Create MIdjourney AI Art in Any Artists Style With One Prompt - Tutorial and Reference Sheet

Curtis Pyke
5 Feb 202303:26


TLDRThe video demonstrates how to generate custom AI art using the Midjourney platform. The host emphasizes that Midjourney can create artworks modeled after almost any existing style or artist. To illustrate, the host shares examples of Midjourney artworks in specific styles - an anime character, a medieval plague doctor painting resembling the work of Santiago Caruso, and a painting of a French bulldog playing poker in Adam Hughes' style. The core technique relies on using the syntax '/imagine [subject] in the style of [artist/style]' when submitting a Midjourney prompt. The host explains he will share access to a spreadsheet cataloging 150+ character artists and other style examples to easily reference when crafting prompts. These spreadsheets organize various artists and styles into categories like 'characters,' 'landscapes,' and different genres. To demonstrate, the host crafts several Midjourney prompts using sample artists/styles from the sheet, generating high quality AI art tailored to those aesthetic styles. The host emphasizes how using exact artist names yields better results compared to just loosely describing a style. In summary, the key arguments made are: - Midjourney can mimic almost any artist/style when specified in an imagine prompt - Leveraging the shared spreadsheet of 150+ styles makes mimicking styles easy - Specifying an exact artist name versus just a descriptive style improves results The core message is that the Midjourney platform paired with this 'style reference' spreadsheet provides an incredibly powerful way for users to generate custom high quality AI art in their aesthetic style of choice.


  • You can create art in any style by using /imagine and specifying an artist's name
  • A spreadsheet provides names of over 150 character artists to use for different styles
  • Landscape artists are also listed to create background scenes
  • Specific video game styles can be rendered by naming the game
  • Angel punk, cyberpunk, and other genres are available as art styles
  • The art generator creates impressively detailed and high quality images
  • Upscaling the generated images further improves the quality
  • Any subject can be rendered in different styles - the transcript shows a bulldog, plague doctor, Moses parting the Red Sea
  • Sometimes the art matches the original style very convincingly
  • The process is very simple and enables creating diverse customized artwork

Q & A

  • What command is used to generate art in a specific style?

    -The /imagine command is used, followed by specifying 'in the style of' and the artist's name.

  • Where can you find names of different artists to use for styles?

    -A spreadsheet is provided with over 150 character artists and landscape artists to use for defining styles.

  • What kind of backgrounds can be generated?

    -Landscape styles allow generating background scenes like forests, lakes, mountains etc.

  • How can art be rendered in video game styles?

    -Simply specifying the name of the video game after 'in the style of' will generate the corresponding art style.

  • What art genres are available to choose from?

    -Genres like angel punk, cyberpunk, blood punk and others can be used to define the style.

  • What is the quality of the generated art like?

    -The images are impressively detailed and high quality, and can be further improved through upscaling.

  • What subjects were rendered in different styles in the examples?

    -The transcript shows a French bulldog, a medieval plague doctor, Moses parting the Red Sea rendered in various styles.

  • How closely does the generated art match real examples?

    -Sometimes the output convincingly resembles actual works by the specified artist.

  • What makes the process user friendly?

    -It just requires a simple /imagine command to generate diverse customized artwork.

  • What are some ways the art could be used?

    -The high quality art with custom styles has many applications - prints, website design, book illustrations, concept art, etc.


Introducting Mid-Journey AI Art Tutorial

The speaker introduces a Mid-Journey AI art tutorial that will show viewers how to create any style of art they want using text prompts. They share some example images created in unfamiliar or specific art styles.

Instructions for Using Mid-Journey Prompts

The speaker explains how to create Mid-Journey prompts by starting with "/imagine" and specifying a subject and style. They refer viewers to a shared spreadsheet of artist names and styles to use. The speaker demonstrates by creating a prompt for a French bulldog playing poker in Adam Hughes' style.

Overview of Mid-Journey Style and Subject Options

The speaker provides an overview of the different tabs in the shared spreadsheet, including character artists, landscape artists, video game styles, and creative styles. They emphasize combining "in the style of" with items from the spreadsheet.

Closing Thanks

The speaker closes by thanking viewers for watching and hoping they create new art using the Mid-Journey prompt guidelines covered in the tutorial.




Midjourney is an AI system that generates images from text prompts. It is one of the main topics of the tutorial video, which aims to teach viewers how to use Midjourney to create art in any style they want. The video demonstrates using Midjourney prompts like "French Bulldog in the style of Adam Hughes" to produce high quality AI-generated art.

💡Art style

Art style refers to the distinctive visual appearance of art from a particular movement, period, artist, etc. The video focuses on using Midjourney to mimic the styles of famous artists in order to create AI art that looks like it was made by those artists. For example, it shows a plague doctor image created "in the style of Santiago Caruso".

💡Prompt engineering

Prompt engineering means carefully crafting the text prompts provided to AI systems like Midjourney in order to get better results. The video advises structuring prompts as "[Subject] in the style of [Artist]" to produce images mimicking that artist's style. Prompt engineering is key to guiding the AI output.


