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28 Jan 202414:11


TLDRIn this thrilling YouTube episode, viewers are treated to an exhilarating drag race showdown between two luxury 12-cylinder beasts: the Bentley Continental GT, boasting 635 hp with a twin-turbo W12 engine, and the Ferrari FF, equipped with 660 hp from a V12 naturally aspirated engine. The race takes place on a meticulously measured 400m stretch at the airport, pitting the all-wheel-drive capabilities and engineering prowess of these two automotive giants against each other. Alongside the high-octane race, the episode delves into the Ferrari FF's peculiarities, from its unique all-wheel-drive system to various quirks and issues, while also touching on the Bentley's solid performance and the intriguing price developments of the FF. The episode is packed with anticipation, technical insights, and a touch of humor, culminating in a surprising result that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


  • 🚀 The video features a drag race between a Bentley Continental GT with 635 hp, W12 engine, and a Ferrari FF with 660 hp, V12 naturally aspirated engine.
  • 🏆 The presenter provides a detailed comparison of the two cars, emphasizing their horsepower, engine types, and the unique appeal of having a 12-cylinder engine.
  • 💻 The narrative includes a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation for the race, highlighting interactions with a character named Alando and discussions about the cars' specifications.
  • 🛩 The Ferrari FF is presented as a challenging vehicle with a history of maintenance issues, despite its high purchase price and performance capabilities.
  • 🔧 The video touches on the Ferrari FF's specific features, such as its lightweight all-wheel drive system that operates differently from conventional systems, adding a unique twist to the drag race.
  • 🚗 A weight comparison between the two cars is conducted, revealing the Bentley is approximately 300 kg heavier than the Ferrari, adding another layer of interest to the race outcome.
  • 💸 Discussion of the Ferrari FF's depreciation in value over time, contrasting its initial high cost with its current market price, provides insight into the luxury car market.
  • 🚨 The presenter shares personal anecdotes and advice regarding the Ferrari FF, highlighting common issues faced by owners, from navigation system failures to problems with the electric seats and leather quality.
  • 💎 The drag race is detailed with suspense and excitement, culminating in a surprising outcome where the heavier Bentley outperforms the Ferrari FF.
  • 🏊 The video concludes with reflections on the race, the performance of both cars under the conditions, and an award ceremony, tying back to the friendly and competitive spirit of the event.

Q & A

  • What are the main cars featured in the drag race and their specifications?

    -The main cars featured are the Bentley Continental GT with 635 hp, W12 engine, and the Ferrari FF with 660 hp, V12 naturally aspirated engine.

  • What is the main event taking place in the YouTube video?

    -The main event is a drag race between two 12-cylinder engines, the Bentley Continental GT and the Ferrari FF, held at an airport.

  • How does the video contributor convey their enthusiasm for the cars?

    -The enthusiasm is conveyed through descriptive language, highlighting the excitement of the drag race, and detailed discussions about the cars' specifications and features, such as the all-wheel drive system and the heritage of the Ferrari's engine.

  • What specific features of the Ferrari FF are discussed in the video?

    -Features discussed include its all-wheel drive system, which is active from gears 1 to 5, its lighter weight compared to other systems, and its problems such as rusting grilles, navigation system issues, and potential problems with the electric seats and rear window wiper.

  • What concerns are raised about the Ferrari FF?

    -Concerns include its depreciation in value, maintenance issues like the navigation system failing and potential costly repairs, such as the all-wheel drive system (PTU) failure which could cost significantly if not covered by warranty.

  • How is the Bentley Continental GT's performance characterized in comparison to the Ferrari FF?

    -Despite being approximately 300 kg heavier and having 25 hp less than the Ferrari FF, the Bentley Continental GT's performance is highlighted as solid, with particular emphasis on its safety and stability during the drag race.

  • What is the outcome of the drag race and how is it received?

    -The outcome is not explicitly stated, but there is an award ceremony implying a conclusion to the race, with discussions on the performance of both cars under the conditions, focusing on the Bentley's surprising performance given its weight disadvantage.

  • What kind of problems are associated with the Ferrari FF according to the video?

    -Problems include the leather seats coming apart, issues with the Manettino switch, airbag lamp issues, and the potential for expensive repairs related to the all-wheel drive system.

