Bleed Bow Gladiator - From Zero to Hero - SSF Journey | Part 2 | Path of Exile 3.24

13 May 202410:17

TLDRIn this video, the player continues their journey with the Bleed Bow Gladiator in Path of Exile 3.24, focusing on the solo self-found (SSF) mode. They explore various in-game activities, from finding valuable items and crafting gear to tackling challenging content. Highlights include acquiring a Headhunter, crafting new gloves, and seeking key unique items like the Timeless Jewel and Ristul's Coil. The player shares their strategies, experiences, and excitement over their discoveries, providing an engaging and informative update on their progress. The video concludes with a call for likes and subscriptions.


  • 🔍 The player starts with a mediocre ring for trading but considers it a great find for solo self-found play.
  • 🎯 Despite the ring not being ideal for SSF (Solo Self-Found), the player decides to try it out to see if it works.
  • 👀 The player has already found the 'Head Hunter' belt, which is considered lucky and useful for mapping but not for bosses.
  • 📍 The journey leads to the Crimson Prison, marking a good start to the game but with much work ahead.
  • 💎 The player crafts new gloves and a quiver, improving gear and preparing for challenging content like Legion and high-tier maps.
  • 🛡 The player seeks a 'Timeless Jewel' for defense, especially for challenging end-game content like Uber bosses or t77 Maps.
  • 💎 The player finds a 'Divine Flesh' jewel combined with the 'Fourth Vow' for good defense but still searches for an 'Elegant Hubris' jewel.
  • 📦 The player changes strategies, focusing on magic find and obtaining several unique items, including a belt that significantly boosts damage.
  • 🎖 The 'Ristus Coil' belt is a game-changer, increasing Snipes DPS by several million, making non-Uber boss battles easier.
  • 🛍 The player plans to replace the 'Head Hunter' belt with 'Maven's Belt' for an end-game build variant that synergizes with 'Rik's Impatience' and frenzy charges.
  • 🗺 The player opens the fifth slot for the map device, using a strategy involving 'Soyat' Atlas with Nico and shrines, although t17 maps are not yet a priority.
  • 🏆 The player is currently farming Essences, Harvest, and Delirium, gathering resources for the final build and aiming to improve survivability with key items.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the video?

    -The main focus of the video is the player's journey as a Bleed Bow Gladiator character in Path of Exile 3.24, detailing their progress and the gear they acquire along the way.

  • What does the player find initially that they consider a 'mediocre ring' but still useful for their build?

    -The player finds a ring that is not the most useful for their SSF (Solo Self-Found) journey but still decides to try it out, as it is a good find for solo self-found play.

  • What is the significance of the 'Head Hunter' belt in the player's journey?

    -The 'Head Hunter' belt is significant because it is a good belt for mapping but not as useful for bosses and some other content. The player is looking for a belt that increases their DPS for these situations.

  • What is the player's strategy for finding magic items?

    -The player uses a combination of Atlas with Rogue Exiles strong boxes and ritual for magic find. Later, they switch to 'Back to Basics' when they have accumulated the necessary amounts of scarabs and got some eight mods corrupted maps.

  • What is the player's goal when they go to the necropolis?

    -The player's goal when going to the necropolis is to craft new gloves and a quiver, aiming to improve their gear and prepare for more challenging content.

  • What is the player's strategy for dealing with challenging content like Uber bosses or t77 Maps?

    -The player aims to find a Timeless Jewel and items like 'Elegant Hubris' to improve their defense, which is crucial for tackling challenging content.

  • What item does the player find that greatly improves their DPS for non-Uber bosses?

    -The player finds 'Ristus Coil', a belt that significantly increases their Snipes DPS, making battles with non-Uber bosses much easier.

  • What are the player's plans for the 'Head Hunter' belt in their end-game build?

    -The player plans to replace the 'Head Hunter' belt in their end-game build because its buffs do not contribute to their damage output. They are looking for a belt that better suits their build.

  • What crafting method does the player use to improve their gloves?

    -The player uses 'Necropolis Craft' to improve their gloves, which took them a long time to gather all the components for.

  • What is the player's approach to farming Essences, Harvest, and Delirium?

    -The player is currently farming Essences, Harvest, and Delirium to gather the resources needed for their build, as well as to finish their gloves and other gear upgrades.

  • What is the player's opinion on the current state of the league?

    -The player feels that while the league may be considered 'dead' by many, their SSF adventure has given them a renewed interest and enjoyment in the game, especially with the new mechanics and changes.



🔍 Solo Self-Found Journey and Gear Upgrades

The script describes a solo self-found (SSF) journey in a game, starting with the player's acquisition of a mediocre ring for trading but potentially useful for solo play. The player discusses their strategy for self-founding, including the use of the 'Head Hunter' for mapping and the search for a 'Crimson Prison'. They also mention obtaining the 'Memory of Harvest Beasts' and other items like gloves and a quiver from crafting in the necropolis. The player's goal is to improve their gear for challenging content, such as Uber bosses or t77 Maps, and they consider various jewels and items to enhance their build. The summary also touches on the player's experience with the 'Back to Basics' Atlas and the pursuit of unique items for their build.


🎯 Pursuit of the Perfect Belt and End-Game Gear

This paragraph details the player's excitement in finding a 'Ristus Coil' belt, which significantly boosts their damage output for boss fights. The player tests the new belt and notes the immediate increase in damage. They also discuss the limitations of the 'Head Hunter' belt and their plans to replace it with 'Maven's Belt' for a more optimized end-game build. The player mentions crafting gloves with the help of the Necropolis and the challenges they faced in doing so. They also mention their intention to farm Essences, Harvest, and Delirium, as well as gather resources for their build. The player expresses their hope to find key items like 'Rise of the Phoenix' and 'Defiance of the Light' to improve survivability and hints at a potential change in their end-game build with the acquisition of the 'Mage Blood' divination card.


