The Wait is Over! Gen-3 is OUT! - First Testing & Impressions

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1 Jul 202421:41

TLDRThe video script introduces the Gen-3 video generator by Runway, marking a significant milestone in AI video generation. The host tests various prompts, including a tabby cat, a 3D animated lemon character, and a Minecraft-inspired scene, showcasing the generator's ability to create detailed and somewhat realistic video content. Despite some prompts not fully meeting expectations, the video highlights the potential and excitement surrounding AI-generated video, inviting viewers to participate in a live stream for further exploration.


  • 😀 The video discusses the release of Runway's Gen 3 Alpha, a high-quality AI video generator that is now publicly accessible.
  • 🎉 The host is excited about the capabilities of Gen 3, emphasizing its potential for creating AI-generated videos for content creators.
  • 📹 The Gen 3 interface is simple, with options to choose between Gen 3 Alpha and Gen 2, and a prompt field for video generation requests.
  • 🔄 The video generation process involves entering a prompt and waiting in a queue before the video is quickly generated.
  • 🐱 The first test prompt was a close-up shot of an orange tabby cat, which was successfully generated with high quality.
  • 🍋 Subsequent prompts tested more complex scenarios, such as a 3D animation of a lemon character on a beach, with varying results.
  • 🎮 A Minecraft-inspired video prompt was generated, showing a metallic cave and a 3D hand holding a torch, indicating the potential for video game-like visuals.
  • 👽 An attempt at generating a realistic handheld footage of a gray alien resulted in a somewhat scary and surreal video.
  • 📚 The video mentions a Gen 3 prompting guide, which was used to enhance prompts for better video generation results.
  • 💡 The script highlights the potential of AI video generation for creative projects and the need for effective prompting to achieve desired outcomes.
  • 🌐 The video concludes by emphasizing the uniqueness of Gen 3 as the most advanced AI video generator currently available to the public.

Q & A

  • What is the significance of the release of Gen-3 AI video generator as mentioned in the video?

    -The release of Gen-3 AI video generator is significant as it marks a milestone in AI history, being the first somewhat high-quality AI video generator that is accessible to the public, allowing anyone to create videos using the generator on Runway's website.

  • What are the initial steps to use the Gen-3 video generator after accessing the Runway website?

    -The initial steps include choosing between Gen-3 Alpha or the old Gen-2 model, and then entering a prompt in the prompt field. Users can also refer to the provided guide for effective prompting of Gen-3.

  • What was the first prompt used by the YouTuber in the video to test the Gen-3 video generator?

    -The first prompt used was a simple request for a 'close-up Zoom shot of an orange tabby looking into the camera' with a duration of 5 seconds.

  • How long did it take for the Gen-3 video generator to produce the first video after the user submitted the prompt?

    -It took a few minutes for the video to be generated after the user submitted the prompt and waited in the queue.

  • What was the quality of the first generated video featuring the tabby cat?

    -The quality of the first generated video was quite good, with the video closely resembling a tabby cat. The AI-generated video was detailed and convincing, with only minor AI tell-tale signs when the camera shifted to the cat's eyes.

  • What is the importance of the queue system in the Gen-3 video generator process?

    -The queue system is important as it manages the load of video generation requests. Users can input multiple prompts into the queue, and once their turn arrives, the video generation process is relatively fast.

  • What was the outcome of the prompt for a '3D animation of a lemon character wearing sunglasses on a tropical beach'?

    -The outcome was somewhat mixed. The lemon character appeared with sunglasses and a drink, but the animation lacked the expected 3D style and windy environment. The character did not take a sip from the drink as prompted.

  • How did the Gen-3 video generator handle the complex prompt involving a man transforming into water?

    -The generator did not accurately depict the transformation. The man appeared to be partially underwater with a strange water effect pouring down him, rather than melting into water as intended.

  • What feature of the Gen-3 video generator allows users to recreate the same video with slight tweaks to the prompt?

