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TLDRThe video reviews the new Poco X6 Pro smartphone, a rebranded version of the Redmi K70 that was previously sold in China. It provides an in-depth look at the X6 Pro's hardware including the fast processor and screen, good camera specs, average battery performance, and issues like overheating, brightness resetting, and stability concerns under heavy loads. There are many alternatives in the $300 price range that offer better value. While decent at the discounted launch price, at full cost the X6 Pro faces tough competition and may disappoint buyers expecting a trouble-free flagship experience.


  • 😀 The Poco X6 Pro is essentially a rebranded Redmi K70e sold previously in China
  • 👍 Good display with high brightness and 120Hz refresh rate, but peak brightness only lasts 1 second
  • 📸 Main camera shoots 4K 30fps video. Good stabilization but struggles in low light
  • 🔋 5000mAh battery lasts 7.5 hours in PCMark test. Charging speed reduced to 67W from 90W in the K70e
  • 🏎 MediaTek Dimensity 8100 Ultra processor. Good benchmarks but overheats and throttles under heavy loads
  • 😟 Multiple issues like proximity sensor bugs, sound distortion, brightness and performance drops
  • 💡 Some positives like fast memory, smooth display, magical fingerprint scanner
  • 💰 Good value during sale period around $250, but worse than other $300 phones now
  • 🤔 Many better options for similar price like Samsung A54, iQOO Neo 6, etc
  • 👎 Lacks innovation from Poco. Just a rebadged Redmi K70e to cash in on Poco brand name

Q & A

  • What smartphone model is being reviewed?

    -The Poco X6 Pro, which is a rebranded version of the Xiaomi Redmi K70E.

  • What are the key specs of the Poco X6 Pro?

    -It has a 6.67-inch AMOLED display, MediaTek Dimensity 8320 Ultra chipset, up to 12GB RAM and 512GB storage, 5,000 mAh battery with 67W fast charging, and a 64MP main camera.

  • How does the brightness perform?

    -It has a peak brightness of 1,600 nits but it only lasts for 1 second before dropping down, which causes issues in sunlight.

  • What are some of the disadvantages mentioned?

    -Overheating and system freezes under heavy loads, proximity sensor issues, lower brightness in auto mode, no 3.5mm jack or microSD slot, only 4K 30fps video, and slower charging versus the Chinese Redmi K70 version.

  • How well does it perform in games?

    -In Genshin Impact it gets 18% battery drain per hour on low settings, but has stability issues on higher settings. Performance in other games like PubG New State is also not great.

  • How is the sound quality?

    -It has stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos support. Sound quality is decent but there is distortion between the right and left speakers.

  • What score does it get in Antutu benchmark?

    -It scores around 1.3 million in Antutu but fails the throttling test after just 30 runs, indicating system instability.

  • How does the camera quality compare to the Poco F3?

    -The photos and videos are decent but lose out to the Poco F3 in some aspects like 4K 60fps recording and better stabilization.

  • What colors and memory configurations are available?

    -It comes in black, gray and yellow color options, with 8/12GB RAM and 256/512GB storage configurations.

  • What is the final verdict on the Poco X6 Pro?

    -It offers good value for money during sales but has multiple issues. There are better alternatives available for a similar price range.



😃 Introductory greeting and overview of video topic

The host greets viewers and introduces himself as Sanya. He states the video will provide detailed reviews of the Poco X6 Pro smartphone to help viewers save money.


😊 Unboxing and physical description of the Poco X6 Pro

The host describes the Poco X6 Pro's packaging and contents. He provides details on the smartphone's physical attributes like size, weight, build materials, buttons, ports, colors, and display.


❓ Specifications overview

The host lists key specifications of the Poco X6 Pro including processor, RAM, storage, software, battery capacity, biometrics, and more.


🤔 Performance, benchmark tests and issues noticed

The host discusses performance of the Poco X6 Pro based on benchmark tests and usage. He highlights instability issues faced like freezing, overheating, brightness fluctuations.


