وهران : في قصة صادمة .. سرقة جثة رضيعة من مقبرة عين البيضاء تثير الجدل

28 Jan 202403:18


TLDRThe video tells the story of a father who was shocked to find his young daughter's grave empty. He reported it to the authorities, who investigated and found evidence that her body had been exhumed. This sparked outrage among citizens who condemned the violation of the sanctity of graves, with many suspecting the body was stolen for use in witchcraft. The authorities have launched an investigation into this horrific crime and desecration of the deceased's right to rest in peace in her grave.


  • 🕵️‍♂️ The incident involves a grave violation in Oran, where a deceased infant's body was discovered missing from its grave.
  • 😢 The speaker, likely a parent, expresses shock and grief upon discovering the disturbed grave of their daughter.
  • 🚓 Authorities have been alerted and are investigating the desecration and potential theft of the body.
  • 👥 The local community is experiencing fear and outrage due to this incident, concerned about the sanctity of graves.
  • 🔮 There's speculation among the community that the infant's body may have been stolen for use in black magic practices.
  • 🙏 The speaker and the community call for respect for the dead and the sanctity of the cemetery.
  • 🔍 The investigation by the police and security forces is ongoing to uncover the circumstances of this crime.
  • 🕊️ The incident has triggered a widespread discussion on social media, raising awareness and concern.
  • ⚠️ The situation has led to a heightened sense of insecurity and distrust towards the cemetery's management.
  • 🤲 The speaker expresses faith and seeks divine justice, reflecting the community's reliance on spiritual beliefs in coping with the incident.

Q & A

  • What shocking incident happened at the cemetery?

    -The father was shocked to find his deceased daughter's grave empty and dug up when he went to visit it.

  • How did the incident become a public issue?

    -The father posted a video in front of his daughter's dug up grave which went viral on social media.

  • What was the reaction of the public to the incident?

    -There was a state of fear and resentment among the residents of Oran regarding the violation of the sanctity of graves.

  • What did the father and family see at the grave?

    -The father, mother, and grandmother saw that the grave had been dug up with the shroud and clothes of the deceased daughter still inside.

  • What action did the father take?

    -The father lodged a complaint at the police station near the cemetery.

  • How did the police respond?

    -The police came with the father to the cemetery, saw the dug up grave, and opened an investigation into the matter.

  • What did residents speculate about the reason behind the incident?

    -Most residents speculated that the infant's body was stolen from the grave for use in sorcery and witchcraft.

  • What action did the authorities take?

    -The authorities started investigations to uncover the details behind this crime and violation of the sanctity of the grave.

  • Where did the incident take place?

    -The incident took place at the Ain El Beida cemetery in Oran, Algeria.

  • What was the reaction of cemetery staff?

    -The cemetery staff were shocked by the sudden dug up grave that they did not even notice people digging up.



😢 Shock and Mystery Surrounding a Desecrated Grave

The narrative begins with a family's shock upon discovering the grave of their deceased daughter, involved in a serious accident, to be desecrated and empty during a visit. This incident quickly escalates into a public issue as the father grapples with the disappearance of his daughter's body, leading him to report the matter to cemetery authorities and the police. The community of Oran is stirred by fear and dismay, facing a breach of the sanctity of graves. The widespread sharing of a video by the grieving father on social media amplifies the situation, sparking debates on the violation of grave sanctity. Speculations arise among citizens that the infant's body was stolen for use in sorcery, prompting official investigations to uncover the circumstances of this heinous crime against the deceased's dignity. The collective sentiment is captured by the phrase 'حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل,' reflecting a reliance on divine justice amidst this tragedy.



💡Missing corpse

The video describes how a father was shocked to find his deceased daughter's grave empty and her corpse missing. This signifies the disturbing phenomenon of missing corpses from graves, possibly for illegal purposes like witchcraft. It shows a lack of respect for the sanctity of graves.

💡Public outrage

The father posted a video that went viral, sparking public anger at this violation of graves. It shows how strongly people feel about the sanctity of graves being respected.

💡Police investigation

After the father reported the missing corpse to the police, they began investigating to uncover the perpetrators. This shows the authorities taking legal action for such violations.

