The Greatest AI Video EVER?! (Available Now!)

Matt Wolfe
30 Jun 202420:00

TLDRExplore the capabilities of Runway's Gen 3, an AI video tool generating stunning visuals. From abstract art to humanoid robots, Gen 3 impresses with its creative outputs, though struggles with human hands and text generation. The video highlights the tool's strengths and limitations, showcasing mesmerizing results while acknowledging the hit-or-miss nature of AI video generation.


  • 😲 Gen 3 from Runway is a new AI video tool that has generated impressive and mesmerizing videos.
  • 🎨 The tool excels at creating abstract concept videos with unique color palettes and visual effects.
  • 🤖 It can simulate scenarios like humanoid robots and first-person shooter perspectives, although with some inconsistencies.
  • 🦄 Gen 3 is currently available through Runway's Creative Partner Program and is expected to be publicly released within a few weeks.
  • 🕒 The generation process for a 10-second video is relatively quick, with desktop notifications alerting users when a video is ready.
  • 🔍 The tool shows great potential for b-roll usage in various contexts, such as space, abstract art, and nature scenes.
  • 🐺 Specific prompts like 'wolf howling at the moon' or 'monkey on roller skates' can yield creative and usable outcomes, albeit with some quirks.
  • 🌌 Time-lapse and cinematic shots, such as cars on a freeway or the northern lights, are rendered coherently, despite minor text anomalies.
  • 🏎️ Fast-paced action scenes, like a nighttime rainy car race in Tokyo, are generated with a high degree of realism.
  • 👤 The presence of people in the videos can be hit or miss, with issues arising when hands or complex human movements are involved.
  • 🚫 There are limitations regarding the depiction of text and copyrighted characters, such as celebrities or well-known IPs like Mario and Sonic.
  • 💡 Suggestions for improving prompts include using AI like Chat GPT or Claud to generate more effective descriptions for video generation.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI video tool discussed in the script?

    -The AI video tool discussed in the script is called Gen 3 from Runway.

  • Who created the first video example shown in the script?

    -The first video example was created by Bavo Sidu.

  • What is the purpose of Runway's 'Creative Partner Program'?

    -The 'Creative Partner Program' allows creators to get early access to tools like Gen 3, test them, and offer feedback before they are released to the general public.

  • How long does it typically take for the general public to get access to Runway tools after creators?

    -Typically, it takes a week or two after creators get access for the general public to access the tools.

  • What is the process for generating a video with Gen 3 as described in the script?

    -The process involves setting the desired video length, pressing the generate button, and waiting for the video to be ready, which can be indicated by a desktop notification once complete.

  • What type of videos does Gen 3 seem to excel at creating according to the script?

    -Gen 3 excels at creating abstract concept videos with impressive color palettes and time-lapse type shots.

  • What are some of the issues Gen 3 has when generating videos with people?

    -Gen 3 struggles with generating videos that include people's hands, often resulting in hands disappearing, merging, or becoming distorted.

  • What is the general advice given for dealing with the hit-or-miss results when using Gen 3 for video generation?

    -The advice given is to try different prompts and generate the video several times until the desired result is achieved.

  • What is the issue with generating text within the Gen 3 videos as mentioned in the script?

    -Generating text within Gen 3 videos can be hit or miss, with longer pieces of text being particularly problematic, often resulting in errors or incorrect displays.

  • What is the suggested method for creating effective prompts for Gen 3 video generation?

    -The suggested method is to use a tool like chat GPT or Claud to help generate detailed and creative descriptions for the video prompts, including a title, scene description, and camera movement.



📹 Introduction to Runway Gen 3 AI Video Tool

The script introduces Runway Gen 3, an AI video tool that has generated impressive and mesmerizing videos, as showcased by creators like Bavo Sidu and Nicholas Newbert. The narrator discusses the capabilities of Gen 3, its current state as not being publicly available, and the anticipation of its wider release. The video also demonstrates the process of generating a video with Gen 3, highlighting the time it takes to create a 10-second clip of a humanoid robot dancing in a nightclub.


🎨 Evaluating Gen 3's Performance on Abstract and Conceptual Prompts

This section evaluates Gen 3's performance on abstract and conceptual prompts, showing its proficiency in creating visually appealing videos with abstract concepts like flying through a colorful cosmos and a colorful RGB world. The narrator appreciates the color palettes and the AI's ability to interpret vague prompts, resulting in unique and cool abstract videos. However, there are also examples of prompts that didn't fully meet expectations, such as the wolf howling at the moon, which had some initial awkwardness.


🤔 Gen 3's Challenges with Human Elements and Text

The script highlights the challenges Gen 3 faces when generating videos with human elements, particularly with hands and complex movements, which often result in inconsistencies and visual errors. Examples include a rapper on stage with disappearing hands and a woman bowling with an abnormal number of fingers and arms. Additionally, the tool struggles with generating longer text, often resulting in errors or misinterpretations, although shorter words like 'Runway' are handled well.