  • How does the video address the issue of car value and depreciation?

    -The video discusses the FF's initial high cost, its rapid depreciation, and its current market value, contrasting it with the price of the Bentley Continental GT Speed to highlight the FF's niche market status and depreciation issues.

  • What humorous or light-hearted elements are included in the video?

    -Humorous elements include the playful banter between the hosts, the idea of a '12-cylinder vacuum cleaner' as a car, and light-hearted comments about the conditions of the cars and the drag race setup.



🏁 Drag Race Showdown: Bentley Continental GT vs Ferrari FF

The video opens with a thrilling drag race setup, pitting the powerful Bentley Continental GT, equipped with a 635 hp W12 engine, against the formidable Ferrari FF, boasting a 660 hp V12 naturally aspirated engine. The excitement builds as the two luxury cars, each representing the pinnacle of automotive engineering and performance, prepare to face off in a display of speed and power. The scene is set for an epic showdown, with the anticipation of a closely contested race captivating the audience. The narrator introduces the channel and the day's event, hinting at a comparison between two 12-cylinder engines in a high-stakes drag race. Amidst light-hearted banter and preparations, there's a glimpse into the camaraderie and the passion for automotive excellence that defines the channel. The narrative then shifts to a detailed discussion about the Ferrari FF, including its features, the intrigue surrounding its purchase, and the anticipation for the drag race. The dialogue reveals insights into the FF's unique attributes, such as its all-wheel-drive system and performance specifications, setting the stage for an engaging and informative exploration of luxury sports cars.


🛠 Ferrari FF vs Bentley: Weigh-in and Technical Insights

Before heading to the drag race, the video takes a moment to delve into the technical aspects of the competing cars, focusing on their weight and power. The Ferrari FF and Bentley Continental GT are brought to a weigh station to reveal the Bentley is approximately 300 kg heavier than the FF, yet has 25 hp less. This segment offers an in-depth analysis of the Ferrari FF's market dynamics, including its depreciation and niche status, contrasting it with the Bentley's value proposition. The conversation transitions into discussing the FF's notorious issues, such as navigation glitches and maintenance challenges, painting a realistic picture of high-end car ownership. Despite these hurdles, the passion for the Ferrari brand and the unique driving experience it offers is evident. The section concludes on a note of anticipation for the upcoming drag race, setting the stage for a clash not just of speed, but of engineering philosophies and brand legacies.


🏆 The Ultimate Showdown: Bentley Continental GT Triumphs

The climax of the video is the eagerly awaited drag race at the airport, where the Bentley Continental GT and Ferrari FF finally go head-to-head. Despite the Bentley's weight disadvantage and lesser horsepower, the race is intensely competitive, showcasing the engineering marvels of both vehicles. The Bentley surprisingly wins the race, leading to a lively discussion on the factors contributing to its victory, including tire strategy and the disabling of electronic stability control (ESC). The aftermath of the race includes reflections on the performance, the condition of the track, and the overall experience of driving these luxury sports cars in a competitive setting. The video closes with a light-hearted award ceremony, reaffirming the friendly rivalry and mutual respect between the participants. The segment encapsulates the essence of automotive enthusiasm, celebrating both the joy of the race and the remarkable capabilities of the vehicles involved.



💡Drag Race

A drag race is a short, straight race usually measured over a quarter-mile, involving two vehicles competing against each other from a standing start. In the script, a drag race is set up between a Bentley Continental GT and a Ferrari FF at an airport, emphasizing the performance and acceleration capabilities of these high-end cars. This event is the central theme of the video, showcasing the thrilling competition between two powerful luxury cars with different engine configurations.

💡Bentley Continental GT

The Bentley Continental GT mentioned in the script is a luxury grand tourer with a 635 horsepower, W12 engine. This car represents the epitome of luxury combined with performance. In the video, it competes in the drag race, illustrating its capabilities against the Ferrari FF. The Continental GT's blend of power, prestige, and performance makes it a key subject of the video's narrative.

💡Ferrari FF

The Ferrari FF is a grand tourer with a 660 horsepower, V12 naturally aspirated engine. It's notable for being one of the few Ferraris with an all-wheel-drive system. In the script, the FF is highlighted for its unique combination of luxury, performance, and practicality, being a Ferrari with ample space and winter driving capabilities. The FF's performance, issues, and comparison with the Bentley Continental GT form a significant part of the video's content.

