"You Talk A LOT When I'm Not Around." Paige Bueckers & Azzi Fudd Battle To Be The #1 Hooper 😈

14 Sept 201906:09

TLDRPaige Bueckers and Azzi Fudd, two basketball players and best friends, engage in a playful yet intense rivalry that pushes them both to improve their skills. Despite their competitive nature, they maintain a strong bond and mutual respect, using each other as motivation to work harder and achieve more. The video showcases their dynamic relationship as they challenge each other in a three-point shootout, with banter and trash talk adding to the fun. Their competitive spirit is evident, but so is their love for the game and each other, as they continue to support and push each other to be better, both on and off the court.


  • 🤽‍♀️ **Competitive Friendship**: Paige and Azzi have a strong rivalry and friendship, which pushes them to improve.
  • 🗣️ **Trash Talking**: Paige mentions that Azzi talks a lot when she's not around, indicating a playful banter between them.
  • 🏀 **Motivation Through Rivalry**: Azzi serves as a motivator for Paige, helping her to work harder and push her limits.
  • 😄 **Personal Growth**: Paige acknowledges that Azzi doesn't have the same problems she does, which is comforting and helps her focus.
  • 🎉 **Celebrating Success**: When Azzi succeeds, Paige is there to celebrate, showing support despite their rivalry.
  • 🤾‍♀️ **Work Ethic**: Both Paige and Azzi share a strong work ethic and drive, which they use to push each other to do better.
  • 🏋️‍♀️ **Mental Preparation**: Paige talks about the importance of mental preparation to not let Azzi's antics get under her skin.
  • 🏆 **Winning Mindset**: Paige expresses a strong desire to beat Azzi, showing the competitive nature of their relationship.
  • 🤷‍♀️ **Late Arrivals**: Azzi is often late, particularly to the gym, which is a running joke between the two friends.
  • 👥 **Sibling Rivalry**: Paige jokes about Azzi having many siblings, highlighting their playful teasing.
  • 📈 **Performance Under Pressure**: Paige acknowledges that playing against Azzi is a mental game and can push her to perform better.

Q & A

  • What is the relationship between Paige Bueckers and Azzi Fudd?

    -Paige Bueckers and Azzi Fudd are best friends who also happen to be rivals on the basketball court. They have been friends for about three years and their competitive nature pushes each other to improve their skills.

  • How does Azzi Fudd describe Paige Bueckers when they are not competing?

    -Azzi Fudd mentions that Paige Bueckers talks a lot of trash when Azzi is not around, implying that Paige is quite vocal and competitive even when they are not in a direct competition.

  • What does Paige Bueckers say about her own behavior during competitions?

    -Paige Bueckers admits that she always has her game face on and is very energetic, which can sometimes wind lots of folks up. She also acknowledges that she knows how to get under Azzi's skin.

  • How does their friendship dynamic affect their workout routine?

    -Their friendship and rivalry push each other to work harder. Azzi's constant work ethic inspires Paige to work out and push herself to work harder or even harder than Azzi.

  • What is the significance of the three-point shootout challenge in their rivalry?

    -The three-point shootout is a way for Paige and Azzi to directly compete against each other, showcasing their shooting skills. It's a specific aspect of their basketball game they use to test and improve their abilities.

  • How does Azzi Fudd feel about playing against Paige Bueckers?

    -Azzi Fudd dislikes playing against Paige because Paige knows how to get under her skin. Despite this, Azzi acknowledges that Paige's competitive nature pushes her to perform better.

  • What is Paige Bueckers' strategy when she knows she is going against Azzi Fudd?

    -Paige Bueckers focuses on preparing mentally to not let Azzi get under her skin. She maintains her game face and tries to stay focused on her own performance.

  • How does their competitive nature affect their friendship when they are playing one-on-one?

    -When playing one-on-one, their best friend status takes a backseat as they both become very competitive and aim to win. However, they still have a great time together regardless of the outcome.

  • What does Azzi Fudd think about Paige Bueckers' mid-range game?

    -Azzi Fudd acknowledges that Paige Bueckers' mid-range game is probably one of the best in the country, indicating a high level of respect for Paige's skills.

  • How do they maintain their friendship despite their competitive edge?

    -Despite always fighting and arguing, they have a strong bond and love for each other. They share the same work ethic and drive, which allows them to have fun while working hard and maintain their friendship.

  • What is the overall message or theme of the video?

    -The video showcases the balance between friendship and competition. It emphasizes how having a rival can push you to improve and how a strong friendship can withstand the pressures of competition.



