Photoshop Basic: How to Remove Background From Any Photo

3 Apr 201708:32

TLDRIn this tutorial, AB demonstrates the essential technique of background removal in Photoshop. The process begins with the selection and refinement of the edge, followed by the creation of a new layer. The key steps include deleting the unwanted background, using the Quick Selection tool for a more precise selection, and finally, placing the subject (in this case, Superman) onto a new layer. The video is a concise guide for those looking to enhance their photo editing skills with a focus on simplicity and effectiveness.


  • 🖌️ Use the 'Refine Edge' tool to precisely select the edges of the subject in the photo.
  • 🔄 After refining the edges, create a 'New Layer' to separate the selected subject from the background.
  • ✂️ 'Delete' the background once you have the subject on its own layer.
  • 🎨 Utilize the 'Quick Selection Tool' for a faster selection process, especially for more straightforward images.
  • 🦸‍♂️ Keep in mind that complex images, like those with hair or fur, may require additional steps for a clean selection.
  • 🌟 The process simplifies the removal of the background, allowing you to focus on the subject, like a 'Superman' figure.
  • 📋 Once the subject is isolated, you can add it to a new project or composition.
  • 🚫 Be cautious while deleting the background to avoid accidentally removing parts of the subject.
  • 🔄 Remember to save your work in the correct file format after removing the background.
  • 🛠️ Familiarize yourself with the various tools in Photoshop for different selection needs.
  • ⏳ Patience and practice are key when learning to remove backgrounds effectively.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is how to remove the background from any photo using Photoshop.

  • Who is the speaker in the video?

    -The speaker in the video is AB.

  • What is the first step mentioned in the video for removing the background?

    -The first step mentioned is to refine the edge of the selection.

  • What tool is used for making a new layer after refining the edge?

    -The 'New Layer' tool is used after refining the edge.

  • What does AB suggest doing after creating a new layer?

    -AB suggests deleting the background after creating a new layer.

  • What term is mentioned for selecting the foreground?

    -The term 'Quick Selection Tool' is mentioned for selecting the foreground.

  • What does the acronym 'QUI' refer to in the context of the video?

    -In the context of the video, 'QUI' likely refers to the 'Quick Selection Tool'.

  • What superhero is humorously referenced in the video?

    -Superman is humorously referenced in the video.

  • What is the process described after using the Quick Selection Tool?

    -After using the Quick Selection Tool, the process involves creating a new layer and then refining the edge of the selection.

  • What does AB suggest doing before concluding the video?

    -AB suggests taking care of oneself before concluding the video.

  • What is the purpose of the music in the video?

    -The music in the video serves as a background score to enhance the viewing experience.

  • What is the final message conveyed by AB at the end of the video?

    -The final message conveyed by AB is to take care, which implies a sign-off and well wishes for the viewers.



🎨 Artistic Refinement and Layer Management

This paragraph focuses on the process of artistic creation, emphasizing the importance of refining one's work. The speaker, identified as AB, discusses the use of various tools to manipulate layers within their digital art project. The mention of 'Edge new layer' and 'delete delete' suggests an iterative process of adding and removing elements to achieve the desired outcome. The background music accompanying the discussion adds an energetic vibe to the creative process. Additionally, the phrase 'Qui selection, tool' indicates the use of specific selection tools to make precise adjustments in the artwork.


🦸‍♂️ Superman Inspired Artwork and Layer Techniques

The second paragraph delves into the specifics of creating a Superman-inspired foreground for an artwork. The speaker expresses awe with 'wow' as they mention the iconic character, highlighting the significance of this figure in their creative process. The paragraph continues with the mention of 'new layer', indicating the ongoing addition of elements to the art piece. The phrase 'best to a, for, p, till then take care t,' although a bit fragmented, suggests a focus on quality and the importance of taking care of each detail in the artwork until the final product is achieved.




Photoshop is a widely used software for image editing and manipulation, developed by Adobe Inc. It is known for its powerful tools that allow users to perform a wide range of tasks, from simple retouching to complex graphic design. In the context of this video, it is the primary tool used to demonstrate how to remove the background from a photo, which is a common task in photo editing.

💡Background Removal

Background removal is the process of separating the subject of a photo from its background. This is often done to isolate the subject for use in other compositions or to apply special effects. In the video, this technique is likely the main focus, as it is mentioned in the title and would be a key concept for viewers interested in photo editing.

💡Refine Edge

Refine Edge is a tool within Photoshop that helps to fine-tune the edges of a selection. It is particularly useful when trying to separate an object from its background with precision. In the video script, 'refine edge' is mentioned as a step in the process, indicating its importance in achieving a clean and professional result.

💡New Layer

In Photoshop, a layer is a transparent sheet that holds an image or part of an image. Creating a new layer allows for non-destructive editing, meaning that the original image remains unchanged. The script references 'new layer' as part of the process, which suggests that the video will guide viewers on how to work with layers to remove the background effectively.


In the context of image editing, 'delete' refers to the action of removing a selected part of an image. In the script, 'delete' is mentioned multiple times, which implies that it is a crucial step in the background removal process, specifically when the unwanted background has been isolated.

💡Quick Selection Tool

The Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop is used for making rough selections of objects in an image quickly. It is ideal for beginners or when a quick and simple selection is needed. The script mentions 'quick selection tool', suggesting that the video might cover how to use this tool to select the subject of the photo for background removal.


The foreground in an image refers to the parts that are meant to be the main focus or subjects of the photo. In the context of the video, 'foreground' likely relates to the subject that is being separated from the background. The mention of 'Superman' in the script could be an example of a foreground subject that the viewer might be encouraged to isolate.


Music is often included in video tutorials to make the experience more enjoyable and to provide a rhythmic backdrop to the instructional content. In the script, '[Music]' appears to be a placeholder for where music would be playing during the video, enhancing the viewing experience.


A selection in Photoshop is a way to define a specific area of an image that you want to work on, without affecting the rest of the image. The script references 'selection' in the context of using the Quick Selection Tool, which implies that making a selection is a fundamental part of the background removal process.


As previously mentioned, a layer in Photoshop is a fundamental concept for editing images non-destructively. The script's multiple references to 'layer' suggest that the video will emphasize the importance of using layers when removing a photo's background.

💡Take Care

This phrase is often used as a friendly sign-off or closing remark in videos and other forms of communication. In the script, 'take care' appears to be part of the video's conclusion, indicating that the presenter is wrapping up the tutorial and wishing the viewers well.


Introduction to the basic process of removing the background from a photo

Use of the 'Refine Edge' tool for better selection

Creation of a new layer for the refined selection

Deletion of the original background layer

Mention of the 'Quick Selection' tool for an alternative method

The ability to refine the selection further with the 'Quick Selection' tool

The term 'Superman' used metaphorically to denote the ease or power of the process

Instruction to create a new layer for the foreground

Emphasis on the simplicity of the process

Use of music in the tutorial to engage the audience

The process of refining the edge for a more precise selection

The deletion of unwanted parts of the image

The use of the 'Refine Edge' tool to create a new layer

The selection of the foreground with the 'Quick Selection' tool

The final step of taking care of the image post background removal