Exposing ICT and his concepts once and for all. This took 3 months.

20 Sept 202343:37


TLDRThe video script presents a detailed critique of ICT (Inner Circle Trader), challenging his credibility and trading methodologies. It accuses ICT of manipulating evidence, using flawed backtesting, and failing to deliver consistent trading success. The narrator dissects various claims made by ICT, including the controversial use of Photoshop for financial gains and the inability to provide verifiable, long-term trading results. The script also highlights ICT's alleged use of intimidation and deception to maintain a facade of success, ultimately questioning the legitimacy of his trading strategies and mentorship programs.


  • 💬 The speaker vehemently denies accusations of being a fraud, emphasizing that all claims made in the video are backed by evidence.
  • 🔥 ICT is criticized for defending a photoshopped withdrawal and later claiming it was a joke, raising questions about his credibility.
  • 💸 The speaker claims to have made more money from teaching trading than from trading itself, questioning the validity of ICT's trading methods.
  • 📈 ICT's alleged failures in trading competitions and account management are highlighted to challenge his reputation as a successful trader.
  • 🤔 The script questions the authenticity of ICT's trading success, pointing out inconsistencies and alleged manipulations in his public statements.
  • 📝 ICT's reliance on backtesting and selective data presentation is criticized, suggesting it misrepresents his trading strategy's effectiveness.
  • 💯 The narrative suggests ICT manipulates his followers through carefully crafted messaging, positioning himself as an unmatched trading mentor.
  • 🙄 Allegations of ICT's mental health issues are discussed, hinting at possible explanations for his grandiose claims about the trading market.
  • 🚫 Concerns are raised about the cult-like following ICT has developed, with the script suggesting he discourages critical questioning among his followers.
  • 😭 The script ends on a note of skepticism towards ICT's methods, urging viewers to critically evaluate the evidence and claims made.

Q & A

  • What is the main accusation against ICT in the video?

    -The main accusation against ICT is that he is a fraud who falsely represents his trading success, uses manipulation and deception including photoshopped evidence of trading success, and relies on flawed teaching methods that do not result in actual trading proficiency.

  • Why won't ICT take legal action against defamation according to the video?

    -According to the video, ICT won't take legal action for defamation because the evidence and accusations presented against him are true, making it difficult for him to challenge the claims legally.

  • What evidence is presented to claim ICT's withdrawal was fake?

    -The evidence presented is that a multi-million dollar withdrawal claimed by ICT was discovered to be photoshopped because he forgot to add a minus sign to the picture.

  • How does ICT justify his photoshop action according to the video?

    -ICT justifies his photoshop action by claiming he left the negative symbol off as a joke, even after initially defending the withdrawal as being real.

  • What does ICT claim about making money from teaching versus trading?

    -ICT claims that he has made much more money from teaching and mentorship than from live trading, admitting that his earnings from teaching and mentorship are in the millions.

  • How is ICT's trading performance in the Robin's Cup described in the video?

    -ICT's performance in the Robin's Cup is described as failing terribly and being a fraud if he didn't win, which he admitted to doing on purpose after failing.

  • What criticism is made about ICT's method of proving his trading success?

    -The criticism made is that ICT relies on after-the-fact tweets and recorded trades, rather than showing live, real-time trading or providing audited third-party statements, to prove his success.

  • What logical fallacy is ICT accused of committing in his teaching according to the video?

    -ICT is accused of committing the Texas Sharpshooter logical fallacy, where he cherry-picks data or instances that support his argument while ignoring those that do not.

  • What is said about ICT's teaching on back testing and market prediction?

    -The video claims that ICT's teaching on back testing and market prediction is flawed, relying on hindsight trading and selection bias, leading to a worse success rate than random chance.

  • What psychological condition does ICT admit to having, and how is it related to his claims?

    -ICT admits to being bipolar and having obsessive-compulsive disorder. The video suggests that his grandiose claims about coding the market algorithm and being under surveillance might be related to delusions of grandeur, a symptom of bipolar disorder.



🚫 Exposing ICT's Misleading Tactics

This paragraph outlines a critical perspective on ICT (Inner Circle Trader), accusing him of fraudulent behavior and misleading claims about his trading success. The critic alleges ICT of photoshopping withdrawal proofs, making false claims about his trading efficacy, and manipulating new traders with his supposed success stories and trading concepts. The narrative questions ICT's integrity by highlighting inconsistencies in his statements, including claims of teaching for free while making substantial profits from mentorship programs, and his dubious historical trading performance. The critic's aim is to debunk ICT's credibility by pointing out the lack of real, verifiable trading success and to expose his strategies as ineffective through detailed analysis.


🔍 Analyzing ICT's Teaching and Claims

The second paragraph dives into a detailed critique of ICT's trading concepts and instructional methods. It questions the validity of his teachings through a statistical analysis of his predictions and the success rate of his strategies, which purportedly perform worse than a coin flip. The critic highlights the use of cherry-picked examples and hindsight trading as misleading tactics to fabricate success stories. The narrative further scrutinizes ICT's penchant for claiming unparalleled trading insights and the manipulation of his follower base through promises of exclusive knowledge and success, ultimately suggesting that ICT's methodologies are fundamentally flawed and rely heavily on deceptive practices to attract and retain followers.


📉 The Flaws in ICT's Trading Strategies

This paragraph continues the critical analysis of ICT's trading strategies, focusing on his back-testing methods and the selective presentation of trading concepts. It emphasizes how ICT's approach, which allegedly involves cherry-picking data and crafting narratives around selected success stories, fails to hold up under more rigorous scrutiny. The critic underscores the statistical insignificance of ICT's strategies, arguing that they are not only ineffective but can be counterproductive. The narrative suggests that ICT's teachings could potentially mislead traders into making uninformed decisions based on flawed assumptions and manipulated data.


🧠 Questioning ICT's Integrity and Methods

In this paragraph, the critique becomes more personal, delving into ICT's character and the authenticity of his claims. The critic challenges ICT's narrative of altruism and his assertion of trading on a demo account as proof of his prowess. It also raises questions about ICT's mental health claims, suggesting they may contribute to or explain some of his grandiose assertions about the trading market and his own capabilities. The narrative paints ICT as a manipulative figure who uses his platform to mislead followers for personal gain, while also potentially suffering from delusions that affect his perception of reality.


