Windows 11. Легкая установка на все платформы.

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25 Jan 202403:53


TLDRThis video guide offers a quick and straightforward method for installing Windows 11 on LGA 2011 v3 platforms, as well as other supported and unsupported systems, without the need for registry edits or complex maneuvers. The presenter shares a hassle-free approach using a Windows 11 System Reinstallation package designed for a broad audience, including those with minimal computer expertise. By simply downloading the package, formatting a USB drive to NTFS, and transferring the files, users can effortlessly install Windows 11 in automatic mode. The video emphasizes the ease of installation across various platforms, including those not officially supported by Windows 11, and provides a link to a text version of the instructions and the download link on Mediafire.


  • 🙂 The video is a quick guide on effortlessly installing Windows 11 on LGA 2011 v3 platforms, as well as on other supported and unsupported systems.
  • 🚨 No need for deep technical knowledge, registry edits, or complex manipulations; just straightforward copying is involved.
  • 👎 The process is at the user's own risk, and the creator disclaims responsibility for any issues or misunderstandings.
  • 🔎 Inspiration came from reinstalling Windows on a Mini PC gcom 13 multiple times using a Windows 11 reinstallation package designed for a broad audience.
  • 📱 The Windows 11 reinstallation package can be downloaded and loaded onto a USB drive, facilitating easy installation on LGA 2011 v3 platforms without extra steps.
  • 📈 The installation process is slow but works on platforms supposedly unsupported by Windows 11, encouraging experimentation.
  • 💾 The video includes a link to gcom support for downloading the 'Windows 11 System Reinstallation' package in a 9 languages version.
  • 🔨 Installation from the bootable drive automatically installs Windows 11, erasing all data on the drive, highlighting the importance of backing up data.
  • 🛠 For server and workstation chipsets, Windows 10 must be installed in MBR mode due to a bug with sensors causing freezes, which doesn't affect Windows 11.
  • 🔓 The video claims Windows 11 installation is theoretically better than Windows 10, citing fewer bugs and no need for MBR installation.
  • 📦 The download link for the Windows package is provided via mediafire, with an estimated download time of around one hour, subject to service traffic.

Q & A

  • What processor platforms does the video focus on installing Windows 11 on?

    -The video focuses on installing Windows 11 on the LGA 2011 version 3 platform, which is not officially supported by Windows 11.

  • What methods does the video use to install Windows 11?

    -The video uses the Windows 11 System Reinstallation package downloaded from the GCOM PC website. This allows automatic installation of Windows 11 from scratch without any tweaks or registry edits.

  • What preparations are needed before using the Reinstallation package?

    -The instructions are to format a USB flash drive to NTFS, copy the contents of the downloaded Reinstallation package to the flash drive, and boot from the flash drive to launch the automated Windows 11 installation.

  • What disclaimers does the video provide about the installation method?

    -The video stresses that this results in a clean install that wipes all data, so users should be careful to not accidentally erase drives. Also, this method may not work on all systems.

  • What are the benefits highlighted of using the Reinstallation package?

    -The video claims the package allows easy, automatic installation of official Windows 11 without bugs or workarounds needed for some platforms when using Windows 10 or other methods.

  • What server and workstation chipsets are mentioned?

    -The video mentions server and workstation chipsets that enable turbo boost through BIOS mods. On these, Windows 10 installs in MBR mode are required currently due to sensor bugs in UEFI installs.

  • Does the video find bugs when testing this method?

    -No bugs are mentioned when testing this Windows 11 install method on the sample platform, suggesting it may avoid issues found when installing Windows 10.

  • What disclaimers are made about licensing?

    -The video stresses this results in an activated copy of official Windows 11. The creator does not want problems from Microsoft or legal rights holders.

  • Where can the System Reinstallation package be downloaded?

    -The package can be downloaded from a Mediafire link provided in the video description and referenced in the transcript.

  • What additional resources are mentioned for guidance?

    -The video description will contain a link to a text version of the instructions with additional links and details.



