Come usare ChatGPT per IMPARARE VELOCEMENTE: 5 Metodi Rivoluzionari

Federico Zappaterra, PhD
27 Mar 202407:38


TLDRThe video script introduces innovative strategies for rapid learning using ChatGPT. It emphasizes the tool's potential as a personal tutor, capable of explaining complex concepts in simplified ways, catering to individual learning styles. The video outlines methods such as personalized tutoring, creating customized tests, summarizing lengthy documents, focusing on key information for efficient learning, and challenging preconceived notions through debate. The presenter, Federico, encourages viewers to subscribe for more content on enhancing study techniques and leveraging AI for academic success.


  • 📚 Use ChatGPT as a personal tutor to clarify concepts missed in class or to ask questions without fear of judgment.
  • 🧠 Request simplified explanations to grasp complex topics, such as explaining a concept as if to a 5-year-old.
  • 🎭 Ask ChatGPT to adopt a specific personality or character's style to make learning more engaging and relatable.
  • 📝 Utilize ChatGPT for creating customized tests and quizzes to reinforce learning and prepare for exams.
  • 🔍 Use ChatGPT's summarization capabilities to condense lengthy documents or books into key points for efficient studying.
  • 💡 Ask ChatGPT to expand on a specific idea or concept from your notes, enriching your understanding and providing additional insights.
  • 📈 Apply the 80/20 rule (Pareto Principle) to focus on the most crucial 20% of information that yields 80% of the desired results.
  • 🤝 Build a strong foundational knowledge network using the essential 20% of concepts as a base for further learning.
  • 🌟 Discover and challenge your beliefs by using ChatGPT to engage in a debate and explore the limits of your convictions.
  • 🚀 Enhance your learning and research capabilities by subscribing to the channel for more advanced techniques and tips on utilizing ChatGPT effectively.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about using ChatGPT as a tool to enhance learning and becoming a 'speed learner'.

  • Who is the speaker in the video?

    -The speaker in the video is Federico, a researcher and university teacher.

  • How does the speaker suggest using ChatGPT as a personal tutor?

    -The speaker suggests using ChatGPT as a personal tutor by asking it to explain concepts in a simplified manner or as if teaching a child, which helps in understanding complex topics more easily.

  • What is the advantage of using storytelling when learning with ChatGPT?

    -Using storytelling with ChatGPT helps in associating abstract concepts with familiar narratives or images, making it easier to memorize and understand the subject matter.

  • How can ChatGPT assist in creating customized tests?

    -ChatGPT can assist in creating customized tests by generating multiple-choice questions and providing answers, allowing learners to practice and assess their understanding of a topic.

  • What is the significance of the 80/20 principle mentioned in the video?

    -The 80/20 principle, also known as the Pareto Principle, suggests that focusing on the 20% of information that gives 80% of the results can lead to efficient learning and better understanding of a subject.

  • How does the speaker propose using ChatGPT to challenge one's beliefs?

    -The speaker proposes using ChatGPT to challenge one's beliefs by asking it to debate or contradict a strongly held statement, which can lead to a deeper understanding and critical examination of one's views.

  • What is the benefit of using ChatGPT for summarizing information?

    -Using ChatGPT for summarizing information allows learners to quickly grasp the main points and essential details from lengthy documents or texts, saving time and effort.

  • What does the speaker recommend for maximizing the benefits of ChatGPT in learning?

    -The speaker recommends personalizing the use of ChatGPT by adjusting prompts and utilizing its capabilities in ways that best suit the learner's needs and preferences.

  • What additional resources does the speaker promise to provide in future videos?

    -The speaker promises to provide techniques for better studying with ChatGPT, creating documents from scratch, making presentations, and understanding advanced artificial intelligence in future videos.



📚 Becoming a Speed Learner with ChatGPT

The paragraph introduces the concept of using ChatGPT as a tool to enhance learning and become a 'speed learner'. The speaker, Federico, a researcher and university teacher, emphasizes the importance of ChatGPT as a personal tutor that is always available and non-judgmental. He illustrates how ChatGPT can explain complex concepts, such as organocatalysis, in a simplified manner, even to a child. The power of storytelling and imagery in human learning is highlighted, and the use of ChatGPT to create relatable and memorable explanations is discussed. Additionally, the potential of ChatGPT to act as different personas, like Leonardo DiCaprio, is explored to make learning more engaging.


