Your Guide to Path of Exile (2024 PoE Beginner Guide)

21 Jan 202425:39

TLDRThis guide offers a comprehensive introduction to Path of Exile for beginners, focusing on essential elements such as following build guides, using Path of Building and loot filters, and optimizing settings. It addresses common issues like survivability, dealing damage, and progression strategies. The guide also emphasizes the importance of resistances, life, and effective skill linking for character builds. For endgame, it suggests trading for gear, analyzing builds on, and utilizing the Atlas passive tree for character advancement, promising a rewarding experience for those willing to invest time into the game.


  • 🚀 Start by following a build guide to enhance your Path of Exile experience and not ruin it.
  • 🛠️ Download Path of Building to map out your character's passive skill tree and abilities.
  • 🕵️‍♂️ Utilize a loot filter to improve your early game by focusing on potentially useful items.
  • ⚔️ Replace the default attack keybind to 'move only' to enhance combat feel and use the 'hold' mechanic for skills.
  • 💊 Flasks are crucial; ensure they are set up correctly and used throughout the game.
  • 🎯 Focus on one main skill and build your character around enhancing that skill.
  • 🔗 Link your main skill with as many support gems as possible for increased potency.
  • 🛡️ Prioritize reaching 75% resistances in fire, cold, and lightning to reduce dying.
  • ❤️ Ensure you have a substantial life pool to mitigate incoming damage effectively.
  • 🛡️ Armor and evasion are key defensive layers, use them in combination for better physical damage mitigation.
  • 💰 Save your in-game currencies for later stages of the game when you understand their value better.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the guide for Path of Exile beginners?

    -The guide is designed to help beginners navigate the game by providing sections that address common issues such as dying frequently, difficulty in killing enemies, and uncertainty about next steps. It also emphasizes the importance of following a build guide, using Path of Building, and downloading a loot filter.

  • Why is it recommended to follow a build guide for Path of Exile?

    -Following a build guide is recommended because it provides a structured approach to developing a character, ensuring that new players can effectively specialize their skills and gear without getting overwhelmed by the game's complexity.

  • What is the significance of downloading Path of Building for new Path of Exile players?

    -Path of Building is a tool that allows players to plan their character's passive skill tree and itemization. It's beneficial for new players as it helps them visualize and optimize their character build without wasting resources in the game.

  • How can a loot filter improve a player's early game experience in Path of Exile?

    -A loot filter drastically improves the early game experience by filtering out most of the unwanted items that drop, allowing players to focus on items that could potentially be an upgrade to their character.

  • What are the recommended settings changes for a new player after defeating the initial enemy on the beach in Path of Exile?

    -The recommended settings include changing the skill gem socket color, replacing the default attack keybind to 'move only', holding the attack in place with the shift key, and enabling various UI options such as always show sockets, show full descriptions, show life Mana levels, and always highlight flasks.

  • How should a player approach skill selection in their build in Path of Exile?

    -A player should focus on one primary skill, possibly having a secondary skill for single-target situations and another for area-of-effect (AOE) coverage. However, for most builds, it's best to choose one single skill and ensure that all other character attributes and passives boost that skill.

  • What is the recommended approach to obtaining and upgrading skills in Path of Exile?

    -Skills can be obtained by talking to the jewelry currency vendor in each town and checking the second tab for available gems. Upgrading skills involves linking them with support gems and obtaining these links through gear pieces like body armor, helmet, etc. The maximum number of links seen during a campaign is typically four.

  • Why is resistance so important for a character's defense in Path of Exile?

    -Resistance is crucial as it helps mitigate elemental and chaos damage. The guide recommends prioritizing reaching 75% resistance in fire, cold, and lightning before focusing on other aspects of the character's build.

  • How can a player ensure they are not under-leveling their character or running content that is too difficult for their current state in Path of Exile?

    -Players should aim for around 3,000 life when entering maps and ensure they have a good balance of armor and evasion or a mix of both. If they still struggle, they should consider running easier content and leveling up more before attempting harder challenges.