💡Desecration of graves

The video describes the incident as a blatant desecration and violation of the sanctity of graves. This refers to the disrespectful or illegal treatment of burial places.


Many citizens suspected the corpse was stolen for witchcraft purposes. This refers to the unethical use of human remains in magical or occult rituals.


The video mentions the shock and horror felt by local residents at this violation of the grave's sanctity. This underscores the cultural significance of respecting the dead.

💡Cemetery workers

Even the cemetery workers were shocked, implying the act went against established norms. Their role is maintaining the sanctity of burial grounds.

💡Burial rituals

The video shows people coming to the gravesite with flowers, part of burial rituals. Desecrating graves disrupts these sacred rites.

💡Innocent victim

The video emphasizes the young age of the deceased girl, portraying her as an innocent victim. This elicits more outrage at her disturbed grave.

💡Justice and accountability

The video calls for holding the perpetrators accountable. This shows the cultural expectation of justice for such offenses against the dead.


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تفاجات ال قبل لقيته خاوي لقيته بشنا قال


الداله قال البنت منه في حادثه خطيره


تحولت الى قضيه راي عام ابو يتفاجا


باختفاء جثه ابنته المتوفاه




رحت للجمعه هذ اللي


فاتت زرت الوالده


الجده قص عيني ك هك تفاجات باللي القبر


منبوش قربت انا والوالد والوالده شفنا


القبر لقينا زعما في حاله يرت لها الحشر


المقوس ميته الداره اللي درناها الصغيره


هذك رسوها قاسها م الكراف اللي كنا دايرين


الورد كع قالعين على جهه باللي باينه


باللي ايادي نبشت في القبر


رحت البوست تاعهم تع المقبره شكيت لهم ج


مع شاف سيرفيس تاعهم جت معيا جا معيا


الدفانه وكع معيا شافوا اني شافوا قالوا


لي درك بقت الشكايه عند الدوله الشيء الذي


حدث في مقبره العين البيضاء تاع هذا


الانسان يقول بنتي خرجت خرجوها لي من


القبر يعني احنا راها في في الهيئات


الامنيه في الشرطه وسمعونا الشرطه وشافوا


شمكش وشافوا الكوط تاعها وشافوا لوم


بلاسون اعها وحنا ان شاء الله نوفو في


الايام القادمه ان شاء الله لا كانت هناك


نتائج او حاجه عن بعد التحقيقات سنوافيكم


بها قضيه فجرها والد الرضيع المتوف عبر


فيديو له امام قبر ابنته المنبو تم تداوله


عبر نطاق واسع عبر صفحات التواصل


الاجتماعي تبعته حاله خوف واستياء من طرف


ساكنه وهران من ظاهره انتهاك حرمه


المقابر احترام شويه حرمه يا ربي ماكش ربي


كان ينتقم الله سبحانه وتعالى الله ينتقم


خك في مقبره هنا راها روحين وراها ناس ي


دايرين الله يبارك ما شاء الله صبيه صغيره


مسكينه باي ذنب سمعنا بواحد الفاج و وقعت


اليوم هنا وشنا الشاش هنايا الخدامه كاع


تفاجئوا المسؤولين تاع المقبره تفا فجاه


اللي شتنا ماك حتى لحقنا نشوفوا


الناس يحفروا على الموته يحفروا على هذه


عيب كبير انا في نحترم المقبره


ونحترم الموت وصحاب المقبره هنا يخدموا في


خدمتهم والمقبره را كبيره وما قدوش حنا


المقبره اني نعسو هذ المقبره تشوفوا تبارك


الله قدا كاين موته وكلشي وهذا اللي يعمل


هذ الفاجعه هذه ش نقولوا حنايا حسبي الله


ونعم الوكيل رجح اغلب المواطنين فرضيه سرق


جثه الرضيعه من المقبره لاستغلالها في


السحر والشعر و فيما باشر الجهات المعنيه


تحقيقات للوقوف على ملابسات هذه الجريمه


والاعتداء الصارخ على حرمه الميت بقبره


الوفاه ورخصه


الدفن مقبره عين