🧠 Leveraging the 80/20 Principle and Challenging Beliefs

This paragraph delves into the application of the 80/20 principle, also known as the Pareto Principle, in the context of efficient learning. It emphasizes identifying the 20% of information that leads to 80% of the desired results. The speaker suggests building a knowledge network around these key concepts to maximize learning efficiency. Furthermore, the paragraph introduces a unique method of using ChatGPT to challenge one's beliefs by engaging it in a debate. An example is given where ChatGPT is tasked with debunking the myth that humans use only 10% of their brains. The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel for more tips on becoming a 'speed learner' and utilizing advanced artificial intelligence for research.



💡Speed learner

The term 'speed learner' refers to an individual who is able to acquire knowledge and learn new concepts at an accelerated pace. In the context of the video, it represents the goal of using ChatGPT as a tool to enhance learning efficiency and quickly expand one's knowledge base. The video outlines various strategies to become a speed learner, such as using ChatGPT as a personal tutor and creating customized tests.


ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence-based conversational tool designed to interact with humans in a natural language format. In the video, it is presented as a powerful learning aid that can adapt to the user's needs, explain complex subjects in layman's terms, and even challenge preconceived notions. The speaker, Federico, highlights the versatility of ChatGPT in facilitating rapid learning and understanding of various topics.


Organocatalysis is a subset of catalysis where organic molecules, rather than traditional inorganic catalysts, are used to speed up chemical reactions. In the video, it is used as an example of a complex topic that can be made understandable through the personalized explanations provided by ChatGPT. The concept is simplified by comparing organic catalysts to friends who help solve puzzles quickly, making it more accessible to the viewer.

💡Personalized learning

Personalized learning refers to the customization of educational content and teaching methods to suit the unique needs, preferences, and learning styles of individual students. In the video, this concept is exemplified by the use of ChatGPT, which can adapt its responses to the viewer's desired level of complexity, preferred analogies, and even requested personalities, thereby creating a tailored learning experience.


A tutor is someone who provides individual instruction or guidance to a student, typically in a one-on-one setting. In the context of the video, ChatGPT is positioned as a virtual tutor that is available around the clock, capable of answering any question without judgment. The video emphasizes the convenience and flexibility of having such a tutor, which can adapt its teaching style to the learner's needs.

💡Customized tests

Customized tests are assessments that are specifically designed to measure a learner's knowledge or understanding of a particular subject or topic. In the video, the concept is used to illustrate how ChatGPT can generate targeted practice questions and provide answers, allowing learners to test their understanding and reinforce their knowledge in a focused manner.

💡Summarizing information

Summarizing information involves condensing a large amount of data or text into a shorter, more manageable form while retaining the key points and essential messages. In the video, ChatGPT's ability to summarize complex documents or books is highlighted as a valuable tool for learners who want to quickly grasp the main ideas and concepts from extensive reading materials.

💡Pareto principle

The Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, suggests that in many situations, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. In the context of the video, this principle is applied to learning, suggesting that by focusing on the most critical 20% of information, one can achieve 80% of the desired learning outcomes efficiently.


Storytelling is the art of telling stories to convey information, experiences, or ideas in a narrative form. It is a powerful communication tool that can make abstract or complex concepts more relatable and memorable. In the video, storytelling is used as a technique to make learning more engaging and to help viewers internalize and remember the information by associating it with familiar narratives or scenarios.

💡Cognitive effort

Cognitive effort refers to the mental energy and concentration required to process information, solve problems, or learn new skills. In the video, the goal of becoming a 'speed learner' involves minimizing cognitive effort by using strategies that make learning more efficient and less taxing on the brain.


