How Pewdiepie Became A Better Artist Than Half The Art Community Overnight

Mohammed Agbadi
10 Feb 202417:54

TLDRPewDiePie, known for his internet persona, embarked on a journey to prove that anyone can become a skilled artist with practice. He set a challenge to learn drawing in a few days, documenting his progress through daily practice. From initially struggling with basics to significantly improving, PewDiePie showcased his development over 100 days. The video emphasizes the importance of persistence, practice from references, and focusing on the fundamentals, debunking the myth that artistic talent is innate. It serves as an inspiring example for aspiring artists to stay motivated and dedicated.


  • 😀 PewDiePie undertook a self-imposed challenge to improve his drawing skills over a number of days, demonstrating significant progress from the start to the end of the challenge.
  • 🎨 The experiment aimed to debunk the myth that artistic talent is innate, suggesting that consistent practice can make anyone a decent artist.
  • 📚 PewDiePie's approach included focusing on drawing specific parts of the body one at a time and gradually expanding his skills through daily practice and learning from tutorials.
  • 👁️‍🗨️ He incorporated learning from different sources, including manga and various tutorials, which helped diversify his drawing skills.
  • 🔍 Feedback and motivation played a crucial role in his progress; having supportive feedback helped him continue improving despite initial frustrations and perceived slow progress.
  • 📉 The challenge highlighted common beginner mistakes, such as trying to draw too many things at once or skipping fundamental skills in favor of advanced techniques.
  • 🧠 PewDiePie's experience shows that learning basic drawing skills thoroughly before moving on to more complex tasks is more beneficial than jumping ahead prematurely.
  • 🌟 After the initial 30-day challenge proved successful, he extended his commitment to drawing for 100 days, which led to even more improvement and confidence in his art.
  • 📅 Regular practice and setting a structured routine were key factors in his rapid improvement, emphasizing the importance of consistency and persistence in learning art.
  • 👥 The story serves as an inspirational message to artists at all levels that deliberate practice and a positive mindset can lead to impressive progress in a relatively short time.

Q & A

  • What was the challenge PewDiePie attempted to undertake?

    -PewDiePie attempted to become a better artist than half of the art community overnight by forcing himself to learn how to draw within a certain number of days.

  • What was the initial assumption about becoming an artist that PewDiePie's challenge contested?

    -The initial assumption was that one needs to be born with a talent for making art to become an artist, which PewDiePie's challenge aimed to disprove by showing improvement through practice.

  • How did PewDiePie approach learning to draw different body parts?

    -PewDiePie started by drawing a bunch of eyes and focused on learning to draw one body part at a time, practicing it until he was comfortable enough to draw a good representation without looking at the reference.

  • What did PewDiePie learn from watching a tutorial by Akihito Yoshii?

    -PewDiePie learned that drawing along with an artist whose style you enjoy is a great way to practice and learn the basics and fundamentals of any skill, which is essential for seeing progress.

  • Why did PewDiePie continue drawing even when he felt his art was bad?

    -PewDiePie continued drawing because he was persistent and motivated by the support and feedback he received, which helped him to keep going despite the perceived lack of improvement.

  • How did PewDiePie's approach to learning to draw differ from some other artists?

    -PewDiePie focused on learning the basics and practicing consistently, rather than jumping into specific art styles or techniques. He also emphasized the importance of drawing from references to improve proportions and shapes.

  • What was the significance of PewDiePie drawing every day for 30 and then 100 days?

    -Drawing every day for 30 and then 100 days allowed PewDiePie to make significant progress in his art skills, demonstrating the power of consistent practice and determination in learning a new skill.

  • How did PewDiePie's confidence in his art improve over the course of the challenge?

    -PewDiePie's confidence improved as he became more comfortable with drawing, his lines became more solid, and he was able to fill pages with his drawings instead of making tiny ones. His strokes were more assured, and he felt more like an experienced artist.

  • What advice does the video give to artists who are struggling to improve their skills?

    -The video advises artists to have a structured approach to learning how to draw, focusing on the fundamentals of art, practicing consistently, and using references to improve their understanding of forms and proportions.

  • Why is it important for artists to understand the basics before moving on to more complex techniques?

    -Understanding the basics is crucial because it provides a solid foundation that allows artists to draw anything in any style without many problems. It also makes learning new techniques and styles more manageable.

  • What role did the community's support play in PewDiePie's progress?

    -The community's support played a significant role in PewDiePie's progress by providing encouragement, feedback, and motivation, which helped him to continue practicing and improving his art skills.



🎨 PewDiePie's Artistic Challenge: Rapid Progress and Community Controversy

PewDiePie undertook a challenge to dramatically improve his drawing skills within a set number of days, aiming to demonstrate that anyone can become proficient in art with dedicated practice. His progress was notable, showing significant improvement from his initial attempts to his later works, challenging the notion that artistic ability is innate rather than developed. The effort sparked discussions within the art community about talent and learning art, with PewDiePie serving as a case study for rapid learning. The video also encourages viewers to subscribe for more art commentary and discussions on similar topics.