📚 ICT's Dubious Mentorship and Claims

This paragraph scrutinizes ICT's mentorship program and the veracity of his trading success claims. It highlights allegations of ICT blowing up accounts during his mentorship, requiring non-disclosure agreements from participants, and failing to fulfill promises of charity donations. The narrative also delves into bizarre claims made by ICT, including receiving trading insights from divine sources and being threatened by mysterious figures for sharing his trading 'secrets.' The critic aims to expose the absurdity and potential deceit in ICT's narratives, suggesting they serve more to build a cult of personality than to offer genuine trading insights.


⚖️ Debunking ICT's Smart Money Concepts

This paragraph offers a comprehensive critique of ICT's Smart Money Concepts (SMC), arguing that they are no more effective than basic trading strategies like support and resistance. The critic posits that the success of any trading strategy, including ICT's, relies heavily on the trader's discretion and experience rather than the strategy itself. This section suggests that ICT's concepts are repackaged basic principles sold under the guise of proprietary knowledge, and that the perceived superiority of ICT's methods among his followers stems from ego and the cult-like atmosphere he cultivates, rather than any demonstrable trading success.


📈 Reality Check on Trading Success and ICT's Influence

The final paragraph offers a reality check on the nature of trading success and the influence of ICT's teachings. It challenges the notion that passing a trading evaluation or adopting ICT's methods equates to long-term profitability. The critic emphasizes the importance of consistent performance over time rather than short-term wins, suggesting that ICT's celebration of isolated successes misrepresents the true nature of trading success. The narrative concludes by critiquing the cult-like following ICT has developed, attributing it to manipulative practices and a misunderstanding of market dynamics, rather than genuine trading acumen.




ICT stands for Inner Circle Trader, a figure central to the video's narrative, portrayed as a controversial trading mentor. The video scrutinizes his trading methods, mentorship programs, and claims of success. ICT's approach, involving concepts like 'smart money', 'fair value gaps', and a proprietary 'algorithm', is critiqued for lack of transparency and questionable effectiveness. Examples from the script include discussions on ICT's alleged manipulation of trading results and his emphasis on teaching for 'free' while generating significant income.


In the context of the video, 'Photoshop' is used to describe the act of altering images to falsely represent trading success. ICT is accused of photoshopping a withdrawal, purportedly to mislead followers about his trading profitability. This instance is highlighted as evidence of deceit, undermining ICT's credibility and casting doubt on his claims of trading expertise.


Defamation is mentioned in the video in relation to ICT's reluctance to sue the video's creator for defamation, suggesting that the accusations made in the video are true. This highlights the legal implications of making false claims against someone and suggests that ICT's failure to take legal action indicates the validity of the video's claims.

💡Back Testing

Back testing is a critical concept in the video, referring to the method of testing trading strategies against historical data. The video accuses ICT of relying on 'hindsight trading' or selecting favorable outcomes to showcase the success of his strategies. This critique suggests that ICT's methods are flawed, as they allegedly cherry-pick data to support predetermined conclusions rather than providing a reliable framework for future trading.


Discretion in trading, as discussed in the video, refers to the subjective judgment traders apply when deciding on trades, beyond what indicators or systems suggest. The video argues that ICT's trading concepts require such discretion, implying that his methods lack a solid, reproducible foundation. This criticism points to the idea that ICT's success stories may be more about individual intuition than about the efficacy of his teaching.


The term 'algorithm' is central to the controversy surrounding ICT, who claims to have developed a master algorithm that controls market movements. The video challenges this claim, suggesting it's implausible and lacks evidence. This critique underlines the broader skepticism about ICT's methods and the feasibility of such an algorithm in the unpredictable and diverse world of trading.

💡Smart Money

Smart Money is a term used by ICT to describe his approach to trading, which supposedly aligns with the practices of institutional investors. The video critiques this concept, suggesting that ICT's definition and application of 'Smart Money' principles are misleading and do not offer a genuine advantage to his followers. This term encapsulates the critique of ICT's purported insider knowledge and trading strategies.


Manipulation is a recurring theme in the video, referring to ICT's alleged efforts to distort the truth about his trading performance and methods. The video suggests that ICT manipulates both data and narratives to maintain the illusion of success, including disabling comments on YouTube to avoid scrutiny. This keyword underscores the video's accusation of dishonesty and deceit in ICT's interactions with his followers.

💡Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is mentioned in the context of ICT followers struggling to reconcile their beliefs with the contradictory evidence presented in the video. This psychological concept is used to explain how some of ICT's followers might ignore or rationalize the discrepancies between ICT's claims and their own trading experiences. It illustrates the emotional and cognitive challenges in confronting deeply held beliefs.


The term 'cult' is used in the video to describe the fervent following ICT has cultivated, likening his mentorship program to a cult-like group that discourages dissent and critical thinking. This comparison is drawn to highlight the extreme loyalty some followers exhibit, despite evidence that questions ICT's legitimacy as a trading mentor. The video uses this term to critique the social dynamics and influence ICT wields over his audience.


ICT's multi-million dollar withdrawal discovered as being photoshopped, lacking a minus sign.

ICT claims a fraudulent withdrawal was a joke after being caught.

ICT admits to making more money teaching than trading.

ICT's history of failed trading accounts and competitions highlighted.

Claims of ICT's trading success scrutinized due to lack of live trading evidence.

ICT's teaching methods criticized for relying on hindsight and cherry-picked data.

ICT's failure in the Robin's Cup trading competition noted.

ICT's credibility questioned due to inconsistent and exaggerated claims.

Allegations of ICT's mentorship lacking transparency and using NDAs.

ICT accused of fabricating stories about being threatened over trading secrets.

Critique of ICT's claim to have coded a market-controlling algorithm.

ICT's manipulation tactics and cult-like follower behavior highlighted.

Concerns raised about ICT's mental health claims influencing his trading philosophy.

ICT's concepts criticized for lacking empirical support and promoting a flawed trading methodology.

Criticism of ICT's promotion of his free content while making substantial income from YouTube and mentorships.

