Sacha Boey's first day at FC Bayern | Behind The Scenes

FC Bayern München
28 Jan 202403:08


TLDRThe video script captures a warm and engaging conversation that starts with greetings and casual inquiries about well-being, reflecting a friendly atmosphere. A notable highlight is the speaker's interaction with Mathys, a close friend, who played a significant role in encouraging the speaker's visit. The excitement and gratitude towards this friendship and the opportunity are palpable. The script takes an enthusiastic turn as the speaker addresses FC Bayern fans, expressing eagerness to meet them at the Allianz Arena, hinting at a connection to the football community. The narrative conveys a blend of personal excitement, dreams coming true, and a welcoming spirit, culminating in the speaker, Sacha, embracing new experiences with open arms.


  • 👋 'Servus' is used as a greeting, indicating a friendly or informal tone.
  • 😊 The speaker expresses well-being and gratitude in response to inquiries about their condition.
  • 🤝 The conversation includes polite exchanges of thanks and welcomes, suggesting a positive and courteous interaction.
  • 🎉 There's an expression of excitement about meeting and speaking with Mathys, highlighting a close and valued friendship.
  • 🏟️ The speaker addresses FC Bayern fans directly, indicating a connection to the football club and anticipation for visiting the Allianz Arena.
  • 🌟 The experience is described as a dream come true, conveying a sense of achievement and personal significance.
  • 😴 The speaker shares feeling so excited that they couldn't sleep, illustrating the depth of their emotion and anticipation.
  • 🍽️ There's a casual moment where the speaker asks if they can eat something, showing a moment of personal interaction or informality.
  • 👍 Mathys is mentioned as a 'good guy,' reinforcing the positive sentiments towards this person and their influence.
  • 🔜 The use of 'Bis bald' and 'Until then' signals a farewell, implying a hope or plan to meet again soon.

Q & A

  • Who is Sacha greeting in the beginning and end of the transcript?

    -Sacha greets with 'Servus' at both the beginning and the end of the transcript, indicating a casual and friendly tone, likely addressing a familiar audience or friends, and specifically FC Bayern fans towards the end.

  • How does Sacha describe his feelings about joining or being at a new place?

    -Sacha describes his feelings as a mix of excitement and nervousness, mentioning that he was so excited he couldn't sleep and that it's a dream for him to be there.

  • Who is Mathys, and what is his relationship with Sacha?

    -Mathys is described as a very good friend of Sacha's. Sacha mentions having spoken with Mathys and that Mathys had a significant influence on his decision to come, showing a close relationship.

  • What specific place does Sacha express a desire to visit, and why?

    -Sacha expresses a desire to see the audience soon in the Allianz Arena, indicating his connection with FC Bayern and perhaps his role as either a player or a fan looking forward to attending a match or event there.

  • What does Sacha's use of the word 'Servus' imply about his cultural or geographical background?

    -The use of 'Servus' implies that Sacha may have a cultural or geographical connection to regions where German is spoken, as it is a common greeting in Bavaria, Austria, and other parts of Central Europe.

  • What can be inferred about Sacha's purpose or role from the transcript?

    -From the transcript, it can be inferred that Sacha might be a new member of a team or community, likely related to FC Bayern, given his direct address to the fans and mention of the Allianz Arena.

  • How does Sacha describe his anticipation or actions before arriving at the new place?

    -Sacha describes his anticipation with immense excitement, mentioning that it was unbelievable and he was so excited he couldn't sleep, highlighting the significance of this new phase or opportunity in his life.

  • What does Sacha mean by 'Can I eat that?' and how does it fit into the conversation?

    -The question 'Can I eat that?' seems to be a light-hearted or off-topic query, possibly indicating a moment of casual or personal interaction within the script, showing Sacha's personable nature.

  • What is the significance of Sacha's statement, 'It’s a dream for me and now I’m here'?

    -This statement signifies the fulfillment of a long-held aspiration or goal for Sacha, emphasizing the importance of his arrival or participation in this new venture or community.

  • How does the community or audience to which Sacha speaks seem to be perceived by him?

    -Sacha perceives the community or audience, particularly FC Bayern fans, positively and eagerly anticipates interacting with them, indicating a sense of belonging and excitement about being part of the community.



😊 Welcoming and Anticipation

The paragraph captures a series of warm greetings and expressions of gratitude, showcasing a friendly and anticipatory conversation. The speaker mentions a significant interaction with Mathys, emphasizing the importance of this connection and the encouragement received to participate in an event. Furthermore, there's a heartfelt shoutout to FC Bayern fans, expressing eagerness to see them at the Allianz Arena, followed by a sense of excitement and fulfillment of a dream by the speaker. The narrative concludes with a casual and friendly inquiry about food, symbolizing a welcoming and inclusive environment.




