How To Use MidJourney "Privately" By Creating Your Own Discord Server

Phil Svitek
3 Mar 202303:49

TLDRIn this tutorial, Phil from Speedtech 360, a creative coach, demonstrates how to use MidJourney's AI image creation tool privately by setting up your own Discord server. Initially, when you sign up for MidJourney, you join their Discord channel to utilize the tool. This is beneficial for learning as you can observe others' commands and creations. However, for those who prefer privacy or wish to avoid the clutter of a collective workspace, creating a personal Discord server is the solution. Phil guides viewers through the process of adding a server on Discord, inviting the MidJourney bot, and using it for personal projects without the distractions of a shared environment. The video concludes with an invitation for viewers to ask questions or reach out on social media.


  • 🎨 **Creating Personal Space:** You can create a private Discord server to use MidJourney's AI image creation tool without sharing your work with others.
  • 🔗 **Joining MidJourney:** When signing up for MidJourney, you are directed to their Discord channel, which is the primary way to utilize their tool.
  • 📱 **Observational Learning:** Starting in newcomer rooms allows you to observe and learn from the commands others use to create images.
  • 🤝 **Collaborative Environment:** Being part of a collective helps in learning a new 'language' of commands but can also be overwhelming due to the volume of content.
  • 🚧 **Content Overload:** Having too much content being created simultaneously can make it difficult to manage or find your own work.
  • 🛠️ **Discord Server Setup:** To avoid content overload, create your own Discord server and invite the MidJourney bot for a personalized experience.
  • 🏷️ **Naming Your Server:** Give your server a name that reflects its purpose, such as 'My MidJourney'.
  • 🤖 **Inviting the Bot:** Add the MidJourney bot to your server by selecting it from the MidJourney website and authorizing it.
  • ✅ **Authorization Process:** After adding the bot, confirm you are not a human to authorize its use in your server.
  • 📜 **Custom Prompts:** Once the bot is in your server, you can input prompts to create images tailored to your preferences.
  • 🙌 **Exclusive Access:** The benefit of using your own server is having control over who has access to view and interact with your AI-generated images.
  • ❓ **Ask for Help:** If you have questions, engage with the community by commenting or reaching out on social media.

Q & A

  • What is MidJourney, as discussed in the video?

    -MidJourney is an AI image creation tool that operates within Discord, allowing users to generate images based on prompts.

  • Why might someone want to use MidJourney privately on their own Discord server?

    -A user might want to use MidJourney privately for projects where they don't want others to see their work, to avoid their content getting lost among other users' creations, or to have a more controlled environment for collaboration.

  • What is the initial step to start using MidJourney privately according to the video?

    -The initial step is to create your own Discord server, where you can invite the MidJourney bot to operate privately or with selected collaborators.

  • How can observing other users' creations and commands in MidJourney's public Discord be beneficial?

    -Observing others' creations and commands can be beneficial as it allows new users to learn the 'language' of the AI's commands and see a variety of creative outputs, which can be educational and inspirational.

  • What are the specific steps mentioned for inviting the MidJourney bot to a private Discord server?

    -The steps include going to Discord, creating your own server, naming it, and then adding the MidJourney bot to your server by selecting 'Add to Server', choosing your server, authorizing it, and completing a captcha to confirm you are not a robot.

  • Can you invite friends or collaborators to your private MidJourney Discord server?

    -Yes, you can invite friends or collaborators to join your private Discord server, enabling a team to work together or share creations privately.

  • What example prompt is given in the video for creating an image with MidJourney?

    -An example prompt given in the video for creating an image is 'a cool picture of me,' showcasing how prompts can be simple yet personal.

  • How does the functionality of MidJourney in a private server compare to its public Discord channel?

    -The functionality of MidJourney in a private server is the same as in its public Discord channel, allowing users to input prompts and generate images with the added benefit of privacy or a focused collaborative environment.

  • What is the presenter's attitude towards sharing work in MidJourney's public Discord?

    -The presenter, Phil, doesn't necessarily mind sharing work publicly but points out that it can sometimes get lost amid the volume of content being created simultaneously by others.

