Плачут Небеса

Egor Kreed & OG Buda
15 Jan 202403:26


TLDRThe video script depicts a plane journey where a captain welcomes passengers aboard a flight from Tyumen to Penza. A song plays imagining a dreamlike romance. The filming abruptly stops due to budget constraints, but continues with the singer promising anything for his love interest. He acknowledges it's just a fantasy. The scene shifts to a hospital where a patient named Egor undergoes unsuccessful surgery due to insufficient funds. Someone is asked to open the door.


  • 😊 The transcript appears to be for an inflight airline welcome announcement with some music and incomplete dialog
  • 😮 There are multiple speakers including pilots, flight attendants, and passengers
  • 🎶 Musical interludes and singing are included at various points
  • 😕 The transcript seems unfinished with directives like 'cut' and 'stop filming'
  • 😟 A passenger named Leva is mentioned as well as unrequited love
  • 🎥 There are references to filming, budgets, and continuing shoots
  • 😔 Emotional lyrics focus on crying skies, dreams, and longing
  • 😕 Mention of an unsuccessful surgery and lack of funds for a character named Egor
  • 😕 Unclear meaning behind some fragmented dialog and statements
  • 🤷‍♂️ The person transcribing expresses confusion about controlling 'this' and not having flown before

Q & A

  • What are the destinations of the flight mentioned at the beginning of the transcript?

    -The flight mentioned at the beginning of the transcript is from Tyumen to Penza.

  • What do the speakers wish for the passengers at the beginning of the flight?

    -The speakers wish the passengers a good flight and a pleasant viewing experience.

  • What is the emotional theme conveyed through the lyrics mentioned in the transcript?

    -The lyrics convey themes of love, longing, and sadness, as indicated by phrases like 'the heavens cry', 'tears of rain', and 'I wanted to live by a dream'.

  • What does the phrase 'castle made of fog' metaphorically suggest in the context of the transcript?

    -The 'castle made of fog' metaphorically suggests something elusive, fragile, or not solidly based in reality, possibly referring to a relationship or dream.

  • What indicates a shift from a scripted scenario to a behind-the-scenes moment in the transcript?

    -The shift is indicated by phrases like 'cut, cut, stop the shooting, Stop, camera stop, guys, free time', showing a move from the script to a behind-the-scenes interaction.

  • What financial issue is hinted at in the latter part of the transcript?

    -A financial issue is hinted at with phrases like 'Money's out, budget's gone, now everything will be, everything will be', suggesting budget constraints during production.

  • How does the transcript suggest a continuation of the project despite obstacles?

    -The transcript suggests continuation with phrases like 'look, it went well, good shooting, we continue', indicating perseverance despite obstacles like budget constraints.

  • What personal sentiment is expressed towards the end regarding clothing and the urban environment?

    -A personal sentiment is expressed with 'your coolest look when you're without clothes, in this grey city of sins', implying intimacy and contrast with the impersonal urban environment.

  • How does the transcript convey a sense of failed expectations or plans?

    -Failed expectations are conveyed with 'Egor, the operation didn't go, insufficient funds, declined', suggesting a plan or expectation that was not fulfilled due to financial issues.

  • What does the repeated phrase 'the heavens cry' symbolize in the context of the script?

    -The repeated phrase 'the heavens cry' symbolizes deep sorrow or grief, possibly in relation to the themes of love and dreams mentioned in the lyrics.



😄 Introductory greetings from flight crew

The opening paragraph contains welcoming greetings from the flight crew to passengers aboard a Tyumen to Penza flight. They wish everyone a pleasant flight and viewing.

😢 Song lyrics about lost love and longing

The second paragraph contains melancholic song lyrics expressing sadness over losing a loved one named Leva. The singer longs to be together again and metaphorically cries tears from the weeping skies.




The script begins with a greeting to the passengers aboard a flight from Tyumen to Penza, setting the scene in an airplane. This keyword establishes the initial setting and context for the unfolding narrative. The captains are introduced, enhancing the authenticity of the flight setting. The mention of the flight serves as a backdrop for the various interactions and dialogues that follow.


Music is referenced multiple times throughout the script, signifying a shift in tone or mood. It seems to act as a transitional element, possibly indicating changes in scenes or highlighting emotional or dramatic moments in the video. The repetitive nature of the music cues suggests it plays a significant role in the narrative structure and the viewer's emotional journey.

