Free AI Animation Video Generator To Animate Anyone - Viggle AI Motion Capture

Chem Beast
15 Apr 202409:22

TLDRDiscover Viggle AI, a groundbreaking free AI video generator that animates images and integrates them into motion videos. The tool offers a variety of pre-made motions and the ability to create unique characters using text prompts. Learn how to animate static images, generate videos with motion backgrounds, and create VFX-style videos by replacing characters in existing footage. The video demonstrates the step-by-step process of using the tool, including uploading images, selecting motions, and fine-tuning the output. Additionally, explore how to create green screen videos and edit them with software like CapCut. The tutorial also introduces Leonardo AI for generating motion backgrounds and Runway ML for video inpainting. With its current free access, this tool is a must-try for anyone looking to create compelling animations and videos.


  • 🎬 Viggle AI is a new, free AI video generator tool that allows users to animate images and mix them into motion videos.
  • 📸 Users can create animations by providing reference images and videos, and there are pre-made motions available in the prompt section.
  • 📽️ The tool integrates with Discord, requiring users to join a server and answer basic questions before accessing the dashboard.
  • 🚀 The 'animate' option enables motion to be given to any image, and the 'character' option allows for the creation of different characters based on text prompts.
  • 🌟 The 'mix' feature is particularly useful for creating VFX-style videos by combining images and reference videos.
  • 🖼️ The tool supports the creation of green screen type videos, which can later have their backgrounds changed in any editing software.
  • 🏞️ For motion backgrounds, Leonardo AI can be used to generate images and motion, which can then be integrated into videos.
  • 🛠️ Editing of the generated videos can be done using software like CapCut, where green screen removal and other adjustments can be made.
  • 📝 The process involves removing the main subject from a video using an inpainting tool like Runway ML, and then generating a new animated character to replace it.
  • 🧩 The final video can be assembled by layering the inpainted video with the animated character on top, using a chroma key to remove the green screen.
  • 🆓 Currently, Viggle AI is completely free to use, but it is expected to become a paid service in the future.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the Viggle AI tool?

    -Viggle AI is a tool designed to animate images and mix them into motion videos. It allows users to create animations using reference images and videos, and also to animate static images using text prompts.

  • How does one begin using Viggle AI?

    -To start using Viggle AI, one needs to join the Discord server, accept the invite, and fill out basic questions. After that, users are directed to the dashboard of the tool where they can explore various options to create and animate images.

  • What are the different options available in the Viggle AI tool for creating animations?

    -The tool offers options like 'animate' to give motion to any image, 'character' to create different characters based on text prompts, 'ID' to create a video from an image and text prompt, and 'mix' for creating VFX type videos from images and reference videos.

  • How does the 'mix' feature of Viggle AI work?

    -The 'mix' feature allows users to upload an image they want to replace in a video along with a reference motion video. The tool then creates a video where the uploaded image is animated according to the motion of the reference video, with the ability to choose a green screen background for easier editing.

  • What is the benefit of creating a green screen type video with Viggle AI?

    -Creating a green screen type video allows users to change the background in any editing software later on, providing more flexibility and control over the final video production.

  • How can one generate a background image and motion for a video?

    -For generating a background image and motion, one can use Leonardo AI or similar tools. Users need to visit the Leonardo AI website, select the image generation option, input a text prompt, choose the aspect ratio, and hit the generate button to create the images.

  • What is the inpainting tool used for in the video editing process?

    -The inpainting tool is used to remove the main subject or unwanted elements from a video. It can be accessed through platforms like Runway ML, where users can upload a video, select the area to remove, and export the modified video.

  • How does one create an animation type video using the reference video and the image generated by Lenso AI?

    -First, the main subject is removed from the reference video using the inpainting tool. Then, a screenshot of the main subject is taken and uploaded to Lenso AI to generate an image. This image is then uploaded to the Viggle AI Discord server along with the reference video, a green screen background is selected, and the 'mix' command is used to create the final animation video.

  • What is the significance of the chroma key option in video editing?

    -The chroma key option is used to remove the green screen from a video, allowing users to replace the background with a still image or another video. This is done by selecting the color to be removed using a color picker and adjusting the strength of the effect as needed.

  • How can one take advantage of the current free offer by Viggle AI?

    -Since Viggle AI is currently free to use, users can generate various types of animated and motion videos without any cost. They can explore the different features and options within the tool to create unique and engaging content.

  • What are the potential issues one might face while using the inpainting tool in video editing?

    -Potential issues include imperfect removal of the subject or unwanted elements, and possible distortion or inconsistencies in the final video. These issues can often be mitigated by carefully adjusting the brush size and strength settings during the inpainting process.

  • How does the final output of the animation video look like after using the tools and processes mentioned in the script?

    -The final output is an animated video where the main subject has been replaced with a character or object of choice, animated according to the motion prompts and set against a customizable background. The video can have both still and motion backgrounds, creating a visually appealing and professional result.