  • What is the best way to determine if a piece of gear is an upgrade for a character in Path of Exile?

    -The best way to determine an upgrade is by importing the character into Path of Building, adjusting the configuration to match the enemy and boss levels, and then comparing the new gear's stats with the current gear's stats in terms of combined DPS and effective hit points.

  • How can trading with other players help in upgrading a character in Path of Exile?

    -Trading allows players to search for specific gear upgrades that match their character's level and desired stats. By using trade websites and filters, players can find items that provide significant power boosts within their budget.



🎮 Path of Exile Beginner's Guide Overview

The video script serves as a comprehensive beginner's guide for the game Path of Exile. It is divided into sections addressing common issues faced by new players, such as frequent dying, difficulty in defeating tanky enemies, and uncertainty about next steps. The guide emphasizes the importance of following a build guide, using Path of Building for character planning, and employing a loot filter to streamline gameplay. It also touches on the differences between a beginner guide and a beginner build guide, stressing that following a guide will enhance rather than detract from the gaming experience.


🛡️ Surviving Path of Exile: Strategies for New Players

This section of the script focuses on how new players can survive the challenging gameplay of Path of Exile. It advises players to cap their elemental resistances at 75% to reduce the frequency of dying, suggesting that this is the top priority for character defense. The guide also recommends using Path of Building to map out the character's passive skill tree and highlights the importance of a loot filter for improving the early game experience. Additional tips include adjusting keybinds for combat, setting up flasks for efficient use, and concentrating on a single main skill to level up and specialize.


💥 Enhancing Damage Output in Path of Exile

The script addresses the issue of low damage output by suggesting players to ensure their primary skill is linked with efficient support gems and to take efficient damage nodes on the passive skill tree. It also recommends upgrading weapons by using currency vendors and crafting benches to improve base damage and quality. The section advises on checking sockets and links for four-link setups, which are crucial for maximizing damage. Additionally, it encourages the use of damage auras and the importance of importing one's character into Path of Building to analyze and improve the character's damage potential.


🚀 Upgrading Your Character in Path of Exile

This part of the script provides guidance on upgrading a player's character in Path of Exile. It starts by explaining how to use the trading website to find better weapons and armor within a player's budget. The guide details the process of filtering items based on level requirements, base types, and desired stats. It also covers how to use stat filters to autocomplete when searching for specific mods. The script advises on the importance of movement speed, life, and resistances on gear, and how to find items that fit these criteria without overspending on chaos orbs.


🤝 Trading and Community Resources for Path of Exile

The script introduces players to the trading aspect of Path of Exile, explaining how to use the trade macro for easier pricing and trading of items. It also directs players to to study builds used by other players and to import these builds into Path of Building for further analysis. The guide encourages players to explore and understand the community resources available to them, such as the awakened trade macro and the platform, to help them make informed decisions about their character's progression and gear upgrades.


🌐 Endgame Progression and Strategies in Path of Exile

This section delves into the endgame progression of Path of Exile, discussing the importance of mapping and the Atlas passive tree. It explains how completing maps and their bonus objectives rewards players with passive points to spend on the Atlas tree, enhancing their character's abilities. The guide encourages players to explore various mechanics and choose those that align with their preferred playstyle. It also offers to create a more detailed video on endgame progression if there is enough interest from the community.

🌟 Final Thoughts on Path of Exile's Depth and Learning Curve

The final paragraph of the script wraps up the guide by emphasizing the depth and complexity of Path of Exile, comparing it to the vastness of the ocean. It encourages players to invest their time in learning the game mechanics and assures them that the guide is designed to facilitate this learning process. The script invites viewers to ask questions in the comments section and to join the stream on Twitch for further discussions. It concludes by thanking the viewers for their time and wishing them luck in their Path of Exile journey.



💡Path of Exile

Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed by Grinding Gear Games. In the video script, it is the main subject and the context for all the advice and tips being given. The game is known for its complex system of character builds and progression, which the video aims to demystify for beginners.