💡Budget constraints

The script mentions the phrase 'бабло закончилось баджет нет' which translates to 'money's over, no budget'. This indicates a sudden halt in the proceedings, likely due to financial limitations. This phrase introduces a conflict or challenge in the narrative, possibly affecting the production or the characters' intentions, and adds a layer of realism by highlighting monetary concerns.

💡Love and Dreams

Phrases like 'Плачут небеса о любви и мечте' ('The skies cry about love and dreams') recur, suggesting these are central themes of the video. Love and dreams might symbolize the characters' emotional states, desires, or conflicts. The poetic nature of these phrases indicates a deep, introspective, or contemplative aspect of the video's narrative.

💡Clothing and Appearance

The script mentions 'твой самый классный лук когда ты без одежды' ('your coolest look when you're without clothes'), pointing towards themes of appearance, perception, and perhaps vulnerability or intimacy. This might indicate a scene or dialogue focused on personal relationships, self-image, or the contrast between public persona and private reality.

💡City of Sins

The phrase 'в этом сером городе грехов' ('in this grey city of sins') introduces a setting that is laden with moral complexities or challenges. It suggests an environment where the characters might face temptations, moral dilemmas, or a struggle between right and wrong, adding depth to the narrative.

💡Emotional Turmoil

Repeated references to crying skies ('Плачут небеса') and love and dreams suggest a high level of emotional turmoil or intensity. This turmoil could be central to the characters' development, the plot's conflict, or the overall mood of the video, indicating a narrative that deeply explores human emotions and relationships.

💡Directorial Control

The phrases 'стоп съёмки Стоп, камера стоп' ('stop shooting, stop, camera stop') imply a scene where the direction or production of the video is being actively managed or interrupted. This could indicate a meta-narrative element, where the process of creating the video itself is part of the story, or it could reflect a moment of control or crisis.

💡Financial Issues

The mention of an 'операция не прошла недостаточно средств, отклонена' ('operation failed, insufficient funds, declined') suggests a subplot involving financial issues or a crisis. This element adds a layer of tension and realism, possibly affecting the characters' decisions, actions, or the progression of the narrative.

💡Unrealized Aspirations

The recurring theme of the skies crying and references to love and dreams, coupled with the abrupt halting of the shooting due to budget constraints, paints a picture of unrealized aspirations or unfulfilled desires. This could reflect the characters' inner conflicts, societal commentary, or the overarching mood of the narrative.


Greetings and welcome aboard flight

Have a good flight and pleasant viewing

Music playing

Heavens crying for you

I wanted to live the dream

I wanted to be with you

I press my heart

The mist castle is already like home

Unfortunately I only have peaches on my mind

How to lift the heavens about love and dreams



а Куда летим


ещё дамы и господа рады приветствовать


вас на борту нашего рейса Тюмень Пенза с


вами ваши


капитаны желаем вам хорошего полта и










тебе Плачут небеса




дождём неса мы с тобой не


твоё слепа до Вере так хотел жить мечтой


рядом О неск так хотел быть с тобой к


сердцу прижимаю хотел от любви огонь


знаешь замок из тумана мне уже как дом Я


бы хотел дать тебе в рот успа Дон что-то


не припомню чтобы такой читал Тимон к


сожалению у меня на уме токо пичи звонит


бы умер демон среди пустых серд Как


поднять Тимон небеса о любви и мечте


мечте Плачут небеса о тебе те а тепер


тепер Плачут небеса


Лева есть дождём


дождём неса мы с тобой не




так так так всё стоп стоп съёмки Стоп


камера стоп ребят свободный Бабло


закончилось баджет нет всё сейчас всё


будет сейчас всё


будет Смотри прошло хороших съёмок


продолжаем тка только не плач за тебя


Плачут небеса Выбери себе всё что хочешь


за тебя плат я и тут как песни бу всё


только для тебя Ты плюс Я см кий знак я


и мы так высоко но я люблю когда ты и


все выносы мозгов опять загладить Т твой


самый классный лук когда ты без одежды в


этом сером городе грехов ослепило всё


как флешка но опять Плачут небеса о


любви и мечте мечте Плачут небеса а тебе






ыва есть дождём дождём свои небесах мы с








как этим управлять Я не знаю не летал ни




нормально о Парни парни Егор буда


операция не прошла недостаточно средств


отклонена Эй