Floating in Scuffed Fortnite... (bad idea)

24 Sept 202110:55

TLDRIn this entertaining video, the creator experiments with various 'scuffed' or low-quality rip-offs of Fortnite to see how they compare to the original game. The video is filled with humor as the creator attempts to float in these games, which range from being visually poor to lacking key features like editing. Despite the games' shortcomings, such as clunky animations, language barriers, and missing game mechanics, the creator manages to find enjoyment in the absurdity and even wins a game, expressing gratitude for the genuine Fortnite experience. The video concludes with a victory in one of the scuffed Fortnite games, highlighting the creator's determination and the video's lighthearted take on gaming.


  • 🎮 The player experimented with rip-offs of Fortnite to see how they compare to the original game.
  • 🤔 The player attempted to float in a 'scuffed' Fortnite version and found it surprisingly easy despite the game's poor quality.
  • 😲 The graphics and gameplay in the rip-off versions were significantly worse than the original Fortnite.
  • 🤯 The player encountered a lack of editing capabilities and clunky controls in the rip-off games.
  • 🕹️ The rip-off games had issues with user interface, such as blocking inventory slots and unresponsive buttons.
  • 😅 Despite the poor quality, the player found humor in the experience and even managed to win a game.
  • 🌐 The rip-off games were accessible through a web browser, indicating a lower standard of development.
  • 📺 The player commented on the lack of sound options and the overwhelming music volume in one of the games.
  • 🔊 There were language barriers and unclear instructions due to non-English interfaces in some games.
  • 🏆 The player was determined to get a win in one of the rip-off games before deciding not to play them again.
  • 🎉 The video concluded with the player achieving a victory in one of the scuffed Fortnite games.

Q & A

  • What was the main activity the speaker tried in 'Scuffed Fortnite'?

    -The speaker tried floating in various rip-offs of Fortnite to see how it compared to playing in the normal Fortnite.

  • What was the speaker's initial impression of the graphics in 'Scuffed Fortnite'?

    -The speaker mentioned that the graphics were significantly worse, describing them as being '10 times worse' than the original Fortnite.

  • How did the speaker describe the editing experience in the first 'Scuffed Fortnite' game they played?

    -The speaker found it interesting that they could still float in the game, and it felt easier to float than in the actual Fortnite due to the lack of delay.

  • What was the issue the speaker encountered with the game's user interface?

    -The speaker had difficulty adjusting their inventory because the interface was blocking the ability to drag items, and sometimes items didn't drop as expected.

  • What was the speaker's reaction to the building mechanics in the second 'Scuffed Fortnite' game?

    -The speaker was frustrated because they couldn't edit at all in the second game, which was a significant problem for them as they were used to building and editing in Fortnite.

  • How did the speaker feel about the language used in the third 'Scuffed Fortnite' game?

    -The speaker was confused by the language, which they thought might be Spanish or German, and they struggled to understand the game's interface and options.

  • What was the speaker's overall opinion of the third 'Scuffed Fortnite' game?

    -The speaker considered the third game to be the worst out of the three they played, describing it as 'awful' but also 'kind of funny' in a way.

  • What was the speaker's strategy for winning the third 'Scuffed Fortnite' game?

    -The speaker decided to use a 'boogie bomb' and went into a solo mode, managing to win the game despite the difficulty and confusion.

  • How did the speaker's ping in the 'Scuffed Fortnite' games compare to their normal Fortnite experience?

    -The speaker mentioned that they usually have a ping of 27 in Fortnite, but in the 'Scuffed Fortnite' games, they experienced zero ping, which made the gameplay feel easy.

  • What was the speaker's final verdict on the 'Scuffed Fortnite' games after playing all three?

    -The speaker concluded that the first game allowed them to float, the second one barely felt like Fortnite, and the third one was the worst, making them appreciate the original Fortnite more.

  • What did the speaker ask the viewers to do after playing the 'Scuffed Fortnite' games?

    -The speaker asked the viewers to let them know which of the three 'Scuffed Fortnite' games was their favorite.



🕹️ Floating in Scuffed Fortnite

The video begins with the host discussing their attempt to float in a 'scuffed' version of Fortnite, contrasting it with the normal game experience. They mention their usual floating routine and the use of a 'code rift' in the item shop. The host demonstrates floating in regular Fortnite before moving on to the scuffed version called '1v1 Lull,' which lacks the expected visual quality. Despite the visual differences, floating is still possible, leading to a 1v1 competition and various floating techniques being explored. The host also comments on the game's performance, noting the lack of delay and the ease of floating compared to the original game.