Questioning the authenticity of ICT's trading success stories and the validity of his trading concepts.



if you think I'm a fraud in a scammer go [ __ ]  yourself okay that's as plain as I can make it for  


you [ __ ] you ICT will say this video is BS but  what he doesn't want you to know is that he won't  


take any real action like suing for defamation  because everything you're about to see is 100 True  


with sources to all evidence every single defense  of ICT and his trading Concepts is Thoroughly  


refuted later on I don't need to fake a statement  I don't need to have to do any Photoshop most of  


you already know that ict's big multi-million  dollar withdrawal was discovered as being  


photoshopped because he forgot to add a minus sign  to the picture not only did ICT adamantly defend  


this withdrawal as being real and attack those  who didn't believe him but after he was caught ICT  


then claimed he did it all as a joke I literally  left the negative symbol off as a [ __ ] joke the  


man who deleted access to hide his account  being down and the same man who photoshopped  


a withdrawal is here saying he doesn't need to  photoshop anything fake anything or hide anything  


I've made so much more money teaching than I  did trading I can tell you honestly you made  


that algorithm see my name more times than anybody  else could have done it and I thank you for that  


I thank you for that bro my [ __ ] kids are gonna  have a nice Christmas just from that alone quarter  


of a million [ __ ] dollars in YouTube earnings  baby okay have I made more money teaching and  


mentorship than I have in live trading and the  answer is yes I've made millions millions and  


millions and millions more teaching mentorship I  am really really rich now we'll get more into the  


Robin's cup later and how he said he was a fraud  if he didn't win right before failing terribly  


and then saying he did it on purpose or maybe I'm  mixing up which time he failed which account with  


which time he said he did it on purpose of course  we can't trust him to share a screenshot of broker  


statements based on his history of photoshopping  although he'd probably mess it up so go for it and  


yes this is just over half a year of trading  from August 3rd 2015 to February 2016 and as  


you can see the total return was minus 97 the  funny thing is that the ICT followers who have  


been around for a while mostly collectively agree  that ICT himself is extremely bad at trading it's  


only the new traders who don't know his history  that think he's good at his own Concepts now you  


might be confused by ict's constant boasting of  calling price to the tick and calling the market  


every day when you go to his Twitter and only find  tweets about fair value gaps two hours after they  


happened tweets about how he entered a position  nine hours ago or vague things like I think the  


market is going to go down more which makes him  right as long as the market doesn't pivot in  


that exact moment and then you go hmm that's  weird Twitter isn't a broker let me go check  


his YouTube channel for all that real-time live  he's always talking about but all you'll find is  


information about how to trade price action that  already happened it was all demo I've never shown  


any live trading ever ever in a live account this  is why ICT acts like this anytime someone asks  


him to show a track record of his trades see  when it comes to avoiding having to show real  


documents about his long-term Trading performance  he wants you to believe that his tweets call outs  


and recorded trades uploaded after they're over is  proof of him being amazing at trading however when  


that stops being convenient for him suddenly  tweets call outs and individual trades mean  


nothing and now a third party audited statements  are all that matter it makes it even funnier to  


think about the fact that he's failed the Robin's  Cup every time and has failed every account he's  


ever shown yet somehow walks around challenging  anyone who points out stuff that he does that  


makes him look bad to a trading competition just  wanted to point out that somehow ICT has created  


a new term called real-time live which refers  to tweeting and uploading single trades after  


they're over on screen are some techniques you  would use if you wanted to give the impression  


that you were good at trading to fool an audience  oh what a coincidence this is what ICT does if  


you're wondering why uploading individual trades  means nothing it's because it's the easiest way  


to trick people just only upload the wins ICT  doesn't show the running balance on accounts  


when he uploads those trades hmm I wonder why what  could possibly be the reason that every Guru shows  


no verified long-term results and only shows  individual trades and here's a screenshot from  


a few years ago of him saying he was a fraud and  didn't know how to trade if he didn't win right  


before failing like he has every other time he's  entered I don't understand ict's obsession with  


the Robbin's cup which is mostly just because  he's an extremely talented manipulator and this  


makes him look really stupid he goes around  saying Robbin's cup is all that matters and  


calling trades means nothing in order to get out  of situations he put himself in while also saying  


I can call price to the tick while also saying  Robbin's cup means everything yet he's failed  


it every time but I'm thankful that he made  this video easy to make here's a screenshot  


of an old ICT mentorship moderator claiming that  ict's Robbin's account was down over 60 percent  


before it got deleted and on the right is a great  documentation of ego I'm just saying my stuff  


is superior to everybody else's I have the best  tools in trading I have the best models in trading  


and if I'm trading in the optimal time there  is nobody that's going to trade better than me  


that's not ego that's the facts and I made a multi  multi multi multi multi-million dollar Empire on  


a [ __ ] demo account the greatest Trader in the  World trades on demo while claiming he can do it  


on a live account but I don't think he can because  a live account has no reset button you're a liar  


okay I can take you to my garage okay and show  you my Audi R8 I can do that I can show you my  


two Lamborghinis okay I can do that I feel you on  a daily basis that you're full of [ __ ] that you  


have nothing you say I suck prove to me that I  suck because I guarantee you in one week I will  


twice I'll do more than 10 times which you can  earn in Pips so I'm off my soapbox balls in your  


court bit so now let's go over to the charts ICT  is constantly going on about how great he is for  


doing everything for free in fact it's basically  his main selling point now you're seeing tweets of  


him mentioning the word free some of them aren't  relevant but almost all of them are him alluding  


to how great of a person he is for doing things  for free and that somehow him doing it for free  


validates his trading Concepts sure the man who  made millions and millions of dollars selling a  


mentorship multiple times while failing trading  accounts and having to photoshop a withdrawal to  


convince people that he's not the worst Trader of  all time is a saint because he makes back testing  


videos for free right the guy who makes twenty  five thousand dollars a month just in YouTube  


ad revenue is doing it for free it's free he's  not charging you anything you are the product  


and watch this video in the top right if you want  to learn exactly how much money per thousand views  


trading YouTubers make keep in mind that before  Michael did his mentorships where he got all his  


money from he didn't post videos bragging about  his wealth or constantly mentioning how rich he  


was really really rich now it was only after this  that we began to be bombarded by constant bragging  


tweets his Mansion his pool his Corvettes and  other vehicles that big old RV and everything  


else now ICT is currently experiencing the same  cognitive dissonance that every ICT follower  


has felt during this video information that  doesn't align with your beliefs causing yucky  


feelings in the brain for ICT this is happening  because he portrays himself as a saint for doing  


everything for free but selling books would cost  money and now he doesn't know what to do because  


his brain is going uh oh that would remove my  biggest selling point anybody else doing that  


for [ __ ] free no and you know what you know I  was going to write books I have them I have them  