💻 Easy Windows 11 Installation on LGA 2011 V3

This segment introduces a straightforward method for installing Windows 11 on LGA 2011 version 3 platforms, catering to both supported and unsupported systems by Windows 11, without requiring registry edits or complex procedures. The process involves merely copying files, albeit with a disclaimer about the risks and a reminder that the responsibility lies with the user. The narrator shares a personal anecdote about using a Windows 11 reinstallation package for a Mini PC gcom 13, highlighting its simplicity and broad target audience. The package, easily downloadable and transferred to a USB drive, facilitates Windows 11 installation on a wide range of hardware, including supposedly incompatible LGA 2011 V3 platforms. Detailed instructions on using the package, including formatting a USB drive to NTFS and ensuring only one storage device is active during installation, are provided. The segment concludes with cautionary advice regarding the potential for data loss and a hint at avoiding certain bugs encountered with Windows 10 installations on specific chipsets, positioning Windows 11 as a superior choice for ease of installation and overall stability.



💡Windows 11 installation

The process of installing Windows 11, Microsoft's latest operating system, on a computer. In the context of the video, the installation is described as easy and straightforward, requiring no special modifications or technical knowledge. The video specifically mentions installing Windows 11 on LGA 2011 version 3 platforms, emphasizing that it can be done without registry edits or complicated maneuvers, just simple file copying.

💡LGA 2011 v3

A platform interface (Land Grid Array 2011 version 3) used for connecting a CPU to a motherboard. The video highlights the installation of Windows 11 on this specific platform, suggesting it's possible even on hardware not officially supported by Windows 11, thus expanding the compatibility of the operating system beyond its stated requirements.

💡Unsupported hardware

Refers to computer components that do not meet the official system requirements published by Microsoft for Windows 11. The script points out that the described installation method allows Windows 11 to run on such hardware, thereby addressing concerns about compatibility issues and providing a workaround for users with older or unsupported systems.

💡Windows 11 System Reinstallation Package

A specific software package designed to facilitate the installation of Windows 11. The video discusses how downloading and using this package on a flash drive can simplify the installation process on LGA 2011 v3 platforms and other systems. This package is intended for a broad audience, including those with limited technical knowledge, and automates the installation process.

💡NTFS formatting

Refers to the process of preparing a storage device using the NTFS file system, which is a requirement for the flash drive used in the Windows 11 installation process described in the video. Formatting a flash drive in NTFS is essential for transferring the Windows 11 System Reinstallation Package onto the drive, ensuring it is ready for the installation process.

💡UEFI mode

A firmware interface used for starting and running the operating system on a computer. The video mentions that Windows 11 installation through the discussed method supports UEFI mode without complications, contrasting with potential issues related to MBR (Master Boot Record) installations on certain hardware, particularly with server and workstation chipsets.

💡Automatic installation

A feature of the Windows 11 System Reinstallation Package that automates the process of installing the operating system. The video emphasizes that this package enables Windows 11 to be installed in automatic mode, requiring minimal user intervention and simplifying the setup process, especially for users who may not be technically adept.

💡Data loss warning

A caution mentioned in the video regarding the potential for data to be erased during the Windows 11 installation process. It underscores the importance of ensuring that the target drive is the only storage device connected to the computer during installation, to prevent accidental deletion of data from other drives.

💡Flash drive requirements

Specifications for the USB flash drive used in the installation process, as described in the video. It mentions that the flash drive should have more than 11 GB of storage space to accommodate the Windows 11 System Reinstallation Package, highlighting the need for adequate storage capacity to hold the necessary installation files.

💡MBR installation issues

Refers to problems that can arise when installing Windows on systems using the Master Boot Record partition scheme, particularly with older hardware or specific chipsets. The video notes that for certain platforms, installing Windows 10 in MBR mode is necessary due to firmware bugs, but these issues are not encountered with the Windows 11 installation method being discussed, which utilizes UEFI.


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винда без каких каких-либо манипуляций


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2011 версии 3 с десктопным чипсетом Итак


переходите по ссылке gcom support


она будет ссылка будет под видео там


находите mini pc gcom it1 и справа будет


пункт Windows 11 System reinstallation


скачиваете версию 9 languages version


это русифицированная версия


отформатируйте флешку в NTFS просто по


умолчанию форматирует и содержимое


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получите все данные с вашего накопителя


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Убедитесь что у вашего компьютера


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