📷 Camera capabilities and sample shots

The host reviews the rear and front camera specs of the Poco X6 Pro. He shows sample photos and videos in different modes and lighting conditions, with comparisons to the Poco F3.


❌ Drawbacks and alternatives at the price point

The host points out various drawbacks like lack of headphone jack, no SD slot, proximity sensor issues, and more. He suggests better alternatives available at the price point like Samsung A54.


😀 Conclusion and final thoughts

The host concludes with key takeaways and recommendations. He advises acting fast if interested in the discounted pricing, and considering other options at higher price points.




The main topic of the video is a review of the Poco X6 Pro smartphone. The reviewer goes into great detail analyzing the phone's hardware, software, performance, cameras, and other features.


A major focus of the review is assessing if the Poco X6 Pro provides good value for money. The reviewer frequently references the phone's price and compares it to other phones in a similar price range.


The Poco X6 Pro uses a MediaTek Dimensity 8320 processor. The reviewer tests the performance and stability of this chipset under intense workloads.


Considerable time is spent evaluating the quality of the Poco X6 Pro's cameras, with photo and video samples compared to the Poco F3 phone.


The 6.67-inch AMOLED screen with 120Hz refresh rate is highlighted as a positive feature, but concerns are raised about inconsistent peak brightness.


Battery life tests are performed, with disappointing results compared to expectations for Poco phones. Fast charging is also not as fast as the Chinese version.


The customized MIUI software based on Android 12 is discussed. Some bugs and stability issues are identified under heavy workloads.


Gaming performance and hardware benchmarks are used to evaluate real-world speed and responsiveness. Thermal throttling is encountered.


The reviewer tries to determine if this phone represents good value for money compared to competitors with similar specs and pricing.


Despite some positives, the reviewer cannot give an overall recommendation for this phone due to the issues found and availability of better alternatives.


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Hello everyone, you are on the pols net channel, my name is Sanya and here are only detailed reviews on which


I help you save money. Today I will tell you about Poco X6 Pro, of course this is


the Xiaomi concern, of course this is Copy Past redmi K 70e, which has been sold in China for a long time, which


was what - at that time the leader in sales in the middle price segment, no need to say


that they didn’t finish something there. Tomorrow they finished it because this piece of hardware, after several


months of running in China, by the way, a review of the 70, I’ll tell you several times because the video was already


on the channel what fun we have here is 1,600 lux peak brightness. The brightness of this smartphone is really only


for one second and then it drops below eight hundred which, in principle, is the maximum here 120 Hz


of the screen which Of course you won’t see everywhere And about FPS We will also talk to you in the video


and at the end and in shortcomings I already ran it on the YouTube channel, the benefit of streams for 3 hours


Who couldn’t get enough Today I’ll run it again in the NTU Turbo mode, it knocks out even in the std


test, it’s super, here the fast memory is 184000 - it’s like flagships but at the same time Van Tutu's forty-fifth birthday,


whoever understands what I mean understands that it seems like a great autonomy, again 18%, I


had it at the minimum wage in Genshin, but at the same time, in the pisi brand it gives less than 8 hours and this is also


a use If you are calling there in parallel, also GPS you are using somewhere in parallel also


look at redmi K 70e and there is a lot here but in order not to upset Poco fans I will


compare it with Poco F3 Why not upset because for 250 dollars now it’s probably


more than 300, it’s quite possible the sale is over I remind you what I bought it came to me and while


I was testing it, right now the review, I wouldn’t have been able to upload it before, so it offers


only 4K 30 FPS for the main module, why only because in this price segment there is simply a crazy


number of smartphones offering 4K 60 FPS, this is an immediate answer to those What can you get better,


even in the countryside, even with this money, even with sales money, overall I liked the device. If you


bought it, I congratulate you, it’s a cool smartphone. I hope you won’t watch the review because


everything is clumsy with me, I treat everything the same look unpacking this smartphone comes in


the usual Poco box made of thick cardboard, it has brief information model name


standard packaging included we have the smartphone itself silicone case 67 W power supply