right now they're they're ready to go but you  know what happens if I do that the same little  


bits that sit around around and talk [ __ ] about  me oh see this is where he's getting his next bit  


of money now I don't need to do that I'm going  to release him for free so go [ __ ] yourself  


enjoy working the rest of your [ __ ] life and yes  they're gonna [ __ ] Trader alive that can beat me  


period talking all that [ __ ] oh he's making up  some dumb [ __ ] come on [ __ ] I will light you  


on fire want to count third party audited a whole  year that's how you know someone can trade better  


releasing books is an easy way for ICT to make at  least a million dollars let's not forget about the  


fact that ICT said that some of his mentorship  money would go towards charity which he never  


did and he also heard instructions on how to  trade from God but I'll cover that more later  


when I set out to pursue my suspicion that ICT  was basing everything he teaches about trading  


through completely invalid and atrocious back  testing AKA hindsight trading within the first  


three minutes my mind was blown on screen are my  academic credentials which thankfully puts me in  


a great position to obliterate everything that ICT  teaches in one Fell Swoop this includ included an  


entire class dedicated to research methods and  yes it was as awful as it sounds I only say this  


because I know what I'm talking about when it  comes to human error and analyzing data ICT is  


really good at trading charts that have already  happened but once again there's a reason he  


doesn't trade live now this video is from ICT  showing you how to find explosive price moves  


before they happen this is about having specific  criteria for candles in order to determine if the  


next move will be explosive and it's using a  weekly price chart the blatant flaws from him  


you're about to see are consistent through all  of his teaching videos which includes all of his  


mentorship trading models so using that criteria  these are the candles he selected as indications  


of an explosive move looks pretty good right  I mean look at that but what happens when we  


use ict's criteria to not exclude the instances  where the candle size didn't result in a big move  


after and now we introduce my new nickname for  ICT I had a whole section on new nicknames but  


I decided to take it out but you know you know he  loves his nicknames I propose we label him as the  


Maryland sharpshooter in reference to a logical  fallacy called the Texas Sharpshooter which is  


when you cherry pick a data cluster to suit your  argument this is the entire basis of everything  


he teaches now I used the largest candle that he  selected as the maximum size of other candles so  


nothing that I highlighted is bigger than his  maximum criteria you'll also notice that when  


a candle didn't actually predict anything but  had another small one after he extended the  


highlights to two weekly candles he completely  ignored every instance where the candle didn't  


result in what he wanted to show even though it  matched his criteria and I have highlighted all of  


those in pink now in this instance determining an  explosive move is a yes or no outcome which means  


the criteria will either work or it will not what  he is teaching here Works worse than a coin flip  


an ICT is extremely adamant in that he doesn't do  50 50. he does worse than that now what else does  


ICT do Beyond just blatantly horrible back testing  he also Cherry picks a specific moment in time to  


try and show that what he's teaching works this is  what happens when you use a more adequate sample  


size to test an idea and guess what his 33 success  rate on determining a yes or no event drops even  


lower to 27 this means that what he's teaching  is so incredibly flawed and incorrect that you  


can actually use what he's teaching to determine  the likelihood of something not working yes you  


heard that correctly you can use ict's Concepts  here with statistical significance to determine  


that the next candles won't be an explosive move  and guess what even if I was wrong on over half of  


my highlighted examples it would still be worse  than a coin flip are you are you understanding  


that and don't forget that ICT said that frauds  teach from the left side of the charts while  


his entire approach to teaching is based on back  testing also don't forget that every account is  


publicly tracked has either been completely blown  or finished negative now ict's selection of data  


was about a year worth of action up to the date  of his recording but this change is nothing going  


further back shows the concepts working terribly  and showing the action past the uploading of this  


video gave the same results there is no possible  defense of this Beyond logical fallacies which is  


what the comments will be filled with also here's  ICT confirming everything I've already told you  


that's how I teach my students to back test it's  not pushing a market replay and watching a trade  


pan out that's a that's a walk forward test  that's not that's not what I'm saying before  


you even get there you got to spend time in Old  price moves annotate your charts you walk out  


the whole details of what you see through the  benefit of hindsight and you're going to see  


these reoccurring things repeat over and over  again and then you'll be confident when you  


see me tweeting note this fair value Gap here  and note this by side what am I saying when I  


do that did I say buy the fair value Gap and take  profits at that buy side liquidity no he literally  


encourages completely flawed back testing I mean  it's insane and if you aren't with me on that you  


will be in one sec deck because this is how ICT  manipulates you Traders can tweak their strategies  


to fit historical data perfectly creating the  illusion of profitability Traders might test  


multiple variations of a strategy on the same  historical data set and then select the one  


that performs the best this one fits perfectly  because ICT has dozens of Concepts to choose  


from and encourages traders to use variations of  them together Traders May inadvertently curve fit  


their strategies to historical data by continually  adjusting parameters until they achieve impressive  


results they learned this one from ICT who makes  slight adjustments to criteria all the time in  


order to get the data to show what he wants you  to see Traders May consciously or unconsciously  


cherry pick data points that align with their  desired outcome while neglecting those that  


do not because that's exactly where the algorithm  is going to go don't take my word for what I just  


said don't just say because ICT said it I believe  it no go back and look through your charts and you  


will see what I just said is algorithmically  proven to you it goes on every single week it  


happens this way all the time it does it all the  time it's Flawless it never fails it's always in  


the charts you can set your life around it as a  model this is one way that you can look outside  


of the am session in the PM session and go right  in there once you understand how liquidity works  


and what you're looking for that could be  your model your setup it's why he teaches  


through action that's already happened and why  he doesn't live stream trades consistently live  


streaming would remove the illusion they may  Overlook or downplay contradictory patterns  


or data dismissing them as outliers or anomalies  confirmation bias can be particularly pronounced  


in group settings where individuals with similar  beliefs reinforce each other's views but I want  


the opportunity for him to receive all the  glory all the praise all the attention I don't  


want that if I wanted it I'd stay around I'm at  the height folks if you think this is all about  


beating my chest and bragging this is not bragging  think listen to what I'm about to say I'm at the  


biggest I've ever been and I'm leaving that was  an audio clip of ICT saying that if he was doing  


all this for attention then he wouldn't be leaving  but since the date of that Twitter space audio I  


