Take a Common Pencil and Fix All Remote Controls in Your Home! How to Repair TV Remote Control!

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29 Dec 202308:06


TLDRThis video guides viewers in fixing TV remote controls using commonly available supplies. It suggests taking an average pencil, opening the remote control casing, rubbing the pencil graphite on the remote's internal contacts, then reassembling it. The graphite can help remove dirt or corrosion from contacts to restore connectivity. Though simple, this pencil trick offers a basic no-cost method for temporarily reviving unresponsive remote controls around the home.


  • 😀 You can fix many remote control issues with just a pencil
  • 👍 Rubbing a pencil tip can help clean dirty contacts
  • 🔧 Use a pencil tip to reach inside and press stuck buttons
  • 🛠 A pencil eraser can fix sticky buttons
  • ⚙️ Insert a folded paper under the battery to improve contact
  • 🔋 Check and replace batteries if needed to restore power
  • 📺 Try syncing the remote if buttons aren't responding
  • 🕹 Clean the sensor on the TV if it's not detecting signals
  • 🎯 Point remote directly at TV sensor from close range
  • 🆘 If all else fails, you may need professional service

Q & A

  • What common household item can be used to fix TV remote controls?

    -A pencil can be used to fix TV remote controls.

  • How does a pencil help fix remote control issues?

    -The graphite in pencils conducts electricity. Rubbing pencil lead on the remote's buttons and contacts can help fix connection issues.

  • What are some common problems with TV remotes?

    -Common TV remote issues include buttons not working, remote not connecting to TV, sticky buttons, and short battery life.

  • Should the remote be taken apart before using a pencil on it?

    -No, taking apart the remote is not necessary. Simply rub the pencil tip on the external buttons and contacts.

  • Will any type of pencil work for fixing a remote?

    -The best pencils for remote repair have softer graphite that will rub off easily, such as #2 pencils. Mechanical pencils also work well.

  • How long does the pencil fix last?

    -The pencil fix is temporary but can bring months of extended life to a failing remote. Reapply as needed.

  • Is this pencil fix safe for all TV remote models?

    -Yes, the pencil fix is safe for most standard infrared TV remotes. Advanced Bluetooth remotes may not benefit.

  • Are there any other household items that can fix remotes?

    -Rubbing alcohol and electronic contact cleaner can also improve remote contacts and buttons.

  • Should the batteries be replaced when fixing with a pencil?

    -Yes, always replace old batteries when applying the pencil fix to ensure proper power.

  • What should be done if the pencil fix doesn't work?

    -If the pencil fix doesn't improve the remote, a replacement remote or professional repair may be needed.



📺 How to Repair Broken Television Remote Controls

The first paragraph introduces the idea of using a common pencil to fix malfunctioning television remote controls in your home. It highlights that this can be an easy and effective way to repair remotes without needing to buy new ones.



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Common pencils can be used to fix broken TV remotes using the graphite as a conductor

Graphite in pencils conducts electricity and can bridge broken circuits in remotes

Open the remote and locate the printed circuit board inside

Find the location of the break in the circuit on the board

Shade over the break with pencil graphite to reconnect the circuit

Test the remote to see if the button functions have been restored

The pencil graphite connection may be temporary and need to be reapplied

For longer-lasting repairs, conductive silver ink can be used instead of graphite

Inspect all buttons and functions on the remote after applying graphite

Graphite can also fix remotes with corrosion or oxidation on the contacts

Pencil trick can fix most infrared remotes regardless of brand

Fixes may not work if the internal circuits are completely broken

Easy pencil fix before exploring battery or hardware replacements

Use isopropyl alcohol to clean remote board before applying graphite

DIY repair with pencils saves money compared to buying new remotes



Take a Common Pencil and Fix All Remote Controls in Your Home! How to Repair TV Remote Control!