POE 3.24 Can't Farm Hard Content? I got 30 div/hour from T1 maps farming, Solo, no MF

10 May 202404:23

TLDRIn this video, the creator shares their experience of farming in Path of Exile (POE) 3.24, focusing on Tier 1 maps. They demonstrate how to achieve an impressive 30 divine (div) items per hour while farming solo, without the use of any map modifiers (MF). The video provides insights into the most efficient strategies for farming hard content, making it accessible to players who may struggle with high-level content. The transcript within the video offers detailed text explanations, ensuring that viewers can follow along and learn from the presented tactics.


  • 🔒 The video discusses efficient farming strategies for Tier 1 maps in Path of Exile (POE) 3.24 without using any map modifiers (MF).
  • 💪 It highlights that farming hard content is achievable even without the need for high-end gear or map modifiers.
  • 🚀 The video aims to help players farm at least 30 divine orbs per hour, a significant amount for efficient currency gains.
  • 🧭 Solo play is emphasized as a viable option for farming, making it accessible for players who prefer to play alone.
  • 🎯 The script likely covers specific build recommendations or character setups that are optimized for farming Tier 1 maps.
  • 🛡 It may suggest gear, skill gems, and passive tree configurations that are effective for farming without relying on map modifiers.
  • 💡 The video probably provides tips on how to navigate and complete Tier 1 maps efficiently, focusing on speed and safety.
  • 🌟 It could include strategies for managing map layouts and enemy encounters to maximize farming efficiency.
  • 📈 The transcript might discuss the importance of understanding the game's economy and how to leverage it for farming success.
  • 🤔 The video may encourage players to think critically about their farming methods and to adapt their strategies based on their findings.
  • 📝 Finally, the video script likely contains a step-by-step guide or a series of tips to follow for successful Tier 1 map farming.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic discussed in the video titled 'POE 3.24 Can't Farm Hard Content?'

    -The main topic is about farming efficiently in Path of Exile (POE) version 3.24, specifically focusing on achieving 30 divination per hour from Tier 1 maps without using any modifiers for increased magic find (MF).

  • How does the video claim to achieve 30 divination per hour in POE 3.24?

    -The video claims to achieve this by farming Tier 1 maps solo, without the need for additional magic find gear or settings.

  • What is a Tier 1 map in the context of Path of Exile?

    -A Tier 1 map in Path of Exile refers to the maps that are at the beginning of the map tier system, which are generally easier to complete and provide a foundation for progressing to higher tier maps.

  • Why is farming Tier 1 maps considered efficient in the video?

    -Farming Tier 1 maps is considered efficient because they are easier to complete, allowing for more runs in the same amount of time, which can lead to a higher overall divination drop rate per hour.

  • What does 'Solo' mean in the context of the video?

    -'Solo' in this context means that the farming method described in the video is done by a single player without the assistance of other players.

  • What is the significance of not using magic find (MF) in the video's farming method?

    -Not using magic find (MF) signifies that the farming method is efficient enough to yield a good amount of divination currency without relying on gear or settings that increase the chance of finding magic items.

  • What are divination in Path of Exile and why are they valuable?

    -Divination in Path of Exile are a type of currency item that can be exchanged for various in-game benefits. They are valuable because they can be used to obtain rare items or improve character builds.

  • How can a player optimize their farming efficiency in POE 3.24 according to the video?

    -A player can optimize their farming efficiency by focusing on Tier 1 maps, understanding the mechanics of the maps, and potentially using specific character builds or strategies that are effective for these maps.

  • What are some potential challenges a player might face when farming Tier 1 maps solo in POE 3.24?

    -Potential challenges include dealing with map modifiers that may increase difficulty, managing character survivability, and ensuring that the character build is optimized for fast and efficient map completion.

  • Can the farming method described in the video be applied to other tiers of maps in POE 3.24?

    -While the video specifically discusses Tier 1 maps, the principles of efficient farming might be applicable to higher tier maps with adjustments based on increased difficulty and potential for higher rewards.

  • What are some alternative strategies a player might consider if they find Tier 1 maps too easy or not yielding enough divination?

    -Players might consider progressing to higher tier maps, optimizing their character build for better divination drops, or employing strategies that increase the number of map completions per hour.



😀 Text Explanations

The first paragraph of the video script indicates that all necessary textual explanations are included within the video itself. This suggests that viewers will be able to understand the content by watching the video, as the text will guide them through the visuals and narration.



💡POE 3.24

POE 3.24 refers to the version 3.24 of the game 'Path of Exile', which is an action role-playing video game developed by Grinding Gear Games. This keyword is significant as it indicates the specific version of the game that the video is discussing, which is crucial for understanding any updates, changes, or strategies that are unique to this version.


In the context of video games, especially in 'Path of Exile', 'farming' refers to the repetitive process of killing monsters or completing certain tasks to gain resources, items, or currency. It's a common strategy used to efficiently accumulate wealth or specific items needed for character progression. In the video's title, 'farming' suggests that the content will provide strategies or methods to efficiently farm resources in T1 maps.

💡Hard Content

'Hard Content' in gaming terminology typically denotes challenging levels, areas, or encounters that require advanced skills, strategies, or powerful characters to overcome. The video's title implies that the player is addressing a common issue where players may struggle to farm or progress in these difficult areas of the game.

💡T1 maps

T1 maps, or Tier 1 maps, in 'Path of Exile', refer to the initial set of maps that players encounter and use as a starting point for their adventures. These maps are generally less challenging and are designed to introduce players to the game mechanics. The mention of T1 maps farming indicates that the video will discuss strategies for efficiently farming resources in these early-game areas.

💡Divination Cards

Divination Cards are a type of currency item in 'Path of Exile' that can be used to gain various benefits or to alter the properties of items. They are often sought after for their potential to provide powerful bonuses or to enhance a player's experience. The video suggests that the player has found a method to farm these cards at a rate of 30 per hour, which is a significant amount and could greatly benefit a player's progression.


In the context of the video's title, 'hour' is a unit of time that is used to quantify the efficiency of farming. The video claims a farming rate of 30 Divination Cards per hour, which implies a high efficiency and productivity level in the game, making it an attractive proposition for players looking to optimize their farming strategies.


'Solo' in gaming means playing the game alone without the assistance of other players. This keyword in the title suggests that the video will provide strategies or tips for farming efficiently in T1 maps by oneself, which can be particularly useful for players who prefer to play solo or do not have access to a group.

💡No MF

MF stands for 'Magic Find', a term used in gaming to refer to the chance of finding magic items. 'No MF' in the title indicates that the farming method discussed in the video does not rely on increasing the magic find rate, suggesting that the player has found a way to farm efficiently without the need for specialized gear or boosts that increase magic find.


Efficiency in gaming, particularly in resource farming, refers to the ability to complete tasks or achieve goals in the least amount of time or with the least amount of effort. The video's title implies that the farming method discussed is efficient, as it allows for a high rate of Divination Card acquisition without the need for additional modifiers or equipment.


Strategies in gaming are methods or plans devised to achieve a specific goal or outcome, such as farming resources or completing difficult content. The video's title suggests that it will provide strategies for farming efficiently in T1 maps, which is likely to involve specific techniques or approaches that players can follow to improve their farming results.


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