    -The 'fix the seed' feature in the settings page allows users to recreate the same video with the same seed number, enabling them to make slight tweaks to the prompt and potentially improve the generated video.

  • What is the purpose of custom presets in the Gen-3 video generator?

    -Custom presets allow users to save specific styles or tags that can be quickly applied to new prompts, streamlining the video generation process and maintaining a consistent style across multiple videos.

  • What is the cost implication for using the Gen-3 video generator, and how does the YouTuber justify the expense?

    -Using the Gen-3 video generator requires a paid plan starting at $15 per month. The YouTuber justifies the expense by stating that it's the best AI video generator currently accessible and worth the cost for AI power users who want to experiment with the latest technology.

  • What is the YouTuber's plan for the following day after the video was recorded?

    -The YouTuber plans to conduct a live stream where they will test the Gen-3 video generator using prompts suggested by viewers, allowing those without a plan to participate and see the generator in action.



🚀 Introduction to Runway Gen 3 Alpha Video Generator

The script introduces the audience to the Runway Gen 3 Alpha, a high-quality AI video generator that has just been made public. The narrator expresses excitement about this significant development in AI, as it allows anyone to access and use the video generator on the Runway website. The video begins with a simple prompt to test the generator's capabilities, resulting in a short, high-quality video of an orange tabby cat. The narrator discusses the process of queuing and generating videos, emphasizing the speed and quality of the output, and hints at more complex prompts to follow.


🎨 Exploring Complex Prompts with Gen 3 Alpha

The script delves into testing more complex prompts with the Gen 3 Alpha, including a 3D animation of a lemon character on a beach, a cinematic transformation of a man into water, and a Minecraft-inspired first-person GoPro footage. The narrator discusses the results of these prompts, noting that while the AI struggles with certain elements like movement and complex actions, it still produces impressive and somewhat coherent videos. The script also mentions the potential for using negative prompts and video inpainting to clean up the generated footage.


🤖 Enhancing Prompts with Large Language Models

The narrator attempts to enhance the prompts using a large language model, Claude 3.5, to improve the results of the video generator. They experiment with prompts for a 3D animated lemon character and a realistic hand-held footage of an alien in the woods. The results vary, with the lemon animation showing some improvements but still not fully capturing the desired effect, while the alien handshake video ends up being quite eerie and not as expected. The script highlights the potential and limitations of using AI to enhance creative prompts.


🌐 Community Reactions and Custom Presets

The script discusses community reactions to the Gen 3 Alpha, showcasing creative uses of the video generator by other users, such as an intergalactic fashion show with various alien creatures. It also introduces the concept of custom presets in Gen 3, which allows users to save specific styles or prompts for future use, demonstrated with a teddy bear washing dishes prompt. The narrator emphasizes the uniqueness and potential of Gen 3 compared to other video generators and mentions plans for a live stream to explore more prompts with the audience.


🌟 Conclusion and Future Outlook for AI Video Generation

The script concludes by reflecting on the capabilities of Runway Gen 3 as the best AI video generator currently accessible to the public. It compares Gen 3 to the yet-unreleased open AI Sora and discusses the potential for future improvements and cost reductions in AI video generation. The narrator invites viewers to join a live stream to explore Gen 3 further and encourages continued exploration of AI with the community. The script ends with a sign-off and an invitation to stay connected for more AI-related content.



💡AI video generator

An AI video generator refers to technology that uses artificial intelligence to create video content based on textual prompts. In the video's context, it is a significant technological advancement that allows for the creation of various video scenes and animations that would be difficult or time-consuming to produce manually. The script mentions the first access to a high-quality AI video generator, specifically Runway's Gen 3 Alpha, which is capable of generating videos with impressive coherency and detail.

💡Runway Gen 3 Alpha

Runway Gen 3 Alpha is the third generation of AI video generation technology developed by Runway. It represents a milestone in AI capabilities, as it has just been made public and allows users to generate videos directly from their website. The script discusses the excitement of accessing this technology and the potential it holds for creating complex and realistic video content, as demonstrated by the various prompts and generated videos throughout the video.


