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TLDRDiscover the ultimate Australian experience with six incredible job opportunities, including a chief Muenster crash festivals writer, taste master, wildlife caretaker, outback adventurer, lifestyle photographer, and full-time park ranger. Each role offers a unique adventure, a six-month contract worth $100,000, and free Vegemite. Explore the beauty of Australia with Virgin Australia, and embark on a journey that combines work, travel, and unforgettable experiences.


  • 🌊 Ben Southall previously held the 'best job in the world' as an island caretaker on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
  • 🏆 The 'best job in the world' is now back, but with six different unique positions available in Australia.
  • 🎉 One of the positions is the chief Muenster crash, festivals and events writer, with a Sydney VIP lifestyle.
  • 🍴 Another job opportunity is a taste master, exploring the state for the finest produce and best bars and restaurants.
  • 🦘 A wildlife caretaker role involves waking up kangaroos, swimming with dolphins and sea lions, and exploring Kangaroo Island.
  • 🌵 Consider an outback adventurer job, traveling the outback, meeting locals, and experiencing new adventures daily.
  • 📸 As a lifestyle photographer, you could work with Timeout magazine, discover hidden laneways, and collaborate with designers and artists.
  • 🌲 A full-time park ranger position involves checking water temperature, patrolling beaches, and promoting environmental conservation.
  • 💰 Each job comes with a six-month contract worth $100,000 and a free jar of Vegemite.
  • ✈️ Virgin Australia offers exclusive flight deals and opportunities for applicants to travel in style while in Australia.

Q & A

  • Who is Ben Southall and what is his claim to fame?

    -Ben Southall is an adventurer and presenter who became internationally known after winning the 'Best Job in the World' as an island caretaker on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

  • What is the new opportunity announced in the script?

    -The script announces not one but six amazing jobs in Australia that are open for application.

  • What are some of the new jobs available in Australia as mentioned in the script?

    -The jobs include Chief Muenster Crash, Festivals and Events reviewer, Taste Master, Wildlife Caretaker, Outback Adventurer, Lifestyle Photographer, and a full-time Park Ranger.

  • What does the Chief Muenster Crash role involve?

    -The Chief Muenster Crash role involves writing reviews and experiencing the life of a Sydney VIP.

  • What are the responsibilities of a Taste Master?

    -A Taste Master is expected to eat their way around the state, forage the finest produce, and discover the best bars and restaurants.

  • What can a Wildlife Caretaker expect from their working environment?

    -A Wildlife Caretaker can expect a relaxed working environment that includes waking up Kangaroos, swimming with dolphins and sea lions, and exploring Kangaroo Island.

  • What kind of adventures can an Outback Adventurer look forward to?

    -An Outback Adventurer will travel the outback, meet the locals, and have a new adventure every day.

  • What does a Lifestyle Photographer do?

    -A Lifestyle Photographer would work with Time Out magazine, discover hidden laneways, create photoshoots, and collaborate with high-profile designers and artists.

  • What are the perks of being a full-time Park Ranger?

    -A full-time Park Ranger is responsible for checking water temperature, patrolling beaches, and ensuring minimal environmental impact. The role also comes with a decent pay and a free jar of Vegemite.

  • What is the contract duration and pay for these jobs?

    -Each job comes with a six-month contract worth $100,000.

  • How can applicants travel in style while in Australia?

    -While in Australia, applicants can travel in style with Virgin Australia, the experts in Australian youth travel.

  • How can one apply for these positions and what is the encouragement from Ben Southall?

    -To apply for these positions, one can click through the provided link. Ben Southall encourages everyone to apply, emphasizing that there's nothing like experiencing Australia.



🏖️ Introduction to the Best Jobs in Australia

This paragraph introduces Ben Southall, who previously held the title of 'the best job in the world' as an island caretaker on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. He announces that his tenure has ended but brings exciting news that the best job is back, not as a single opportunity but as six unique positions across Australia. These jobs range from being a chief Muenster crash festivals and events reviewer, to a taste master, a wildlife caretaker on Kangaroo Island, an outback adventurer, a lifestyle photographer, and a full-time park ranger. Each job comes with a Vegemite jar and a six-month contract worth $100,000. The paragraph ends with encouragement to apply and mentions Virgin Australia and STA Travel as resources for travel and work abroad programs.



💡Island Caretaker

The term 'Island Caretaker' refers to a position where an individual is responsible for the maintenance and preservation of an island, often including its environment and wildlife. In the context of the video, Ben Southall won this 'best job in the world' on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, highlighting the appeal and uniqueness of such a role. It emphasizes the opportunity to live in a beautiful location while contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

💡Chief Muenster Crash

The term 'Chief Muenster Crash' is likely a playful or fictional title for a job role that involves managing festivals and events. This suggests a leadership position with responsibilities for organizing and overseeing various social and cultural events, potentially with a focus on creating memorable experiences for attendees. The title itself is unconventional, which may be intended to capture the audience's attention and convey the exciting nature of the job.

💡Taste Master

A 'Taste Master' is a professional who is an expert in the field of food and beverages, often tasked with evaluating and discovering high-quality produce and dining experiences. This role involves traveling around to sample and review various foods, ensuring that only the finest offerings are highlighted. The term implies a connoisseurship of culinary delights and a responsibility to guide others towards the best gastronomic experiences.

