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1 Jul 202408:54

TLDRIn this video, Ian introduces Gen 3 Alpha, the latest generative video model from Runway, available to paid account holders. He showcases its capabilities with a montage of generated videos, explains how to access and use the tool, and highlights its practical benefits for content creators, such as generating missing footage and creating complex visuals quickly. Ian also emphasizes the importance of descriptive prompting for the best results and directs viewers to additional resources for help with using Gen 3 Alpha effectively.


  • 🌟 Gen 3 Alpha is a new generative video model from Runway, available to those with a paid account.
  • 🚀 The model is designed to power various Runway tools and can be accessed through the text or image to video tool.
  • 🎬 Users can input prompts to generate videos, such as a cinematic shot of an iceberg in the Arctic, with options for 5 or 10-second clips.
  • ⏱ Generation times are fast, with 5-second clips taking about 60 seconds and 10-second clips taking 90 seconds.
  • 📹 Currently, video generation is at 720p resolution at 24 frames per second, with the expectation of higher resolutions in the future.
  • 💡 Gen 3 Alpha is beneficial for content creators, allowing them to generate missing footage without the need for physical production.
  • 🛠 It can be used to create complex abstract visuals, saving time and resources that would be spent learning and using tools like Unreal Engine or Blender.
  • 🎨 The technology helps maintain a creative flow state by simplifying the technical process of content creation.
  • ✨ Gen 3 Alpha can be used for creating visual effects assets, such as animated fire on a chroma key green background.
  • 📝 Descriptive prompts work best in Gen 3 Alpha, with the use of film terminology enhancing the specificity and quality of the generated content.
  • 🔍 For those needing help with prompts, Runway provides resources and tutorials to improve the prompting process.
  • 🌐 The script encourages following Runway on social media and the presenter's channel for ongoing examples and tutorials on using Gen 3 Alpha.

Q & A

  • What is Gen 3 Alpha and who is Ian excited about its availability?

    -Gen 3 Alpha is the newest generative video model from Runway, available to the general public with a paid Runway account. Ian, the host of the video, is excited about its release because it will power all the Runway tools that the audience knows and loves.

  • How can users access Gen 3 Alpha from their Runway account?

    -Users can access Gen 3 Alpha by going to the text or image to video tool from their paid Runway account and selecting the Gen 3 Alpha model from the model dropdown at the top.

  • What is the process of generating a video using Gen 3 Alpha?

    -After selecting the Gen 3 Alpha model, users enter a prompt, choose either a 5-second or 10-second generation, and click generate. It takes approximately 60 seconds for a 5-second generation and 90 seconds for a 10-second generation, with the current resolution being 720p at 24 frames per second.

  • Why is Gen 3 Alpha beneficial for content creators and editors?

    -Gen 3 Alpha is beneficial because it allows creators and editors to generate missing footage for their projects without the need for physical filming, saving time and money. It also enables them to create complex abstract visuals and VFX assets quickly, enhancing their creative workflow.

  • How does Gen 3 Alpha help in filling the gap between production and post-production?

    -Gen 3 Alpha can generate specific scenes or footage that might have been missed during production, such as drone footage of the Arctic landscape, thus providing a seamless transition to post-production and adding value to the final output both visually and financially.

  • What are some practical examples of how Gen 3 Alpha can be used in content creation?

    -Gen 3 Alpha can be used to create cinematic shots, abstract visuals, VFX assets, and even simulate complex scenarios like a liquid simulation in zero gravity, without the need for extensive technical knowledge or powerful computer specs.

  • How does Gen 3 Alpha impact the creative process for content creators?

    -Gen 3 Alpha allows content creators to stay in a creative flow state for longer periods by reducing the need to engage in technical processes such as running simulations or rendering, which can be time-consuming and take the creator out of the creative process.

  • What advice does Ian give for effective prompting within Gen 3 Alpha?

    -Ian suggests being as descriptive and detailed as possible when prompting Gen 3 Alpha, using film terminology for framing shots, speed modifiers, and camera actions. He also recommends experimenting with different prompts to see what works best.

  • What resources does Ian recommend for those who need help with prompting in Gen 3 Alpha?

    -Ian recommends visiting for the Gen 3 Alpha support article with prompting tips, for tutorials, and using other tools like an LLM to convert simple prompts into more complex ones.

  • How can viewers stay updated with the latest developments and examples using Gen 3 Alpha?

    -Viewers can follow Runway on Twitter for community examples, subscribe to Ian's YouTube channel for more Gen 3 Alpha related content, and engage in the comment section to share their plans for using Gen 3 Alpha.

  • What is the potential of Gen 3 Alpha in terms of emerging technology and undiscovered capabilities?

    -As a new and emerging technology, Gen 3 Alpha has the potential for many undiscovered capabilities and use cases. Ian encourages viewers to explore and experiment with the model to uncover its full potential.



🚀 Introduction to Gen 3 Alpha Video Model

Ian, the host, welcomes viewers to a tutorial on editing with the newly released Gen 3 Alpha video model from Runway, available to paid Runway account holders. He expresses excitement about the model's capabilities and directs viewers to Runway for technical details. The video showcases a montage of Gen 3 Alpha outputs, demonstrating its potential. Ian explains how to access and use Gen 3 Alpha, emphasizing its speed and current 720p resolution limitations, while hinting at future improvements. He discusses the practical applications for editors and content creators, such as generating missing footage for a project set in the Arctic, where actual drone footage was unattainable due to harsh conditions.