In the context of AI video generation, a prompt is a text input that describes the desired video content, which the AI then uses to generate the video. The script provides several examples of prompts, such as '3D animation of a lemon character wearing sunglasses' and 'first-person GoPro footage walking through a dark cave,' which the AI interprets and translates into video format.


Coherency in AI-generated content refers to the logical consistency and believability of the output. The video script frequently comments on the coherency of the videos produced by Gen 3 Alpha, noting that they are impressively coherent and resemble real video footage, despite some minor imperfections or glitches that are still evident as artifacts of AI generation.


Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game mentioned in the script as a theme for one of the AI-generated video prompts. The prompt describes a Minecraft-inspired video of a character walking through a dark cave with a torch and a diamond sword. This reference illustrates the AI's ability to draw upon well-known cultural elements and translate them into video content.


Pixar is an animation studio renowned for its 3D animated films. In the script, the term 'Pixar' is used as part of a prompt to guide the AI video generator to create content in a specific animation style. The script later discusses the attempt to enhance prompts with the Pixar style, indicating the desire for high-quality animation that is characteristic of Pixar's productions.


A watermark in video content is a visible or invisible marker that identifies the content's source or owner. The script mentions the option to remove the watermark from the AI-generated videos, which is a common feature in content creation tools to allow users to customize the final output according to their preferences or to avoid branding from the service provider.


In the context of the video, presets refer to pre-defined settings or prompt templates that users can apply to quickly generate videos in a particular style or theme. The script describes creating custom presets in Runway Gen 3 Alpha to streamline the video generation process, allowing users to apply a consistent style or theme to new prompts without having to rewrite the entire prompt from scratch.

💡Live stream

A live stream is a real-time broadcast of video content over the internet. The script mentions plans for a live stream where the host will test the AI video generator with prompts suggested by viewers. This demonstrates an interactive approach to showcasing the capabilities of Gen 3 Alpha and engaging the audience in the content creation process.

💡Early adopter

An early adopter is a person or entity that is among the first to purchase and use innovative products or services. The script refers to early adopters in the context of those who are willing to pay for access to the Gen 3 Alpha technology, despite its cost, to explore and take advantage of its capabilities at the forefront of AI video generation.


Introduction of Runway's Gen 3 Alpha, a high-quality AI video generator now accessible to the public.

Excitement for the potential of AI in video generation, particularly for content creators.

A simple prompt test with a close-up shot of an orange tabby cat, demonstrating the quality of Gen 3's video generation.

The queue system for video generation and the actual generation time discussed.

Observations on the generated video's quality and its AI-generated characteristics.

Testing more complex prompts, such as 3D animation of a lemon character on a beach.

Comparing 5-second and 10-second video generation durations for complex prompts.

The challenge of generating movement and special effects in AI videos.

Homage to Minecraft with first-person GoPro footage in a dark cave with a torch and diamond sword.

The generated videos' review, noting the differences from expected results and the AI's capabilities.

The use of negative prompts and video inpainting features to clean up generated videos.

Testing the Gen 3 prompting guide to enhance prompts for better video generation results.

The misinterpretation of prompts and the resulting humorous or creepy videos.

The potential of AI-generated videos for storytelling and their comparison to real-life production challenges.

The detailed scene generation and the possibilities it presents for future video game graphics.

The settings page exploration, including fixing the seed for consistent video generation.

Custom presets feature for creating a series of videos with a consistent style or theme.

Plans and pricing for accessing Gen 3 Alpha and the value proposition for AI power users.

Community reactions and creative uses of Gen 3, such as an intergalactic fashion show.

The capability of Gen 3 for creating coherent animated text and intros.

Final thoughts on Gen 3's performance, its current standing as the best available AI video generator, and upcoming live stream plans.