Артиллерийский тягач из СССР по снегу!Показал, что может! Запуск в мороз

Custom Truck
28 Jan 202432:25


TLDRThe video shows a man starting up and driving an antique steam-powered vehicle called an ATS through deep snow. He struggles getting it started due to issues like closed valves but eventually succeeds. He drives it around impressively through high snowdrifts, noting how its tracks allow it to float over the snow unlike wheeled vehicles. The ATS climbs big snow piles without issue. The video ends with the ATS returning home after a drive, having demonstrated its incredible snow capabilities.


  • 😀 The video shows a man starting up and driving an old steam-powered vehicle called an ATS in deep snow
  • ❄️ There is a lot of snow where the video takes place, making driving conditions difficult
  • 🔧 The man checks the fuel and boiler before starting the ATS
  • 🚂 The ATS has trouble starting at first, but eventually gets going
  • 🚙 The ATS drives through deep snow, climbing snow piles and overcoming ditches
  • 😲 The driver expresses being shocked at the ATS's ability to handle the snow
  • ❄️ The ATS leaves deep tracks in the snow compared to other vehicles
  • 😄 The ATS appears to handle the snow well and is fun to ride in
  • 🛠 The driver mentions the ATS needs some maintenance and repairs
  • 😀 Overall the video shows the ATS being driven and tested successfully in very snowy conditions

Q & A

  • What kind of vehicle is the focus of this video?

    -The video focuses on a steam-powered vehicle called an ATC or a steam locomobile.

  • What are some of the unique features of the ATC shown in the video?

    -The ATC has tracks instead of wheels which allow it to drive over deep snow. It also has a boiler that needs to be heated before driving.

  • What issues did the ATC encounter when trying to start up?

    -The ATC had trouble starting up because a fuel valve was closed and fuel wasn't getting to the boiler. Once they opened the valve, it started up.

  • How does the ATC perform in snowy conditions?

    -The video shows the ATC is able to drive over deep piles of snow due to its tracks. Its ground pressure is lower than a wheeled vehicle.

  • What maintenance does the ATC require?

    -The video shows the ATC requires heating up the boiler, fueling, and oil circulation before starting up. It runs on steam from its boiler.

  • What historical context is provided about the ATC?

    -The video mentions the ATC is from 1923 when such steam-powered vehicles were more common. Now they are rare vintage machines.

  • What locations are shown in the video?

    -The video shows snowy rural areas near homes and swamps outside Saint Petersburg, Russia.

  • How does the videographer react to the ATC?

    -The videographer expresses excitement about the ATC's abilities and surprise at how well it handles snow.

  • Who are Sergei and Pashka mentioned in the video?

    -Sergei and Pashka are the previous owners of the ATC who provided the batteries to help get it running again.

  • What future plans are mentioned for the ATC?

    -The videographer mentions wanting an all-terrain Karakat vehicle to help pull the ATC out of a swamp.



👋 Greeting and video introduction

The host greets the audience and introduces the video, explaining that they will be taking their custom truck out in the snow. He mentions the large amount of snow and wanting to see how the truck performs in it. He outlines that they will drive the truck around, start the AC, and potentially take it out again another day if they run out of time.


😄 Starting the truck's engine

The host describes starting up the railway engine on the truck, including opening the hatch, checking the fuel tank, turning on the spark plug and fan. The engine initially has some trouble starting up and blows out, but eventually starts after some troubleshooting.


😕 Engine stalls, more troubleshooting

After getting the engine started, it soon stalls out again. The host does more troubleshooting, realizing a fuel valve was closed. He opens the valve fully and gets the engine started again without issue.


😎 Driving the truck around in the snow

With the engine running, the host drives the truck around in the deep snow. He notes how the truck sits on top of the snow unlike other vehicles that sink into it. The truck handles steep snowy hills and slopes with ease.


🔥 Impressive performance in the snow

The host continues driving in very deep snow without any issues. He expresses being shocked and impressed by the truck's performance as it powers through deep snowy mounds much higher than the truck itself.