🎬 Introduction to AI Video Generation with Vigle AI

The video begins with an introduction to a new AI video generation tool called Vigle AI. It allows users to create animations by providing reference images and videos. The host outlines a step-by-step guide on how to use the tool, emphasizing its features such as animating static images, creating characters from text prompts, and mixing images with motion backgrounds. The audience is encouraged to subscribe and stay updated with the channel. Vigle AI offers pre-made motions and the ability to fine-tune animations. The process includes uploading images, selecting motions, choosing backgrounds, and using the 'mix' feature for VFX style videos. The video also demonstrates how to create green screen videos that can be edited later.


🌟 Advanced Video Editing with CapCut and Leonardo AI

The second paragraph delves into the editing process of the generated green screen video using CapCut. It details how to remove the green screen using the chroma key option and how to layer still and motion backgrounds for a more dynamic result. The host then explains how to create an animation video by removing the main subject from a reference video using the inpainting tool on Runway ML. After exporting the video, the main subject is captured in a screenshot, which is then used to generate a cartoon-style image on Lenso AI. The generated image is then integrated with the reference video on Vigle AI's Discord server, using a green screen background for a final, polished animation. The video concludes with a reminder that the tool is currently free and encourages viewers to take advantage of it while it's available.



💡AI Animation Video Generator

An AI Animation Video Generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create animated videos. In the context of the video, it is used to animate images and mix them into motion videos. It is a key component of the video's theme, as it is the main technology being discussed and demonstrated. For instance, the script mentions using the tool to animate static images and create different characters based on text prompts.

💡Viggle AI

Viggle AI is a specific AI tool mentioned in the video that allows users to animate their images and mix them into motion videos. It is central to the video's narrative as the host provides a step-by-step guide on how to use this tool. The tool is used to demonstrate the capabilities of AI in generating animations, as shown when the host animates a static image and creates a video with a character running and jumping.

💡Motion Capture

Motion capture is a technology used to record the movement of objects or people. In the video, it is related to the process of animating a character in the generated video. The script refers to adding 'AEM motion' background to a video, which likely involves capturing and applying motion data to create a more realistic animation.

💡Text Prompts

Text prompts are inputs that guide the AI in creating specific animations or characters. They are essential in the video's process of generating animations as they direct the AI to produce particular outcomes. For example, the host uses text prompts to create characters and specify motions, such as 'the character is running and jumping'.

💡Green Screen

A green screen is a technology used in video production where a solid color background is replaced with other images or scenes. In the video, the green screen is used as a background option when creating animations, allowing for easier editing and background replacement in post-production. The script illustrates this when the host chooses a green screen background for the character animation.

💡VFX (Visual Effects)

VFX refers to the process of creating visual effects in videos, often used to enhance realism or create fantastical elements. The video discusses using the AI tool to create VFX-type videos by mixing images and reference videos. This is showcased when the host demonstrates how to replace a running man in a video with an animated character using the 'mix' feature of the tool.

💡Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is mentioned as a tool for generating images and motion backgrounds for animations. It is used in the video to create a still image for the background and a motion video, which are then integrated into the final animation. The script highlights the use of Leonardo AI when the host generates a landscape image for animation and creates a motion video for the background.

💡Inpainting Tool

An inpainting tool is a software utility that allows users to remove or fill in parts of an image or video. In the video, the host uses an inpainting tool from Runway ML to remove the main subject from a video, which is a crucial step in creating the final animation. The script provides a step-by-step guide on using the inpainting tool to prepare the video for animation.

💡Chroma Key

Chroma key is a technique used in video production to remove a specific color (usually green or blue) from the background, allowing for a different background to be added. In the video, the host uses the chroma key option in CapCut to remove the green screen and add a still and motion background to the animation. This technique is essential for combining the animated character with the desired background.

💡Discord Server

A Discord server is a chat platform where communities can communicate and collaborate. In the video, the Discord server is mentioned as a place to accept an invite and start using the Viggle AI tool. It serves as a hub for users to access the tool, ask questions, and learn more about its capabilities.


CapCut is a video editing software mentioned in the video for post-production editing of the animations created with Viggle AI. The host uses CapCut to import the green screen video, remove the green screen using the chroma key feature, and add still and motion backgrounds to finalize the animation. CapCut is depicted as a user-friendly tool for editing and enhancing the animated videos produced with AI.


Viggle AI is a new tool for animating images and mixing them into motion videos.

You can animate static images using text prompts with Viggle AI.

The tool offers pre-made motions and character creation options.

Users can join the Viggle AI Discord server to start using the tool.

The dashboard provides channels and options to create and animate images.

The 'Mix' option is ideal for creating VFX type videos from images and reference videos.

Viggle AI allows uploading images and specifying motion for animation.

The tool can generate green screen type videos for later background editing.

Leonardo AI can be used to generate background images and motion for animation.

The video editing process includes removing the main subject using the inpainting tool from Runway ML.

Lenso AI can generate images in various styles from uploaded screenshots.

Viggle AI's 'Mix' command allows uploading images and reference videos for animation.

Cap Cut can be used for final video editing, including removing the green screen and adding still and motion backgrounds.

The tool is currently free to use, with plans to become paid in the future.

Viggle AI can create animations by replacing a running man with an animation type character.

The tool correctly picks motion from text prompts for character animation.

Viggle AI provides a step-by-step process for creating animation type videos.

Leonardo AI's new models and elements offer transparent image options and a Universal upscaler.

The final video output can be edited and enhanced using various editing software.