CT has already announced that he's coming back  he has done this repeatedly over the years and he  


will do it again he'll make some dramatic tweets  about how he's going to leave his students get  


upset and then he says I'll be back why did you  leave baby Pips get to the point bro let's go


but it was supposedly someone else or  supposedly she's saying it was me and I was  


[ __ ] puppy ICT was banned from baby Pips for  sock puppeting which means a fictitious online  


identity created for the purposes of deception  AKA creating accounts with different names that  


you secretly control he said he wouldn't do  another paid mentorship he did he used to say  


that he couldn't live stream or show his trades  because it would reveal the secret algorithm but  


maybe he stopped saying that after people told  him how stupid of an excuse that was he has  


YouTube comments off ensuring that his followers  are shielded to any doubters and by doubters I  


mean people like me pointing out objectively true  things that cannot be argued against by anything  


other than calling me names and saying that I'm  doing this for attention reminds me of when I  


exposed the trading geek and he turned off YouTube  comments I know I already mentioned this but ICT  


acting like a saint and constantly mentioning  that you can learn from them for free as he  


makes 25k a month on YouTube and made millions  of dollars off of selling mentorships drives me  


insane the only people who's fooling with that  one are the new traders who somehow think that  


free means he's doing it out of the kindness  of his heart rather than for YouTube ad Revenue  


new but most importantly the attention he is so  desperate to get from thousands of followers who  


worship His every word ICT has also claimed  in the past that some of those accounts he  


failed were on purpose yeah and once again some  people actually believe this starting an account  


hyping it up about growing it failing it and then  being like yeah I actually did that to teach you  


very important lessons no you this is one of my  favorite ways to summarize ICT Concepts man those  


squares and rectangles on your chart are garbage  you gotta learn about the squares and rectangles  


that ICT talks about those ones work okay time to  talk about the algorithm no matter how many times  


I read about it I still can't wrap my head around  the fact that people believe this also here's a  


funny tweet social media allows pathological Liars  to breed like roaches a bit ironic right ICT says  


that his algorithm Enigma is what makes price move  he says that the market doesn't move from buy or  


sell orders it's Enigma that moves it and he says  that he created it it's not even worth getting  


into the absurdity of that more because the people  who believe that are never going to hear something  


that changes their mind and the rest of us are  already like how can anyone possibly believe this  


so we are at a stalemate you cannot reason with  a rationality as Sam KB stated here's the basis  


of ict's recruitment for new beginners you are a  failing Trader then you find ICT who says you're  


failing because it's rigged the trader goes oh no  way that makes sense then ICT goes luckily for you  


I know the algorithm that controls price and then  the trader goes oh wow thank you so much and bang  


they're hooked for Life his method of learning new  Traders is literally that the markets are rigged  


and that he has all the answers it's not your  fault that you're failing come over here and I'll  


teach it for free he actually said that he holds  the Grail as in his concepts are the Holy Grail of  


trading as a community of Traders we collectively  agree that there is no Holy Grail in trading nope  


ICT actually has it because he coded the market  engine of where price goes before Banks see it  


and are allowed to deal with it what now I really  didn't want to include this in the video because  


I don't want it to take away from the main points  but after learning more about IC T and the things  


he believes and claims I have no choice I do have  a mental illness I am bipolar I am obsessively  


compulsive now as someone who learned extensively  about bipolar disorder during college since I was  


going to become a therapist oh yeah maybe maybe  I should start calling myself your therapist  


therapist kind of a cool little word play on  ict's nickname of your mentor's Mentor either  


way I immediately recognized everything ICT was  saying as delusions of grandeur and I personally  


spent quite a bit of time at a psych ward with  a man going through a manic episode which is the  


part of bipolar disorder that can cause delusions  of grandeur no no no I was there drop shadowing  


an employee or maybe that's just what I believe  huh I'm not harping on mental illness at all or  


using it to attack I'm simply pointing out that  believing you coded the algorithm that controls  


the market and that people will come to your  house at night if you reveal too many Secrets  


is the best example of a manic episode I've ever  heard Mania is characterized by delusions that  


are clearly untrue and far-reaching the man I  spent time with in the psych ward tried to gift  


me 10 cars he did known but believed he did pay  attention to the part there that says belief that  


one has a special relationship with a supernatural  entity cult leaders for example might believe they  


can communicate with a God or that they are a  manifestation of a God on Earth this is where it  


gets interesting I do have a mental illness I am  bipolar I am obsessively compulsive and I am not  


perfect but God has used this frail man that has  very humble beginnings very very humble beginnings  


and used me to impact so many of you being wealthy  is insignificant my wealth is knowing that I've  


had the privilege to be able to share this with  you but I don't want to take any of the credit  


I don't want any of the credit he's picked me  up like a pen and I've submitted myself to him  


and the things that you've learned came from him  that's the truth that's it whether you choose to  


believe it or not it matters not to me if it  was somewhere else I got the information from  


I promise you I'd say I got it from there I got  it from that person I learned it from there I  


got this book over here it came right from him so  yeah there's a still quiet voice and yes I heard  


it and it's spoke to me a lot in my life I want to  make myself available so I can hear it more often  


delusions of grandeur is the only way my brain can  comprehend someone believing what he does maybe  


it's unrelated maybe not I would never attack  someone for a mental illness I'm simply trying  


to connect some possible dots to explain an absurd  situation I myself went through quite a big phase  


of depression due to listening to hours and hours  of ICT Twitter Space videos and reading two years  


worth of his tweets that's a little thing I like  to call a joke because mental illness is a touchy  


subject I have been working on this for three  months and it is killing me here's a screenshot  


of an alleged member of his mentorship from 2018  claiming that ICT blew two accounts during it it's  


also true that he had everyone sign ndas as well  as satisfaction agreements to try and make it so  


nobody could get a refund I know that like me upon  seeing this you will think it's not real but it  


is I will now paraphrase a long message sent by  ICT a few years ago I met two older gentlemen on  


