Secret technique - Path of Exile Highlights #486 - onemanaleft, Tatiantel, Cutedog and others

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15 May 202407:35

TLDRIn this episode of 'Secret technique - Path of Exile Highlights #486', the host engages in various in-game strategies and tactics, showcasing their prowess in the popular action RPG. They discuss crafting techniques, the excitement of finding valuable items like the 40 chaos Jewel, and the thrill of grinding for rewards. The host also humorously compares their mapping experience to visiting a dodgy website, needing to navigate through numerous pop-ups. The video is filled with moments of luck, such as obtaining multiple life mods in a row, which adds to the entertainment value for viewers interested in gaming highlights and strategies.


  • 💰 The speaker seems to be discussing in-game currency and items, mentioning a '40 chaos Jewel'.
  • 🛡️ They mention being able to 'tank the meteor', possibly referring to surviving a powerful in-game attack.
  • 🎮 The script includes a discussion about crafting items within the game, suggesting a strategic approach to gameplay.
  • 🔥 A 'Regal' item with 'all fire' attributes is mentioned, indicating a focus on fire-based damage or abilities.
  • 🎩 The speaker humorously compares themselves to Leonardo DiCaprio's character in 'Inception', suggesting they have a clever strategy or trick.
  • 📈 There's a mention of 'increasing the price of a redeem', which could be related to in-game trading or auction mechanics.
  • 🚫 The speaker insists on not looking at chat reactions, creating a suspenseful moment for an item reveal.
  • 🛍️ The desire for specific item attributes is expressed, such as 'double life', 'high defense', and 'chaos lightning and cold TR'.
  • 😱 An exclamation of disbelief and excitement is made when an item drops, suggesting a rare or highly sought-after item was obtained.
  • 🧙‍♂️ The speaker talks about 'magic finding', which could be a game mechanic related to increasing the likelihood of finding rare items.
  • 🗺️ The script touches on the complexity and customization options available in 'D4', a game area or mode, contrary to common perceptions.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic discussed in the video?

    -The main topic discussed in the video is the player's experience and strategies in the game Path of Exile, focusing on crafting and gameplay highlights.

  • What does the player mention about the 40 chaos Jewel?

    -The player talks about finding the same 40 chaos Jewel and expresses surprise that they didn't put it in their stash.

  • What does the player discuss regarding the meteor skill?

    -The player discusses the ability to 'tank the meteor' and the frequency of its use, suggesting it's not significantly worse than other options.

  • What crafting technique does the player claim to have?

    -The player humorously claims to have 'secret techniques' similar to those in the movie Inception, where they can influence crafting outcomes.

  • What does the player suggest about increasing the price of a redeem?

    -The player suggests that there are ways to increase the price of a redeem, but does not elaborate on the specifics.

  • What item does the player hope to find with their crafting technique?

    -The player hopes to find an item with a double life prefix, high defense, and chaos lightning and cold TR.

  • How does the player describe their experience with mapping in the game?

    -The player compares mapping in the game to visiting a dodgy porn website, needing to navigate through unwanted pop-ups.

  • What customization options does the player mention for D4?

    -The player mentions that D4 has a lot of customization options, suggesting players can choose different paths for strategic advantages.

  • What does the player express about their luck in finding life mods?

    -The player expresses excitement and considers themselves lucky for finding multiple life mods in a row during the game.

  • How does the player feel about the mods they received?

    -The player questions their luck, as they received four completely useless mods in a row, implying disappointment or sarcasm.



🎮 Gaming and Crafting Strategies

The speaker discusses their experience with a game, focusing on crafting and grinding strategies. They mention a 'chaos Jewel' and express frustration about not stashing it properly. The speaker also talks about tanking a 'meteor' and the challenges of the game's mechanics. They share their secret techniques for crafting, comparing themselves to Leonardo DiCaprio's character in 'Inception', implying they have a method to influence outcomes. There's also a discussion about increasing the price of a 'redeem' and a moment of surprise when they find a valuable item. The speaker ends with a desire for specific attributes in their gear, such as 'high defense' and 'chaos lightning', and a humorous comparison to visiting a 'dodgy porn website' due to the overwhelming number of pop-ups.


