[PoE 3.24] BUILD SHOWCASE - Cold Conversion MF Ice Shot Deadeye

14 May 202443:15

TLDRIn this video showcase, the creator presents their final iteration of a unique Path of Exile build, a 99% Fizz to cold conversion magic find hybrid ice shot Deadeye. They discuss their choice of Ice Shot over Lightning Arrow and Tornado Shot, detailing the build's strategy, gear, gems, jewels, passives, and Path of Building setup. The build is demonstrated in a high-tier map with challenging content, showcasing its damage potential and survivability. Despite some loot disappointments, the build proves effective for endgame content, offering a fresh take on the traditional Lightning Arrow approach.


  • 🏹 The build showcased is a high investment, endgame-capable Ice Shot Deadeye that focuses on 99% Fizz to cold conversion for magic find.
  • 🔥 The choice of Ice Shot over Lightning Arrow was influenced by the Yoke of Suffering's buff, Ice Shot's higher conversion rate, and the ability to freeze enemies which is a strong defensive layer.
  • 🗺️ The build is designed for mapping, demonstrated in a challenging tier 17 Sanctuary map with quadruple shaper, all flames.
  • 💎 The gear includes a mirror tier Frostferno bow with a unique enchant, and a quiver with a rare double corruption that enhances damage output.
  • 🛡️ Defensively, the build utilizes a combination of evasion, instant leech, and other defensive layers for survivability in high-tier maps.
  • 💍 The Nimus Ring is highlighted for its synergy with the build, providing shotgunning effects on return projectiles.
  • 💊 The use of a six-link Mana Syphon setup with Awakened Cast on Crit and Awakened Cyclone allows for consistent damage and crowd control.
  • 🔮 Jewels and passives are carefully chosen to enhance damage, survivability, and utility, with a focus on projectile mechanics and elemental damage.
  • 🎯 The build forgoes the common use of Lightning Arrow for a more niche but effective playstyle with Ice Shot, emphasizing the build's uniqueness.
  • 📈 Despite the high investment, the build struggles somewhat with meat sacs farm and barrel go farm, indicating it is better suited for mapping and bossing.
  • 🤔 The creator experimented with the Battle Mage war cry concept but ultimately abandoned it due to practical issues with cooldown recovery and effectiveness.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the showcase video?

    -The main focus of the showcase video is a 99% Fizz to cold conversion, magic find hybrid ice shot dead eye build in Path of Exile.

  • Why did the author choose Ice Shot over Lightning Arrow?

    -The author chose Ice Shot over Lightning Arrow because Ice Shot converts 60% of physical to cold, has a higher damage coefficient, and can freeze enemies, which is a powerful defensive layer in the game.

  • What is the purpose of the Nimus Ring in this build?

    -The Nimus Ring is used in this build to provide shotgunning capabilities in the return projectiles, which is especially potent on map bosses or any high health target.

  • What is the significance of the Yoke of Suffering in the build?

    -The Yoke of Suffering is significant as it grants shock for free, which would otherwise be a major advantage of using Lightning Arrow over Ice Shot.

  • Why did the author decide to go with a 99% conversion instead of 100%?

    -The author decided to go with a 99% conversion to take advantage of the Yoke of Suffering and the additional benefits provided by certain tattoos.

  • What is the strategy for mapping with this build?

    -The strategy for mapping with this build is designed for a super juice tier 17 Sanctuary map with quadruple shaper, all flames.

  • What are the gear choices for this build and why were they chosen?

    -The gear choices include a mirror tier fsbo bow, a quiver with specific corruptions, a chest with Supreme Ostentation, and other items that provide a balance of offense and defense, chosen to maximize damage output and survivability.

  • What is the role of the Elegant Hubris in the build?

    -The Elegant Hubris is used to ignore attribute requirements, allowing the author to wear high-level items that would normally be out of reach.

  • How does the build handle single-target damage?

    -The build handles single-target damage effectively by using Ice Shot's freezing capabilities and the shock effect granted by the Yoke of Suffering, as well as the high damage output from the conversion and gear setup.