Servus is a greeting used in many parts of Central and Eastern Europe, indicating a friendly or informal way of saying hello or goodbye. In the context of this video script, 'Servus' not only serves as a greeting but also likely connects to the speaker's cultural or regional identity, emphasizing a casual and welcoming tone. This term is used multiple times, signaling the beginning of conversations and a friendly acknowledgment, such as 'Servus, FC Bayern fans,' showing an intention to establish a personal connection with the audience.

💡FC Bayern

FC Bayern refers to FC Bayern Munich, one of the most prominent and successful football clubs in Germany and Europe. The mention of 'FC Bayern fans' and the anticipation of seeing them in the Allianz Arena suggests that the video's context might be related to football or a new signing's introduction to the club's community. This indicates the speaker's connection to the team and their excitement about joining or engaging with the club's culture and fanbase.

💡Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena is the home stadium of FC Bayern Munich, known for its unique exterior and significant capacity to host thousands of fans during matches. By expressing hope to see fans in the Allianz Arena, the speaker emphasizes their eagerness to engage with the club's supporters directly and experience the atmosphere of a home game, signifying the importance of this venue in connecting players and fans.


Mathys is mentioned as a 'very good friend' of the speaker, highlighting a personal connection within the context of the video. The speaker discusses having spoken with Mathys, which suggests that their conversation and Mathys' encouragement played a role in the speaker's decision or experience related to the video's main theme. This personal anecdote helps to humanize the speaker, adding depth to their narrative.


The term 'dream' is used to describe the speaker's profound aspiration or goal, which in this context is likely related to joining FC Bayern or achieving a significant milestone in their career. Saying 'It's a dream for me and now I'm here' conveys a sense of accomplishment and gratitude, emphasizing the realization of personal ambitions and the emotional impact of such achievements.


The speaker uses 'excited' to express their intense enthusiasm and anticipation for a new experience or opportunity. Mentioning being so excited that they 'couldn’t sleep' illustrates the depth of their eagerness and the significance of the moment to them, likely related to joining a new team or embarking on a significant chapter in their career.

💡Bis bald

This German phrase means 'See you soon' and is used to convey a friendly farewell with the expectation of future encounters. When the speaker says 'Bis bald. Until then,' it suggests an optimistic look towards future interactions or experiences, reinforcing the theme of anticipation and the beginning of a new journey or relationship.


The term 'unbelievable' is used to describe something extraordinary or beyond ordinary belief. In the script, it reflects the speaker's overwhelming feeling and positive shock about their situation, likely their joining of FC Bayern or being welcomed by its fans. This emphasizes the significance of the event to the speaker, portraying it as a milestone or a dream come true.


The term 'welcome' appears in different forms throughout the script, serving as both a greeting and an expression of gratitude. For example, 'Welcome' and 'Thank you very much' signify polite exchanges, suggesting a warm reception or introduction. This recurring theme of hospitality and gratitude underscores the video's friendly and appreciative tone.

💡Can I eat that?

This question, seemingly unrelated to the rest of the script's themes, introduces a casual or humorous element, suggesting a moment of light-hearted interaction. It could indicate a behind-the-scenes moment or a personal anecdote, adding a layer of relatability and humanizing the speaker further by showcasing their everyday concerns or moments of levity.


Servus, a warm greeting indicative of the speaker's cultural or regional background

The speaker expresses well-being and gratitude

A welcome exchange signifies a friendly or formal meeting

Acknowledgment of meeting someone significant, showing appreciation

The speaker has had a conversation with Mathys, hinting at a relationship or prior discussion

Mathys is mentioned as a very good friend, establishing a personal connection

Mathys's influence in the speaker's decision to come, showing trust and persuasion

Direct address to FC Bayern fans, indicating a connection to the football club

Anticipation of visiting the Allianz Arena, showing excitement for future events

A statement of eagerness and inability to sleep due to excitement, highlighting a significant personal milestone

Describing the move as a dream, emphasizing the significance and personal achievement

Introduction as Sacha, providing a personal touch and identity

An inquiry about eating something, suggesting a moment of casual or intimate interaction

Permission granted for the food, showing hospitality or sharing

Expression of hope to see the fans soon, indicating anticipation and the value of fan interaction

A closing remark with 'Bis bald. Until then.', suggesting a promise of reconnection or future meeting

Describing the experience as unbelievable, conveying overwhelming positive emotions





How are you?


I’m doing well, thank you.




Thank you very much.


Hi, how are you?


great to meet you.


Have you spoken with Mathys yet?




What did you talk about?


I spoke with Mathys.


He’s a very good friend of mine.


He really wanted me to come.


He’s a good guy. Many thanks.


Servus, FC Bayern fans.


I hope to see you soon in the Allianz Arena.


Bis bald. Until then.


It was unbelievable. I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep.


It’s a dream for me and now I’m here.


Servus! It’s me, Sacha.


Can I eat that?


Yes, you’re welcome to it.