Runway ML Tutorial - How To Use The Best AI Video Generator of 2024

AI Andy
12 Feb 202417:22

TLDRThe video tutorial introduces Runway ML, an AI video generator that can transform text, images, and videos into impressive AI-generated content. The host demonstrates how to create an account, use text-to-video features, and experiment with various prompts to generate unique videos. The tutorial also covers image-to-video conversion, showcasing filters and motion controls to create dynamic effects. Additionally, it explores video-to-video transformations, where users can apply styles and effects to existing videos. The motion brush tool is highlighted for its ability to animate parts of an image, and the video concludes with a discussion on the pricing plans and the value Runway ML offers for enhancing video quality.


  • 🚀 Runway ML is a powerful AI video generator that can convert text, images, and videos into stunning AI-generated videos.
  • 📝 To get started, create a free account on Runway which offers advanced creativity with artificial intelligence.
  • 💡 The platform provides various tools like text to video, image to video, and video to video, each with customizable settings.
  • 👍 Free previews are available for text and image inputs, allowing users to select between four generations before rendering.
  • 🎥 Runway's motion controls, including camera motion and the motion brush, offer extensive customization for video effects.
  • 📈 The platform uses a credit system for video generation, with the free plan offering 125 credits that refresh monthly.
  • 💻 Careerist offers a fast-paced manual QA course that can lead to high-paying, in-demand jobs without the need for a fancy degree.
  • 🌟 The motion brush is a favorite feature that allows users to manipulate specific parts of an image or video with various effects.
  • 📱 Users can also utilize video to video conversion to enhance mobile footage with AI, applying styles and effects to create unique visuals.
  • 💰 Pricing plans range from free to unlimited, with the standard package being a cost-effective choice for users needing high-quality clips.
  • 🔍 AI magic tools include additional functionalities like text to speech, image expand, and 3D capture, catering to a wide range of use cases.
  • 📈 Upgrading to paid plans provides more credits, higher resolution upscaling, watermark removal, and longer video generation capabilities.

Q & A

  • What is Runway ML and how does it help in video generation?

    -Runway ML is an applied AI research company that allows users to turn text, images, and videos into AI-generated videos. It is used for creating standout videos online or for movies by utilizing various features such as motion controls, image expansion, and special effects.

  • How do you create an account on Runway ML?

    -To create an account on Runway ML, you visit Runway and click on the button to sign up. You can use Google or Apple to sign in, and once inside, you can start using the platform's features.

  • What is the 'text to video' feature in Runway ML?

    -The 'text to video' feature in Runway ML allows users to input a text prompt, which the AI then uses to generate a video. The user can select from multiple generated options and then render out the chosen video.

  • How does the 'motion brush' feature work in Runway ML?

    -The 'motion brush' in Runway ML is a tool that lets users select parts of an image or video and apply motion effects to them. Users can control the direction, proximity, and type of motion applied to the selected elements.

  • What are some of the AI magic tools available in Runway ML?

    -Runway ML offers a variety of AI magic tools including text to speech, train your own generation, infinite image expand, image frame interpolation, erase and replace, backdrop remix, image variation, and 3D capture and texture.

  • How does the pricing work for Runway ML?

    -Runway ML offers a free plan with 125 credits, which are used for video generation. Each second of video generation uses five credits. Paid plans offer more credits per month, the ability to upscale resolution, remove watermarks, and other benefits. Prices vary based on the plan chosen and whether it's a monthly or yearly subscription.

  • What is the purpose of the 'image to video' feature in Runway ML?

    -The 'image to video' feature allows users to upload an image and apply various filters and motion effects to transform the still image into a dynamic video. Users can customize the motion and generate a video that reflects the desired outcome.

  • How does the 'video to video' feature differ from other features in Runway ML?

    -The 'video to video' feature is unique as it takes an existing video file and applies AI-generated effects to it, such as style references or presets, to create a new video with a different look or feel.

  • What is the significance of the 'free preview' option in Runway ML's video generation process?

    -The 'free preview' option allows users to view and select from multiple video generations based on their input before committing to rendering the final video. This helps save credits and ensures the user is satisfied with the output before proceeding.

  • How can the 'camera motion' feature be used to enhance videos in Runway ML?

    -The 'camera motion' feature enables users to add dynamic camera movements such as zooming, panning, and tilting to their videos. This can create effects like parallax, making the video more engaging and visually appealing.

  • What are the benefits of using Runway ML for video generation?

    -Runway ML offers a powerful suite of tools for video generation that can help users create high-quality, professional-looking videos with ease. Benefits include the ability to generate videos from text, images, or existing videos, apply a wide range of effects and motions, and enhance videos with AI magic tools.



🚀 Introduction to Runway and Text-to-Video Feature

The video script begins with an introduction to Runway, a platform that enables users to convert text, images, and videos into AI-generated videos. The speaker shares their experience with Runway and its capabilities, emphasizing its potential for creating standout videos online or in movies. The process starts with creating a free account on Runway's website, which is described as a company at the forefront of applied AI research. The first feature explored is text-to-video, where the user can input a prompt to generate a video. The script also discusses the importance of using the free preview option to save credits and make selections from multiple video generations.


🖼️ Image-to-Video and Advanced Motion Controls

The second paragraph delves into the image-to-video feature, where users can upload a photo and apply various filters and motion settings. The speaker demonstrates how to use the motion controls, such as general motion, camera motion, and the motion brush, to create dynamic effects. They also discuss the possibility of manipulating the generated videos by adding descriptions and experimenting with different prompts. The paragraph highlights the creative potential of these tools, showcasing examples like creating a parallax effect and generating videos with extended durations.


