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29 May 202303:46

TLDRIn this video, the presenter introduces Magic, an AI-powered service that simplifies the process of creating Google Slides presentations. The service offers three free presentations per month, with additional premium features for more frequent use. To demonstrate its capabilities, the presenter uses Magic to create a slideshow on snakes. They input a basic text about snakes, add reference text, and specify instructions such as adding pictures and relevant formatting for a total of 10 slides. The AI then generates a slideshow, which includes automatically selected images and text. The presenter highlights the ability to manually replace images if they are not suitable, emphasizing the time-saving aspect of the service. The video concludes by inviting viewers to share their thoughts and promising future helpful content.


  • 🚀 **Efficient Slide Creation**: Magic allows users to create presentations quickly, with up to three free presentations per month.
  • 🎓 **Educational Tool**: It's suitable for educational purposes, such as creating a slideshow for a year one lesson on snakes.
  • 🌐 **Easy Access**: The service can be accessed via Magic slides dot app and integrated into Google Slides for convenience.
  • 📌 **Customization Options**: Users can input a topic, add reference text, and provide instructions for the AI to follow.
  • 📈 **Slide Quantity**: The AI can generate a specified number of slides, in this case, 10 different slides were requested.
  • 📸 **Automatic Image Inclusion**: Magic automatically adds images to slides, enhancing visual appeal.
  • 🔍 **Image Relevance**: Users have the option to replace images if they are not relevant or appropriate for the subject.
  • ✍️ **Text and Formatting**: The initial draft includes text and formatting, which can be manually adjusted for personalization.
  • ⏱️ **Time-Saving**: The platform saves time by generating a draft, allowing users to focus on refining the content.
  • 📝 **Manual Adjustments**: After the AI generates the slides, users can manually change text, formatting, and images to fit their needs.
  • 📢 **Feedback Welcome**: The video encourages viewers to share if they find the tool useful and consider using it in the future.
  • 📺 **Visual Demonstration**: The transcript provides a step-by-step guide on how to use Magic, making it easy to follow.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI service discussed in the transcript for creating Google Slides presentations?

    -The AI service discussed is called Magic

  • How many presentations can be created for free each month using Magic

    -You can create three presentations for free each month with Magic

  • What is the purpose of using Magic for creating presentations?

    -Magic is used to save time by automatically generating Google Slides presentations based on provided text and instructions.

  • How can one access the Magic slides platform to create a slideshow?

    -You can access Magic slides by visiting Magic slides dot app, installing the add-on, and then using it within your Google Slides platform.

  • What type of content can Magic generate in a slideshow?

    -Magic can generate a slideshow with relevant text, images, and formatting based on the provided topic and reference text.

  • What is the process to replace an image in a Magic generated slideshow?

    -If an image is not appropriate or relevant, you can manually replace it by searching the web for a suitable image and clicking on 'replace' in the Magic slides interface.

  • Can Magic create presentations without any reference text?

    -Yes, Magic can create presentations without reference text, allowing the AI to generate content based on the topic and any instructions provided.

  • What is the benefit of using Magic for creating an initial draft of a slideshow?

    -Magic saves a significant amount of time in creating the initial draft, allowing users to focus on manually refining the text, formatting, and images to their liking.

  • How does Magic decide on the number of slides to generate for a presentation?

    -The user can specify the number of slides they want in the presentation through the Magic slides interface.

  • What are the additional features that Magic offers besides creating presentations?

    -Magic offers premium programs for users who need to create multiple slideshows, in addition to the free three presentations per month.

  • How can users provide feedback or express interest in using Magic in the future?

    -Users can leave comments on the video or platform where the service is discussed, indicating their interest or providing feedback.

  • What is the main takeaway from the transcript regarding the use of Magic for creating Google Slides presentations?

    -The main takeaway is that Magic is a time-saving tool that leverages AI to quickly generate slideshow drafts, which users can then customize to meet their specific needs.