🤯 Challenges in Scuffed Fortnite Gameplay

The host continues to play the scuffed Fortnite game, encountering various issues such as the inability to edit the game environment, clunky movement, and poor graphics. They express frustration with the game's user interface, particularly with inventory management and the lack of an edit button. The host also experiences difficulty with the game's language, which appears to be neither English nor a recognizable language. Despite these challenges, they manage to secure a kill and reflect on the game's stark differences from the original Fortnite, including the absence of certain features and the overall dated feel of the gameplay.


🏆 Winning in the Scuffed Fortnite

In the final paragraph, the host concludes their gameplay session with a victory in the scuffed Fortnite game. They express relief at the end of the challenging experience, noting that it was more headache-inducing than enjoyable. The host also compares the three different scuffed Fortnite versions they played, highlighting the differences and their personal preferences. They invite viewers to share their favorite version and sign off, promising to see them in the next video.




Floating in the context of the video refers to the in-game mechanic in Fortnite where players can hover or glide in the air, often used for strategic positioning or avoiding damage. The video explores the floating mechanic in different 'scuffed' or lower-quality versions of Fortnite, comparing them to the original game's floating experience.

💡Scuffed Fortnite

Scuffed Fortnite refers to unofficial or knock-off versions of the popular game Fortnite. These versions are typically created by fans and may not have the same quality, graphics, or gameplay as the original game. The video discusses the experience of playing these rip-offs and compares them to the authentic Fortnite.

💡1v1 Lull

1v1 Lull is one of the 'scuffed' Fortnite games mentioned in the video. It represents a simplified or less polished version of Fortnite, which the video's host tries out to see how it compares to the original game. The term is used to highlight the differences in gameplay and quality.


Ping, in the context of online gaming, refers to the network latency between a player's computer and the game server. A lower ping indicates better and faster connection. The video mentions the host's usual ping in Fortnite and contrasts it with the zero ping experienced in the 'scuffed' version, suggesting a difference in the game's online performance.

💡Quad Edits

Quad Edits is a term used in Fortnite to describe the rapid and precise editing of structures in the game, often used for quick defensive or offensive maneuvers. The video's host mentions hitting quad edits, indicating a high level of skill and control in the game, even in the 'scuffed' version.

💡Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is another 'scuffed' version of Fortnite mentioned in the video. It is characterized by its unique features and gameplay elements that differ from the original Fortnite. The video explores the game's mechanics, such as building and editing, within this particular version.

💡Edit Button

The Edit Button is a crucial part of Fortnite's gameplay, allowing players to build structures quickly. The video discusses the absence of an edit button in one of the 'scuffed' games, which significantly impacts the gameplay experience and highlights a major difference from the original Fortnite.

💡Boogie Bomb

A Boogie Bomb is an item in Fortnite that, when used, forces nearby players to dance uncontrollably for a short period. The video's host attempts to use a Boogie Bomb in one of the 'scuffed' games, adding a humorous element to the gameplay experience and showcasing the differences in item functionality.


Midnight is mentioned in the context of using a specific skin in the game. Skins in Fortnite are cosmetic items that change the appearance of a player's character. The video's host chooses to use the LeBron James skin, adding a personal touch to the gameplay and indicating the variety of customization options available.


The Storm in Fortnite is the circular barrier that gradually closes in on the playable area, forcing players to move and engage with each other. The video discusses the storm's presence in the 'scuffed' game, emphasizing the pressure it puts on players to keep moving and the strategic decisions it influences.


Sensitivity in gaming refers to the responsiveness of the controls, particularly the mouse or controller, to the player's movements. The video's host comments on the inability to change sensitivity in one of the 'scuffed' games, which affects the aiming and overall gameplay experience.


The video explores the experience of floating in a 'scuffed' version of Fortnite, a popular online game.

The author compares floating in the original Fortnite to the experience in a rip-off version.

The first attempt at floating in the scuffed Fortnite is met with uncertainty and curiosity.

Surprisingly, floating is achievable in the scuffed version, despite the game's different appearance.

The author engages in a 1v1 match to test the floating mechanics further.

A unique aspect is discovered as the author and a friend try to float each other simultaneously.

The ease of floating in the scuffed game is noted, with no noticeable delay.

A shift in the video's focus as the author decides to create a montage of the floating experience.

The graphics of the scuffed Fortnite are criticized for being significantly worse than the original game.

The author expresses frustration with the lack of an edit button in the game.

An unexpected language barrier is encountered, adding to the game's scuffed nature.

The game's user interface is criticized for being clunky and user-unfriendly.

Despite the poor quality, the author finds humor in the game's shortcomings.

A creative attempt to use a Boogie Bomb in the game ends in confusion.

The author struggles with the game's sensitivity settings and lack of customization.

A surprising victory is achieved in the scuffed Fortnite, despite the challenges faced.

The video concludes with a reflection on the overall experience and a question to the viewers about their favorite version.