Midjourney Niji 5 prompts action-packed story by ChatGPT-4

20 Apr 202303:50


TLDRThe transcript outlines a video tutorial for generating anime-style images using AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney. The narrator first introduces the video as a tutorial for anime fans who want to create their own action-packed images. They explain that they will provide prompts for ChatGPT to generate unique short stories, which will then be used to create prompts for Midjourney to generate corresponding images. The core argument made is that this process allows anyone to easily create graphic novels, animations, or illustrated stories with custom characters and settings. The narrator claims these AI tools make it simple to produce content like never before. To demonstrate, the narrator provides a sample prompt for ChatGPT to write a short excerpt following two characters - Black Widow and John Wick - as they pursue the same target in Tokyo. They note this prompt can be customized as desired. Following the story excerpt, the narrator explains ChatGPT can then create prompts for Midjourney to generate 3 images for each scene, tailored to the details of the story. This process can be repeated to quickly create fully illustrated narrative content. In summary, the key points made are: - ChatGPT can generate unique, action-packed short story excerpts based on customizable prompts - Midjourney can then create custom images matching the scene descriptions - This makes creating illustrated stories, novels, animations fast and simple - The prompts provided are highly customizable to create any characters, settings, and styles - This approach is ideal for storytellers, graphic artists, animators, and more The core message is that these AI tools allow anyone to easily generate high quality narrative content with custom images faster than ever before. The narrator argues this represents an incredible new tool for creators and encourages viewers to try it out themselves, including by purchasing their ebook of prompts and tips.


  • The video teaches how to use AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney to create graphic novels and illustrations
  • You can create unique short stories with customized prompts for ChatGPT
  • The demo story generated is about Black Widow and John Wick crossing paths in Tokyo
  • Midjourney can then generate images to visualize the story scenes
  • The prompts provided are customizable to create your own stories
  • You can mash up different characters and genres to create unique fantasy stories
  • This process allows fast creation of graphics, stories and moving images
  • The prompts provided will generate stunning, high quality images
  • There is also an ebook available with more prompts and tips
  • The goal is to provide storytellers tools to create visual content easily

Q & A

  • What AI tools are used in the tutorial?

    -The tutorial uses ChatGPT to generate story prompts and Midjourney to create images visualizing the story scenes.

  • What is the sample story about?

    -The sample story generated is about Black Widow and John Wick crossing paths on a rainy night in Tokyo.

  • Can the prompts be customized?

    -Yes, the prompts provided are highly customizable to create your own unique stories with different characters and genres.

  • What quality of images will be produced?

    -The prompts will generate stunning, high quality images visualizing the story scenes.

  • Who can benefit from this tutorial?

    -Storytellers, graphic novelists, animators, illustrators, writers and more can benefit from this process.

  • What additional resources are mentioned?

    -There is an ebook available for purchase with more prompts and tips.

  • What is the goal of the tutorial?

    -The goal is to provide storytellers and visual content creators tools to easily develop engaging illustrated narratives.

  • How fast can content be created?

    -The video states this approach allows very fast creation of graphics, stories and moving images.

  • Can different genres be mixed together?

    -Yes, you can mash up characters and elements from different movies and genres to create unique fantasy stories.

  • What should users do at the end?

    -At the end, users are prompted to subscribe and stay updated on additional tutorials.



Introduction to Anime Action Scene Tutorial

The narrator introduces an exciting tutorial to help viewers create amazing, action-packed anime-style images using Mid-Journey. They tease that prompts will be created by ChatGPT4 to generate unique short stories, and Mid-Journey will then produce images for each scene.

ChatGPT4 Creates Anime Action Story

ChatGPT4 generates an eloquent, exciting short story featuring Black Widow and John Wick pursuing the same target through rainy, neon-lit Tokyo streets. This demonstrates how ChatGPT4 can create unique stories on demand.

Mid-Journey Generates Images for Each Scene

The narrator explains that they will create prompts for Mid-Journey to generate 3 stunning, custom images for each scene in the ChatGPT4 story. This allows creating graphics or movies from the generated story rapidly.

Customize the Process for Any Story

Viewers are told they can customize the ChatGPT4 story prompt however they want, to create any type of story, characters, and images. This approach is great for storytellers, artists, animators, and more.

More Resources Available

The narrator shares that they created an ebook with more prompts and tips to make more incredible stories and images. Viewers are directed to the Etsy shop to purchase the ebook and support the channel.

Closing Remarks

The narrator closes by encouraging viewers to subscribe for more tutorials like this one.




