【Path of Exile - Outdated】Wild Strike Lightning Raider –Build Guide– Insane Chaining Clear Speed!

29 Sept 201950:46

TLDRIn this video guide, SRO introduces the Lightning Wilde Strike Raider build in Path of Exile's 3.8 Blight patch. The update to combat focus jewels enhances Wild Strike's clear speed, allowing for massive screen clears. The build combines ancestral call, tribal theory, and the 3.8 ascendancy changes for the Raider class to achieve high attack speed, damage, and evasion. With optimal gear and gem choices, this build excels in map farming and boss killing, offering a fun and satisfying gameplay experience.


  • 😀 The video introduces a lightning-themed Wild Strike Raider build in Path of Exile's 3.8 Blight patch.
  • 🌟 The combat focus jewel update makes Wild Strike more reliable and capable of clearing screens instantly.
  • ⚡ With lightning focus, Wild Strike chains 13 times, combining with Ancestral Call for up to 52 chains, enhancing clear speed.
  • 💥 The build includes powerful shocks and impulses, causing enemies to explode, making it effective for mapping and bossing.
  • 🛡️ The Raider ascendancy has been improved, offering more attack speed, damage, and evasion.
  • 🗡️ The build uses dual-wielding Imperial claws for attack speed, life leech, and elemental damage scaling.
  • 🎩 The Stygian Visor helmet with the 'Wild Strike chains six additional times' enchantment is recommended for increased clear speed.
  • 💪 Impulse's 'Broken Heart' body armor is suggested for its strength and shock effectiveness, boosting clear speed.
  • 👢 Darkray Vectors boots with a frenzy charge enchantment are ideal for evasion and movement speed.
  • 💎 The Diamond flask with 80% increased critical strike chance and Jade flask of Reflexes for evasion are key flask choices.
  • 🔗 The build emphasizes a combination of clear speed, boss killing potential, and survivability through various skill and item selections.

Q & A

  • What significant update in the 3.8 blight patch affected the lightning Wilde strike Raider build?

    -The combat focus jewel was updated to also affect wild strike, which transformed the skill from being unreliable to a clear speed monster capable of clearing entire screens instantly.

  • How many times can the lightning strike chain when the Wilde strike Raider uses a single hit from wild strike?

    -The lightning strike can chain up to 52 times when using a single hit from wild strike.

  • What is the role of ancestral call in the Wilde strike Raider build?

    -Ancestral call is used in conjunction with the anointment tribal theory to allow each individual swing of lightning wild strike to target for nearby enemies, enhancing the build's clear speed.

  • What are the benefits of using dual wielding Imperial claws in the Wilde strike Raider build?

    -Dual wielding Imperial claws provides high attack speed, access to powerful leech nodes, and implicit stat Grannis, offering ridiculous amounts of life, especially beneficial for the chaining and enemy hitting capabilities of the build.

  • How does the build achieve such high attack speed and evasion?

    -The build achieves high attack speed and evasion through the recent changes to the Raider ascendancy in patch 3.8, which provides more attack speed, damage, and evasion than before.

  • What are the benefits of using the Astor conscious hood for the helmet in this build?

    -The Astor conscious hood provides benefits such as evasion, life, attack speed, and crit, which greatly enhance the build's functionality and performance.

  • What is the purpose of the enchantment 'Wild Strike Chains' and how many additional chains does it provide?

    -The enchantment 'Wild Strike Chains' provides an additional six chains, significantly boosting the build's clear speed by allowing more lightning strikes to target nearby enemies.

  • Why is the 'Impulses' body armor a good choice for the build and what does it enhance?

    -The 'Impulses' body armor is a good choice as it enhances the build's clear speed by increasing damage, the effectiveness of shocks, and causing explosions, which synergizes well with the chaining effect of the build.

  • What are the benefits of using gloves with '+1 to maximum frenzy charges' in the build?

    -Gloves with '+1 to maximum frenzy charges' provide benefits such as increased attack speed, movement speed, damage, evasion dodges, and additional frenzy charges, which are all valuable stats for this build.

  • What are the advantages of using the Darkrai vectors for boots in the build?

    -The Darkrai vectors for boots provide advantages such as increased frenzy charges, movement speed, lightning resistance, and a chance to dodge attack hits when frenzy charges are up, enhancing the build's evasion and mobility.



🌩️ Lightning Wilde Strike Raider Build Introduction

The video introduces a new build focused on the Lightning Wilde Strike skill, which has been significantly enhanced in the 3.8 blight patch. The combat focus jewel update has transformed the skill's reliability and speed, allowing it to clear entire screens rapidly. The build combines ancestral call and tribal theory for massive chain lightning damage, supported by impulses for explosive enemy kills. The character's ascendancy, Raider, has been improved to provide high attack speed, damage, and evasion, making the build highly elusive and effective for both clearing maps and boss fights. The presenter, SRO, outlines the gear and strategy for optimizing this build.