📈 Overcoming Challenges in Learning Art: Techniques and Persistence

In this segment, PewDiePie discusses the struggles he faced in getting the proportions right between the head and body in his drawings. He shares insights into better practice methods, such as using a box to conceptualize the head's proportions while drawing the body. Despite initial frustrations and the slow progress that demotivates many beginners, PewDiePie's persistent practice over 20 days highlights the importance of perseverance in art. Additionally, the segment includes a sponsored message promoting Opera browser, emphasizing its features that enhance online browsing and video streaming.


🏆 From 30 to 100 Days of Drawing: Sustained Improvement and Setbacks

PewDiePie extends his drawing challenge from 30 to 100 days, motivated by the supportive feedback from his audience and the visible progress he made. Throughout this period, he experiences ups and downs, including a phase where he felt like he had lost his gained skills, which he attributes to possibly needing a break. Despite occasional discouragements and 'bad drawing days,' he continues to draw daily. This segment emphasizes the importance of perseverance and accepting the less successful days as part of the learning curve in any artistic endeavor.


👁️ Consistency and Learning Strategies in Art: A 100-Day Journey

In the concluding segment of his art challenge, PewDiePie reflects on his journey of drawing every day for 100 days, detailing his learning strategies, use of references, and experimenting with different styles and mediums like markers and pens. He emphasizes the significant improvement in his confidence and drawing skills, showing comparisons between his earlier and later works. The narrative underscores the effectiveness of consistent practice, structured learning, and experimenting with different techniques in mastering a new skill, like drawing.



💡Art Community

The term 'art community' refers to the collective of individuals, groups, and institutions involved in the creation, discussion, and appreciation of art. In the context of the video, PewDiePie challenges this community by attempting to improve his drawing skills rapidly, aiming to surpass the skill level of half the art community, which sparks controversy and discussions about talent and practice in art.

💡Drawing Skills

Drawing skills encompass the abilities and techniques used to create representations on a surface, usually paper, using tools like pencils, pens, or brushes. The video focuses on PewDiePie's endeavor to enhance his drawing skills in a short period, emphasizing the importance of consistent practice and learning from tutorials to achieve noticeable improvement.


Fundamentals in art refer to the basic principles and techniques that form the foundation for creating artworks, such as understanding shapes, proportions, and perspectives. The video highlights how mastering these fundamentals is crucial for PewDiePie's progression in drawing, allowing him to build more complex skills on a solid base.


Practice in the context of the video is the repeated exercise of an activity or skill to acquire or maintain proficiency in it. PewDiePie's method involves daily practice, which he documents to show progress over time, illustrating the video's message that consistent practice is essential for improvement in art.


Progress here refers to the advancement or improvement in one's skills or knowledge over time. The video tracks PewDiePie's progress in his artistic skills, demonstrating significant advancement from basic drawings to more detailed and proportionate figures, reinforcing the idea that anyone can improve with effort and time.


In the video, a 'challenge' refers to a task or set of tasks that one undertakes to achieve a specific goal within a given timeframe. PewDiePie's challenge is to improve his drawing skills significantly within a limited number of days, serving as a motivational framework to push his abilities.


Talent in art typically refers to a natural aptitude or skill. The video questions the conventional belief that artistic ability is solely innate, proposing through PewDiePie's experience that practice can often match or exceed the advantages of natural talent in artistic development.


Tutorials are instructional guides that teach particular skills or tasks. The video mentions PewDiePie watching drawing tutorials as part of his learning process, showing how external resources can aid in understanding and acquiring new techniques in art.


Feedback involves receiving information about one's performance of a task, intended to guide future improvements. In the video, PewDiePie seeks positive feedback to support his journey in learning to draw, emphasizing the role of encouragement in the learning process.

💡Art Style

Art style refers to the distinctive appearance and method expressed in an artist's body of work. The script discusses PewDiePie experimenting with different art styles, underlining his exploration and adaptation of various artistic expressions as he progresses in his drawing abilities.


PewDiePie undertook a drawing challenge to prove that with consistent practice, anyone can become a decent artist.

He structured his challenge by learning how to draw within a certain number of days, showing significant improvement by the end.

He focused on one body part or concept each day, allowing him to build foundational skills and gradually progress.

PewDiePie initially struggled with proportions, but improved by practicing with references and drawing along with tutorials.

The challenge encouraged him to continue drawing, even when he felt his art was not improving, highlighting the importance of persistence.

PewDiePie's progress exemplifies how embracing the 'ugly stage' and persevering through setbacks can lead to significant improvement.

He acknowledged that beginners often face difficulty with basic structure and advised focusing on fundamentals to make progress.

The video included sponsored content, promoting Opera's browser for its new features and security.

After 24 days, PewDiePie started having fun with his drawings, marking a turning point in his journey.

The turning point came when he became more confident with his strokes and could draw larger, more solid sketches.

He found that consistent practice helped him improve and gain confidence, even allowing him to incorporate more complex elements like markers and ink.

PewDiePie eventually felt comfortable drawing without references, demonstrating how consistent practice builds confidence.

He shared his drawing routine with viewers, emphasizing the importance of learning from references and practicing the basics.

The video ended with PewDiePie encouraging viewers to keep practicing, showing the impact of determination and persistence.

PewDiePie's journey from beginner to improved artist in a relatively short time challenges the notion that art requires innate talent.