The NEW ChatGPT is HERE! ChatGPT-4o Let's Test Its Coding Abilities

Tiff In Tech
17 May 202410:00

TLDRIn this video, the host explores the capabilities of Chat GPT 40, a new AI tool that promises enhanced image understanding. They test its coding abilities by asking it to generate code from screenshots of UI designs, using Tailwind CSS. The host is impressed by the AI's ability to create a responsive layout and code for a coding game concept, even though it doesn't build the game itself. The video emphasizes the rapid pace of technological advancement and encourages viewers to stay curious and engaged with these developments.


  • 🚀 The video introduces Chat GPT-4o, a new version of the AI with improved capabilities.
  • 🧩 The speaker is excited to explore GPT-4o's ability to understand images and generate code from them.
  • 💡 The idea is to test GPT-4o by taking screenshots of UIs and seeing if it can recreate them with code.
  • 🤖 GPT-4o is expected to have a conversational style, prompting for more details to provide accurate outputs.
  • 🎮 The video includes an example of designing a game concept using GPT-4o, which generates a prototype and instructions.
  • 🔍 The speaker tests GPT-4o's coding abilities by uploading a screenshot of a website and asking it to generate code.
  • 🛠️ GPT-4o uses Tailwind CSS to comment and structure the generated code, showing an understanding of modern web development practices.
  • 📚 The video reflects on how tools like GPT-4o have revolutionized the learning and development process in coding.
  • 🔮 The speaker anticipates more advancements and exciting releases from Open AI by the end of the year.
  • 🚆 The importance of staying up-to-date and being part of technological advancements is emphasized, using an analogy from Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia.
  • 🌟 The video concludes by encouraging viewers to subscribe and engage with the content to stay informed about the latest in tech and coding.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the video?

    -The main focus of the video is to explore and test the capabilities of the new ChatGPT-40, particularly its ability to understand images and generate code from them.

  • What does the presenter believe is the best way to stay up-to-date with rapidly advancing technology?

    -The presenter believes that the best way to stay up-to-date with rapidly advancing technology is to be a part of it, learning and growing with it, rather than just observing from the outside.

  • What analogy does Jensen from Nvidia use to describe the pace of technology?

    -Jensen from Nvidia uses the analogy of a train to describe the pace of technology, stating that it may seem impossible to keep up when you're not on the train, but if you choose to get on the train and be a part of it, it's not as fast as it appears.

  • What was the presenter's initial expectation when they thought about building a coding game with ChatGPT-40?

    -The presenter initially expected that ChatGPT-40 would build the coding game for them, but it turned out that the AI provided a prototype and guidance on how to run it instead.

  • How does the presenter describe the experience of using ChatGPT-40 to generate code from a screenshot?

    -The presenter describes the experience as fascinating and impressive, noting that the AI was able to generate code from a screenshot and that it could significantly change how developers build and learn.

  • What does the presenter suggest for the next step after generating the basic code structure from a screenshot?

    -The presenter suggests that the next step could be prompting ChatGPT-40 to make the generated code fully functional, such as getting the tabs to work and replacing the broken images.

  • What is the presenter's opinion on the impact of AI tools like ChatGPT-40 on the future of coding and development?

    -The presenter believes that AI tools like ChatGPT-40 will significantly change the way developers build and learn, making it easier and faster to create complex projects and reducing the time spent on learning and debugging.

  • What is the presenter's view on the importance of being curious and trying out new technologies?

    -The presenter emphasizes the importance of being curious, trying out new technologies, and being part of the process of learning and growing with the technology, as it is the best way to keep up with the rapid pace of advancements.

  • What does the presenter predict about the future of open AI and its releases?

    -The presenter predicts that there will be more exciting advancements and releases from open AI by the end of the year, some of which they believe are being held back for now.

  • How does the presenter encourage viewers to engage with the content and share their interests?

    -The presenter encourages viewers to subscribe for more tech, coding, and future tech content, and to leave comments with topics they want to see covered or any other videos they would like the presenter to make.



🤖 Exploring Chat GPT 40's Image Understanding Capabilities

The speaker introduces the video by expressing excitement about exploring the new capabilities of Chat GPT 40, particularly its enhanced ability to understand images. They share their curiosity and intention to use screenshots of interesting UIs to test the AI's capability to generate code from images. The speaker also reflects on the importance of staying updated with technology and the analogy shared by Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, about the speed of technological advancement and the importance of being part of it rather than observing from the outside. The video promises to explore GPT 40's features and possibly inspire viewers with new ideas for their projects.