🚜 Returning the truck home

After driving around in the snow, the truck returns back home. The host notes it was gone for a week and welcomes it back after the successful day of driving.



💡custom truck

A custom truck refers to a vehicle that has been modified or built to meet specific design or performance specifications beyond its original factory condition. In the context of the video, the custom truck is likely a key subject of interest, showcasing its capabilities, especially in snowy conditions. The narrator's enthusiasm for driving it in the snow suggests it has been adapted for extreme weather or unique driving experiences, making it a central focus of the content.


Snow is mentioned multiple times throughout the script, indicating that the setting is in a cold, snowy environment. This element is crucial for setting the scene and challenges the custom truck faces. The mention of driving in the snow, digging out the vehicle, and the visual imagery of snow-covered landscapes directly ties into the adventurous and testing aspect of the video's theme, highlighting the truck's performance in winter conditions.


The term 'base' in the script likely refers to a specific location or vehicle that the narrator and their team are using as a starting point for their snowy adventure. Mention of 'riding around the base' and 'the base flies in the snow' suggests it's a pivotal part of their activities, possibly a central hub for operations or a key vehicle in their fleet. The context implies a sense of action and preparation surrounding this location or item.


While 'AC' typically refers to air conditioning, in the context of this script, it might indicate a different vehicle or equipment, given the snowy setting and the content of the activities described. The mention of 'start the AC' suggests it's another machine or vehicle they intended to use, illustrating the range of equipment or activities planned for the video. However, the exact nature of 'AC' is not clear from the script alone.


The mention of 'boost' followed by a thank you for support implies a feature or campaign aimed at enhancing the visibility or performance of the channel or a specific video. It may refer to a social media or crowdfunding effort where viewers can contribute to the content's success. This term connects to the broader theme of community engagement and support within the video's narrative.


Autospot.ru is referenced as a website where viewers can find special offers on cars, indicating a promotional or informational segment of the video. This mention suggests the video includes content beyond the main adventure, providing viewers with useful consumer information, tying back to the theme of cars and driving in different conditions.


The term 'railway' in this context is intriguing and appears to be related to a specific vehicle or mechanical system they are attempting to start in the snow. This could refer to a tracked vehicle or a system within a vehicle designed for snow travel. The detailed description of starting it, involving spark plugs and fuel, indicates a mechanical focus in the video, showcasing troubleshooting and operation of complex machinery.


Fuel is a critical element discussed in the context of ensuring vehicles are operational. The script includes checking fuel levels and the process of fueling, which is essential for starting and running the machinery featured in the video. This highlights the practical aspects of operating vehicles in challenging conditions, emphasizing preparation and maintenance.


The engine is a central focus in several parts of the script, particularly in discussions about starting it, warming it up, and troubleshooting. The engine's performance, especially in cold weather, is portrayed as vital to the success of the video's activities. This emphasizes the mechanical and operational aspects of handling vehicles in extreme conditions.

💡snowy mountains

The term 'snowy mountains' suggests a significant challenge and adventure setting for the video. It represents the extreme conditions under which the custom truck and other vehicles operate. Driving in 'real snowy mountains' and overcoming 'slides' illustrates the vehicle's capabilities and the thrilling nature of the activities being filmed, underscoring the adventurous spirit of the content.


The host starts up an old steam locomotive from 1923 in the snow

The locomotive initially doesn't start due to a closed fuel valve

After fixing the fuel valve, the locomotive starts up successfully

The host notes the locomotive consumes a lot of fuel when running

They compare the ground pressure of the steam locomotive to an off-road vehicle

The off-road vehicle gets stuck in deep snow but the locomotive handles it well

The locomotive climbs large snow piles over 1 meter high

The locomotive traverses steep snowy slopes without issue

There's a tense moment going down a steep ditch but the locomotive passes

The locomotive returns home after a week away for repairs

The host expresses shock at the locomotive's off-road snow performance

The locomotive completely plows through deep snow unlike other vehicles

The locomotive leaves 20cm high tracks compared to other vehicles in snow

The host notes the daring and fun experience of riding the old locomotive

Neighbors gather to watch the old steam locomotive drive around in snow



friends Hello everyone Welcome to the channel custom truck on the street there is snow Frost