  • What are some of the challenges faced when using this build for mapping?

    -Some challenges include managing the large number of enemies spawned on the map, maintaining buffs, and dealing with difficult map mods that can reduce recovery and increase enemy damage.



🏹 Introduction to the Fizz to Cold Conversion Build

The speaker introduces their final showcase video featuring a unique build, a 99% Fizz to cold conversion magic find hybrid ice shot dead eye. They explain their choice of eye shot over lightning arrow, which is generally the go-to option, and tornado shot. The build is designed for mapping, particularly a tier 17 sanctuary map with quadruple shaper, all flames. The video will cover the strategy, gear choices, gems, jewels, passives, and a path of building guide. The speaker also discusses why they didn't choose tornado shot due to its nerf and shares their excitement about the potential of the Nimus ring with eye shot.


🗺️ Mapping Showcase and Atlas Strategy

The speaker provides a mapping showcase using a specific atlas layout designed for high-tier maps. They discuss their dislike for shrines and their strategy to force Alva and ritual spawns for additional power. The setup includes ambush, double divination scarabs, and a lantern for potential power boosts. The speaker also mentions the importance of rushing the boss to spawn player-side options and shares their experience clearing the map, highlighting the challenges and the build's performance.


🛡️ Defensive and Offensive Gear Discussion

The speaker details their gear setup, emphasizing the defensive and offensive capabilities. They discuss the use of a mirrored tier fsbo bow with a unique enchant for increased physical modifier and the Supreme Ostentation chest with corruptions for damage reduction and elemental damage taken. The helmet with the reservation multiplier and the gloves that provide extra rage buffs are also highlighted. The speaker mentions their strategy for maintaining rage and berzerk, contributing to their tankiness and damage output.


💎 Special Mention of the Unique Quiver and Its Benefits

The speaker proudly presents a uniquely crafted quiver with the best double corruption they've ever achieved. The quiver provides benefits for ice shot, such as extra arrows and increased damage through shotgunning with the Nimus ring. They discuss the process of crafting the quiver and the excitement of obtaining such a rare and powerful item, which they consider to be the best double corruption in their gaming history.


🔮 Jewels and Passives Overview

The speaker gives an overview of the jewels and passives used in the build. They discuss the importance of the one-passive Voices for the power spike and the inclusion of the Searching Eye jewel for accuracy and life. The speaker also mentions the use of Focal Point for defense and the benefits of Windward for damage over time reduction. They provide insights into the passive tree, emphasizing life gain, evasion cap, and critical strike capabilities.


💍 Detailed Explanation of the Gem Links and Setup

The speaker delves into the gem links and setup, starting with the damage link featuring Valy shot and support gems for increased damage and crit damage. They explain the choice of Inspiration and Awakened Elemental Damage with Attack Support for maximizing damage output. The speaker also discusses the use of a six-link Mana Forge setup with Life Tap Support and Frenzy for additional damage and survivability.


🏹 Conclusion and Future Outlook

The speaker concludes by summarizing the build's performance and their personal satisfaction with it. They acknowledge the build's limitations, particularly in comparison to more traditional choices like lightning arrow. The speaker expresses their excitement for future leagues and the potential for new strategies and builds, hinting at the possibility of trying different approaches in the next league.



💡Cold Conversion

Cold Conversion refers to the process of changing physical damage to cold damage in the game mechanics. This is central to the video's theme as the build showcased is a high investment in converting 99% of physical damage to cold, enhancing the character's damage output against enemies susceptible to cold damage. The script mentions this concept as a key strategy for the build, especially with skills like Ice Shot, which benefits from the high conversion rate.

💡Magic Find

Magic Find is a game mechanic that increases the likelihood of finding rare items and currency. In the context of the video, the build is designed to have a high magic find percentage, which is crucial for farming valuable items in the game. The script discusses the build's hybrid nature, combining damage potential with high magic find, making it efficient for both combat and item acquisition.

