripts and summaries.
  • 🌐 The extension supports multiple languages for video transcripts and summaries.
  • 📝 Users can copy transcripts, jump to specific timestamps, or summarize videos with a single click.
  • 📑 Summaries can be viewed on any web page with the extension's icon indicating its availability.
  • ⚙️ Customization options include choosing between dark and light mode, selecting text formats, and selecting models for summarization.
  • 📈 The extension is designed for users with access to certain models, typically GPA plus users, but defaults are available.
  • 🌐 Language options include English, Chinese, Spanish, and others, allowing for multilingual support.
  • 📝 Custom prompts can be set for summarization, and the community is encouraged to contribute better prompts.
  • 🎥 Strategies for summarizing longer videos are suggested, such as dividing content into chunks or focusing on specific segments.
  • 🚫 The extension warns against summarizing excessively long content, which may result in errors due to message length limitations.
  • 🛠️ Additional features include toggling the visibility of the widget and using keyboard shortcuts for quick summarization.
  • 📚 The video mentions another extension called 'Grasp' for highlighting web pages and YouTube videos, with similar functionality.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the 'YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude' Chrome extension?

    -The purpose of the extension is to provide summarization functions for YouTube videos and web pages, allowing users to quickly understand the main points of the content.

  • How does the summarization widget appear on YouTube videos?

    -After installing the extension, a small widget appears on YouTube videos. Clicking it reveals the video transcript and summarization options.

  • Can the extension handle videos in multiple languages?

    -Yes, the extension allows users to select the language they want to view the transcript and summary in if the video has multiple language options.

  • What are the additional features provided by the extension for customizing the user experience?

    -Users can customize their experience through settings such as dark mode, light mode, choosing markdown or plain text for transcripts, selecting models for summarization, and customizing prompts.

  • Who are the models usually intended for, and what is the difference for non-paying users?

    -The models are typically intended for GPA plus users, who are paid users. Non-paying users can select the default model or other models if they have access, but some models may not work without access.

  • What strategies are suggested for summarizing longer videos that exceed the 30-minute limit?

    -Strategies include dividing the content into equal chunks of about five minutes each, summarizing only the first 20 minutes to capture the main points, or using the entire content at the risk of receiving an error message due to message length.

  • How can users control the visibility of the summarization widget?

    -Users can choose to make the widget visible or hidden according to their preference, which can be distracting at times.

  • What keyboard shortcut is provided for quickly summarizing content?

    -The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + X twice is provided to automatically summarize the content.

  • Is there another extension mentioned that has similar functionality to the 'YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude' extension?

    -Yes, another extension called 'Grasp' is mentioned, which has the same functionality for summarizing YouTube videos and web pages.

  • How can users get involved in the community aspect of the extension?

    -Users interested in the community aspect can sign up on the 'Grasp' platform, where people share what they are reading, watching, and learning.

  • What is the contact method provided for users who have questions about the extension?

    -For questions, users can reach out via email to 'high at'.



📚 Introduction to YouTube and Artist Summary Extension

The video introduces viewers to a Chrome extension that enhances the YouTube experience by providing a widget for summarization and transcript access. Once installed, the extension allows users to view video transcripts, switch languages, and quickly jump to the current timestamp. The summarization function is highlighted, demonstrating how it can generate a concise overview of video content with a single click. The extension's versatility is also showcased, as it works not only for YouTube but also for other web pages, offering a similar summarization feature.

🛠 Customizing User Settings for Personalized Experience

The script discusses the customization options available in the extension's user settings page. Users can toggle between dark and light modes, choose the format for copying transcripts (either markdown or plain text), and select from various activity models, which are typically available to premium users. The video also touches on language options and the ability to customize prompts for summarization, inviting viewers to share their own effective prompts and seeking feedback for improvement.

🔍 Strategies for Summarizing Longer Videos

The script provides strategies for dealing with longer videos, which can be challenging due to summarization limitations. It suggests dividing content into five-minute chunks to capture the big picture, starting the summary from the beginning to cover initial details, and a less recommended approach of using the entire content, which may result in error messages due to length restrictions. The video emphasizes the importance of selecting the right strategy based on the video's content and the user's needs.