🗡️ Weapon and Helmet Selection for Lightning Wilde Strike

The script discusses the weapon selection for the build, emphasizing dual-wielding Imperial claws for their attack speed, life leech, and damage potential. The conversion of physical damage to elemental damage is highlighted as a key strategy. For the helmet, the Astor Conscious Hood is recommended for its evasion, life, and attack speed bonuses. Alternatives like Stir Conscious or Devoto's are mentioned, with an emphasis on life and resistance stats. The importance of the Wild Strike chains enchantment for increasing clear speed is also covered.


🧘‍♂️ Body Armor, Glove, and Boot Choices for Enhanced Performance

The body armor selection includes Impulse's Broken Heart for its damage and shock benefits, and Restless Defiance for a more defensive approach. Rare chest options are also suggested for their evasion base and resistances. For gloves, the script recommends options that provide +1 to maximum frenzy charges, crit chance bonuses, and attack speed. Choices include Oscar Arm Nubuck Gloves, Fist Steel Scale Gauntlets, and Essence Crafted Gloves. Darkrai Vectors are the primary boot selection for their frenzy charge support and evasion, with rare boots as an alternative for additional life and resistances.


💧 Amulet, Anointment, and Ring Selections for the Build

The amulet choice is guided by the need for critical strike multiplier and elemental damage. Anointments are discussed, with Tribal Fury being the premium option for its ability to increase targetting and chaining capabilities of Wild Strike. Shaper rare rings with Assassin's Mark are recommended for their offensive benefits, while other ring options focus on elemental damage and resistances. The use of Circle of Regret Synthesised Topaz rings for their varied stats and Herald of Thunder mods is also suggested.


🔗 Belt, Flask, and Jewel Configuration for Optimal Balance

The script advises using a Stygian belt or a Leather belt for life and resistances, with an emphasis on elemental damage and attack speed. Flask choices include a Diamond flask for crit chance, Jade flasks for evasion, and options like Stibnite, Sulfur, or Wise Oak flasks for various defensive and offensive bonuses. The use of a Divine Life flask with instant recovery is also recommended. For jewels, the importance of a Stygian Vice with jewel sockets for life and offensive stats is highlighted.


✨ Skill Gem Links and Strategies for Wilde Strike

The video script details the gem links for the Wilde Strike skill, starting with Damage on Full Life for increased damage output. Multistrike is used to enhance attack speed and damage, with Ancestral Call as a crucial link for targeting additional enemies. Elemental Damage with Attacks is a key support gem, with Added Lightning Damage or Inspiration Support as final links for damage scaling. The script also discusses alternative links for boss damage, such as Ruthless or additional Lightning Damage.


🗡️ Additional Skill Links and Auras for Enhanced Combat Abilities

The script covers additional skill links, including Whirling Blades with Faster Attacks and Fortify for mobility and defense. The auras Wrath, Herald of Thunder, and Precision are linked to increase DPS, with Enlightened reducing their reservation cost. Cast When Damage Taken (CWDT) setups with Wave of Conviction are suggested for boss encounters, along with defensive skills like Steelskin and utility skills like Vortex, Ancestral Warchief, and Grace/Fall Haste for survivability.


🏹 Raider Ascendancy Overview and Bandit Choice

The video provides an overview of the Raider ascendancy changes in patch 3.8, focusing on buffs to Rapid Assault, Avatar of the Chase, Way of the Poacher, and Avatar of the Slaughter. The benefits of these ascendancies, such as increased attack speed, damage, evasion, and frenzy charges, are detailed. The bandit choice is discussed, with a preference for killing all bandits or helping Alira for resistances and crit multiplier.


🌟 Pantheon, Skill Tree, and Final Build Considerations

The script recommends Soul of Lunaris as the major god for its defensive benefits, with minor gods like Soul of Ryslatha for life recovery and Soul of Greed for evasion chance after a savage hit. The skill tree path is outlined, emphasizing life and evasion nodes, crit chance and multi, and leech capabilities. The importance of jewel sockets and combat focus jewels is reiterated, with flexibility encouraged for personalizing the build.


🎉 Conclusion and Acknowledgments

The presenter concludes the video by discussing the overall effectiveness and enjoyment of the Lightning Wilde Strike Raider build, crediting a YouTube user for suggesting the skill. They express gratitude for the support received on previous builds and look forward to continuing to produce content with the same level of detail and enthusiasm.