Yes, we remember that in the 70s And this is a prototype from redmi which is already very for a long time Sold in


China it was 90 W and a review of it is already on the channel charging cable from USB A to Type-C key for a


rubberized slot for two NAN SIM cards you can’t stuff a memory card here and the dimensions of the smartphone are


160x 75 5x 8.5 mm and weight 190 g don’t forget to subscribe to the channel with the bell I have reviews


every day we go to the review there are three colors on sale this is black gray and basic yellow


the external smartphone looks almost the same as the redmi k70 E the back part is made of plastic


like the frame A in yellow color the back part is made of vegan leather I remind you that this is


all vegan leather in six months If you don’t use the case it will turn into something unclear. And


as you noticed, the case was gray in color, it’s better to immediately buy yourself a transparent one to see what it


all looks like protection from moisture and dust nominal here according to the ip54 standard, I emphasize here that


Samsung has better protection at a lower cost. The smartphone lies comfortably in the hand, but the edges are straight, although


the back part has slightly rounded edges for a more comfortable grip. There is a power button on the case.


The volume rocker has some play. The volume rocker has quite a bit of play.


There’s practically no decent one near the power button, in any case, my smartphone has a USB


type-c OTG connector version 2.0 and MHL connection; the smartphone doesn’t support connection; furthermore, there is an infrared




; How do you like the sound in this model? Stereo with Dolby atmos support,


hos Audio and Audio wir certification, speakers are loud, sound quality is good, there is a custom equalizer, but unfortunately


the distortion in sound is just space, that is, the bottom speaker plays much louder,


the vibration motor is linear in acx, average, but closer to good, customizable I liked the list


You can see the supported audio codecs on the Bluetooth screen. By the way, the latest version 5.4 is installed. Let


's go to the screen here. Our smartphone is equipped with a 6.67-inch Crystal res


1.5k Flow AMOLED Dot display with a resolution of 2712 by 12.220 pixels and coring Gorilla Glass protection of the fifth version but Don’t


forget that here we have a good protective film straight from the factory with a pretty good oleophobic response,


and about the chin, but it has a neat hole for the front camera, unlike many


iKuks, the pixel density is 446 ppi, which is very good, the brightness is 900 nits at maximum, the peak brightness


is 1,600 nits it turns out that they claim they claim 1,800 and 1,200 but the magic is that here,


with auto-brightness turned on for the tenth time, only the smartphone holds the brightness for longer than 1 second,


I repeat that on the stream I did this in the case when it held the brightness of 1,600 lux for longer than 5


seconds specifically during he then dropped the brightness to five hundred lux, that is, it’s better not to touch it. And


in the sun, for some reason unclear to me, this smartphone resets In auto brightness, the brightness is lower


than the maximum And nothing is visible at all, this will probably be corrected with updates, and for


many this Of course it doesn’t matter like many other things that I will talk about here,


an external 360° light sensor is installed, there is support for solar color mode,


reading modes and technologies such as tra hdr10 Plus Dolby Vision and adaptive syn


screen refresh rate maximum 120 Hz, remember the acoustics with 144 Hz which you basically won’t see anywhere,


but numbers are numbers, instantaneous touch sampling frequency in Turbo mode 2160 Hz, the results


of the touch sampling frequency test gave me a result above average multi-touch on board the screen


calmly responds to 10 touches at the same time But not particularly fast while Shima’s indicators are above 12 %


do not go up full Always On Display Of course not on board You must remember


that this is Xiaomi and they are saving on you, again for many this is absolutely unimportant in other smartphones


of other brands I don’t remember this you can unlock the screen using the fingerprint scanner


under the screen and facial recognition and standard unlocking methods The fingerprint scanner


works Just magically unrealistically cool I have not seen such scanners, but still


one time out of ten I miss, you can add one finger five times facial recognition works