💡Wildlife Caretaker

A 'Wildlife Caretaker' is an individual responsible for the care and management of wild animals, typically in a natural or semi-natural environment. This role involves ensuring the well-being of the animals, often through direct interaction, feeding, and monitoring their health. The position also typically includes educating the public about wildlife and conservation efforts, as well as contributing to the preservation of natural habitats.

💡Outback Adventurer

An 'Outback Adventurer' refers to someone who explores and travels through the remote and arid regions of Australia, known as the Outback. This role often involves engaging with the unique landscapes, wildlife, and local communities of these areas. The adventurer may participate in various activities, such as camping, hiking, and off-road driving, while experiencing the raw beauty and challenges of the Australian Outback.

💡Lifestyle Photographer

A 'Lifestyle Photographer' is a professional who captures images that reflect a particular way of living or a certain aesthetic. This type of photography often focuses on candid, authentic moments that showcase people enjoying their daily lives, hobbies, or interests. The goal is to tell a story through visual content, creating a connection between the subjects and the viewer. Lifestyle photography can be used in various contexts, such as magazines, advertising, and social media.

💡Park Ranger

A 'Park Ranger' is a professional who manages and protects natural areas, such as national parks, forests, or reserves. Their duties include patrolling the area, ensuring the safety and preservation of wildlife and habitats, and educating visitors about the environment and conservation practices. Park Rangers often interact with the public, providing guidance on park rules and assisting with any issues that may arise.


Vegemite is a popular Australian food spread made from yeast extract. It has a distinctive, savory flavor and is typically consumed on toast, sandwiches, or as a topping for various dishes. Vegemite is considered an iconic part of Australian culture and is often associated with the country's identity. In the video script, a jar of Vegemite is mentioned as part of the perks for each job, symbolizing a uniquely Australian experience.

💡Six-Month Contract

A 'Six-Month Contract' refers to a fixed-term employment agreement that lasts for six months. This type of contract is common for temporary or project-based work, providing a clear start and end date for the employment relationship. It offers both the employer and the employee a predetermined period to assess the working arrangement and decide whether to continue the partnership beyond the contract's duration.

💡Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia is a major Australian airline that provides both domestic and international flights. The company is known for its high-quality services and is a significant player in the aviation industry within Australia and the region. In the context of the video, Virgin Australia is mentioned as a partner that offers stylish travel options for the job applicants, enhancing the appeal of the job opportunities by providing a means to explore and travel around Australia in comfort.

💡STA Travel

STA Travel is a global travel company that specializes in providing travel services and experiences for young adventurers and students. They offer various travel packages, flights, tours, and work abroad programs designed to cater to the needs and interests of a younger demographic. In the video script, STA Travel is mentioned as a resource for finding exclusive flight deals and work abroad programs, emphasizing their expertise in youth travel and their role in facilitating unique travel experiences.


Ben Southall shares his experience as an island caretaker on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

The best job in the world is back, but this time there are six amazing jobs available in Australia.

Opportunity to become the new chief Muenster crash, festivals and events writer in Sydney.

A chance to live the life of a Sydney VIP and write reviews.

Consider a role as a taste master, discovering the finest produce and the best bars and restaurants.

Wildlife caretaker job on Kangaroo Island includes waking up kangaroos and swimming with dolphins and sea lions.

Outback adventurer position allows meeting the locals and experiencing new adventures daily.

Lifestyle photographer role involves exploring hidden laneways and working with high-profile designers and artists.

Full-time park ranger job involves checking water temperature and patrolling beaches.

Each job comes with a free jar of Vegemite and a six-month contract worth $100,000.

Opportunity to travel in style with Virgin Australia while working.

Ben Southall encourages applying for the jobs, highlighting the unique experience of Australia.

STA Travel and Virgin Australia are the experts in Australian youth travel.

Exclusive flight deals, tours, and work abroad programs are available through STA Travel and Virgin Australia.

The advertisement emphasizes the diverse and exciting opportunities to work and explore Australia.



hi I'm Ben Southall a few years ago I


won the best job in the world being an


island caretaker


on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia


well unfortunately for me my time is up


but luckily for you the best job in the


world is back yet this time there's not


one but six amazing jobs in Australia


all up for grabs how about working here


as the new chief Muenster crash


festivals and events write reviews and


live the life of a Sydney VIP have you


considered working as a taste master eat


your way around the state forage out the


finest produce and uncover the best bars


and restaurants have you considered


working as a wildlife caretaker it's a


very relaxed working environment wake up


the Kangaroos swim with dolphins and sea


lions and explore Kangaroo Island or you


could be an outback adventurer travel


the outback meet the locals and have a


new adventure every day


how about working is a lifestyle


photographer would timeout magazine


discover hidden laneways create


photoshoots and work with high-profile


designers and artists


and finally you could be a full-time


park ranger check the water temperature


patrol the beaches and leave only


footprints the pay is not bad either


each job comes with a free jar of


Vegemite oh and a six month contract


worth $100,000 and while you're here


you'll be able to travel around in style


with virgin Australia so click through


to apply now good luck and take it from




there's nothing like Australia now I


don't they'll let me apply again okay


find exclusive flight deals tours and


work abroad programs with sta travel and


Virgin Australia the experts in


Australian youth travel

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