🚀 Conclusion and Future of Runway Gen 3

The conclusion emphasizes that while Gen 3 has its issues, it represents significant progress in AI video generation compared to just a year ago. The narrator suggests that Gen 3 will likely become publicly available within a few weeks, following the pattern of giving creators early access for testing and feedback. The script ends with an invitation to follow for more AI tool explorations and a tease for upcoming videos discussing other AI tools.



💡AI Video Tools

AI video tools refer to software applications that utilize artificial intelligence to assist in the creation or editing of video content. In the context of the video, the AI video tool mentioned is 'gen 3 from Runway,' which is capable of generating mesmerizing videos with creative and abstract visuals. The script speaks highly of the tool's ability to produce impressive results, showcasing its integration of light and abstract art in various examples.


Mesmerizing is an adjective used to describe something that is so interesting or beautiful that it holds one's attention completely. In the video script, it is used to convey the captivating nature of the videos produced by the AI tool, suggesting that viewers find the visuals so compelling that they are unable to look away.

💡Abstract Art

Abstract art is a form of art that does not attempt to represent external reality but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures. The script mentions that the AI video tool is adept at creating videos that play with light and abstract art, indicating that the generated content is not bound by traditional representational constraints and can explore more imaginative and non-figurative visuals.

💡First-Person Shooter

A first-person shooter (FPS) is a genre of video games that emphasizes on the player experiencing the game from the perspective of the protagonist. In the script, the AI tool simulates a first-person shooter experience with a creative twist, as it involves looking through a scope at deers, which is an unusual subject for such a simulation, highlighting the versatility of the AI in creating unique scenarios.


In the context of the video, Runway is the name of the company that has developed the AI video tool 'gen 3.' The script discusses the capabilities of this tool and the impressive results it can produce. It also mentions Nicholas Newbert, who works at Runway and has been sharing various AI-generated videos on his social media account, indicating the company's active involvement in showcasing the potential of their technology.

💡Creative Partner Program

The Creative Partner Program is a term used in the script to describe a program by Runway that gives creators early access to their tools for testing and feedback. It is mentioned that once creators in this program gain access to a new tool like 'gen 3,' the general public can expect to have access within a few weeks, suggesting a collaborative approach to product development and refinement.


B-roll refers to supplementary footage that is intercut with the main action in a film or video production. In the script, the term is used to describe the potential use of the AI-generated videos as additional visual material that can enhance the storytelling or provide a backdrop for other content. The examples given, such as a wolf howling at the moon or a time-lapse of cars, demonstrate how these AI videos could be integrated into larger productions.


A time-lapse is a cinematographic technique that shows the passage of time in a sped-up manner. The script describes AI-generated time-lapse videos, such as one of cars on a freeway or the northern lights over the Arctic snow, indicating the tool's ability to create dynamic and visually engaging representations of time passing.


Cinematic refers to something related to cinema or the style and techniques used in making movies. The script uses the term to describe the quality of the AI-generated videos, suggesting that they have a high production value and could be used in film or video projects to create a professional and engaging visual experience.


Cherry-picking is the act of selectively choosing only the best or most favorable examples while ignoring others. In the context of the video, it is suggested that the impressive AI-generated videos being shared might be cherry-picked to showcase the best results, implying that not all generated content may be of the same high standard.

💡Text Generation

Text generation in AI refers to the ability of a system to create textual content based on given prompts or conditions. The script discusses the hit-or-miss results when trying to integrate text into the AI-generated videos, indicating that while short words like 'Runway' are handled well, longer phrases or specific text requests can lead to errors or unsatisfactory outcomes.


Introduction of Runway's Gen 3, an AI video tool generating mesmerizing videos.

Demonstration of creative and impressive videos using light and abstract art.

Simulation of a first-person shooter experience with deers.

Showcasing of Gen 3's capabilities by Nicholas Newbert, a Runway employee.

Discussion on the accessibility of Gen 3 through the Creative Partner Program.

Estimation of the public release timeline for Gen 3.

Personal experience with Gen 3 and the variety of videos generated.

Real-time demonstration of video generation and the time it takes.

Abstract concepts like 'colorful Cosmos' and 'RGB world' are rendered well by Gen 3.

Gen 3's proficiency in generating abstract videos with unique color palettes.

Testing of common prompts like 'wolf howling at the moon' with Gen 3.

Impressive rendering of a monkey on roller skates, despite some inconsistencies.

Use of Gen 3 for b-roll in videos, like a time-lapse of cars on a freeway.

Cinematic shots generated by Gen 3, such as a Japanese temple scene.

Fast and Furious style car chase scenes generated in a Tokyo setting.

Challenges faced with Gen 3 when generating videos involving people and their hands.

Inconsistencies in rendering human actions, such as a man strapping in goggles.

Issues with text generation in videos, with examples of failed attempts.

Successful text generation examples, such as 'Runway' spelled out in various scenes.

Suggestion to use AI like Chat GPT or Claud to help generate better video prompts.

Comparison of Gen 3's capabilities to other AI video generators and the progress made in the field.

Anticipation for the public release of Gen 3 and its potential impact on video creation.