🎨 Creative Applications and Prompting Techniques for Gen 3 Alpha

The second paragraph delves into the creative advantages of Gen 3 Alpha, such as generating complex abstract visuals and VFX assets without the need for extensive technical knowledge or software. Ian illustrates the time and cost efficiency of the model, contrasting it with traditional methods that require skills in engines like Unreal or Blender. He emphasizes the value of maintaining a creative flow state and provides guidance on crafting effective prompts for Gen 3 Alpha. Detailed and descriptive prompts are encouraged, with the use of film terminology and camera action prompts highlighted as beneficial. Ian also points viewers to additional resources for prompting help and invites them to experiment with the model, acknowledging its newness and the potential for undiscovered applications. He concludes by inviting viewers to engage with the Runway community and his channel for more Gen 3 Alpha content.



💡Gen 3 Alpha

Gen 3 Alpha is the newest generative video model from Runway, designed to power a variety of tools within the platform. It is a significant advancement in AI-driven video generation, enabling users to create highly detailed and realistic video outputs based on textual prompts. In the video, Gen 3 Alpha is showcased as a tool that can generate videos of complex scenes such as an 'Iceberg floating in Arctic Waters' or 'Dynamic liquid floating in zero gravity', demonstrating its capability to assist content creators and editors in producing unique and specific visual content.

💡Runway account

A Runway account is a user account on the Runway platform, which is necessary to access and utilize the features and tools provided by the service. In the context of the video, having a 'paid Runway account' is a prerequisite for accessing the Gen 3 Alpha model. This signifies the model's professional application and the value it brings to users who are willing to invest in such a service.

💡Video generation

Video generation refers to the process of creating video content using AI algorithms. In the script, Gen 3 Alpha is described as a model that can 'generate' videos, which means it can produce video outputs from textual descriptions without the need for traditional filming or animation techniques. This technology is particularly useful for creating content that would be difficult or expensive to film in real life, such as the 'Drone footage of the Arctic landscape' mentioned in the video.


In the context of Gen 3 Alpha, a prompt is a textual description provided by the user to guide the AI in generating specific video content. The script emphasizes the importance of being descriptive with prompts, as it helps the model understand the user's vision better. For example, the prompt 'cinematic fpv shot of a giant Iceberg floating in Arctic Waters' results in a generated video that matches the detailed description.


Resolution in video terms refers to the number of pixels used to form the image, affecting the clarity and detail of the video. The script mentions that Gen 3 Alpha initially generates videos at '720p' resolution, which stands for 1280x720 pixels. This is a common high-definition standard, but the video also hints at future improvements that may allow for higher resolution outputs.

💡Creative Flow State

The term 'Creative Flow State' describes a mental state in which an individual is fully immersed in a creative process, experiencing heightened productivity and innovation. In the video, the host explains how using Gen 3 Alpha allows content creators to maintain this state for longer periods by reducing the technical hurdles involved in creating complex visuals, thus allowing them to focus more on the creative aspects of their work.


VFX stands for Visual Effects, which are the digital or physical effects added to a video to create environments or phenomena that cannot be achieved in real life. The script uses the term when discussing how Gen 3 Alpha can generate 'Animated burning fire' on a 'chroma key green background', showcasing its ability to produce custom visual effects that can be composited into other videos.

💡Chroma Key

Chroma Key, also known as green screen technology, is a technique used in video production where a colored background is replaced with another image or video during post-production. In the script, the host generates a video of 'burning fire' on a 'chroma key green background', indicating the potential for Gen 3 Alpha to create content that can be easily integrated with other footage.


AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and act like humans. The script discusses Gen 3 Alpha as an AI model that can understand and execute complex creative tasks, such as generating videos from textual descriptions, which would typically require human creativity and technical skills.

💡Technical Process

A 'Technical Process' refers to the methodical and often detailed steps involved in creating something, especially in a technical field. The video contrasts the technical process with the creative process, suggesting that Gen 3 Alpha reduces the need for users to engage in complex technical work, thus allowing them to stay focused on the creative aspects of video production.


A montage is a sequence of short video clips edited together to condense time or space, often used to show a series of related events or to create a specific atmosphere. The script mentions starting with a 'banger Montage of Gen 3 Alpha outputs', which serves as a visually engaging introduction to the capabilities of the video generation model.


Gen 3 Alpha, the newest generative video model from Runway, is now available to the general public.

Access Gen 3 Alpha through a paid Runway account using the text or image to video tool.

Gen 3 Alpha can generate 5-second or 10-second video clips with fast processing times.

Initial video resolution is 720p at 24 frames per second, with higher resolutions expected in the future.

Gen 3 Alpha's practical applications include generating missing footage for content creation.

The model can save time and money by eliminating the need for on-location filming.

Gen 3 Alpha enables creators to stay in a creative flow state by simplifying the technical process.

The model can generate complex abstract visuals, such as dynamic liquid simulations in zero gravity.

Gen 3 Alpha can be used to create custom visual effects assets without the need for external resources.

Descriptive prompting with film terminology improves the accuracy of video generation.

Simple prompts can also be used, but detailed descriptions yield better results.

Prompting can include camera angles, subject actions, and even emotional transitions.

Resources like and provide support and tutorials for Gen 3 Alpha.

Experimentation with Gen 3 Alpha is encouraged to discover its full potential.

The technology has many untapped use cases and is an emerging field with much to explore.

Stay updated with Runway and Ian's YouTube channel for more Gen 3 Alpha content and examples.