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TLDRIn today's news, we acknowledge International Lymphedema Day and send birthday wishes to viewers celebrating today. The unpredictable weather continues to puzzle everyone, suggesting a wardrobe choice based on personal comfort. Recent social media outages have left users twitching for their digital fix, while the mask debate demands a dramatized explanation. Agricultural concerns and bar closing times are under discussion, with Super Tuesday hinting at potential political shifts in the U.S. In sports, football updates and a tennis player's clearance from a doping ban make headlines. Cultural news highlights include a posthumous novel by García Márquez and advancements in copyright defense and architecture. Carol G fans have a new concert date to look forward to, and scientific breakthroughs promise medical marvels and antidotes to snake venom. Finally, a reminder that it's never too late to pursue your goals, with a personal note from the presenter on an upcoming show in Ávila.


  • 🌍 Good morning or good evening, depending on where you are, highlighting the global audience.
  • 📅 Today is March 6th, marking the International Day of Lymphedema.
  • 🎂 Wishing a happy birthday to those celebrating today.
  • ⏰ Discusses the unpredictable weather and advises dressing based on personal comfort.
  • 📱 References a recent outage of Instagram and Facebook, causing widespread user frustration.
  • 😷 Touches on the ongoing confusion and debates surrounding mask mandates.
  • 👩‍🌾 Highlights farmers' ongoing struggles and their pleas for attention, specifically regarding bar closing times.
  • 🇺🇸 Notes the occurrence of Super Tuesday in the United States, hinting at its importance in the presidential race with a nod to Donald Trump's performance.
  • 💰 Elon Musk is mentioned as no longer being the world's richest person, now surpassed by Jeff Bezos.
  • ⚽ Discusses recent and upcoming sports events, including Real Madrid's match and details on the Women's Euro Cup opponents for Spain.
  • 🎾 Tennis player Simona Halep is mentioned, highlighting her return to play after a doping suspension due to a medication misunderstanding.
  • 📚 References a posthumous novel by García Márquez and a literary prize awarded to Gema aliena.
  • 🏆 Announces Riken Yamamoto's win of the Pritzker Architecture Prize.
  • 🎤 Notes Carol G's concert and announces an additional date due to high demand.
  • 🔬 Mentions a breakthrough in creating miniature organs from fetal cells without interrupting pregnancy and a universal snake venom antidote.
  • 🌌 Shares an interesting find about Jupiter's moon Europa having oxygen for a million people, with a humorous note on runners.
  • 🎮 Announces the release date of F1 2024 game.
  • 🍽 Suggests making a vegetable lasagna for those unsure of what to eat.
  • 🕒 Reflects on timing and motivation, emphasizing that the second-best time to do something is now.
  • 🎟 Promotes Angel Martin's upcoming show in Ávila on March 15th.

Q & A

  • What is celebrated on March 6th according to the script?

    -March 6th is celebrated as the International Day of Lymphedema.

  • What advice is given for dealing with unpredictable weather?

    -The advice is to open the window to air out the house, assess the weather yourself, and dress accordingly.

  • What event caused people to appear nervous, aggressive, and exhibit tics in one eye?

    -The outage of Instagram and Facebook caused people to display these behaviors due to withdrawal symptoms.

  • What issue is mentioned regarding face masks in the script?

    -The script mentions that the situation with face masks has become so complicated that a series by Aaron Sorkin would be needed to understand it.

  • What are the farmers demanding according to the script?

    -The farmers are demanding to be heard, specifically regarding the issue of the closing times for bars.

  • What significant political event took place in the United States on Super Tuesday?

    -Super Tuesday is mentioned as an important step in determining who has the best chance to lead the United States, with a note that Donald Trump was doing well.

  • Who is no longer the richest man in the world, and who has taken their place?

    -Elon Musk is no longer the richest man in the world, having been surpassed by Jeff Bezos.

  • What sports result is mentioned regarding Real Sociedad and PSG?

    -Real Sociedad (referred to as 'la real') lost against PSG and did not advance to the next round.

  • Which countries will Spain's female football team face in the Eurocup?

    -Spain's female football team will face Denmark, Belgium, and Czech Republic (referred to as 'chequia') in the Eurocup.

  • What medical breakthrough is mentioned concerning fetal cells?

    -A new technique allows for the creation of small organs from fetal cells without interrupting the pregnancy.