💡Build Guide

A build guide in the context of Path of Exile refers to a set of instructions or recommendations for creating a character with a specific playstyle. The video emphasizes the importance of following a build guide for beginners to ensure they have a solid foundation and understanding of their character's development.

💡Path of Building

Path of Building is a third-party tool for Path of Exile that allows players to plan their character's passive skill tree and gear setup outside of the game. The script suggests downloading this tool to help map out character progression and to copy a build from a guide directly into the game.

💡Loot Filter

A loot filter is a tool used in Path of Exile to automatically filter out items that the player is not interested in, making it easier to identify valuable drops. The video recommends downloading a loot filter to improve the early game experience by focusing on potentially useful items.


Flasks in Path of Exile are consumable items that provide temporary or ongoing effects, such as life or mana recovery. The script discusses the importance of flasks, suggesting players should always have them active and provides advice on which types of flasks to use.


Resistances in the game refer to a character's ability to mitigate damage from different elemental sources like fire, cold, and lightning. The video script stresses the importance of capping resistances at 75% as a top priority for character survivability.

💡Skill Linking

Skill linking in Path of Exile is the process of connecting a main skill with support gems to enhance its effects. The script explains that linking a main skill to as many support gems as possible is crucial for increasing damage output.


The Pantheon system in Path of Exile allows players to gain benefits from minor gods that offer various boons, such as bleed removal. The script mentions using the Pantheon to improve a character's defensive capabilities.


Trading in Path of Exile is the act of exchanging items with other players, which is essential for upgrading gear and improving character builds. The video provides a detailed guide on how to use trading websites to find and acquire better weapons and armor.


In Path of Exile, maps are items that generate instances with increasing difficulty and rewards. The script discusses the importance of maps in the endgame, where they provide opportunities for gaining passive skill points and other valuable rewards.

💡PB Warriors

PB Warriors refers to players who optimize their characters to achieve the highest possible damage numbers on the Path of Exile leaderboards. The video script uses this term to caution viewers about unrealistic expectations and to encourage them to focus on self-sufficient fun (SSF) builds instead.


Path of Exile is a complex game that will be broken down into sections based on common issues faced by players.

For beginners, it's recommended to follow a build guide, download Path of Building, and use a loot filter to enhance gameplay.

A build guide will not ruin the enjoyment of the game but will provide a structured way to play.

Path of Building is essential for mapping out your character's passive skill tree and planning your build.

A loot filter helps by filtering out unnecessary items, allowing players to focus on potential upgrades.

In-game settings can be adjusted to improve combat feel and usability, such as changing keybinds and displaying useful information.

Flasks are crucial; players should use them frequently and optimize their setup for life and utility.

Focusing on one main skill and boosting it with support gems and passive tree nodes is key to effective builds.

Linking primary skills with support gems and obtaining skills from vendors are essential for building power.

Crafting benches in hideouts are vital for adding stats like resistances to gear.

Movement skills like Frost Blink are important for character mobility and survivability.

Intelligence and passive tree setup are crucial for skill effectiveness and should be optimized.

Dying frequently in the game is often due to low life and/or resistances, which should be addressed to improve survivability.

Resistances, particularly fire, cold, and lightning, should be capped at 75% for effective defense.

Life pool is important to mitigate damage, with a goal of around 3,000 life by the time players enter Maps.

Armor and evasion are key defensive layers that should be utilized in addition to resistances.

Leeching life and Mana can provide a significant defensive boost, especially when combined with a good build.

Bleed immunity is essential for certain content, and adjustments may be necessary to avoid being overwhelmed.

Upgrading weapons and armor is crucial for increasing damage output, and quality can significantly impact weapon effectiveness.

Path of Building can be used to analyze and optimize character builds outside of the game.

Effective DPS and effective hit pool are key metrics for character power level and upgrades.

Trading with other players is a primary method for obtaining upgrades and requires understanding specific filters and requirements. is a valuable resource for viewing other players' builds and understanding effective character setups.

The endgame in Path of Exile revolves around upgrading characters through various methods, including trading and analyzing builds.

The Atlas and character's passive skill tree are key components of endgame progression and customization.