A debate is a formal discussion or argument on a particular topic, where participants present opposing viewpoints and challenge each other's assertions. In the video, the concept of debate is used to illustrate how ChatGPT can help learners examine and question their beliefs by engaging in a simulated debate on a given statement.


The video introduces innovative methods to enhance learning speed using ChatGPT.

ChatGPT can serve as a personal tutor for missed concepts or for overcoming fear of asking questions.

The concept of organocatalysis is explained in a simplified manner, akin to explaining to a 5-year-old.

ChatGPT can adopt different personalities, like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, to make learning engaging.

Storytelling and associating complex concepts with familiar images can improve memory retention.

ChatGPT can create customized tests, such as multiple-choice questions, to aid in exam preparation.

Summarizing information and extending concepts from notes can deepen understanding of complex topics.

The principle of focusing on 20% of the information for 80% of the results is emphasized for efficient learning.

ChatGPT can help identify and understand the core 20% of information that builds a strong knowledge network.

The video encourages viewers to challenge their beliefs using ChatGPT to promote critical thinking.

The myth that humans use only 10% of their brain is debunked using ChatGPT's capabilities.

The video promotes the use of ChatGPT for better study habits, university success, and creative document creation.

Advanced artificial intelligence techniques are showcased for conducting research effectively.

The video invites viewers to subscribe for more content on becoming a 'speed learner' and utilizing ChatGPT.



This video is damn! I already had to redo twice. Once he got corrupted


a file and another time I had others problems. So, today I want to show you


how to use chatGPT to learn quickly, become a “speed learner ”!


We squeeze it all the way down to get one incredible tool that allows us to


extend our knowledge, broaden it, in a very short time. A tool


absurd! So, I'm Federico do the researcher, I also teach


to the University accordingly , sign up to the channel to stay up to date!


I want to bring you lots of content where you can use ChatGPT for


learn everything to the fullest. The first method to use ChatGPT best for you


study is to use it as your tutor personal. As a result, imagine yourself


having been lesson, you missed a concept, you didn't have the desire, the


time, the initiative, you were afraid, you you were ashamed, you didn't want to go to the


professor to ask questions. You have it there a rambling text string. You


are you looking for a free tutor always for you, tireless, who can answer


to any question and that you don't he will judge any question you ask. From


Consequently, write a nice line where you say: I want a tutor for organocatalysis


and I want you to explain organocatalysis as I decide. So


in this case we see that without telling him the way in which to speak to us explains to us in


more canonical way what is organocatalysis . It also tells us many other things,


its advantages, its uses, its examples, etc., etc.... but let's assume


to really be at that stage in we want a down to earth conversation


as easy, simple as possible. We tell him… Explain it to me as if I were a child


5 years old . We give him the prompt and he takes it he says to imagine you have a puzzle


very complicated to solve and there is a special friend who helps you find the


right pieces and put them together quickly. This friend who puts you


together the pieces quickly is the organ catalyst of chemistry. Already here


we are creating an image in our brain and we know that ours


brain works by images, it works for images, our memory and everything


our reasoning generates images in us. Matters like those


of chemistry which is a subject that can seem very abstract (one can't


imagine molecules that merge), can really benefit


from these methods. But let's say not we have more than 5 years we want a tutor who


or perhaps of another personality perhaps charismatic personality like


that of Leonardo DiCaprio In The Wolf of Wall Street. We ask to be him and


to act as tutors for the catalysis organ. You see his way of speaking is


completely changed tells us about the organ catalysis like Leonardo DiCaprio


of fascinating, efficient and chemistry which changes the game completely. There


talks about small organic molecules which are golden tips in


essentially buying and selling, and that doesn't they never lose their value and then tells us


lots of other cool stuff that for brevity we will not explore. This is


essential because we humans do not we only think in images, but we are


similar to storytelling. All that is a process associated with something


close to our life and all that it is close to what we already know succeeds


to be memorized much more stable with respect to an abstract concept


which has no practical aspect in our everyday existence.


Accordingly we asked him to be Leonardo DiCaprio and he has us


we could have talked about buying and selling ask him to be I don't know, Albus


Dumbledore and ask him to explain a process as if it were a magic I don't know


learn. Associating a very matter abstract like that of chemistry a


things that we already know and so on storytelling that is inherent in ours


communication for centuries, we manage to fix concepts to our brain.