Discord is an online chat platform popular with gaming and AI communities. The video instructor shares a Midjourney resource spreadsheet via a Discord server to help viewers learn prompt engineering. Discord enables Midjourney users to collaborate.


Upscaling refers to increasing the resolution of a digital image using AI, to enhance image quality. The video shows some Midjourney outputs that have been upscaled to make them cleaner and more detailed. Upscaling helps improve the AI art.


Aesthetic means the philosophical theory or set of principles governing the idea of beauty at a given time and place. The video explores producing art in different historical and genre aesthetics by mimicking famous artists. The output art reflects those aesthetic ideals.


Though Midjourney creates the images, the video frames prompt engineering as a creative act. Creativity involves combining ideas in an original way. By prompting Midjourney to blend artistic styles and subjects, users can guide AI creativity.


Automation is the use of technology to produce outputs with minimal human labor. Midjourney automates parts of the artistic process like rendering skills and style mimicking. The video presents these AI capabilities as automation tools for creators.

💡Art genres

The video includes art genres like medieval, renaissance, anime, and cyberpunk. Prompting Midjourney to match these genres produces output accordingly. Specifying genres provides artistic direction for the AI.


Naming specific artists like Caravaggio and Adam Hughes in prompts makes Midjourney emulate their styles. The video compiles famous artists as references for steering the AI aesthetic. Studying these artists informs prompt engineering.


Tutorial on how to create any piece of art in a style of your choosing using Midjourney AI

Can specify a particular artist, painting style, or anything to match the style you want

Simply use the prompt: /imagine [subject] in the style of [artist or style]

Access provided to a spreadsheet listing over 150 character artists to choose from

Spreadsheet also includes landscape artists, background styles, video game styles, and more

Extra access given to a copy of the sheet with less slowdown from high traffic

Example given of prompting for a French Bulldog playing poker in the style of artist Adam Hughes

Resulting AI artwork looks impressively realistic in Adam Hughes' signature style

Landscape example suggested: imagine landscape mountains and a lake behind a forest in the style of John Constable

AI is able to take any conceptual prompt and render it skillfully in a specified artistic style

Cyberpunk, bloodpunk, angelpunk and other styles available to choose from

Remember to always include "in the style of" in your prompt followed by the reference artist/style

This approach will allow you to create stunning new AI art in any style you want

The spreadsheet provides an incredible amount of artistic style references to leverage

A quick and easy way for anyone to generate quality AI art resembling an desired artistic style



hello everyone welcome back to another


mid-journey tutorial on this one going


to show you how to create any piece of


art in a style of your choosing whether


it's a painting whether it's a


particular artist it's a particular


style if it's a particular anything I'm


going to give you gonna show you how to


do it and then I'm going to give you


access to the resource so here's


something I've got amigurumi I don't


even know what the heck that means but


here's a style that I wasn't familiar


with so I said Omega Ruby character of a


French Bulldog Presto got it here's a


medieval plague doctor in the style of


Santiago Caruso click on it for amazing


pieces of Art here's another one a


French bulldog playing poker in the


style of Adam Hughes awesome and then


here you go you'll see here that I've


upscaled them a little bit and and just


just look at how good these are like I'm


going quickly through them I don't want


to waste your time but amazing stuff I


did another one here I have here's the


plague doctor upscaled and then I had


one here Moses parting their Red Sea in


the sky style of Caravaggio a famous


Italian painter and if we go down here


these were mostly misses but here's one


I got a I got a really good one here


this looks like something he would have


made himself so how did I do it very


simple as you might probably already


tell all you got to do is forward slash


imagine and then whatever you want it to


be French Bulldog


in the style of this is the important


part it's just make sure it says in the


style of and then what you want to do is


you want to go to this sheet I'm going


to give you access to it I'm going to


give you access to the original sheet


and then this is the original and I'll


also give you access to my personal copy


that has a little bit less slowdown so


um because you'll see up here there's 17


people viewing it and it slows it down


quite a bit so I wanted to do Adam


Hughes for example he's the artist that


I liked for my Bulldog images so I just


go back into Discord and I go in the


style of Adam Hughes and then I can add


in any other stuff you know playing


poker whatever something like that okay


I would hit enter and then it's going to


flesh that out I'll go back to the other


sheet here while I got you so under


characters you can see that these are


some of the best character artists and


there's like 150 of them and there's


probably even more going to be added in


over the next few days I'm not going to


bore you with going through them if you


want a background landscape you can go


through all these different landscape


artists all you need to do would be go


back to Discord here and then go imagine


landscape in this landscape in the style




in the style of John Constable and just


I don't know mountains


and a lake behind a forest something


like that whatever just hit enter it


doesn't matter what it is and then it's


going to cook it up and you'll already


see that this is already done a crazy


good job of a bulldog playing poker oh


my Lord look at how good that is anyways


guys this is all you need to do I'm not


going to bother you bore you with a


seven minute video when you can make it


in two minutes but look through all


these different tabs here you can use


your own favorite video games so here


you can play your different games if you


wanted a style from Animal Crossing or


Assassin's Creed's a popular one and


lastly the Styles Angel Punk cyberpunk


blood Punk all this stuff guys it's all


here just remember in the style of and


go to the sheet and you will love the


new art that you create thanks for