🎨 Video-to-Video Styling and Customization

This paragraph focuses on the video-to-video feature, which allows users to enhance or transform existing video footage using AI. The script explains how to upload a video and apply different styles and presets to achieve various visual effects. It also touches on the importance of previewing styles before generating the final video to avoid long processing times. The speaker shares their experiments with different prompts and settings, providing insights into the results and the potential applications of these AI-generated videos.


🎭 Exploring Runway's AI Magic Tools and Pricing

The final paragraph discusses the range of AI magic tools available on Runway, such as image-to-image conversion, text-to-speech, and 3D capture. It also addresses the pricing plans offered by Runway, explaining the credit system and the benefits of different subscription tiers. The speaker shares their personal choice of subscription package and encourages viewers to check out the platform. Additionally, the paragraph mentions a comparison video between Runway and other similar services, inviting viewers to watch for further insights.



💡Runway ML

Runway ML is an applied AI research company that focuses on creating tools for advanced creativity with artificial intelligence. In the video, it is presented as a platform that allows users to generate videos from text, images, and even other videos, shaping the future of art, entertainment, and human creativity. It is central to the video's theme as the tutorial is based on how to use Runway ML to create AI-generated videos.

💡Text to Video

Text to Video is a feature within Runway ML that transforms text prompts into video content. The process is showcased in the video where the user inputs a descriptive text prompt, such as 'a kangaroo wearing oversized sunglasses writing a skateboard down the mountain,' and Runway ML generates a video based on this input. This feature is significant as it demonstrates the power of AI in creating content from textual descriptions.

💡Image to Video

Image to Video is another feature that converts still images into animated videos. The script mentions using filters and motion controls to manipulate the image and generate a video. This feature is highlighted when the user uploads a photo and applies various effects to create a dynamic video sequence, showcasing the versatility of Runway ML in video generation.

💡Video to Video

Video to Video is a process where existing video content is transformed into AI-generated videos with different styles or effects. The video tutorial explores this by taking a short video clip and applying various styles and presets to it, resulting in a new video with a distinct look. This feature is relevant as it extends the capabilities of Runway ML beyond static images and text, into the realm of video editing and enhancement.

💡Motion Controls

Motion Controls in Runway ML refer to the tools that allow users to manipulate the movement and transitions within a generated video. The video script describes how these controls can be used to create effects such as zooming, tilting, and panning, which are essential for adding dynamism and professional touches to the generated videos. They are integral to the video's message about creating high-quality AI videos.

💡Motion Brush

The Motion Brush is a feature within Runway ML that enables users to directly manipulate parts of a video or image with brush strokes, applying various motion effects. In the video, the Motion Brush is used to animate elements like waves crashing on a beach and birds moving their heads, providing a hands-on way to add motion to specific parts of a scene. It is a favorite tool of the presenter and is emphasized for its creative potential.

💡AI Magic Tools

AI Magic Tools is a collection of advanced features within Runway ML that includes text to speech, image expansion, frame interpolation, and more. These tools are designed to assist with specific creative tasks, such as enhancing images or creating custom animations. The video mentions these tools in passing, indicating the breadth of capabilities available within the platform for users to explore.

💡Free Account

A Free Account on Runway ML provides users with a limited number of credits to generate videos for free. The video explains that upon signing up, users receive 125 credits, which can be used to create a certain number of video generations per month. This feature is important as it allows potential users to try out the platform before committing to a paid plan.


Credits in the context of Runway ML are the virtual currency used to generate videos. Each second of video generation consumes a certain number of credits, with different plans offering varying amounts of credits per month. The concept of credits is central to the video's discussion on pricing and the affordability of using Runway ML for video generation.


Pricing refers to the cost structure of the different subscription plans offered by Runway ML. The video outlines the free plan and various paid plans, detailing the number of credits, features, and video quality associated with each. Pricing is a key consideration for users deciding whether to use Runway ML and which plan to choose.

💡AI Generated Videos

AI Generated Videos are the end products created using the features and tools of Runway ML. These videos can be made from text, images, or existing videos and are characterized by their unique and often impressive visual effects. The video's main theme revolves around the creation and customization of AI generated videos, which are presented as a cutting-edge method for content creation.


Runway ML is an advanced AI video generator that can convert text, images, and videos into impressive AI-generated videos.

Users can create a free account on Runway ML's website to start generating videos.

Text-to-video feature allows users to input prompts to generate videos, offering customization options and previews.

Image-to-video feature enables the transformation of still images into dynamic videos with various motion and style options.

The motion brush is a standout feature that allows users to control and animate specific parts of the video.

Video-to-video tool can enhance smartphone videos with AI, offering style references and presets for unique effects.

AI Magic Tools include a range of additional features like text-to-speech, image expansion, and 3D capture.

Runway ML offers a free plan with limited credits, and paid plans for more extensive video generation capabilities.

The platform provides up to four free generations for each prompt to help users select and save credits.

Custom prompts can result in highly creative and unique AI-generated scenarios, such as a kangaroo wearing sunglasses or penguins having a picnic on the moon.

Camera motion controls allow for the creation of complex effects, such as parallax, by manipulating the video's perspective.

Upscaling and watermark removal are features available in the paid plans, enhancing the final quality of generated videos.

Runway ML's interface is designed to be user-friendly, enabling creators to achieve professional results with AI-generated content.

The platform's pricing is tiered, offering options for casual users to professionals, based on the number of credits and features.

Motion effects can be fine-tuned with tools like the motion brush, which provides control over direction, proximity, and intensity.

Runway ML's AI technology is capable of generating high-quality, realistic videos that can be used in professional settings like YouTube and Netflix.

The software is suitable for various use cases, from enhancing personal videos to creating content for commercial projects.

Users can experiment with different styles and effects to find the best fit for their creative vision, thanks to Runway ML's flexible toolset.