🌍 Daily Update: Weather, Social Media, and Global News

The script greets the audience, mentioning the International Lymphedema Day and birthdays on March 6th. It humorously addresses the unpredictability of the weather, advising to dress according to the current conditions. The script then moves on to recent global events, including the temporary downfall of Instagram and Facebook causing widespread panic, the ongoing confusion around mask mandates, and various social and political events. Highlights include the farmers' protests, Super Tuesday in the United States hinting at Donald Trump's potential comeback, and changes in the world's richest individuals with Jeff Bezos overtaking Elon Musk. It covers sports updates, notably Real Madrid's performance and upcoming matches, as well as significant achievements in literature, architecture, music, science, and space exploration. The script concludes with personal notes from the speaker, inviting the audience to an upcoming event and expressing affection.



💡International Lymphedema Day

International Lymphedema Day, mentioned in the video, is recognized to increase awareness about lymphedema, a long-term condition that causes swelling in the body's tissues. This day plays a role in the video's theme by highlighting specific dates of importance or observance, connecting the content to broader, globally recognized health issues. The reference to this day serves as an opening to the diverse range of topics discussed in the video, indicating an intention to cover both light-hearted and serious subjects.

💡Weather Uncertainty

The script mentions the unpredictability of the weather, emphasizing that 'no one has any idea' about it anymore. This reflects a broader theme of uncertainty and adaptability, advising viewers to dress based on their own experience when opening a window to air out their house. This part of the video might be highlighting the changing climate patterns or simply the everyday challenge of dealing with unpredictable weather, suggesting a light-hearted take on dealing with daily uncertainties.

💡Social Media Outage

Reference to Instagram and Facebook outages in the script highlights our dependency on social media platforms and the widespread impact when these services are interrupted. The mention of 'withdrawal syndrome' humorously points to how ingrained these platforms have become in daily life and the anxiety or tension that arises from their unavailability. This concept is related to the video's broader theme of technology's role in society and our reactions to its fluctuations.

💡Mask Mandates

The discussion on mask mandates in the script tackles the ongoing debates and confusion surrounding COVID-19 precautions. Mentioning Aaron Sorkin humorously suggests that the situation has become so complex that it might require a dramatic interpretation to be understood. This reflects the video's aim to address current societal issues with a mix of humor and seriousness, emphasizing the confusion and contention surrounding health guidelines.

💡Agricultural Protests

Mention of farmers demanding to be heard and issues around bar closing times connects to broader themes of rural concerns and regulatory impacts on small businesses. This segment of the video underscores the struggles of specific communities, such as farmers, against regulatory environments, framing these issues within a narrative of seeking attention and resolution to their challenges.

💡Super Tuesday

The reference to Super Tuesday in the United States contextualizes the video in a time of political significance, where preliminary elections determine party candidates for the presidency. Mentioning Donald Trump doing well on this day ties the video to specific political figures and events, indicating an interest in the intersection of politics, public perception, and media coverage.

💡Wealth Rankings

Discussing Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos' positions in wealth rankings delves into the fascination with the financial status of tech moguls and their impact on society. By humorously comparing Bezos to a fictional character, the script engages with cultural perceptions of wealth and influence, critiquing and satirizing the celebrity status of billionaires.

💡Sports Results

The update on sports results, including football matches and tennis player Simona Halep's situation, showcases the video's aim to cover a wide range of interests, from sports to current events. Mentioning specific teams and players serves to engage viewers with diverse interests, using these references to connect to broader themes of competition, achievement, and controversy.

💡Posthumous Novel

The mention of García Márquez's posthumous novel introduces themes of literary legacy and the complex emotions surrounding works released after an author's death. The humorous note that the author wanted it destroyed adds depth to the discussion, reflecting on the nature of artistic intent versus public and posthumous reception.

💡New Scientific Techniques

Discussion of a new technique for creating organs from fetal cells without interrupting pregnancy, and a universal antidote for snake venom, showcases the video's engagement with cutting-edge science and its potential impacts on society. These references illustrate a theme of hope and advancement, highlighting how scientific breakthroughs can address longstanding challenges and fears, like venomous snake bites or organ donation shortages.