is pressing with his collar raised I dug it out I’ve already launched the whole base too And I want to drive


here in the snow, we have a lot, a lot of snow I want to see these shots when the base


flies in the snow not on water A in the snow now Our task is to go to the base and


ride around the base here, then we’ll start the AC and also drive the only thing here today,


probably until we have time with the ace. But if anything we’ll do it another day. And I would also like to


thank you for your support on the boost. If so If you want, follow the link in


the description and Subscribe, also don’t forget about our other social networks, links will also be in


the description


[music] N








Well, friends and neighbors have already gathered to watch. So you need to fold, otherwise now


there will be a Scream because they are cleaning snow and we are destroying it like this, in fact,


tomorrow a person wants to come and have a look and maybe the base will be taken away,


but this is not certain. Well, as an option, we warm it up a little and test it so that


all systems work, but everything is in order BRT, is he crazy? But of course, an interesting car




friends outside the window, January This means that cars from 1923 are much cheaper


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a gift, so here for each make and model there is a link to autospot I left in the description Use




the launch of the railway on Asa begins with the opening of the hatch we are in This Asa was not launched at all


and I hope that here our heater is working here at 14, yes So that’s it,


we’ll try to start it up let’s go into the cabin


So here we have access to all these systems but we need to unscrew


the hatches, no luck, here is the control valve for the railway which What is needed to start is a system that


turns on the spark plug for 2 minutes and opens the fuel, turns on the fan Well, this is


the simplest scheme anyway, but before that you need to check the fuel in the tank, for this you


will need to unscrew the crank Listen, we have everything there covered with snow What the nonsense This is how everything happens


in the snow Well, a blizzard is such a thing, it’s the tank of the railway, we’ll see if there’s fuel in there.


If not, then start. It’s not a problem, just feel it there. And when you open this thing, you’re already supplying


fuel to the boiler itself; it’s not sour, it’s fine. Well, they’re pumping it up. now keep in mind that


if too much fuel gets here, it just goes through this tube into


the tank, everything, close the valve, the tank is full, we can tighten the


dipstick, turn on the ground and the spark plug, here we have the spark plug, batteries I hope it will hold up, but ok


24 shows everything wait a minute and a half and we'll turn on the engine, it's running, I can hear everything already


[music] we start the sweat Yes


it's working




it's gone out it's gone out it's on fire and it's an infection Well it's gone out right away Yes well now oh and batuk [music] date and there's


blue Yes white Well is trying to try now, let him shave a little closer,


something is trying too soon, I turn on the fan, probably


the main thing is not too late to turn it on, otherwise there will be a big


bang. No


big deal, damn it, just a little bull, no, and that’s it, well, you understand, let’s start without asking, friends, I don’t


know ,


it’s a bad


idea, but it’s Of course, it’s sad, you see, the boiler doesn’t start, probably now


we’ll try to possibly press down the return point and give more fuel there under the needle,


I don’t know where it’s from, but some kind of air intake for the HSF has been blocked. Maybe that’s not accurate. Well,


now we’ll see, let’s try to figure out this problem. We wanted to go for a ride, but didn’t. everything is so simple, unfortunately,


the batteries are batteries for the strongest; many thanks


to the previous owner Sergei, who Well, Pashka, too, maybe they are looking at us, who did not regret it


here are such mega cool batteries, two Boshevsky 225 batteries, now


you can’t buy this anymore, can you imagine, we found another faucet, we started to figure it out,


it turns out it was closed and we started it on the top pipes, one wonderful moment it stopped


starting altogether Well, now we unscrewed this faucet and we’ll try it. I think we’ll start it now wait


a minute and a half, the spark plug is already on, now let's turn on the faucet one hundred percent, two turns,