  • How does the video conclude?

    -The video concludes with the presenter, Phil, encouraging viewers to ask questions in the comments or contact him on social media for further assistance, followed by a thank you note accompanied by music.



🎨 Utilizing Mid-Journey's AI Image Tool on Your Discord Server

In this video, Phil introduces viewers to the process of using Mid-Journey's AI image creation tool on their personal Discord server. He explains the initial experience of signing up for Mid-Journey and being directed to their Discord channel, which is a communal space for newcomers to create images and observe others' commands and creations. Phil highlights the benefits of this learning environment but also points out the need for privacy and individual focus, especially for those working on personal projects. To address this, he guides viewers on creating their own Discord server and inviting the Mid-Journey bot into it. The steps include adding a server on Discord, naming it, and authorizing the Mid-Journey bot to operate within the server. This allows users to input prompts and generate images in a private setting tailored to their needs or team's requirements.




MidJourney refers to an AI image creation tool that operates within Discord, a popular communication platform. In the context of the video, MidJourney is utilized to generate images based on user inputs, known as prompts. The video discusses setting up a private Discord server specifically for using MidJourney, highlighting its functionality and how it can be personalized for individual or collaborative projects.


Discord is a communication platform that supports voice, video, and text communication between users in a community setting. In the video, Discord is the medium through which the MidJourney bot is accessed and operated. The user, Phil, explains how to create a private Discord server to use MidJourney more privately, thereby managing the visibility of one's creative projects.

💡Discord server

A Discord server is a dedicated space for a community or group of users to communicate and share content. In the video, the creation of a Discord server is demonstrated as a way to privately access and use the MidJourney AI tool, allowing for more controlled and exclusive content creation environments.


In the context of Discord and MidJourney, a bot refers to an automated program that performs tasks. Phil discusses adding the MidJourney bot to a newly created Discord server to facilitate the private creation of AI-generated images, which automates the process of image generation based on user prompts.


Commands in Discord are specific instructions given to bots to perform certain operations. In the video, it's suggested that observing commands in a public MidJourney Discord channel can be educational, as it helps users learn how to effectively interact with the MidJourney bot for generating desired images.

💡Add to server

The 'Add to server' option in Discord allows users to invite bots to their private servers. Phil explains how to select this option for the MidJourney bot, which integrates it into his private Discord server, enabling the personalized use of the MidJourney tool without public exposure.


Authorization in this context refers to permitting the MidJourney bot to operate within a specific Discord server. Phil covers the process of authorizing the bot, which involves confirming security checks to ensure that the user managing the server allows the bot's integration and operation.


Prompts are textual inputs given to the MidJourney AI to generate images. In the video, Phil mentions using prompts in his private Discord to create images, illustrating how specific instructions can lead to the creation of unique and creative visual content.


Privacy in the video is discussed in terms of the ability to control who sees and interacts with one's creative projects. By setting up a private Discord server for MidJourney, users can ensure that their image creation process is not publicly visible, which is particularly useful for sensitive or proprietary projects.


Collaborators are individuals with whom one shares and works on projects. The video touches on the possibility of inviting collaborators to the private Discord server, where they can jointly use the MidJourney tool for shared creative endeavors, enhancing teamwork and project development.


Introduction to using MidJourney's AI image creation tool privately on your own Discord server.

Explanation of the standard process when signing up for MidJourney via their Discord channel.

Benefits of starting in newcomer rooms to learn from others' commands and results.

Insight into the learning process of MidJourney as akin to learning a new language.

The advantage of observing a variety of creations in a public server setting.

The need for a private space arises with frequent use or specific project needs.

Steps to create your own Discord server for a more private experience.

Choosing a name for your new private Discord server.

Option to invite friends or collaborators to the newly created server.

How to add the MidJourney bot to your private server.

Selecting your server in the MidJourney bot options to add it.

Authorization process for the MidJourney bot on your server.

Verifying bot installation and starting to use the bot independently.

Creating the first image prompt in the private server.

How the MidJourney bot operates the same in a private server as in the public one.

Encouragement to reach out with questions via comments or social media.