3 Ways To Make Money Using Ideogram.Ai

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6 Mar 202412:14

TLDRThe video provides three distinct strategies for generating income using Ideogram.Ai. First, it discusses the print-on-demand approach, demonstrating how to create and edit designs in Canva and then market them on platforms like Redbubble, Tuu, or even private websites. Second, it explores the idea of selling images and design elements on Creative Fabrica, emphasizing the importance of contributing high-quality content to avoid legal issues and increase sales. Lastly, the video suggests upscaling and uploading images to stock photography websites like Adobe Stock, VECT Easy, and Freepik to earn passive income. The speaker stresses the necessity of consistency and reaching a threshold of 10,000 uploads to maximize earnings, offering a step-by-step guide for those interested in leveraging Ideogram.Ai for financial gain.


  • 🎨 **Print on Demand**: Use Ideogram to create images, which can be edited in Canva and then sold on platforms like Redbubble, Teespring, or through private websites.
  • 🖼️ **Creative Fabrica**: Although not recommended as a customer, you can contribute and sell your designs on Creative Fabrica, but be aware of potential issues with copyright and takedowns.
  • 📈 **Upscaling Images**: Before selling on platforms like Creative Fabrica, upscale your images to ensure high quality, possibly vectorizing them for a clean look.
  • 🔍 **Image Quality**: Ensure images are not only upscaled but also cleaned up to avoid pixelation and provide a good customer experience.
  • 📚 **Package Your Art**: When selling, package multiple images together to offer better value to customers.
  • 🐱 **Example Artwork**: Use prompts in Ideogram to create specific artwork, like a Scottish Fold cat illustration, and upscale it for selling.
  • 📸 **Stock Photography**: Another way to monetize is by upscaling and selling your images on stock photography sites such as Adobe Stock, VECTO, Freepik, or Dreamstime.
  • 📈 **Consistency is Key**: To see significant results, consistently upload new designs daily and aim for a portfolio of 10,000 approved images for sustained earnings.
  • 🚀 **Automate & Scale**: Use the process as a tool to reach a point of passive income where earnings are made daily without additional effort.
  • 📉 **Avoid Quick Fixes**: Rather than looking for a quick side hustle, treat the process seriously and allocate specific time each day for creating and uploading images.
  • ⏰ **Time Investment**: Set aside a dedicated amount of time daily for this activity and stick to it until you reach the goal of 10,000 uploads.

Q & A

  • What are the different ways to make money using Ideogram.ai as mentioned in the video?

    -The video outlines three primary ways to make money using Ideogram.ai: 1) Creating designs for print on demand platforms like Redbubble, Teespring, and Amazon Merch, 2) Selling elements on platforms like Creative Fabrica, and 3) Uploading upscaled images to stock photography sites such as Adobe Stock, VECTO, and Freepik.

  • How does one use Ideogram.ai to create designs for print on demand platforms?

    -You can create an image in Ideogram.ai and then upload it into a design tool like Canva to separate the image and text. After making edits and enhancements, you can post these designs on various print on demand platforms for sale.

  • What is the speaker's opinion about being a customer of Creative Fabrica?

    -The speaker does not recommend being a customer of Creative Fabrica, as they believe it creates more problems than benefits. They suggest being a contributor instead, as it can be more beneficial.

  • Why might someone face issues when using graphics from Creative Fabrica on platforms like Redbubble?

    -Users might face issues because if they use graphics that are also used by competitors in the same niche, those competitors can report the graphics leading to takedowns and potential legal matters.

  • What is the recommended process before selling images on Creative Fabrica?

    -The speaker recommends upscaling the art, possibly vectorizing it, and cleaning it up to ensure high quality before selling on Creative Fabrica.

  • How can the images created with Ideogram.ai be used on stock photography sites?

    -After creating the images with Ideogram.ai, they should be upscaled to meet the minimum size requirements of the stock photography sites. Then, they can be uploaded and sold as stock photos.

  • What is the significance of reaching 10,000 uploads on stock photography sites?

    -Reaching 10,000 approved uploads on stock photography sites can lead to a consistent daily income from sales, as the more content available, the higher the chances of making sales.

  • What is the recommended approach for someone looking to make money consistently from stock photography sites?

    -The speaker suggests setting aside a specific amount of time each day to create and upload new images, and to be consistent until reaching the 10,000 upload milestone.

  • Why is upscaling images important before uploading them to stock photography sites?

    -Upscaling images ensures they are of high quality and meet the minimum size requirements of the stock photography sites. It also prevents pixelation and provides a better experience for customers.

  • What are some examples of stock photography sites mentioned in the video?

    -The video mentions Adobe Stock, VECTO, Freepik, and Dreamstime as examples of stock photography sites where upscaled images can be uploaded and sold.

  • How can one enhance their understanding of uploading to stock photography sites?

    -The speaker suggests visiting their YouTube channel for tutorials on Adobe Stock and other stock photography sites. They also mention a members area on poddegree.com with free and paid lessons on the topic.

  • What is the general advice given for someone starting with stock photography?

    -The general advice is to create a routine, dedicate consistent time each day to the process, upscale images to high quality, and aim to reach a significant number of uploads to start seeing consistent earnings.