🚀 Introduction to Magic Slides: AI-Powered Slideshow Creation

The video introduces Magic Slides, an AI service that automates the creation of Google Slides presentations. It offers three free presentations monthly and premium options for more. The platform is accessible through the website Magic and integrates with Google Slides. The presenter demonstrates how to use Magic Slides by creating a slideshow on snakes, starting with basic text and using the AI to generate a series of slides with images and relevant formatting.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the video, AI is used to automate the creation of Google Slides presentations through the Magic Slides platform, saving time and effort for users.

💡Google Slides

Google Slides is a free, web-based presentation application that is part of the Google Workspace productivity suite. It allows users to create, edit, and share slideshow presentations. In the video, Google Slides serves as the platform where the AI-generated presentations are created and edited.


Magic is a service that utilizes AI to assist in the creation of presentations. It offers a free tier for creating three presentations per month and premium options for more frequent use. The video demonstrates how this service can be integrated with Google Slides to streamline the presentation creation process.


A presentation is a formal description of a particular topic, often given to an audience with the aid of visual aids such as slides. In the video, the term is used to describe the end product that the AI is helping to create, which is a slideshow on the topic of snakes.

💡Reference Text

Reference text is the source material or information that provides the basis for the content of a presentation or any written work. In the video, the presenter uses a basic text on snakes as the reference text to inform the AI what content to include in the slides.


Add-ons or extensions are additional features or tools that can be integrated into a software application to enhance its functionality. In the context of the video, the Magic Slides add-on is used within Google Slides to facilitate the creation of presentations through AI.

💡Automated Slide Generation

Automated slide generation is the process of creating slides using software that automatically formats and arranges content. The video showcases how Magic uses AI to generate slides based on the provided reference text and user instructions, streamlining the presentation creation process.

💡Relevant Formatting

Relevant formatting refers to the arrangement and presentation of text and images in a way that is appropriate and enhances the understanding of the content. The video mentions the importance of relevant formatting when instructing the AI to create slides, ensuring that the final presentation is visually appealing and informative.


Images are visual representations such as photographs or illustrations that can be included in a presentation to support the text and make the content more engaging. The video discusses how the AI can add images to slides, and also how users can replace images if they find more suitable ones.

💡Legless Reptiles

Legless reptiles refer to a group of animals, specifically snakes, which do not have legs and move by slithering. This term is used in the video to categorize snakes and is part of the educational content presented in the AI-generated slides.

💡Manual Adjustment

Manual adjustment refers to the process of making changes to a document, image, or presentation by directly editing or modifying it. In the video, the presenter manually adjusts the AI-generated slides by replacing images and changing text to fine-tune the presentation.


Efficiency is the quality of providing the best possible results with the least waste of time or effort. The video emphasizes the efficiency of using AI to create an initial draft of a slideshow, which can then be manually refined, saving the user significant time and effort.


Magic is a service that allows users to create Google Slides presentations with AI assistance.

Users can create up to three presentations for free each month with Magic

The platform offers premium programs for creating multiple slideshows.

The basic text on snakes is used as an example for a year one lesson.

The Magic slides platform can be accessed and installed through Magic slides dot app.

After installation, users can create a new slideshow and access Magic slides through Google Slides' add-ons.

AI generates slides based on the topic 'snakes' and reference text provided by the user.

Users can add instructions for the AI, such as adding pictures and relevant formatting.

The AI can create a specified number of slides, in this case, 10 different slides.

The generated slideshow includes automatically added images and references.

Users have the option to replace any inappropriate or irrelevant images with more suitable ones.

The AI-generated slideshow serves as an initial draft, which can be manually edited for text, formatting, and images.

Magic saves time in creating the initial draft of a slideshow.

The platform is suitable for occasional presentations or workshops.

The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to use Magic for creating Google Slides.

The presenter encourages viewers to share their thoughts on using Magic in the comments section.

The video concludes with a thank you message and an invitation to watch the next video.