Well, you can enter biometric data for up to two faces, we fly on to the most interesting and probably


the most complex Why is the processor here MediaTek dimensity 8320 Ultra Since then the process is 4


with eight cores, its maximum frequency is 3.35 GHz graphics processor body kit mal g615 mp6


​​Please remember that this processor has been selling smart backgrounds for many months now and


when you you see in the tests they changed someone else that he had some problems, this does not mean that he was


not finished, he most likely will be like this again. This is my subjective opinion because I test


Chinese smartphones too, that is, this Smart is technically me I’m reviewing a few months ago


just under a different name redmi K 70e now it’s poc X6 Pro cooling system here Liquid Cool


version 2.0 with an area of ​​5,000 MMK interface Xiaomi Hyper OS based on Android version 14 RAM


lpddr 5X available to choose from 8 or 12 GB internal memory Mega fast ufs 40 with a choice of


either 256 or 512 GB, most likely that’s why they stuffed such a processor here so that they could


install internal memory as well as fast RAM. Although it seems to me that they saved money. Why do you think


they stuffed the media library in while it’s being used for games? Wild Boost technology version 2.0


for communication is supported by wi-fi sixth version Dual 5G 4G networks and below all bands on board all


frequency aggregation my smartphone gets the connection perfectly the proximity sensor works poorly for someone I looked


in the reviews and people wrote in the comments Although I admit that on the forums there are only sellers of these


smartphones and not many real users. Write By the way, if you bought this smartphone, you have already received this


smartphone, and the proximity sensor in Poco X6 works like a charm for me, it’s not here that my


copy of NFC is supported by mir Pay, it works without problems The GPS test shows a standard accuracy


of one meter, which is standard for children, but I repeat that positioning for me works better with a qualcom


still further, the battery capacity is 5,000 mA hours in the PC brand the smartphone gave 7 53 minutes and this is very


modest. Why Because for a PC brand in the average budget the normal figure is 9.5 hours But I think


you already know about this, I test all smartphones the same in the same program and it


reflects the real use as much as possible for me. If you don’t kill with games but crawl on the Internet you use


GPS wi-fi, maybe someone will write me a better program Well, this is my Standard when watching videos


on YouTube, on average it takes me 5% charge in games is very interesting, look, if you play in Genshin


on the recommended low settings, it eats up 18% per hour. If you set high


settings, after 12 minutes you cannot play because the smartphone overheats due to the fact that it resets


the brightness to three seconds. more than a hundred lux, it's insanely buggy, it freezes, and all these tests that


I carried out for 3 hours on the La channel for streaming, they unfortunately led to the fact that today,


when I was testing the smartphone, it's already eating up 25% of it. I don't know whether Some kind of problem started with the processor


or something else, but I don’t advise you to run it under Ultra hard loads


because everything happens, so to speak, physics has not been canceled that in the 70s there was a problem with this, what’s wrong


with this, so if we talk about the tests that I carried out in the first days are the same Pub New State,


it consumes only 24% of the charge Of course it doesn’t hold any 6 FPS Of course it gets hot Of course


it resets the brightness quite strongly And this is MTK without twitch today especially in Game


Turbo which I specifically I didn’t turn it on because I repeat that if you increase the frequency


of the processor and it forcibly increases the brightness of the screen, then purely physically you make the smartphone


wear out faster and it’s quite possible It will show you unrealistic numbers right now Smart has rested


for several days and today on the barking channel You can go after the review see Rome let's move on to


the tests in the throttling test, the smartphone produces a maximum of 384 gypsum, a maximum of 313 gypsum on average and 257 gypsum


minimum in streams and fifty minutes, but I carried it out twice, you can see the results of the second test,


too, on the screen there everything is much better, how much it gets in the GIG bench how much does it knock out


in a 3D mark, you see, I want to note two positive points, the first 3D Mark went


pretty well And this is a good indicator without any freezers and everything else, I expected that


it would crash somewhere and the second thing is that in Tutu it gives out a cosmic amount parrots 1,300,000


but for this he paid with stability, stability is quite easy to check, also any geek


will tell you that you take Antuta, something that big bloggers don’t like to do because it shows


the instability of the system and turn on the throttling test, so this smartphone is


in the freezer for its forty-fifth birthday I’m sure that it would pass but I was wondering where he would pass it outside the freezer


outside the freezer he was able to pass the stress test only thirty tons he went crazy there to put it mildly,


in any case I think that this is the best result let’s move on to the camera block


from the back it has a main sensor 64 megapixels with optical stabilization, aperture