🎨 Making Money with Ideogram: Print on Demand and Beyond

The speaker discusses various methods to monetize designs created with Ideogram. Initially focusing on print-on-demand platforms like Redbubble and Merch by Amazon, the speaker also mentions the potential to sell on private websites and Etsy. They then introduce Creative Fabrica as a platform to sell design elements, cautioning against potential issues with copyright and suggesting contributors clean up and upscale their designs before selling. The speaker emphasizes the importance of high-quality graphics and the potential for earnings once a significant number of designs are uploaded and approved.


📈 Scaling Up Your Designs for Better Sales

The speaker provides a detailed process for preparing images for sale, emphasizing the need to upscale and potentially vectorize the designs for high quality. They demonstrate how to use an image upscaling tool to increase the resolution of an image from Ideogram, which is crucial for selling on platforms like Creative Fabrica. The speaker also suggests testing different generations and models of the software to create a variety of images. Additionally, they propose selling upscaled images on stock photography sites like Adobe Stock, VECTO, and Freepik, and refer to their own YouTube channel for more tutorials on this topic.


🚀 Consistency is Key to Earning from Your Designs

The speaker stresses the importance of consistency and dedication when uploading and selling designs. They recommend setting aside a specific amount of time each day for this task and persisting until reaching a milestone of 10,000 uploaded designs. The speaker shares their personal strategy of upscaling images well beyond the minimum requirements for stock photography sites to ensure high acceptance rates and better sales. They conclude by encouraging viewers to take the process seriously and to use the provided resources to achieve success in selling their designs.




Ideogram.Ai is a design tool that allows users to create images and graphics. In the video, it is highlighted as a platform that can be utilized to generate income through various methods such as print on demand, stock photography, and selling design elements on platforms like Creative Fabrica. The tool is central to the video's theme of monetizing digital art and design.

💡Print on Demand

Print on demand (POD) is a business model where products are only produced when a customer orders them, eliminating the need for inventory. In the context of the video, POD is one of the primary ways to make money with Ideogram.Ai by creating designs that can be printed on products like t-shirts, which are then sold on various online marketplaces.


Canva is an online design platform used for creating visual content such as graphics, presentations, and social media posts. The video mentions using Canva to separate and edit images and text created with Ideogram.Ai, allowing for customization and the creation of unique designs for POD products.


Redbubble is an online marketplace where artists can sell their designs on various products. The video suggests posting designs created with Ideogram.Ai on Redbubble as a way to generate income, highlighting the platform's potential for reaching a broad audience of consumers.

💡Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is a platform where designers can sell digital design elements like images, fonts, and graphics. The video discusses the potential of using Creative Fabrica to sell elements created with Ideogram.Ai, but also cautions about the risks of copyright issues and the importance of creating high-quality, upscaled images for sale.


Upscaling refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image without losing quality. The video emphasizes the importance of upscaling images created with Ideogram.Ai before selling them on platforms like Creative Fabrica to ensure they meet the quality standards required for commercial use.


Vectorization is the conversion of a raster image to a vector format, which allows for infinite scaling without loss of quality. The video suggests that artists might consider vectorizing their images for sale on Creative Fabrica to provide a clean, scalable product to customers.

💡Stock Photography

Stock photography involves the licensing of photographs for various uses, often through online platforms. The video proposes uploading upscaled images from Ideogram.Ai to stock photography sites like Adobe Stock as a method for generating passive income through the licensing of these images.

💡Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a stock content platform where creators can sell their high-quality photos, videos, and other visual assets. The video mentions Adobe Stock as one of the potential markets for selling upscaled images created with Ideogram.Ai, indicating its reputation for hosting professional-grade content.


Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. The video briefly mentions Etsy as another platform where designs created with Ideogram.Ai can be sold, suggesting its user base of craft enthusiasts as a potential market for unique designs.

💡10,000 Upload Milestone

The 10,000 upload milestone refers to the speaker's recommendation to upload at least 10,000 designs or images to stock photography sites to start experiencing significant and consistent daily earnings. The video emphasizes consistency and the importance of reaching this number to achieve a reliable income stream from stock photography.


You can make money using Ideogram.Ai through various methods.

Utilize print on demand services like Redbubble, Tuu, and Merch by Amazon with designs created in Ideogram.

Sell designs on your own private websites or platforms like Etsy.

Creative Fabrica is a platform where you can sell different images and design elements.

It's recommended to be a contributor to Creative Fabrica rather than a customer to avoid potential issues.

Upscale and clean up your images before selling them on Creative Fabrica for high quality.

Vectorizing your images can be beneficial if you wish to upscale them.

Adobe Stock, Vect Easy, and Free Pick are examples of stock photography sites where you can sell upscaled images.

Consistently uploading and reaching 10,000 approved images on stock photography sites can lead to daily earnings.

The process of upscaling images is crucial for meeting the minimum size requirements of stock photography sites.

Creating and selling packages of images can provide better value to customers.

Different models and prompts in Ideogram can generate a variety of images for selling.

Avoid using graphics from Creative Fabrica on platforms like Redbubble to prevent legal issues and takedowns.

Upscaling software can help improve the quality of images for sale on Creative Fabrica.

It's important to provide a positive customer experience by offering high-quality, non-pixelated graphics.

Consistency in uploading new designs daily is key to achieving success with stock photography sites.

Ideogram can be a valuable tool for generating income through creative and consistent effort.