💡Wild Strike

Wild Strike is a skill in the game 'Path of Exile' that allows the character to unleash a series of elemental attacks. In the video, it is highlighted as being transformed from an unreliable skill to a 'clear speed monster' due to updates in the game's 3.8 blight patch. The term is central to the build guide being discussed, as the entire strategy revolves around maximizing the potential of this skill for rapid map clearing and boss damage.

💡Lightning Raider

The Lightning Raider is a specific type of character build in 'Path of Exile' that focuses on dealing lightning damage. The video presents a guide for creating a powerful Lightning Raider build that can quickly clear areas in the game. The build is described as 'fast, deadly, and elusive,' with a particular emphasis on the enjoyment and playability of the character.


Chaining in the context of 'Path of Exile' refers to the ability of certain skills to jump from one enemy to another, dealing damage to multiple foes. The script mentions that with the right setup, the Lightning Wilde strike Raider can chain up to 52 times, which is a significant factor in the build's ability to clear areas quickly and efficiently.


In 'Path of Exile', the Ascendancy system allows players to choose from a set of powerful abilities that augment their character's skills and attributes. The script discusses the improvements to the Raider Ascendancy in patch 3.8, which provides more attack speed, damage, and evasion, contributing to the build's overall effectiveness.

💡Ancestral Call

Ancestral Call is a support gem in 'Path of Exile' that allows melee skills to target additional nearby enemies. The script mentions that combining Ancestral Call with the updated combat focus jewel and Wild Strike allows for a significant increase in the skill's effectiveness, enabling it to target more enemies and thus increase chaining potential.


Impulses in the game are a type of condition that can be applied to enemies, causing them to explode after being hit. The script describes how the build utilizes impulses to enhance its clear speed, as nearly every enemy hit will be exploding, contributing to the rapid elimination of mobs.


Evasion is a defensive mechanic in 'Path of Exile' that allows characters to dodge incoming attacks. The build guide emphasizes the importance of evasion in the Lightning Raider build, with the script mentioning a 95% chance to evade as a key aspect of the build's survivability.


Blight is a mechanic introduced in 'Path of Exile' that involves a type of debuff applied to areas of the game world. The video discusses the impact of the 3.8 blight patch on the Wild Strike skill, which has made the build more viable and powerful.

💡Gear Choices

Gear Choices refer to the selection of equipment for a character in 'Path of Exile'. The script provides a detailed guide on the optimal gear for the Lightning Raider build, including weapon selection, helmet enchantments, and body armor, all of which contribute to the build's overall power and playstyle.

💡Map Traversal

Map traversal in 'Path of Exile' refers to the speed and efficiency with which a character can navigate through game maps. The script mentions that the build allows for fast map traversal, with whirling blades being triggered nearly five times a second, which is a significant factor in the build's ability to quickly clear areas.


Introduction to the lightning Wilde strike Raider in the recent 3.8 blight patch.

The combat focus jewel update makes wild strike a clear speed monster.

Wild strike can chain lightning focused hits up to 52 times, clearing entire screens instantly.

Ancestral call and tribal theory allow each swing to target nearby enemies, enhancing chaining.

Impulse, powerful shocks, and 52 chains create explosive enemy clears.

The build reaches high attack speeds with the 3.8 radar ascendancy improvements.

Whirling blades can be triggered nearly five times a second for unmatched map traversal.

The build has a 95% chance to evade with additional attack and spell dodge bonuses.

Clearing T16 with over 11 times a second attack speed is achievable.

The build is a competent boss er and can be scaled for uber and game content.

The true strength of lightning wild strike lies in its ability to vaporize nearly every map.

Gear choices for the build include dual wielding Imperial claws for attack speed and life leech.

The Astor conscious hood is recommended for its evasion, life, and attack speed benefits.

Body armor selection favors impulses for increased damage and shock effectiveness.

Gloves should have +1 to maximum frenzy charges for attack speed, damage, and other benefits.

Boots selection includes Darkrai vectors for frenzy charge focused benefits.

The anointment selection should ideally be tribal fury for additional target and chaining capabilities.

Rings should feature curse enemies with level 12 assassins mark on hit for increased DPS.

Flask choices include a diamond flask for increased critical strike chance and jade flask for evasion.

Jewel sockets and abyssal jewels provide opportunities for damage and life bonuses.

Skill links and gem choices are detailed for optimal build performance.

Ascendancy choices and the impact of the 3.8 updates on the Raider class are discussed.

Skill tree planning and recommendations for a balanced and effective build.

Bandit and pantheon choices that complement the build's theme and enhance survivability.