💡Ice Shot

Ice Shot is a skill in the game that fires shards of ice at enemies, dealing cold damage. The video focuses on this skill as the primary attack for the build, highlighting its effectiveness when combined with high cold conversion and magic find. The script discusses choosing Ice Shot over other bow skills like Lightning Arrow due to its synergy with the build's strategy and the advantages it offers in terms of freezing enemies and dealing high damage.


Deadeye is an ascendancy class for ranged attackers in the game, known for its focus on critical strikes and projectile damage. The build in the video is a Deadeye, which is evident by the use of skills and passives that enhance projectile attacks. The script mentions the build as a 'Deadeye' and discusses the choice of ascendancy and its impact on the build's overall performance.

💡Tornado Shot

Tornado Shot is another bow skill in the game that creates a spinning projectile that damages enemies in its path. The script mentions Tornado Shot as an alternative to Ice Shot, discussing its nerfs in the current league and why it was not chosen for this build. The comparison helps to emphasize the strategic choice behind using Ice Shot for this particular build.

💡Nimus Ring

The Nimus Ring is a specific item in the game that provides unique benefits, such as returning projectiles. The script discusses how the Nimus Ring works synergistically with Ice Shot, allowing for a shotgun effect with return projectiles, which significantly boosts the build's damage output on high health targets like map bosses.

💡Yoke of Suffering

Yoke of Suffering is a unique jewel in the game that grants various bonuses, including shock effects. The script highlights the importance of Yoke of Suffering for this build, as it provides additional shock damage, which is beneficial due to the high conversion rate to cold and the build's focus on dealing elemental damage.

💡Head Hunter Buffs

Head Hunter Buffs refer to the temporary enhancements obtained from killing unique bosses in the game. The script mentions accumulating Head Hunter Buffs before entering the boss room, which is a strategy to increase the build's power and effectiveness in boss fights, showcasing the build's capability to handle challenging content.

💡Sanctuary Map

A Sanctuary Map is a type of map in the game with specific modifiers that make it particularly challenging. The script describes a strategy for navigating and clearing a Sanctuary Map, which is designed to test the build's strength and survivability against difficult enemy combinations and map mechanics.

💡Meat Sack Strategy

The Meat Sack Strategy involves targeting high health enemies, known as meat sacks, for farming valuable items. The script discusses the build's performance with this strategy, comparing it to other builds and highlighting its strengths and limitations in this specific type of content farming.

💡Path of Building

Path of Building is a third-party tool used to plan and optimize builds in the game. The script refers to Path of Building to explain the build's configuration, including gem setups, passive tree, and other key aspects that contribute to the build's overall effectiveness.


Introduction to the final showcase of a unique build: a 99% Fizz to cold conversion magic find hybrid ice shot deadeye.

Explanation of the choice to use ice shot over lightning arrow, traditionally considered a superior bow skill.

The impact of the nerf on tornado shot and the decision not to use it for this build.

Demonstration of mapping strategy designed for a super juice tier 17 Sanctuary map with quadruple shaper.

Gear choices and their rationale, including the significance of the Nimus Ring for the build.

The Yoke of Suffering buff and its influence on the decision to pursue a 99% conversion rather than 100%.

Why lightning arrow was ultimately not chosen despite its usual advantages.

The benefits of ice shot's higher damage coefficient and freezing capability for mapping.

A mapping showcase of the build's performance in a challenging environment.

The build's ability to handle high pack size and difficult modifiers in maps.

Discussion on the build's performance in meat sack strategy and comparison with barrel farming.

The use of a mirror tier quiver and its advantages for the build.

The importance of the chest piece with Supreme Ostentation and its defensive capabilities.

Headgear choices and the benefits of the Rage reservation multiplier enchant.

Boots with double corruption providing extra sources of regeneration and survivability.

The choice of gems for the damage link and their synergy with the build's mechanics.

The innovative use of a six-link Mana Forge setup for additional utility.

The effectiveness of the build in high-level boss fights and its damage potential.

Final thoughts on the build's performance, its place in the current meta, and future prospects.