International Lymphedema Day observed

Unpredictable weather patterns continue

Instagram and Facebook outage causes user frustration

Mask-wearing guidelines remain confusing

Farmers demand more attention to their issues

Debate over bar closing hours

Super Tuesday in the United States advances presidential candidates

Donald Trump's notable performance during Super Tuesday

Elon Musk loses title as richest man to Jeff Bezos

Real Madrid's performance in football matches

Spain's first opponents in the Euro Women's Football Cup: Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic

Tennis player Simona Halep reinstated after doping ban due to medication misunderstanding

Posthumous novel of García Márquez sparks interest

Gema Aliena wins Cedro 2024 award for defending author rights

Architect Riken Yamamoto wins Pritzker Prize

Carol G's upcoming music concert in July

New technique for creating small organs from fetal cells without interrupting pregnancy

Discovery of a universal antivenom for various snake species

Europa, Jupiter's moon, found to have enough oxygen for a million people

Upcoming F1 2024 game release on May 31

Recommendation to try vegetable lasagna

Performance invitation in Ávila on the 15th



muy buenos días noches Si me ves desde


el otro lado del Charco miércoles 6 de


marzo día internacional del linfedema Y


si cumples años hoy Muchísimas


felicidades Mira se ha abierto una


ventana que no esperaba eh por lo demás


tema tiempo ya nadie tiene ni idea


eh del tiempo así que Cuando abras la


ventana para airear la casa eh aprovecha


para asar la cara y Vístete en base a lo


que notes si ayer durante un rato viste


a la gente nerviosa agresiva y con tics


en un ojo era porque se cayó Instagram y


Facebook y tenían el síndrome de


abstinencia de devuélveme mis redes el


tema mascarillas está en un punto en el


que ya necesitamos que Aaron sarkin haga


una serie para poder entender algo


porque empieza a ser un campeonato de


Pobrecito yo los agricultores siguen


reclamando que alguien les escuche ahora


andan a vueltas con la hora a la que


tienen que cerrar los bares ayer en


Estados Unidos fue el supermartes que es


otro pasito más para ver quién tiene más


posibilidades de volver a mandar en


Estados Unidos y Donald Trump no le va


mal lo de supermartes también suena


oferta super guay de pizzería eh Y elon


musk ya no es el hombre más rico del


mundo ahora es Jeff bezos Jeff bezos a


mí me recuerda el director de la


academia esa donde l vez no va a pillar


niños o algo así no he visto la pelea


Así que a lo mejor lo vez no va otra


cosa en deportes la real palmo eh contra


el psg y no pasa de ronda Hoy juega el


Real Madrid los primeros rivales de


España en la Eurocopa femenina de fútbol


serán Dinamarca Bélgica y chequia y a


una tenista llamada Simona alep podrá


volver a jugar porque la inhabilitaron


por dar positivo endop ae por culpa de


un fármaco pero se han dado cuenta de


que la jugadora no tenía ni idea de que


ese medicamento no se podía tomar en


cultura tienes novela póstuma de García


Márquez también te digo que el la quiso


destruir Eh Así que no Descartes que


cada vez que alguien la lea se escuche


su voz diciendo Yo avisé que era una


la escritora Gema aliena se ha


llevado el premio Cedro 2024 por su


apoyo a la defensa de los derechos de


autor si te interesa el mundo de la


arquitectura ricken yamamoto Ha ganado


el premio pritcher Y en música si eres


fan de Carol G te quedaste sin entras


para el bernabeu que sepas que el 23 de


Julio hará otro en ciencia una nueva


técnica permite crear órganos pequeñitos


a partir de células del feto sin


interrumpir el embarazo unos científicos


han descubierto un antídoto universal


para el veneno de diferentes especies de


serpientes así que ya puedes visitar el


Amazonas sin miedo y en cosas del


espacio han descubierto que Europa la


luna de Júpiter tiene oxígeno para un


millón de personas siempre y cuando no


sean runners vale porque los runners


gastan más en videojuegos han confirmado


que el f1 2024 saldrá el 31 de mayo si


no sabes qué comer Hazte una lasaña de


verduras la frase de hoy es puede que el


mejor momento para hacer algo que


querías pasar hace tiempo pero el


segundo mejor es ahora y poco más bueno


Si estás en Ávila el día 15 Yo estaré


actuando con punto para los locos por


allí si te apetece venir tienes las


últimas entradas en mundo Angel

play02:11 y hasta aquí el informativo


os quiero muchísimo a hacer cosas Mírame


que da tiempo Mírame Mírame


Mírame te quiero Pasa buen día nos vemos


mañana si quieres no es ley

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