📊 Luck and Customization in D4

In this paragraph, the speaker addresses misconceptions about the complexity of D4, a game they are playing. They emphasize the importance of customization and making strategic choices, such as going in the opposite direction of the majority. The speaker also discusses their luck in the game, getting seven life and two physical attack damage mods in a row, which they consider very fortunate. They question their own luck when they receive four useless mods consecutively. The paragraph ends with a reference to 'The Brick', possibly another player or character, and a moment of anticipation for what's coming next in their gaming session.



💡Secret techniques

The term 'secret techniques' in the context of the video refers to the special strategies or methods used by the player to achieve success in the game 'Path of Exile'. It's akin to having insider knowledge or tricks that are not commonly known to others. In the script, the player mentions 'secret techniques' in a humorous way, comparing themselves to Leonardo DiCaprio's character in 'Inception', who plants an idea into someone's mind. Here, the player humorously implies that they have a strategy so effective that it's like implanting an idea that leads to success.

💡Chaos Jewel

A 'Chaos Jewel' is a type of in-game item in 'Path of Exile'. It is used for various purposes such as crafting and enhancing the player's equipment. In the script, the player expresses surprise and frustration upon realizing that they have the same 40 chaos Jewel, suggesting that they were hoping for a different or better item, indicating the importance of these jewels in the game's crafting system.


'Grinding' in gaming terminology refers to the process of repeating a certain action or task in a game to gain experience, items, or currency. It's often associated with the repetitive nature of certain activities required to progress in a game. In the video script, the player mentions grinding, which implies that they will be spending time performing repetitive tasks to improve their character's abilities or acquire better items.


In the context of 'Path of Exile', 'Regal' is likely referring to the 'Regal Orb', an in-game item that can be used to add a random modifier to a rare item, potentially increasing its value or effectiveness. The script mentions 'Regal' in an excited tone, suggesting that the player has obtained a valuable item or is looking forward to enhancing their gear.


'Crafting' in a video game like 'Path of Exile' involves combining items or using specific items to create new gear or modify existing gear to have certain desired attributes. The script mentions crafting as a 'whole thing', indicating that it's a significant part of the gameplay and strategy, where the player can customize their items to have specific properties.


In the context of this video, 'Life' likely refers to the life attribute on items or the character's health pool. It's a crucial aspect of any RPG, as it determines how much damage a character can take before being defeated. The player in the script expresses excitement about getting 'seven life' and 'six life', indicating they have found or created items with high life attributes, which are beneficial for their character's survivability.


The 'Gauntlet' in 'Path of Exile' is a type of endgame content where players face increasingly difficult waves of monsters. It's a test of a player's skill and gear. The script mentions doing 'a little bit of magic finding' in the Gauntlet, which suggests that the player is not only challenging themselves with combat but also looking for valuable loot drops.

💡Fossil crafting

Fossil crafting is a specific crafting method in 'Path of Exile' that involves using fossils to create unique items. It's a complex system that allows for customization and the creation of powerful gear. The player in the script contemplates whether to engage in fossil crafting or to simply acquire and sell items, indicating that it's a strategic decision in the game.


The term 'D4' in the script likely refers to a specific area, mechanic, or item in 'Path of Exile'. The player talks about the customization and complexity of 'D4', suggesting that it offers various strategic options for players. The exact meaning might be more clear to players familiar with the game's current mechanics or content at the time of the video.

💡Meat sacks

'Meat sacks' is a slang term used in the script to refer to the enemies or monsters in the game. It's a colloquial and somewhat humorous way to describe the adversaries that the player is facing. The player uses this term after achieving a significant accomplishment, possibly indicating the ease with which they've overcome these enemies.


Discovering the same 40 chaos Jewel and the realization of not adding it to the stash.

Ability to tank the meteor and the strategy of grinding with it.

Crafting certain items and turning crafting into a whole new aspect of the game.

Receiving a Regal Orb and its potential to make all fire skills.

Sharing secret techniques similar to Leonardo DiCaprio's character in Inception.

Increasing the price of a redeem and the unexpected turn of events.

Desire for high life prefix and high defense with chaos lightning and cold TR.

Excitement over not looking at the chat reactions and the anticipation of the item.

Miracle drop and the disbelief over the outcome.

Comparison of mapping this league to visiting a dodgy porn website.

Customization in D4 and the strategy of going against the crowd.

Lucky streak of getting seven life and two physical attack damage Lee's lives in a row.

Questioning luck after receiving six life right after seven life.

Surprise at getting four completely useless mods in a row.

Anticipation of The Brick's appearance after a series of lucky drops.