August 6 1994 and I was interviewed three times  in person their names were Parson and Tobias  


they were much older than me then and they were  very interested in how I was running my results  


in open Forum on AOL then since those interviews  Parson made it known he regrets it all and yes I  


received threats over the past 25 years yes I have  been followed in my family I have had visits at my  


homes that aren't listed publicly by them do I  believe them when they tell me the consequences  


if I reveal what I know yes when you have to sit  with these men multiple times over the past two  


decades and yes you'd be scared yes I know what  they can do yes I am stopping my mentorship as  


a result of it you folks are not aware of the  things I know and have seen some of you fakes  


pretend to be woke but are blind to it all I have  lived my life in many online identities and tried  


to expose what I felt was reasonable when I got  too close to the goal line I received a call or a  


visit I moved and still they would reach out to me  you don't know the half of it you don't know fear  


until you were driven in a car to a location where  you were met with several men and things presented  


as a response for doing what you feel the public  deserves to know does this make a man a fraud no  


it makes them a sane man you will likely never  experience Terror in your heart when you are  


accompanied by people who never speak and you are  sat in the circle of them and are warned words  


don't reach far enough this is why I call myself  Inner Circle traitor my logo is a fib sequence  


applied to circles that was the passcode to enter  the offices I was taken to I was not permitted to  


see the way to it and I had to ride in the back  of a closed van without windows so when you see  


people utter the words smart money they haven't  the faintest idea what they are talking about now  


you know who they are and why you will never beat  them so either this is delusions of grandeur from  


his self-admitted diagnosis of bipolar disorder or  this is some narcissistic attempt at manipulation  


or I don't know just a big problem with lying  whatever the answer is it's quite shocking but  


either way if you want to start a cult this  is the kind of stuff you have to do ICT is  


extremely clever in the way he speaks and he has  been manipulating the reaction to him for a long  


time he knows what he's doing most of the time  but don't take it from me here's ICT saying it  


himself all I gotta do is do what it is I do  and people are gonna flock there I know how  


to start a fire a dumpster fire I know how to  cause a spectacle I can bring a controversy I  


can twist in life and get trolls chattering I can  get people pissed off at me I can win them back  


I can start someone on the path and they'll think  I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread he has  


followed the rules and done exactly what you're  supposed to do if you want to build an audience  


of loyal members who practically worship you  but you see subtle manipulation with carefully  


selected words stops being so subtle when you  collect every tweet of its mention and then you  


start to see The Genius of his evil little brain  with lots of manipulation ripples truth the longer  


you wait you will see I have told you nothing but  the facts you will hear fanciful excuses but you  


know the truth in half since I told you beneath  the distractions of retail indicators exists  


the unrivaled truth smile you know the truth  the truth may be inconvenient but it's still  


the truth that's an interesting one I wonder if  ICT will smile when he watches this video since  


this is all the truth nothing is random in price  delivery if you don't know don't assume everyone  


else should subscribe to ignorance right along  with you the truth is here what context the truth  


why did I take this trade how come I did that  easy the truth idiot behold the reality and  


power of the truth instead of arm wrestling  the truth and denying the power of knowing  


it does have a puppeteer align yourself with  it AKA don't question anything just believe  


everything I'm saying I'm sorry if the truth is  inconvenient for you hey Alan that one sounds  


familiar when you spend your life on one side  of a two-way mirror convinced you see the truth  


it is understandable to feel empowered however  you don't know who is looking at you in reality  


I prove my Concepts and my prowess is  superior and without making up lies  


um well what I showed was ample evidence of  superior insight there is a small fraction  


who refused to accept it and how Superior it is  electing to use retail theories and Antiquated  


Concepts there has been nothing like what you  learn here ever taught by anyone else before me  


deny them they will say anything make up anything  to distract you from learning this deny them stop  


placing faith in useless things you deny the  evidence still doubt is discouraged Liars in  


the uninitiated are the only people who would see  it as anything but wisdom if you spend time and  


energy fighting people who clearly show you they  aren't on board with your views you will waste  


time literally encouraging you to not engage  with anyone who doubts ICT Concepts creating  


an US versus them mentality oh I see you are lazy  no capacity to understand charts move on this is  


too much meat scared pee your pants I Det kill  everything for people like you to make a change  


from the ignorant miserable specimen you exhibit  here this is one of my personal favorites because  


people are constantly talking about how one hour  worth of ICT videos could just easily be shortened  


to a couple minutes of useful information and ICT  is clearly very sensitive about that topic so you  


know instead of adjusting his own behavior  because he's perfect he lashes out at anyone  


who complains about all the nonsense he talks  about he already turned off this Twitter space  


because it ain't telling you what you want to  hear good get the [ __ ] out of here weaklings  


are not capable of sustaining the pace of showing  up daily if you were lazy or not overly concerned  


with the relevant details I made this week you  will drown in what I have coming next Tuesday  


and thereafter time to level up your note-taking  and roll your sleeves up folks funny how God uses  


the most unlikely of people what if you asked God  to open your eyes and then you heard instructions  


that worked oh man how many people are even left  watching this video there's just so much stuff to  


cover those it's not it's not even entertaining  hmm what would a cult leader say to people who  


call it a cult ICT ah yes the real cult is the  haters brilliant throw it right back at them  


hey ICT how come you've never successfully traded  an account long term and then he's like yup just  


another hater trying to stop you from learning  the truth deny them all of these quotes clearly  


demonstrate the criteria for a cult with ICT as  its leader questioning of ICT in his Concepts  


is discouraged they believe that they are Elite  and above other traitors and call it smart money  


Concepts and let's acknowledge Michael's full  online name Inner Circle Trader Inner Circle Us  


Versus Them is literally implied in his name he  shames people who don't want to sit through his  


videos where members are expected to devote  inordinate amounts of time watch what happens  


when this video goes out check Twitter check  the comments for the ones I don't ban for being  


entirely unreasonable and out of control and watch  how ICT responds the funny thing is that many of  


his members will actually devote themselves even  more to ICT and here's why when you become part  


of our community you're now part of this Hive  mentality we're winning We're The Cult of [ __ ]  


winning okay if you got a problem with that get  the [ __ ] out of here we don't mess around with  


people that don't want to do the right [ __ ]  okay you want to make money you want to learn  


how to read these markets and know exactly what's  going on you are in the right place I'm not asking  


you for a [ __ ] dime you ain't got to do anything  but show up take notes and repeat that same thing  


every single week and I promise you come November  you're a [ __ ] Savage okay you're gonna know  


exactly what you're gonna do and if I collected  half a dozen of you or a dozen of you and say  


okay come together right now what do you trade how  do you trade it's not going to be an agreement but  


you're all going to be profitable independent  mindsets looking for some very specific things  


that are algorithmic they repeat they're time and  based time and price based premise these things  


are going to repeat because there is a [ __ ]  algorithm because it's coded it's going to do  


this [ __ ] because it's supposed to do it time  to talk about ICT Concepts and I already know that  