🎮 Designing a Coding Game with Chat GPT 40

The speaker engages with Chat GPT 40 to design a coding game concept. They interact with the AI to define the target audience, game genre, and learning objectives, resulting in a game called 'Code Quest'—an adventure puzzle game aimed at adults for entertainment. The AI provides a detailed outline of the game mechanics and a sample level. The speaker expresses initial disappointment that the AI does not build the game automatically but then appreciates the creative output and the potential of such tools for future builders and coders. They also discuss the rapid evolution of coding tools and the impact on learning to code, highlighting the difference between past struggles and the current ease of creating projects like a to-do list with React.



💡Chat GPT-4o

Chat GPT-4o refers to a hypothetical advanced version of the Chat GPT AI language model, which is designed to have improved capabilities. In the video, the host is excited to explore this new version, particularly its enhanced ability to understand images. The term is used to set the stage for the video's theme of testing and showcasing the coding abilities of this AI advancement.


UI stands for User Interface, which is the point of interaction between a user and a digital device or software. In the context of the video, the host takes screenshots of interesting UIs to test the AI's ability to understand and generate code from these visual representations, demonstrating the practical application of AI in user interface design.

💡Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework used for rapidly building custom user interfaces. The video script mentions Tailwind CSS when the host instructs the AI to use it to generate code from a screenshot. This highlights the AI's potential to assist in web development by creating responsive and styled interfaces based on visual input.


A prototype is an early sample or model of a product built to test a concept or process. The script mentions the AI creating a prototype when it generates code based on a game concept. This illustrates the AI's role in the initial stages of software development, helping to quickly conceptualize and test ideas.

💡Coding Game

A coding game is an interactive educational tool that combines programming with gaming elements to teach coding skills. The video discusses designing a fun coding game to test the AI's capabilities. It shows how the AI can assist in the educational technology space by generating game concepts and code.


Innovation refers to the introduction of new methods, ideas, or products. The video emphasizes the rapid pace of technological innovation and the importance of staying current with these advancements. The host encourages viewers to be part of the innovation train, learning and adapting to new technologies like AI.


Nvidia is a leading technology company known for its graphics processing units (GPUs) and AI research. The video mentions Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, who gave a keynote speech that inspired the host. This reference underscores the influence of tech industry leaders and their insights on the rapid pace of technology.


Responsive design ensures that web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. In the script, the host tests the AI-generated code's responsiveness, indicating the importance of creating adaptable and user-friendly interfaces that work across different platforms.


Reple is likely a shorthand or nickname for a REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop) environment, which is an interactive programming shell where code can be quickly tested and run. The host uses Reple to execute the AI-generated code, demonstrating the practical application of AI in coding and development workflows.

💡To-Do List

A to-do list is a simple application often used as a beginner project in coding to learn basic programming concepts. The video script contrasts the time-consuming process of creating a to-do list in the past with the current capabilities of AI to quickly generate such applications, highlighting the evolution of coding tools and education.


Introduction of Chat GPT 40 and its improved capabilities in understanding images.

Excitement around exploring the latest technology and building cool things with it.

The idea of using screenshots of UI to generate code through Chat GPT 40.

The concept of staying up-to-date with rapidly moving technology.

Jensen's analogy of technology moving at the speed of a train.

Initial skepticism about Chat GPT 40's ability to build interactive coding games.

Chat GPT 40's chain prompting style for a more conversational interaction.

Designing a game concept with Chat GPT 40 in Python.

The surprise and creativity of the 'Code Quest' game idea generated by Chat GPT 40.

The realization that Chat GPT 40 does not build the game but provides a prototype.

Running the provided Python code and seeing the creative output.

Using a screenshot of a website's UI to generate code with Chat GPT 40.

The impressive generation of code from a single screenshot using Tailwind CSS.

Reflection on how new tools are changing the speed at which new coders learn.

The responsive nature of the generated code and its accuracy.

The broken images in the generated code as a potential next step for improvement.

The call to action for viewers to be part of the technological advancements and not just observers.