I think it will be




one and a half [music]


Now everything works right the first time without any problems, but a little bit of age


and your head doesn't think straight, you won't remember everything in all of them in cars, how and what does it work like? What did


I mess up? It’s purely my mistake; they didn’t turn off the fuel valve; everything works; we’re warming it up and we’ll


start. Oh damn, 60


already literally after 3 minutes we have 50 50° but there’s no oil yet; maybe it’s not working;


another trick which must be done when you turn on the heater, you need to


periodically turn on the oil pump so that the oil in the tank also circulates in a circle a little bit


like this periodically once a minute so that the oil also


warms up thoroughly. I think it’s time to turn off the railway, so let’s turn off everything


by blowing off the tap and let it just a little it’s a little bit blowing and I think we can start




the engine


that the temperature dropped to p as soon as


the pump turned off dropped to p but starting is also cruel










[music] Us [music]


you are constantly asking how much this monster eats or how much we ate fuel during the ride


, so we still haven’t determined the consumption, but I know one thing: No matter how much you put in it, it will gobble up everything,


friends, I specially turned off the engine to show you one very interesting thing,


here we have traces of the winter, so we drove just recently, and the trace from the AT he is 20


Steam higher Well, much higher That is, this is not a joke Well, if you measure here 20


cm 20 cm ATS is higher That is, he does not sit in the snow, he just rides on top of the snow from behind,


this is generally clearly visible When the track is just going much much deeper than the ATS I’m in shock, to be


honest, here you can also see it clearly [ __ ] So interesting, the ziloman


cuts the rut much much deeper, the snow here is very deep, but nevertheless, I think the ATS will go


very well here, but we’ll check it now, this is how you can even climb and to serve


here, that’s what it’s like, friends, tracked vehicles and really The specific pressure on


the ground is much less than that of Zlaman Ultrasound












damn what was it he just didn’t pull it out already on the third he got stuck I understand because I see


All my windows are covered in snow, it’s up against a stream of snow and everything here is in the water. You can’t


drive here anymore; our entire walkway is already clogged with mud, and here, as you may remember, it’s been watching us for a long time.


This is the main swamp in which the bass swims, but I don’t know how to overcome it yet. What is it possible


that one of the all-terrain vehicles of the Karakat manufacturers will give us a Karakat who will conquer this swamp,


we will be very grateful, we are moving towards the base here, of course, there is such a snowball, but I want some slides,


it overcomes the slides very beautifully, here I directly felt it, but it’s scary I’m saying right away


[music] It’s certainly good to ride in deep snow


from CH ,


but we have


real snowy mountains. That is, it’s well above my waist, if you take it like that, the sponsor of these piles


is probably Communalist here or whoever I don’t know, but someone brings snow here and we


use it effectively like this that we will try, but the height You must understand that it’s big now,


let’s try








the car is not afraid of anything at all, it looks very scary inside, but I


don’t know how the camera doesn’t convey the height is very high in the area where we go,


it just goes for a ride and that’s all technology crazier crazier now let's have some more fun






ah 0:26:57.600,1193:02:47.295 [music] there


was already a dangerous situation here, the ditch As you remember, it was very, very big when I threw it


there, it was even so scary inside, especially too he feels it, but there are no barriers for him


to go there, we can’t go there; the neighbors are already there, so Well, it won’t be nice if we’re all there


we'll return you again Well, here there are no obstacles for him. I'll be honest, I'm shocked by such ditches, he really


dumped tons of snow here and he doesn't care at all, only his whole face is covered in snow, he's horrified, he's completely clogged


the entire automatic telephone exchange. Your opinion, be sure to write in the comments right now Stop


the video






The trucker flies into the base Come on Yura, you can do




[music] great he hasn’t been home for a whole week, he’s finally [applause] he


’ll rest our hard worker has returned home let’s move on




did he mess up Ay Dima will have to dig