A prompt is a text description or instruction that is provided to an AI system like ChatGPT or Midjourney to generate a desired output. In the video, prompts are used to get ChatGPT to generate story ideas and get Midjourney to generate images that match the story. The video emphasizes how prompts can be customized to create unique stories and art.


ChatGPT is an AI system developed by Anthropic that can generate human-like text responses to prompts. ChatGPT4 refers to a hypothetical future advanced version of ChatGPT that the video imagines could generate entire stories based on prompts. The video proposes using ChatGPT4 prompts to easily create exciting short stories.


Midjourney is an AI art generator that creates images based on text prompts. The video suggests using Midjourney to automatically generate anime-style images to illustrate the short stories created with ChatGPT4 prompts. This demonstrates how multiple AI systems can be combined for creative projects.

💡graphic novel

A graphic novel combines art and text to tell a story, similar to a comic book. The video proposes using ChatGPT4 and Midjourney prompts to easily create graphic novels with unique stories and custom art.


A storyteller is someone who conveys stories through words, images, or other media. The video suggests the ChatGPT4 and Midjourney method could help storytellers, illustrators, and other creatives quickly generate engaging narrative content.


Customizable means something can be modified and personalized to suit different needs. The video emphasizes how the AI prompts can be customized to create any kind of story or art style the user wants. This flexibility and control is presented as a key benefit of the process.


A mashup combines elements from different sources into something new. The video suggests users can mash up characters and genres from different fictional works using the AI tools to create fresh stories.


Accompanying means going together with something. The video describes how each story scene generated by ChatGPT4 can be accompanied by images generated by Midjourney based on prompts.


A tutorial is a guide that teaches a process or skill. The overall video frames itself as a tutorial, aiming to teach viewers how to use AI tools like ChatGPT4 and Midjourney to create stories and art.


Subscribe means signing up to receive ongoing updates or content. The video creator asks viewers to subscribe to their channel to get more AI-related tutorials and updates in the future.


Tutorial for creating amazing, action-packed images with an anime look using Mid-Journey AI

Leverages ChatGPT to generate prompts for unique short stories that are exciting and hook readers

Stories feature mashups of characters from different movies and genres

Rain poured over neon lit streets of Tokyo, casting eerie reflections

Black Widow stalked the night pursuing the same target as John Wick

Tool allows creating graphic novels quickly by generating scenes and images

Highly customizable prompts for controlling characters, story, and image generation

Perfect for storytellers, graphic novelists, animators, illustrators and more

ChatGPT generates prompts for Mid-Journey to create images for each scene

Prompts and images easily customizable to create more stories and images

Ebook available with more prompts and tips for generating content

Unique approach for automating creation of illustrated narratives

Democratizes ability to produce graphic stories without artistic skill

Harnesses AI capabilities for rapid ideation and iteration

Opens new creative possibilities by fusing language and image generation





hey there anime and action lovers


are you ready to create amazing


action-packed images with a subtle anime


look and feel


today I've got an incredible tutorial


for you where we'll use mid-journey to


generate breathtaking images based on


any scene you want


enter the prompt exactly as you see here












these prompts are actually created by


chat gpt4


I've developed a powerful prompt for


chat gpt4 to help you create a unique


short story every single time the story


will be written for you in an eloquent


way that is both exciting and


action-packed guaranteed to hook readers


the moment they read the first sentence


the rain poured relentlessly over the


neon lit streets of Tokyo casting Yuri


Reflections on the wet asphalt Black


Widow dressed in a Sleek form-fitting


suit stealthily made her way through the


Shadows her eyes locked on her Target


and be notes to her another Predator


stalked the night John Wick clad in his


signature black suit and tie was in


pursuit of the same Target driven by his


own motives




will then create prompts for mid-journey


to generate images based on the story


scene will have three images


specifically designed for it


you can customize this chat gpt4 prompt


as you wish


with this tool you can create graphic


novels in super fast time or even moving


images to tell unique stories that have


never been told before


it's incredibly easy simply by using


this chat gpt4 prompt


see how this prompt Works in real time


you can select any main character for


your story or let chat GPT forgive you


several amazing suggestions


create the type of images you want based


on the story as the prompt is highly




create your own fantasy stories with


mashups of different characters from


different movies and genres


this approach is perfect for


storytellers graphic novelists animators


book illustrators writers and more


after each scene chat GPT will then


create the prompts for mid-journey to


generate stunning images based on that




these prompts are also easily






but wait there's more


I've also created an ebook with all the


prompts and tips you need to create even


more incredible stories and accompanying


images like the ones you see here


so don't forget to check out my Etsy


shop and support my channel by grabbing


your copy today


and that's it


don't forget to hit that subscribe


button to stay updated with my latest