I'm going to have to link this section to a ton of  people who leave comments that just make me shake  


my head take a deep breath and tell myself that I  can't help everybody so I've proven to you that he  


teaches you through completely flawed back testing  that only works because he selects the instances  


where it works and excludes the instances where it  doesn't this is not an opinion I proved it to you  


and did my best to incorporate a bit of proper  research methods criteria without boring you to  


death we already know that ICT himself can't trade  his own Concepts but we've already covered that so  


we're just talking about the concepts themselves  no I don't think all of ict's fair value gaps no  


I don't think that fair value gaps are the only  thing it's just the subject we'll stick to for  


the rest of the world who doesn't know all 800  of ict's models now I spoke to a very prominent  


generous and kind member of the ICT Community  about this screenshot here with a simple question  


is this indicator following ict's criteria and  I got an excellent response the problem with the  


indicators is that they label every instance of  the criteria being hit this means the indicators  


are accurate but that's where it gets tricky  it's too accurate because of this it eliminates  


the factor that allows for the possibility of  profitability trading ICT Concepts and that factor  


is discretion discretion is the unquantifiable  aspects of trading like narrative context overall  


feel or whichever term you like to use you know  how to label the various models on the chart but  


you have to pick and choose which ones to label  in order to be consistently profitable we agree  


on that I believe ICT talks about how experience  and practice is the only way to make it work for  


you with your own choice of models to use so we're  all in agreement what you have agreed to is that  


the concepts don't work on their own they need the  human aspect to make work this makes ICT Concepts  


no different from basic support and resistance  supply and demand moving averages and every other  


system smart money concepts are just a lens to  see price action through the boxes you draw on  


the chart have no actual influence or long-term  consistent predictive power because you'd code  


it and automate it if it did but there's nothing  wrong with that this is the beautiful thing about  


trading all of us are learning the same thing  price action where are those candles going to  


go that's it but we all differ in the approach we  take to learning the same common denominator if  


you want to think of price action as how a bank  would be trading it great if you want to think  


of price action in relation to a combination  of indicators and how it interacts great but  


don't for a second fool yourself into thinking  that it's the indicators or rectangles on your  


chart that are going to make you profitable one  of the defenses of smart money slash ICT Concepts  


go something like this I've been trading SMC for  eight months and while there was a big learning  


curve in the beginning I'm now starting to see  some good results replace SMC with literally  


any trading system that exists and you'll get the  same answer from almost every Trader those tools  


you use are a perspective to see price action  through you finally start trading well and then  


you think it's the tools that made you better at  trading instead of all the lessons you learned  


along the way the only issue here is that the ICT  Community is the only group with the reputation of  


thinking they're better than everyone and many of  the members who don't understand how markets work  


have that Gap in their knowledge filled in by a  guy who claims to have coded the algorithm that  


controls how markets move you have no proof that  you're trading like like Banks and hedge funds  


so let's tone down the ego that has been passed on  to you by narcissistic egotistical cult leader who  


has admitted through an audio clip played earlier  that he knows exactly how to play people no matter  


how many lines you draw on the chart no matter  how many SMC Concepts you use indicators Market  


auction Theory order flow tools or anything else  you will never ever be able to know the motives  


of thousands of different Market participants of  varying degrees of influence all taking trades  


for Unique reasons you'll never know why price  moved you can only guess that is what the ICT  


Community doesn't fundamentally understand  because they don't understand what makes a  


market function it's not a master algorithm that  controls everything no matter how many times ICT  


comes up with a ridiculous story now here's some  actual science rather than a conspiracy theory  


built on a story about having a bag put over your  head and transported to a secret office where you  


learn secrets about what's truly controlling the  market but let's get something clear here either  


the instructions on how to trade ICT SMC are clear  enough to be coded into an algorithm automated or  


they're vague enough that discretion is what  truly makes them work this means the system  


is no more predictive than triangles and weather  patterns or you're being given instructions for  


an algorithm if it doesn't work as an algorithm  as demonstrated by the indicators being literally  


too accurate to work on their own because they  plot every instance rather than ones chosen by  


the Trader's discretion then discretion is the  true path to profitability and those tools mean  


nothing by themselves this also means ICT is full  of [ __ ] but we've already clearly demonstrated  


that in this video so what actually is discretion  luckily for you I actually know this one because  


of my psychology background the brain learns  and builds memory through two primary methods  


that Encompass all other sub-genres explicit and  implicit explicit is intentional memorization like  


your rules about trading for me this is memorizing  the price action types I'm bad at remembering to  


look at the reminders during the session and other  stuff like when you're studying information for a  


test implicit memory is like learning to play an  instrument there are no amount of instructions  


or studying on paper that can instantly make you  play Moonlight Sonata at 2x speed you get better  


at instruments by playing them for thousands  of hours building up that implicit memory  


discretionary training is almost entirely implicit  memory an implicit memory is what builds intuition  


this separation and intuition is why the beginning  ICT student is bad and why the person who's been  


doing it for two years actually has some success  is that clear this is the scientific explanation  


for the previous section this is all I can do now  it's up to you whether or not you want to accept  


what's true let's talk about those quote-unquote  profitable Traders on ict's YouTube channel ICT  


is relying on cognitive biases and the errors of  the human brain to give you the misconception that  


there's just thousands of profitable ICT Traders  out there when you can easily recall instances of  


something you think it's happening more often than  it really is this is why you think airplanes are  


more dangerous than cars this narrative is also  pushed by the fact that he's constantly talking  


about how he makes profitable Traders on Twitter  instead of using actual data to determine how  


many profitable Traders there are you say it  works because you can recall a story of a few  


but there's a much bigger problem here there are  way too many traders that don't understand that  


short-term returns in trading means nothing this  is your job right you plan to do this for the rest  


of your life one month means nothing long term if  you can keep that up for a long time then you can  


call yourself consistently profitable I forget his  name but there's a guy that ICT trainers reference  


to as proof of the concepts working because he  passed an evaluation and then admitted it was  


like his 20th attempt great job trading those  two weeks now let's see those returns for a  


whole year six months five months four months if  you can do that you've made it and now you just  


need to maintain and that's awesome but don't fool  yourself into thinking that passing an evaluation  


means you're consistently profitable there's a  lot more work ahead I can show you examples of it  


working this demonstrates a failure to recognize  the difference between single examples and actual  


