Qizil ko'ylak (remix by Dj Bobojon)

Rayhon & Xamdam Sobirov
12 Jan 202403:57


TLDRThe video script appears to be a poetic and musically charged exploration of longing, memory, and unspoken emotions. It weaves a narrative around the themes of desire, the haunting beauty of red hair, and the deep-seated feelings that remain unexpressed. The repeated references to 'red,' 'long hair,' and 'unfulfilled desires' suggest a central character overwhelmed by their feelings towards someone who captivates their mind and heart. This emotional turmoil is punctuated by music, emphasizing the lyrical and evocative nature of the script. The script's cyclical structure, returning to themes of love, longing, and the visual motif of 'red,' suggests a continuous struggle with these emotions, leaving a lasting impact on the viewer.


  • 🎵 The script is heavily interspersed with music, indicating a strong musical theme or background.
  • ❤️ Themes of love and longing are prevalent, suggesting a deep emotional undercurrent.
  • 🔴 The repeated mention of 'Red' (Kızıl) may symbolize passion, danger, or intensity in the context of the narrative.
  • 💇‍♀️ Long hair is a recurring motif, possibly symbolizing allure, freedom, or a particular character's traits.
  • 💌 The mention of 'telegram' suggests communication or messages that are eagerly awaited or significant.
  • 👫 There's a focus on a relationship or an interaction between the narrator and another, potentially romantic, figure.
  • 🤔 Reflection and introspection are implied through phrases about thoughts and feelings kept inside.
  • 🎶 Music seems to be a medium for expressing the narrative's emotional depth or enhancing its atmospheric quality.
  • 🚫 Themes of guilt or wrongdoing ('suçlarım') hint at a complex emotional or moral landscape.
  • 🤷‍♂️ The narrative conveys a sense of longing or searching, possibly for understanding, love, or forgiveness.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the lyrics?

    -The main theme revolves around deep emotions of love, longing, and possibly unrequited feelings, highlighted by the repeated mention of 'longing for you' and 'my crimes for you.'

  • Who is the 'red' mentioned in the lyrics?

    -The 'red' likely symbolizes a person of significant emotional importance to the speaker, possibly representing passion or deep love.

  • What does the repeated mention of 'long hair' signify?

    -The 'long hair' could symbolize the physical attraction the speaker feels towards the person, emphasizing physical features that captivate them.

  • What role does the color red play in the lyrics?

    -The color red could symbolize intense emotions, love, or desire, reflecting the deep, passionate feelings the speaker has.

  • Is there a mention of regret in the lyrics?

    -Yes, the lyrics contain elements of regret, especially in lines like 'my crimes for you' and feelings that 'remained inside me,' suggesting unexpressed or unresolved emotions.

  • What does 'not eating for your sake' imply?

    -This phrase could imply sacrifice or suffering for the sake of love, highlighting the depth of the speaker's feelings and the lengths they would go for the person.

  • What might 'finding no answer, searching through telegrams' suggest?

    -It suggests a sense of desperation or longing for communication with the loved one, possibly indicating a distance or a lack of response from the other party.

  • What is the significance of 'the checks that stayed inside me'?

    -This could refer to unvoiced thoughts, feelings, or regrets that the speaker has held back, indicating internal conflict or unshared emotions.

  • Why does the speaker mention 'crimes' in relation to their feelings?

    -Mentioning 'crimes' could symbolize the guilt or moral dilemmas the speaker associates with their intense feelings, possibly hinting at forbidden or unrequited love.

  • What is the emotional state of the speaker throughout the song?

    -The speaker appears to be in a state of emotional turmoil, characterized by deep longing, love, possibly unrequited feelings, and a sense of regret or internal conflict.



🎵 Lyrics about an unrequited love

The lyrics express feelings of unrequited love and regret towards a woman with long red hair. The singer longs for her but she does not reciprocate. The lyrics convey a sad, melancholic tone using poetic devices.




The term 'Kızıl' refers to something red or reddish, often used to describe hair color in Turkish. In the context of the video script, it likely refers to a person characterized by their distinctive red hair, which serves as a focal point of attraction or interest. The repeated mention suggests a deep fascination or emotional connection with this individual, possibly signifying love or desire. The red hair symbolizes not just physical appearance but also the unique traits that draw the speaker's attention.


This term seems to be a transliteration error or a specific dialectical usage within the script, potentially intending to convey a concept of 'for you' or a similar possessive or directional phrase in English. It suggests an act or sentiment directed towards someone, indicating personal dedication or actions made for another person's benefit or attention in the narrative. The context implies a personalized message or sentiment, emphasizing the targeted nature of the speaker's feelings or actions.