🔄 Additional Features and Community Involvement

The video concludes by highlighting additional features of the extension, such as the ability to make the widget visible or hidden and the use of keyboard shortcuts for quick summarization. It also introduces another extension called 'grasp' for web page and YouTube video summarization. The script invites viewers to join a community where people share what they are reading, watching, and learning, and provides an email address for further inquiries or feedback.




YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users can upload, share, view, rate, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users. It is a key part of the video's theme as the Chrome extension discussed is designed to enhance the user experience on this platform. In the script, YouTube is mentioned as the primary place where the extension operates, allowing users to utilize summarization functions on its videos.

💡Chrome Extension

A Chrome Extension is a software module that adds functionality to the Google Chrome web browser. In the context of the video, the 'hgbd extension' is a specific Chrome Extension that provides summarization features for YouTube videos and web pages, enhancing the way users interact with online content.


Summarization refers to the process of condensing a large piece of text or video into a shorter form while retaining the key points. The video's main theme revolves around the use of the hgbd extension for summarizing YouTube videos and web pages, as demonstrated by the script where the summarization feature is activated with a single click.


A transcript is a written version of either spoken or written language, typically used to represent the dialogue in videos or lectures. In the script, the hgbd extension allows users to view the transcript of a YouTube video, which is essential for understanding the content and for accessibility purposes.

💡Language Selection

Language Selection is the feature that allows users to choose the language in which they want to view the content or transcript. The script mentions that the hgbd extension provides this feature, enabling users to select the language they prefer for the YouTube video transcript.

💡User Settings

User Settings refer to the customizable options available to users within a software application or extension. The script describes how the hgbd extension has a user settings page where users can choose between dark mode and light mode, select the format for copying transcripts, and choose activity models, which is crucial for personalizing the user experience.


Markdown is a lightweight markup language used for formatting text with a plain-text editor. In the context of the video, the hgbd extension allows users to choose whether they want to copy the transcript in Markdown format or plain text, which is important for users who need to use the transcript in different contexts or software.


In the script, 'models' likely refers to the AI models used by the hgbd extension for summarization tasks. The user settings allow for the selection of different models, such as '3.5 for plugins routing,' which may be available to certain users like GPA plus users, indicating a tiered feature set based on user access or subscription level.

💡Customize Prompt

Customize Prompt refers to the ability of users to tailor the questions or instructions given to an AI system to better suit their needs. The script mentions that users can customize their prompt in the hgbd extension, which can help in obtaining more relevant or personalized summaries.

💡Longer Videos

Longer Videos are videos with a duration beyond the typical length that can be summarized by the extension. The script discusses strategies for handling longer videos, such as dividing the content into chunks or summarizing only a portion of the video, which is relevant to users looking to summarize extensive content.

💡Keyboard Shortcut

A Keyboard Shortcut is a combination of keys on a keyboard that performs a specific function when pressed in tandem. The script mentions a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + X twice) that users can employ to automatically summarize content using the hgbd extension, which adds to the convenience of the tool.


Grasp is another extension mentioned in the script that has similar functionality to the hgbd extension, focusing on summarizing YouTube and audio content. It is part of the community aspect where users share what they are reading, watching, and learning, which is an additional feature beyond the core summarization capabilities.


Introduction of the YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude Chrome Extension.

Installation and readiness to use the summarization functions of the extension.

Appearance of a small widget on YouTube videos for summarization.

Ability to view video transcripts and switch languages.

One-click summarization feature to quickly get video summaries.

Extension compatibility with any web pages, not just YouTube.

User settings page for customization of themes and transcript formats.

Option to choose between different AI models for summarization.

Language selection feature for multilingual support.

Customization of the summarization prompt for personalized results.

Strategies for summarizing longer videos to maintain quality.

Dividing long content into chunks for effective summarization.

Risk of error messages when summarizing very long content.

Option to toggle visibility of the widget for user preference.

Keyboard shortcut feature for quick summarization.

Introduction of the 'Grasp' extension for web page and video highlighting.

Invitation to join the 'Grasp' community for shared learning.

Closing remarks and contact information for further inquiries.