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TLDRThe transcript describes what Midjourney is and how it works. Midjourney is an AI art generator that is accessible through Discord. Users join the Midjourney Discord server and get access to text prompts that can generate AI art. To use Midjourney, you first sign up on their website to get an invite link to join the Discord server. Once in the server, you go to the newbie channels and type '/imagine' followed by a text prompt describing the image you want the AI to generate. For example, typing '/imagine a cat playing a guitar' will make the bot generate different AI images of that prompt. After submitting the prompt, Midjourney will provide you with a selection of images to choose from. You can then download your favorite iteration. This allows you to refine and customize the AI art to your liking. A key point made is that the Midjourney Discord server is public, so all users can see each other's prompts and generated images. There is a lack of privacy, and people can even download your creations. The narrator also notes that Midjourney faces the same ethical and copyright concerns that surround AI art generators in general. Since the AI pulls from massive datasets to create images, there are debates around originality, ownership, and proper attribution. In summary, Midjourney is an AI tool accessible through Discord that allows users to generate unique AI art by providing text prompts. It offers an easy way to create images through AI, but lacks privacy. There are also ongoing discussions regarding the ethics and legalities of this technology. The narrator concludes by directing people to a website and YouTube channel to learn more about Midjourney and other AI topics. The key points covered are the basics of how Midjourney works, the public sharing of content, and the ethical considerations surrounding AI art generation.


  • Mid-Journey is a Discord bot that generates AI-created images based on text prompts
  • Users need to join the Mid-Journey Discord server to access the bot
  • The bot is accessed by typing /imagine and a prompt in a newbie channel
  • The bot sends back different image options for the user to choose from
  • All users can see and download others' prompts and images
  • Mid-Journey uses a subscription model
  • Mid-Journey faces ethical debates like other AI image generators
  • The video recommends checking out Environoflexplus for more on Mid-Journey
  • The video asks viewers to subscribe to their YouTube channel
  • The video aims to explain Mid-Journey in 60 seconds

Q & A

  • What kind of AI application is Mid-Journey?

    -Mid-Journey is an AI application that generates images based on text prompts provided by users.

  • How do you access the Mid-Journey bot?

    -To access the Mid-Journey bot, you need to join their Discord server using an invitation link from their website.

  • What command is used to prompt Mid-Journey?

    -The command /imagine is used along with a text prompt to tell Mid-Journey what kind of image to generate.

  • Can other Discord users see your Mid-Journey prompts and images?

    -Yes, all Mid-Journey Discord users can view and download others' prompts and generated images.

  • What payment model does Mid-Journey use?

    -Mid-Journey uses a subscription-based model where users must pay to access the bot.

  • Does Mid-Journey face ethical issues like other AI systems?

    -Yes, Mid-Journey involves debates around ethics and copyright like other AI image generators.

  • What does the video recommend for more on Mid-Journey?

    -The video recommends checking out Environoflexplus for more information on Mid-Journey.

  • What does the video ask viewers to do?

    -The video asks viewers to subscribe to their YouTube channel.

  • What is the length of the video?

    -The stated aim is to explain Mid-Journey in 60 seconds.

  • What format is used for the output?

    -The output uses JSON format with sections for key takeaways and relevant Q&A.


Explaining Mid-Journey AI Art Tool

This paragraph provides an overview of Mid-Journey - an AI art generation tool accessible through Discord. It explains that users sign up on the Mid-Journey site to get an invite to a Discord server, where they can use text prompts in designated channels to get the AI bot to generate artistic images. The paragraph notes that prompts and images are publicly visible in the server, and discusses the subscription payment model, lack of privacy, and ethical concerns common to AI art tools.




Mid-journey is an AI art generator bot available on Discord. It is one of the main topics of the video, which aims to explain what mid-journey is and how it works in just 60 seconds. The video gives a step-by-step overview of how to access mid-journey through Discord, prompt it to create images, and download the results.


Discord is a communication platform used primarily by gamers. The video explains that mid-journey is available as a bot within Discord servers, so users need a Discord account to access it. Joining the mid-journey server via an invite link allows users to interact with the bot.


A prompt is the text description or instructions given to mid-journey to generate an image. The video outlines how users type a forward slash followed by 'imagine' and their prompt in Discord to send it to the mid-journey bot. Prompts can be seen by all server members.


The mid-journey bot generates different variations or options for each prompt. As the video explains, users can choose their favorite image from the variations to download.


After selecting the desired generated image, users can download it from Discord, as mentioned in the video. This allows them to save and use the mid-journey creations.


The video points out that prompts and images are publicly visible in the Discord server, raising privacy concerns. This lack of privacy around mid-journey use is highlighted as an issue.


Mid-journey has a subscription-based pricing model, which the video briefly mentions. This may limit access and use of the platform.

💡ethical debates

Like other AI art generators, mid-journey faces ethical debates about originality, copyright, and fairness. The video notes these concerns also surround mid-journey.


Mid-journey uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate images based on text prompts. The video situates mid-journey amidst broader debates about ethical AI.


The video positions itself as a 60-second tutorial aiming to explain mid-journey concisely. It invites viewers to explore more tutorials on the channel.


Mid-journey is a Discord bot that generates AI images from text prompts.

Users sign into Discord, get an invite to the Mid-journey server, and type /imagine to send a prompt.

The bot sends back variations and options to choose from and download.

All users in the Discord server can see prompts and download images.

Mid-journey uses a subscription model.

Mid-journey raises ethical and copyright concerns like other AI image generators.

Check environoflexplus.com for more on mid-journey.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel for tips and tutorials.

Mid-journey is an AI bot on Discord that generates images from prompts.

Users get invites, send prompts, and can download bot-generated options.

The Discord server is public - all users see all prompts and images.

Mid-journey uses subscriptions and raises ethical issues around AI image generation.

See environoflexplus.com for more on mid-journey.

The YouTube channel has mid-journey tips and tutorials.

Mid-journey is an AI image generator bot on Discord taking text prompts and generating image options.



you've heard the word mid-journey but


what exactly is it mid journey is


actually a Discord bot you'll join or


sign into your Discord account and get


an invitation to a Discord server from


the mid-journey site once in you just


find a newbie Channel and type forward


slash imagine and then your prompt


since that prompt is sent the AI bot


will send you different options or


variations to choose from


and then we can choose our image to




if you're wondering if everyone in the


Discord server can see your prompts and


images the answer is yes and they can


even download them on top of the lack of


privacy and the subscription model the


same ethical and copyright debates


surround mid-journey like all AI tools


but that's mid-journey in just 60


seconds so go ahead and check out


environoflexplus at touchblus.com for


more on the subject and subscribe to our


YouTube channel for even more tips and