🏀 Rivalry and Friendship: The Competitive Bond

The first paragraph introduces a dynamic between two friends who are also rivals. The speaker expresses a strong desire to win against her friend, AZ, in various competitions, as it fuels a competitive spirit and motivation. Despite the trash-talking and the annoyances, the speaker acknowledges AZ as a source of support and motivation. They have a long-standing friendship, and the speaker appreciates AZ's ability to push them to work harder. The competitive nature of their relationship extends to the gym and other activities, with the speaker noting that they always have their 'game face on' and are mentally prepared to not let AZ's antics get to them. The speaker also mentions a specific challenge, a three-point shootout, highlighting the playful yet intense nature of their rivalry.


🥅 Competitive Spirit and Mutual Growth

The second paragraph delves into the speaker's ongoing competitive relationship with AZ, emphasizing the positive aspects of their rivalry. Despite the constant bickering and arguing, they share a deep bond and mutual respect. The speaker highlights that their shared work ethic and drive to succeed are key components of their friendship. They enjoy spending time together, whether it's in friendly competition or cooperative play. The speaker also acknowledges that their competitive nature pushes them both to perform at their best, and they use each other's energy to fuel their growth. The paragraph ends with a light-hearted note on their playful banter and a call to action for viewers to engage with their content and become part of their 'family'.



💡Game face

A 'game face' refers to a serious or focused expression that athletes or competitors often wear to show their determination and readiness to perform at their best. In the video, it is mentioned that the speaker always has her game face on, indicating her intense focus and desire to win against her friend and rival.


A rival is a person who is competing with another for the same objective or superiority in the same field. In the context of the video, the term is used to describe the relationship between the two main characters, who are best friends but also push each other to excel in their sport.

💡Trash talk

Trash talk is the act of verbally provoking or belittling an opponent, often used as a psychological tactic to gain an advantage or to motivate oneself. The video script includes instances where the characters engage in trash talk, highlighting the competitive nature of their relationship.


Motivation is the drive or desire to achieve a goal or to engage in a particular activity. In the video, one character mentions that her friend and rival motivates her, which is a key aspect of their dynamic and contributes to their personal growth and success in their sport.


Competition is a contest or struggle between two or more parties for superiority or to achieve a goal. The video's theme revolves around the friendly competition between the two friends, which pushes them to improve their skills and performance.

💡Work ethic

A work ethic refers to a person's attitude and approach towards their work or activities, often characterized by discipline, commitment, and perseverance. The video emphasizes the strong work ethic shared by the two friends, which is a driving force behind their competitive spirit and success.

💡Three-point shootout

A three-point shootout is a basketball contest where players attempt to score as many three-point field goals as possible within a set time limit or from a series of predetermined spots on the court. In the video, a three-point shootout is proposed as a way to determine who is the better shooter, adding to the competitive nature of the video.

💡Mental game

The mental game refers to the psychological aspects of competition, such as focus, confidence, and the ability to handle pressure. One character in the video acknowledges the importance of the mental game when competing against her friend, indicating that staying focused and not getting distracted is crucial to performing well.


Drive, in the context of the video, refers to the ambition and energy that pushes individuals to achieve their goals. Both characters are described as having a strong drive, which is a key factor in their competitive and supportive relationship.


In the video, 'fuel' is used metaphorically to describe the energy and motivation that the characters derive from their rivalry. They use each other's competitive spirit as 'fuel' to push themselves harder and improve their performance.

💡Winner's first

The phrase 'winner's first' implies that the person who wins a competition or contest gets to go first or enjoy the benefits of victory. It is used in the video to emphasize the competitive spirit and the desire to win between the two friends.


Paige Bueckers and Azzi Fudd are engaged in a friendly rivalry to be the top basketball player.

Paige admits to always having a competitive 'game face' on when competing against Azzi.

Azzi is described as someone who talks a lot when Paige is not around, adding to their playful banter.

Despite their rivalry, they have been friends for three years and motivate each other.

Paige appreciates having Azzi as a best friend who is always there for her, despite their competitive nature.

Azzi is portrayed as a hardworking athlete who pushes Paige to work harder.

Paige uses mental strategies to not let Azzi's antics get under her skin during their games.

Azzi's punctuality, or lack thereof, is a recurring joke between the two friends.

They engage in a three-point shootout challenge to test their shooting skills.

Paige is confident in her shooting abilities, even comparing herself to Steph Curry.

Azzi is known for her mid-range game, which is considered one of the best in the country.

Their competitive spirit extends to their workout sessions, pushing each other to achieve more.

Despite their constant competition, they maintain a strong bond and enjoy spending time together.

Paige and Azzi share a similar work ethic and drive, which contributes to their success.

Their rivalry is characterized by a mix of playful trash talk and serious competition.

They use each other as fuel to push themselves further in their basketball careers.

Paige is determined to beat Azzi in one-on-one games, showcasing their intense yet friendly competition.

The video ends with a call to action for viewers to subscribe and become part of their 'family'.