1.7 and maximum resolution for video shooting 4K 30 FPS, super wide 8 megapixels with a


viewing angle of 120°, aperture 2.2 and macro senor 2 megapixels with aperture 2.4, front


sensor 16 megapixels it is located in the center of the top of the screen with the maximum resolution


for shooting video, quite good 1080p 60 FPS, you will now see short examples, plus a comparison


with Poco F3 and what is it for? So that Poco X6 Pro looks better for you in video and photos


Because if Compare it with some Samsung whose annual models have 4K 60 FPS


on the main module, which by the way in retail is cheaper or accouch or something else. Of course,


it will lose for now. Well, the maximum resolution for shooting 4K 30 FPS, shooting with two hands, again


both in cases in motion and if in 1080 60 FPS I saw a huge difference in stabilization here but


I don’t see it, in any case maybe it exists. By the way, how do the microphones work, you


can hear maybe it’s really not worth carrying two smartphones on the stand for two


smarts is rigid, but in any case I do it all the time. It’s the same smarts next to each other


in size, plus or minus, identical in sound, I say compare the sound in phone speakers But this is just like that.


Compare the smallest cheap gibel or some I don’t know micro speaker and think about


how it’s possible to cram everything into a smartphone; they won’t deceive physics. Well, if we talk about skew


the skew here is severe in sound on the top speaker is much quieter I don’t know why maybe it’s somehow


programmed later but look, with autofocus it’s better for me of course X6 Pro but it’s quite


funny the ancient device is relatively ancient, how old is it 3 years old but version F It’s still


a three-year premium versus the fresh X’s, and as for optimizing the processor and everything


else, everything is optimized, friends, google redmi


K 70e When it was released, how much is it sold in China? They’re trying it


out already while the menu, of course, for controlling the camera is much nicer and more convenient in redmi k 70 or


in a different way Poco X6 Pro And this is how you can film yourself in the elevator, most likely the one-


shot review will also be as we usually do, but they won’t look like this in comparison. So


in the elevator, in comparison, the work of your front-facing camera will look like So that no one has false illusions


I was building about so far 4K 30 FPS shooting with two hands Yes, of course, shooting forward has gone, anyway,


this is what I see, what I see is that there are also some more details, after all, on F3, by the way, although I


twisted the colors specifically on F3 they work with light if Look at the lamp plus or minus One


seems about this again against the light This is how it


will be approximately in general Let's night Xs are absolutely useless everywhere X6 and


X6 look like this it will be night shooting Well 1080 6 FPS versus 108 30 FPS


Poco F3 vs Poco X6 Pro and yes, the main thing is that most likely When you


watch this video, the sat down has already ended if without midle Sale And I


will tell you 10,000 times for the video that look more carefully because in fact there are a lot of


smartphones for 300 dollars. There are no 250 analogues, but there are a lot of 300 smarts. Well, what about F3


versus Poco X6 Pro 4K 30 FPS poc F3 lags in the picture at the moment much more, many times more


correctly in colors at the moment the X6 Pro renders it, that is, everything is hazy here,


although everything is pale


greens are transmitted better by F3 by the way Well, 108 60 FPS F3 vs X6 Pro Well, of


course, the X6 Pro has better stabilization than the F3, it’s really insanely sad, in any case,