That is, I know something that something is already familiar, I extend the knowledge


adding something from there and not building from scratch. Then pair


image catalysis “the puzzle” that is mounts etc. etc.… these are trivial things


at this juncture, but how slowly personalize yours more and more


life, on your needs, allow you to becoming an absurd “speed learner ”. The


method number two to use ChatGPT as a “speed learner ” is to


ask him to do customized tests for you. So you want an exam (for example


of 31 questions, because you want to test if you manage to get 31, or 30 with honors), you


ask multiple choice questions e look at them... in this case he provided us


the answers too. Of course, you can do it a “fine tuning” of your prompt for


make sure you get the answers a second moment. We all know that ChatGPT


can you provide us with summaries. With ChatGPT 4 we can also provide them with integers


books and go and ask specific questions based on what you reported in the book.


Or we can ask him to create gods summaries, abstracts from documents


very long. The way ChatGPT has summarizing information is a lot


known but another way that you I want to show is that instead of


extend information. You are missed the last sentence which was essential


to understand a speech that yours professor did at university? you have it


written in your notes? you take it there slaps inside ChatGPT and the


you say extend that concept and see how he will enrich that concept and you


will provide a lot of useful information that will allow you to study


really in an instant. To take the test, I take a sentence about xylitol written in


I ask him to translate an article of mine and to extend the concepts and I tell him that


I want to know everything about xylitol. So he tells me what it is, he tells me about the


properties of xylitol, health, of pharmaceutical applications, of


nutraceutical considerations, nutritional, etc.… and


conclusions. The fourth method by which you can use ChatCPT is to use it


to let you tell me what 20% of the information that gives you 80% of the


results. This is called the principle of wall, we have already talked about it in this


video extensively (go and watch it because it's a really nice video!) e


so we won't be here to investigate any more much. But this is essential to be


a true "speed learner ". Obviously more let's move on with these points (we are


already at the fourth point) this point is one of the most essential to know based on yours


program what is that 20% on which focus as a priority is


essential and mind you, I'm not with you saying study only that 20% for


get 80% results… I'm telling you, build that network with that 20%.


concepts on which to build the rest for arrive in the best possible way with


as little effort as possible, faster possible, to have the completeness of


concept inside your mind without making a huge cognitive effort. AND


the last tip is tip number five is the most beautiful of all! And


truly incredible! I just got there made a more extensive video about it.


Go and see it! if you missed it you absolutely must see! You need to use ChatGPT


to make you contradict yourself! You put them inside one of your statements, perhaps


something you really are convinced about and see what he tells you. Will try to


dismantle yourself in a cross-examination. Go to see how I did because in that


video I also show you how customize and customize ChatGPT in


so that he does it in the best possible way as meticulous as possible. You do


take apart your thesis and see what the limits of your statement in this


This way you can learn so many things Let's do a test right away. We tell him that


humans use only 10% of own brain and we ask him to


challenge us in a debate. We know very well that this is a “false


scientific” and as we see from response, confirms that it has no basis


scientific this thing and also gives us four really interesting points,


Indeed, five truly interesting points to learn more and understand why


what maybe could have been one Our belief is actually a big one


bullshit. Accordingly, these are the five ways to become a “speed


learner ” with ChatCPT . Subscribe to the channel because because I want to show you how


study better with ChatGPT , how truly face the university at the top,


how to create documents from scratch, how to create presentations on time


zero, how to create your own mind maps. You will become a “speed learner ” in itself


by subscribing to this channel! From consequently, put a like! Let me know


what do you think in the comments above all! and absolutely go and see


this video where I show you the techniques advanced artificial intelligence for


do some crazy research. At the end of that video tells you about an intelligence


artificial that no one knows and that no one uses but it's the bomb!


So go and see that you don't , you don't have it saw that video! I know you don't have it


view! go watch and subscribe to the channel! Put like! Thank you! See you next time


video! HI!

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