consistent profitability single examples mean  nothing I can show you many examples of my cat  


meowing as a Buy Signal in it working but it  means nothing consistency is all that matters  


he's has made me better at trading I'm not trying  to be mean here but there's no other way to put  


it your overall results from Trading don't agree  with that all you've done is the same amount of  


learning you would have done on any type of system  that exists because you were just learning price  


action the whole time and then falsely attributing  progress to lines and rectangles nobody made you  


better at trading you made you better at trading  it's you you are the key that makes non-working  


systems work regardless of what your uneducated  psychoanalysis of my motives for making this video  


is it changes nothing everything we've covered is  still true hey man you didn't answer my attention  


that change is nothing it's all true it only  makes you feel better because you were upset  


by facts that didn't align with the beliefs  you refused to change for whatever reason in  


the absence of a sound argument people rely on  insults some of you might be wondering why I'm  


wasting my time with this section and here's your  answer okay so you finally prove he's a scam then  


what do you get satisfaction some of you need  mental health checkups your life priorities are  


misplaced your family is damaged man this  is what we're fighting against so strap in  


gonna be a bumpy ride thinking something is  valid because it's popular it's not it's not  


a thing it's not real this right here is what will  happen due to being offended at facts and having  


no actual rebuttal both ICT and his followers will  commit these errors in reasoning appeal to emotion  


is ict's best friend because as we discussed  earlier taking advantage of the errors of the  


human brain is how he operates in place of real  results and information here's an example of what  


ICT says as a way to dismiss valid criticisms or  objectively true information that makes him look  


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some third-party company now I'm not consistently  profitable yet which I have in common with ICT  


I set out to create my own system about one year  ago and if I can be consistently profitable before  


25 years then I'll have beaten ict's trading  record I have 24 years left so wish me luck  


now if you're gonna be like haha I knew you were  doing this for attention less than five percent  


of viewers are still watching at this point so I  would have put this at the start if that were true  


they're the only firm in my support I'm personally  paying for evaluations and resets unlike full-time  


prop firm Traders and being Affiliated supports me  at no extra cost to you guess what don't use prop  


firms if it's not for you choose Apex if you don't  care about having an intraday drawdown system  


do whatever my live streaming is on my second  Channel I'm in trading live thank you so much to  


my patrons who have been aware of my descent into  Insanity trying to finish this video unfortunately  


for me ICT just can't stop incriminating himself  so this took a long time to make my patreon has no  


secrets to profitability or anything else it's  just a way of supporting me if you want to see  


all of these fraudsters be held accountable I  sell nothing and never will everything I do is  


free which ICT can't all right let's never do this  again that took way too long and these Jokers out  


there that are trying to discourage you smear my  name they're jealous they're envious because I'm  


showing you something that nobody's ever touched  on before and I'm proving it every day on a one  


minute by minute basis which is the I mean I  can do it on a 15 second chart if you want I  


mean we can do that [ __ ] it I'm gonna do it too  I'm gonna do that and you'll see there's no way  


there's no [ __ ] way anybody can argue that there  isn't an algorithm in these markets that deliver  


price and it's all 100 controlled and there's  no reason to be upset about that you see these  


Jokers out there on the CNBC they'll say oh well  you know the markets have transformed into these  


untradable environments and there's no liquidity  out there now because the algorithms absorb it all  


the algorithms are causing all the problems we  have what the [ __ ] out of here listen listen  


folks listen closely as soon as the markets became  electronic they have started at that moment to  


be delivered by an algorithm that means it's all  scripted it's just like WWE wrestling the outcome  


is already predetermined and I know that chaps  a lot of people's asses especially the ones that  


work at financial institute institutions brokerage  firms Banks I used to be a Trader at Barclays and  


we look at all of you retail Traders and we laugh  because our candles have these things inside of it  


look at this come and learn from me [ __ ] [ __ ]  you're showing results even with a myfxbook and  


it's that little bit Mickey Mouse money and you're  thinking that's a big deal to talk about where you  


came from is Barclays Barclays don't know [ __ ]  I'm out here teaching technical science okay this  


is the real this is the real to the degree of  precision that you cannot see anywhere else there  


is a [ __ ] algorithm and it's been there since we  have had electronic trading beginning and before  


that when it was all open outcry those open outcry  Traders were trading in a price feed that they  


looked up at that board that board told them what  this is where we're at so what are they trading  


they're not making the [ __ ] Market they're  trading in the market that's being made for  


them when you listen to these people say I was a  former or I am a market maker at this trading desk  


at this firm you were not making the [ __ ] Market  you are not making a [ __ ] thing you're making a  


list of transactions that you were counterparty to  but guess what that data that feed that price that  


you're doing it at it's being piped into you  you can't make up your own price you can't go  


outside the bidness [ __ ] that's not that's not  making a market you are dealing you are a dealer  


I am aware of what you believe a market maker  is they got to be delta neutral they they don't  


care they're just trying to provide liquidity I'm  telling you where price is going to go they have  


no [ __ ] idea where it's going I'm telling you a  day before a week before a month before where the  


[ __ ] it's going I'm telling you every minute  by minute increment where it's gonna [ __ ] go  


I'm [ __ ] making these [ __ ] markets [ __ ] I'm  telling you right now you need to wake the [ __ ]  


up we're no longer in Kansas Alice Alice did I  say that right Dorothy [ __ ] get it right I'm  


thinking Wizard of Oz and Allison you got people  just saying oh if ICT was so good at trading his  


own kid doesn't even want to trade doesn't that  tell you something no it just tells you she's a  


woman that's very stubborn okay that's all it is  she's stubborn she doesn't want to do it okay you  


can't make her husbands you can't make them do  what you want them to [ __ ] do so stop trying  


and for three [ __ ] decades I have watched this  stuff happen every single week that goes by it's  


happening all the time and it's never going  to change it's never going to stop working  


it's never going to be reprogrammed it's never  going to be changed it's never going to be made  


obsolete so stop worrying about it use it if  it would have been tainted by me teaching it  


My Flesh would have kept me from teaching  it I'm promising you that I'm promising  


you that I would have never shared that if  I believe in my heart it would change greed  


selfishness would have kept it can you just  respect the fact that I'm being that honest  


with you you keep asking me these things stop  if I'm teaching it it's going to keep [ __ ]  


working there you go the stuff that I won't  teach is not it's not for the public it's too  


good and you probably look at this saying  what the hell yeah next level next level