I see absolutely sad stabilization, maybe you’re already seeing some other one if you drive smoothly


then the Oka F3 docks howls contrast right under the very thing I don’t


want, plus you can also see that its autofocus is breathing, but to say


that they haven’t worked on the cameras yet is not entirely correct. That is, if you look at


the progress,


it’s obvious with both autofocus and stabilization all things Well, the front camera


of the po X6 Pro works at 10 at maximum resolution and now you see Panta F3. It


works at a maximum resolution of 1080 30 FPS. It’s good that it seems to be in the average budget, which is


even the low average budget specifically for 6 Pro at the moment because that after the village


it will already be an average budget, pure Amits took care of 60 FPS on the front camera, this is straight


Well done, they might not have bothered Let's just say Nude 4 and I do it after the review in one frame


Z 30 on the channel, look at this, of course, Heaven and Earth Although here again there is 4K 60 FPS but we are


now reviewing the Poco X6 Pro and well, not bad for me, not bad again, I’ll have to


look at the source later Because I see one thing and then you’ll see another thing, you may be better,


you may have worse luck in the elevator a little -slightly mostly 4K Filming movement is cloudy, what is it but


What is that is and now you see how po X6 Pro has the ability to shoot in motion better


like this Of course, don’t do that, that is, don’t shoot movement on one side, on the other side, many


people write What will happen if I ride a bike and shoot at the same time with a smartphone,


nothing good will come out of it in the future, but initially this is the picture you


can get, whether it is good or bad and meets your desires or not, it’s up to you to decide


it was 4K 30 FPS now 4K 60 FPS how different it is It’s up to you to decide the picture on your monitor


, but it’s ideal, although it can’t be called smoothly. For me, I’ll have to look at the colors, but now I


see that it conveys the colors correctly. That is, how will it record? This is the only question about the clouds


it turns up the contrast Well, it’s no problem considering the cost of either dynamic range


or work with colors. I don’t see cm near the road front, this is how you can shoot 1080 60


FPS shooting near the road the main module and this is how you can shoot on the X6 Pro on main module


wide 4K 30 FPS shooting near the road and Of course the shooting is so sad Look at the clouds, this is


of course strange Although maybe it will process it and everything will become decent and 4K 30 FPS in the arena the main


module the rest you now hear and see 4K 30 FPS like for the calmness of the cat I hope I


don’t wake him up, you feel the manipulative functions, some people add women to the review


and some sometimes add girls to cats. Well, look how high he is. Well, Ita eats, and HDR at


60 FPS doesn’t turn on at all. Well, okay, about auto work,


here’s our Sony here is our rest that we will test my former helmet and a lot of expensive


gadgets service 10860 FPS this is what the LD looks like on the main module by the way the fire


transfers well 1080p 60 FPS continuation of t [music] blogging and 4K 30 FPS


also continuation of the logs in principle for such shooting Probably better 4K 30 FPS


use if you are not going to move the camera 4K 30 FPS a little


watermelon 4K 30 FPS without HDR front camera 1080p 60 FPS Rolling shutter at night and if you translate,


look by the way, it even shoots decently, look like this you can shoot on the front camera how micro


works you hear this by the way 1080p 30 FPS and I want to note a certain point that


there is also a night photo for the front camera. And this is downright interesting and in this sense they are right. Well done,


a separate mode for the front camera 1080p 30 FPS shooting at night, this is how you can take pictures of yourself


on the X6 Pro, a very good camera, both the main one and the front one I expected the worst and4 30p


smka with one hand in motion, but you can shoot while on a bike. Of course you shouldn’t do that.


But you can shoot 4K 30 FPS on the road and that’s how you can shoot with one hand on this


smartphone, for me it’s pretty good even considering that 30 FPS Although, again, it


can’t cope with the light now minus there is no minijack there is no space in the SD slot the smartphone doesn’t work well the smartphone


overheats sometimes the system freezes but again under heavy loads even in Rec Fest - This is


a toy that crashed for me only on one smartphone If you're watching my channel and you know,


it's stuck here for me, and without overheating on some previous tasks, I played there for 5


minutes in pubg, 5 minutes in genshin, turned it off, waited for it to cool down and turned on Work Fest and now Work


