Crazy Secret Tool For Animation: Viggle AI Revealed! | How to Animate with Ai for free

Ankit Agarwal
6 Apr 202409:16

TLDRThe video provides an in-depth look at the free AI animation tool, Viggle AI, which allows users to animate characters with remarkable results. The host, Ankit Agarwal, guides viewers through the process of using the tool, starting with joining the beta through the website and Discord server. He demonstrates how to upload images and use motion prompts to create animations, as well as how to fine-tune the model for better results. The video also covers the use of reference videos to animate characters in a specific style and creating animations from text prompts. Ankit shares a detailed workflow for transforming a stock video into an animated scene featuring an alien character, using a combination of tools like Runway ML, LensGo, and editing software. The video is a valuable resource for those interested in no-code AI tools for animation.


  • 😀 Discover the potential of Viggle AI, a free tool for animating characters easily.
  • 🌐 Join the Viggle AI beta by accessing their Discord server, providing a community and support system.
  • 👨‍💻 Learn the basics of using Viggle AI, including navigation and operation through the user-friendly interface on their website.
  • 🖼️ Utilize the 'animate' command in the Discord server to bring your images to life by specifying desired motions.
  • 🎨 Explore motion prompt templates on the Viggle AI website to enhance your animations with pre-made movements.
  • 🛠️ Customize animations by selecting background colors and enabling fine-tuning for better output quality.
  • 🎞️ Extend capabilities by using your own reference videos for more personalized animations.
  • 🔧 Experience the power of no-code AI tools with Viggle AI, making complex animations accessible to everyone.
  • 🔄 Convert static images into animated characters using a combination of different tools and platforms for creative projects.
  • 🎥 Finalize your animated projects with professional editing software to integrate animations seamlessly into existing video content.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the free AI tool discussed in the video for animating characters?

    -The free AI tool discussed in the video for animating characters is called Viggle AI.

  • How does one join the beta testing for Viggle AI?

    -To join the beta testing for Viggle AI, one needs to visit the website, click on 'join beta', which then leads to their Discord server.

  • What is the process of animating a character using Viggle AI?

    -To animate a character, you drag and drop the image into the prompt box in the Discord server, write the desired motion in the motion prompt box, select a background, and toggle the fine-tune option before submitting.

  • What are the available background options in Viggle AI?

    -The available background options in Viggle AI are white, green, or from a template.

  • How can one use their own reference video to animate a character with Viggle AI?

    -To use a personal reference video, one should click on 'mix' in the Discord server, upload the image and reference video, select a background, ensure the fine-tune option is on, and then submit.

  • What is the purpose of the 'fine-tune' option in the animation process?

    -The 'fine-tune' option allows the AI model to make more precise adjustments to the animation, improving the final result.

  • How can one create a video purely from text using Viggle AI?

    -To create a video from text, one writes a description of the image and the desired motion in the motion prompt box, selects a background, ensures the fine-tune option is on, and then submits the request.

  • What is the name of the website where one can create an image from a text description?

    -The website where one can create an image from a text description is called LensGo.

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  • What is the final step in creating an animated video with a custom character and background?

    -The final step is to remove the green screen from the animated video using editing software, layer it above the original stock video without the subject, and then export the final video in the desired resolution.

  • Who is the presenter of the video and what is his background?

    -The presenter of the video is Ankit Agarwal, an entrepreneur and a no-code AI enthusiast who aims to demystify the world of no-code AI tools.

  • What is the significance of using a green background during the animation process?

    -The green background is used because it allows for easy removal during the editing process, enabling the user to replace it with their own custom background.

  • What video editing software is mentioned in the script for post-processing the animated videos?

    -Final Cut Pro is mentioned in the script for post-processing the animated videos, though other software like Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve could also be used.



🎨 Introduction to Wiggle: A Free AI Animation Tool

The video begins with an introduction to the AI tool, Wiggle, which is used to animate characters. The host explains that despite the animations not being perfect, they are quite remarkable considering they are created using a free tool. The video promises to cover detailed tips and tricks to get the best results from using the platform. The process involves visiting the Wiggle website, joining their beta through Discord, and using the platform's interface to animate images by providing motion prompts and selecting background options. The host demonstrates the tool by animating an image and discusses the possibility of fine-tuning the model for better results.