👋 Closing Thoughts and Gratitude

In the final paragraph, the player thanks the viewers for watching, commenting, and subscribing to their content. They express gratitude for likes and subscriptions, indicating their appreciation for the community's support. The player also reflects on their SSF adventure, stating that despite the league being considered 'dead' by many, they find it revitalizing and enjoyable due to the league mechanics and recent changes. They acknowledge the time-consuming and grindy nature of SSF but express their satisfaction with the progress made in the series and look forward to future videos.



💡Bleed Bow Gladiator

The term 'Bleed Bow Gladiator' refers to a character build in the game Path of Exile. It is a specialized type of Gladiator, a class known for their melee combat prowess, but in this case, it is built around the use of a bow that inflicts bleeding as a damage over time effect. In the video, the player is progressing through the game as a Bleed Bow Gladiator, showcasing their journey and the build's capabilities.

💡Self-Found (SSF)

Self-Found, often abbreviated as SSF, is a game mode in Path of Exile where players do not trade for items and only use those they find in the game. This mode is a significant challenge as it requires players to rely on their own luck and skill to acquire gear. The video script mentions SSF, indicating that the player's journey is being undertaken in this mode, which adds an extra layer of difficulty and strategy to the gameplay.

💡Trading League

The 'Trading League' in Path of Exile is a special event mode where trading is the primary focus. It encourages players to engage in trading activities rather than relying on finding items themselves. The script mentions a 'mediocre ring for the Trading League,' which suggests that the ring found is not particularly valuable in the context of SSF but could be useful in a Trading League scenario.

💡Head Hunter

In the context of Path of Exile, 'Head Hunter' is a belt item that provides various bonuses. The script mentions that the player has already found the 'Head Hunter,' which is a fortunate find as it is considered a good belt for mapping. However, it is less useful for boss fights and certain other content, indicating that while it's a valuable item, it may not be the ultimate goal for the player's build.

💡Crimson Prison

Crimson Prison is a type of map in Path of Exile that players can encounter. It is known for its challenging gameplay and potential for high rewards. The script mentions that the player is going to have to go to Crimson Prison on their journey, suggesting that it is an upcoming challenge that they will need to overcome to progress further in the game.

💡Memory of Harvest Beasts

Memory of Harvest Beasts is an item in Path of Exile that can be used to upgrade certain items. In the video, the player mentions finding this item and wonders how the game knows exactly what they need, implying that it is a valuable find that will help them progress in their SSF journey.

💡Necropolis Craft

Necropolis Craft is a crafting method in Path of Exile that allows players to modify items in the Necropolis. The script mentions that the player has crafted new gloves using this method, which took a long time to gather the necessary components. This indicates that Necropolis Craft is a significant part of the player's strategy for gearing up their character.

💡Timeless Jewel

A 'Timeless Jewel' in Path of Exile is a type of jewel that can be used to modify items and is considered valuable due to its ability to provide various bonuses. The player mentions needing a Timeless Jewel and plans to go to the Necropolis to craft it, showing that it is an important part of their gear upgrade strategy.

💡Ristus Coil

Ristus Coil is a belt item in Path of Exile that is highly sought after for certain builds. The script mentions the player's excitement about finding Ristus Coil, as it significantly increases their Snipes DPS by several million, making it a crucial upgrade for their Bleed Bow Gladiator build.

💡Magic Find

Magic Find is a game mechanic in Path of Exile that increases the chances of finding rare items. The player discusses their strategy for using Magic Find, including using the Atlas with Rogue Exiles strong boxes and ritual for magic find, which they later changed to Back to Basics. This shows that Magic Find is a key component of their gameplay and progression strategy.

💡Essences, Harvest and Delirium

In Path of Exile, Essences, Harvest, and Delirium are all types of content that players can engage with to find valuable items and progress in the game. The script mentions that the player is farming these to gather resources, indicating that they are an important part of the player's current objectives and strategy for gearing up their character.

💡Defiance of the Drowned

Defiance of the Drowned is an amulet in Path of Exile that provides bonuses to survivability. The player mentions needing this item to improve their character's survivability, suggesting that it is a key component of their end-game build and an important part of their strategy for tackling more challenging content.

💡Divination Card

Divination Cards in Path of Exile are special items that can be exchanged for various rewards. The player mentions needing four more of a specific Divination Card, indicating that these cards are a part of their strategy for obtaining desired items or bonuses that will help them progress in their SSF journey.


Starting with a mediocre ring for the Trading League but a great find for solo self-found.

Unlucky find but already has the Head Hunter.

Going to Crimson prison as the next step in the journey.

Finding Memory of Harvest Beasts and its benefits.

Crafting new gloves and a quiver in the Necropolis.

Needing a Timeless Jewel for challenging content and bosses.

Considering elegant Hubis for good damage nodes.

Finding a belt that increases Snipes DPS significantly.

Struggling to find the right boots for the build.

Crafting gloves with Necropolis craft and the challenges faced.

Opening the fifth slot for the map device.

Farming Essences, Harvest, and Delirium for resources.

Needing key items like Riser's Impatience and the Fourth Vow.

Planning to replace the Head Hunter belt for end-game build.

SSF adventure giving a second life to Necropolis solo self-found.

Bleed Bow Gladiator build being interesting but having some problems.

Continuing the journey with more work to do in SSF.