Fest I'm stuck on it for someone Perhaps it doesn’t matter because it’s not Alya’s indicators,


what are the other disadvantages? Of course, 10 seconds reset the brightness in games if you turn on


the schedule again, it resets to TH hundreds of lux or in pubg New if you try 90 FPS


see which you you won’t see the proximity sensor it’s buggy the peak brightness lasts for one second then


the brightness resets in this price tag there are smartphones with moisture protection for some this will be important


although there are other disadvantages there is a strong distortion in the sound in the stereo between the right and left speakers,


that is, the lower one plays louder, forty-five years old, poor camera for this money because for this


money, again, you can find 4K 60 FPS in many places if you need a camera and charging has become less


fast because the k70 put charging at 90 W than we are worse I don’t know and the design I’m tired of them


copying Miki Poco after all, an independent brand on the global market, I would like something


new. The disadvantages are not far-fetched because you can see the price via the link in the description of the video.


You are probably watching the video after the sale, during the sale for 24,000 rubles for which


they were sold on Aliexpress nothing better, even nearby I’m lying around everything you couldn’t find


in the region of 30,000 if it were now there’s just a cosmic number of devices that I can


list all the way and I’ll summarize them for you. Don’t forget, by the way, to subscribe


to the Telegram channel for discounts there are a lot of xia in-person smarts yesterday Also on sale was a Telegram


channel for mutual assistance and my personal Telegram channel Follow the links in the description Don’t forget to come


to the streams by the way if you are interested in frying smartphones To summarize I would like to see it quite simply Let


’s look point by point maximum brightness 1,600 lux how long I see it one second really


I I go out into the sun, which I have enough of, and the auto-brightness works very strangely.


the brightness is less than in the maximum position indoors at the moment with this firmware in


my copy Everything is bad about the proximity sensor If you only use it like that,


everything is fine if it bends a little, everything is bad if you use messengers, it’s even worse In


general, if you have one problem I will answer you for the sellers while you set up the proximity sensor


when they tell me that all these ultrasonic sensors are all the same in my hands I


bought poc M6 Pro and poka X6 as well so since the next review on Poco X6 will be on Poco


X6 There are no problems at all with the zero sensor if we talk about the 120 Hz screen, it’s cool in the mid-size market


for this money already for this Because I think that now the sale prices have already ended 144 Hz


neither 120 Hz nor 144 Hz you will see very few places in fact in the US on minimum settings you can play


I have no complaints, it’s very cool, we got 18% per hour, yes there were freezes, there


were stutters, but it seems to me that considering how he began to behave in the next days without streaming


Smart is starting to behave in games are worse, it overheats faster because as soon as I


set the maximum settings after 13 minutes it came to an end, to put it mildly. That is, it started


freezing up to 9 FPS and everything was sad there, plus it didn’t show any 60 FPS. Of course, it didn’t show in Shen, it


showed 45 if we talk about what somewhere there Pub New State 90 FPS you won’t see there either. And if


we talk about normal use on minimum settings, I’m sure you’ll have everything magically if you


don’t push it too hard, let’s move on to 4K 30 FPS cameras, remember, I specially bought a Zero 35g and an infinix


G10 Pro in order to tell you what the third womb is bad, but for less money they provide


4K 60 FPS even on the front camera, here we have 4K 30 FPS on the main module, while I won’t say that


they are reference, that is, the cameras also turn out to be some kind of rubbish It’s super fast it has


a super powerful processor regarding fast charging, also in China they sold it at 90 W, the charging was


here 67 W charging seriously. What’s worse or something has become, somehow the market has become more like this, we’ll buy everything