Translated from Turkish, 'Suçlarım' means 'my crimes' or 'my sins.' In the script, its use may symbolize the speaker's feelings of guilt or regret regarding their actions or thoughts towards the person they are addressing. It reflects a sense of responsibility or acknowledgment of wrongdoing, possibly in the context of unrequited love, missed opportunities, or moral dilemmas faced by the speaker. This term underscores the emotional depth and complexity of the narrative, highlighting the internal conflicts experienced.


This term appears to be a fragment or a typo within the script, making its intended meaning unclear. It could be a misspelling or shorthand for a word related to the emotions, actions, or situations described. Without a direct translation or clear context, it suggests the importance of careful interpretation and the potential for misunderstandings in communication, especially in emotionally charged or poetic narratives.


Although not a standard word, 'Yazg' could be interpreted as a variant of 'yazgı,' meaning 'fate' or 'destiny' in Turkish. If this interpretation is correct, its use in the script might allude to the predetermined nature of the events or emotions being described, suggesting that the speaker views their feelings or situations as beyond their control. It emphasizes the theme of inevitability and the power of destiny in shaping human experiences and relationships.


This appears to be a typo or a misheard version of 'şiirler,' which means 'poems' in Turkish. The mention of poems could symbolize the expression of deep, often unspoken feelings through written or spoken word, reflecting the speaker's attempt to convey complex emotions and thoughts. Poems as a keyword suggest a romantic or poetic approach to communication, highlighting the emotional depth and the artistic expression of love or longing.


Referring to 'Telegram,' a messaging app known for secure communication, its mention indicates the use of modern technology for personal communication, possibly hinting at an attempt to reach out or connect with someone from afar. It symbolizes the blend of traditional themes of longing and desire with contemporary means of communication, showcasing how modern tools are used to express age-old human emotions.


Meaning 'hair' in Turkish, the repeated reference to 'saçları' (hair) alongside descriptors suggests a focus on physical attributes that captivate the speaker. Specifically, when mentioned with 'uzun' (long) and 'Kızıl' (red), it underscores the physical allure and perhaps the symbolic significance of the person's hair, tying physical attraction to deeper emotional or narrative themes.


Translated as 'my dear' or 'my life,' 'Canım' is a term of endearment in Turkish, expressing deep affection or love. Its use in the script signifies the speaker's emotional investment and personal connection to the individual they are addressing, emphasizing the depth of feeling and the closeness of the relationship or desired relationship.


This word means 'why' in Turkish, indicating questioning or seeking reasons behind actions, feelings, or events. Its use in the script suggests the speaker's contemplation or confusion about their circumstances, feelings, or the actions of others. It reflects a search for understanding, underlining the human desire to make sense of personal emotions and the behavior of those we care about.


Introduction of the main motif: longing and unrequited love expressed through the symbol of long red hair.

Repetition of the theme of 'crimes for you' as a metaphor for the sacrifices or actions taken for love.

Introduction of a narrative of waiting or seeking answers, possibly through a message or a sign.

Expression of deep emotional turmoil and unspoken feelings, hinted by 'the sighs that stay inside me.'

The motif of 'long red hair' as a symbol of the object of affection and desire.

A sense of loss or missed opportunity, indicated by feelings that remain unexpressed.

The lyrical subject's internal conflict between love and the consequences of their 'crimes' or actions taken for love.

The concept of longing for a response or a sign, indicating a one-sided communication or relationship.

Mention of 'writing in the snow,' a metaphor for temporary or futile efforts in love.

The struggle with unrequited love and the internalization of feelings.

A portrayal of the idealized beauty of the beloved, focusing on physical attributes like 'long red hair.'

The emotional impact of the beloved on the lyrical subject, suggesting a deep, transformative love.

References to 'crimes for you' as actions driven by passion and love, hinting at moral or ethical dilemmas.

The use of music as a backdrop for the emotional and thematic exploration of love and longing.

A concluding sense of unresolved emotions and unanswered questions, emphasizing the theme of unrequited love.









Kızıl koyım Sen Ucun yemez uzun


suçlarım senun emz yazg şirler






Senel cevap






telegramdan yzı


koym kar








ol gız kyla gel aklım aldı uzun saçları




aldı şun


çeklerim içimde kaldı niçin


B uzun Kızıl kim Senin Ucun emz uzun


suçlarım Senin Ucun emz yzg şerlerin










M yana






kar olm




y Kızıl


köyle aklım ne aldı uzun


saçları canım ne aldı şun


gim içimde kaldı niçin bur


Uz Kızıl Kim Sen Ucun emz uzun


suçlarım senun em yaz şeylerin


ozz seni