📹 Creating Animations with Custom and Text Prompts

The second paragraph delves into creating animations using various methods. The host shows how to use Wiggle to animate a character using a reference video, which allows the character to mimic the movements in the video. Additionally, the host explores creating a character and animation purely from text prompts, demonstrating the tool's flexibility. The video also covers a workflow for transforming a character (in this case, a lady into an alien) using a combination of tools like Runway ML, lens.go, and the Discord server of Wiggle. The process includes removing the subject from a stock video, creating a new character image, and then combining it with the original video to create a final animation. The host concludes with a brief introduction of themselves and an invitation to watch another video on creating AI apps using no-code AI tools.



💡Viggle AI

Viggle AI is a free AI tool mentioned in the video that is used for animating characters. It is significant to the video's theme as it is the core technology being discussed and demonstrated. The video showcases how the tool can animate characters using AI technology, which is quite remarkable considering it is available for free.


To animate, in the context of the video, refers to the process of bringing a static character or image to life through movement. This is the main action performed using Viggle AI and is central to the video's content. The script provides examples of animating characters by uploading images and specifying the desired motion.

💡Discord server

A Discord server is a platform for community interaction, which in this video, is used as a means to access and use the Viggle AI tool. It is mentioned in the script as the place where users can join to start using the AI animation tool, indicating its role in facilitating user engagement with the technology.

💡Motion prompt

A motion prompt is a command or a description that users input into the AI tool to instruct it on how they want their character or image to be animated. It is a key concept in the video as it directs the AI on the type of animation to perform. Examples from the script include writing 'walking' as a motion prompt to animate a character walking in a forest.


In the context of the video, the background refers to the setting or scene behind the animated character. The AI tool allows users to choose from different background colors or use templates. The choice of background can be important for the final animation as it can be removed and replaced with a custom background later, as demonstrated in the script.


Fine-tune, in relation to the AI tool, means to make minor adjustments to the model for better results. The video emphasizes the importance of turning on the fine-tune option to ensure the AI model is optimized for the animation task at hand, which directly affects the quality of the animation output.

💡Reference video

A reference video is a pre-recorded video that users can upload to the AI tool to use as a guide for animating their character. The tool can then animate the character in the style of the reference video. This feature is showcased in the video as a way to create more personalized and complex animations.

💡Text prompt

A text prompt is a descriptive input provided by the user to generate an image or animation based on textual instructions alone. In the video, the concept is demonstrated by creating a character and an animation purely from a text description, which is a powerful showcase of the AI's capability to interpret and visualize textual input.

💡Runway ML

Runway ML is an AI tool used in the video for the process of in-painting, which is the removal of unwanted objects from a video or image. It is part of the workflow demonstrated for creating a complex animation where a character is replaced with an alien in a stock video, highlighting the use of AI in post-production tasks.

💡Lens Go

Lens Go is a website mentioned in the video for creating images based on textual descriptions. It is used in the workflow to generate an image of an alien, which is then used in the animation process with Viggle AI. The use of Lens Go shows how AI can generate creative content from simple text inputs.

💡Green screen

A green screen is a technology used in video production where a green background is replaced with other footage or images. In the video, it is used as part of the animation process with Viggle AI, allowing the animated character to be composited onto different backgrounds in post-production, demonstrating the flexibility of the AI tool.


The video introduces a free AI tool called Viggle AI for animating characters.

The tool is accessible through the website 'wiggle' and requires joining a beta program via Discord.

Users can animate characters by dragging and dropping images and specifying motion prompts.

Wiggle provides a motion template on their website to help users create prompts.

The AI tool allows for customization of the background color during the animation process.

Fine-tuning the model is an option to improve the quality of the animation.

The video demonstrates how to create animations using multiple images and motion prompts.

A reference video can be used to animate a character based on the video's movements.

The platform supports mixing an image with a reference video for more realistic animations.

Creating a character from a single text prompt is possible with the tool's advanced features.

The video shows a workflow for converting a stock video into an animation with an alien character.

Runway ML is used for in-painting to remove and replace subjects in a video.

LensGo is utilized to create images from descriptions, which can then be animated.

Wiggle AI can animate characters in the style of a provided stock video.

Green screen technology is employed to overlay the animated character onto a different background.

Final Cut Pro or similar editing software can be used to composite the final animation.

Ankit Agarwal, the presenter, is an entrepreneur and no-code AI enthusiast.

The video promises to demystify no-code AI tools to empower non-technical users.