Why is the hardware the same, this is back to the 70s again I tested it, so I have


an attitude towards this through his prism because there were the same problems with all sorts of stress tests And


synthetics in general, as many people say. Let’s not carry it out. Let’s not carry it out. Says


two types of people. The first is those who are too lazy to do it. carry out because for you to understand,


just one letter that flies off takes a day from you, in addition to this toy, another day and you have to


really sit in this smart all the time, of course no one wants to carry out synthetics. And what’s also terrible


is that when you carry out synthetics, you see these numbers, the buyer can can compare


smartphones for work in this in this in this this is all a stress test yes they are extreme But if


you shoot a lot, play a lot for a long time, use your smartphone for many months, then it all accumulates


and, by and large, synthetics for me reflects you can write Sanya, don’t spend it trolling tests,


don’t do any Antutu or 3D brands And generally don’t play games for more than 3 minutes, this smartphone is all


good here And here at maximum speed Yes, it has problems with the camera Yes, it has problems with games Well, you can


turn it on at maximum speed this is this How long for a minute and a half without checking the FPS so as not to see


anything at all? That is, it’s a question of approach. If we talk about how they like to talk about emotions, beautiful


yellow, someone will say it’s a child’s color. By the way, I’ve already seen this in videos, someone will say


that this is the lid will die in six months because it’s made of leatherette, it doesn’t matter to me, it doesn’t matter that in the same


tests different smartphones perform differently and my channel is probably what they


say correctly, you’re all talking about money Yes, I’m talking about money because as soon as it starts it will be sold in


our stores there How much is 32,000 rubles for 32,000 rubles there is an IQ Neo 9 on snapdragon 8g 2 with a


144 hcmi screen of the best camera and there is just a color shine beauty bomb If you say 24,000 rubles


so I bought it what could I have bought better for the camera Samsung a54, and the most interesting thing is that


Despite the fact that the system there is more sluggish, it’s slow And in general, I


have crazy problems with Samsung regarding hardware. I read just a sea of ​​comments where people switched from Samsung to IQ, by the way.


Samsung to Poco from Samsung to Xiaomi and wrote After that, it’s somehow more pleasant for me here, this is


the point of us choosing everything for ourselves, so that for your tasks it’s quite possible this smartphone will be


excellent first I have advertising reviews on the channel There are enough of them a lot, basically this is


the third echelon, so more people subscribe from them when I do this review, you think,


then I’ll throw statistics on this video into my personal cart, get more people than subscribe, and


there will be more subscriptions for some of the cheapest headphones out there, exaggeratedly


for 1,000 views if I praise Xiaomi there will be 50 subscribers if I unfortunately have


some negative results It will be minus 50 and that’s life but on the other hand I have a clear conscience That’s


why Because SRT for 24,000 is cool but it’s not worth doing Like we do they said it


was a fraud at work, that is, it’s great for the money, it’s distorted, there’s overheating, there’s sometimes


fast charging, there’s randomness in the processor, there’s, I’m talking in games, Vrek Fest, it froze when I


was filming, it took me a day to rest, I took a maximum of pictures with it. What the hell and I I haven’t driven it


fiercely yet. Today I’m driving it. I expected more of this smartphone that they will copy not


the K-70 but the K70 or K70 Pro, but that’s another story. I compared it for you. Everyone who scolds them says, here


you are with an iPhone, I go with an iPhone 15 Pro Max To do subs on it I shoot on the iPhone in smartphones


that I test SIM cards here, in addition to SIM cards, I also have telegrams and I don’t crawl out of them,


I constantly torment the piece of hardware as much as I contact with this piece of hardware you won’t contact for 2 weeks And I’m


connected for one day maybe teenagers just interact with him more realistically for the first


and last time I’ll tell you about it, maybe I’ll repeat it on streams I have tops


on the channel, they are updated every six months until in any case there will be a drop in


sales because what did you see for yourself that within two weeks they made the price tags even lower even lower


even lower, not only because of the exchange rate if you didn’t buy it and are planning to buy for 24 pieces, run just


without thinking about the minimum configuration, take 25 already think about 26 see what you need


and at 30, I told you my opinion. Perhaps he too, but it’s up to you to decide; I repeat; the device from me is definitely


endless. Yes, subscribe to the channel with the bell of goodness and good luck to you, dear friends