💡W12 Engine

A W12 engine is a twelve-cylinder piston engine in a W configuration. In the Bentley Continental GT, this engine type is mentioned to emphasize the car's powerful performance capabilities. The W12 engine is known for its compactness, smoothness, and high power output, making the Continental GT an impressive contender in the drag race.

💡V12 Naturally Aspirated

A V12 naturally aspirated engine refers to a twelve-cylinder engine without forced induction, meaning it does not use turbochargers or superchargers. This type of engine, found in the Ferrari FF, is celebrated for its power delivery, sound, and traditional engineering approach. The Ferrari's V12 engine is a focal point in the video, symbolizing the car's raw performance and heritage.

💡All-Wheel Drive

All-wheel drive (AWD) refers to a vehicle drivetrain system that powers all four wheels, distributing power as needed for improved traction and handling. The Ferrari FF's AWD system is discussed in the script, particularly its unique characteristic of being active only up to the 5th gear and then switching to rear-wheel drive. This feature is crucial for understanding the FF's performance dynamics in the drag race and winter conditions.

💡Launch Control

Launch control is an electronic aid used in many performance cars to provide the optimal acceleration from a standstill. Both the Bentley Continental GT and Ferrari FF utilize launch control during the drag race, which is a critical factor in achieving the fastest possible start. The mention of launch control highlights the technological advancements in these cars that aid in maximizing their performance.

💡Twin Turbo

Twin turbo refers to a forced induction system using two turbochargers to compress the air entering the engine, increasing the amount of air and fuel it can burn to produce more power. Although not explicitly mentioned for a specific car in the script, twin turbo systems are commonly associated with high-performance vehicles like the Bentley Continental GT, contributing to its significant power output.

💡Winter Tires

Winter tires, mentioned in the context of both cars being equipped with them for the drag race, are designed to offer better traction, handling, and braking performance in cold, snowy, or icy conditions. This detail is important as it affects the cars' performance in the drag race, illustrating the practical aspect of supercars being used in less-than-ideal conditions.

💡Price Development

Price development refers to the change in the market value of a vehicle over time. In the script, this concept is discussed in relation to the Ferrari FF, highlighting its depreciation and current market value. This discussion provides insight into the automotive market, investment aspects of luxury cars, and the specific financial considerations of owning a high-end vehicle like the FF.


Introduction to a drag race between Bentley Continental GT and Ferrari FF, highlighting their engine specifications.

Excitement and setup for a YouTube channel episode focusing on a 12-cylinder engine competition.

Behind-the-scenes look at the preparation for a car review, including a humorous interaction with a character named Alando.

Announcement of a unique comparison: 12-cylinder vacuum cleaner versus cars, introducing an all-wheel drive system discussion.

Observation of the Ferrari FF's rust issues, highlighting the car's high cost and maintenance concerns.

Skepticism from a friend about purchasing the Ferrari FF, emphasizing the car's reputation and the decision-making process.

Planning a drag race at an airport, engaging the audience by asking them to predict the winner.

Pre-race discussion on car conditions, tire choices, and weather concerns, emphasizing the importance of preparation.

Comparison of car weights and horsepower, setting expectations for the drag race outcome.

Discussion on the Ferrari FF's price depreciation and niche market position.

Technical overview of the FF's all-wheel drive system and its limitations.

Exploration of the FF's various mechanical and electronic issues, highlighting the challenges of owning such a vehicle.

Pre-race anticipation and strategy, with a focus on disabling ESC for performance.

Start of the drag race, capturing the excitement and immediate reactions.

Post-race analysis and the surprising outcome, concluding with an award ceremony.



We've kind of measured out 400 m here and now we're doing a drag race.


The Bentley Continental GT with 635 hp, W12 engine, against the Ferrari FF, 660 hp, V12 naturally aspirated.






Welcome to my YouTube Channel! Today, Sunday, 4 p.m. Today two 12-cylinder engines compete against each other!


Oh, look, look, look, there he is again.


There he is, my God. He always has cleaning rags in his hand. I'm online with Ferrari. Oh, really? Yes. Oh man. Alando thank you, ciao.


Thanks Alando, see you later! Here, mic. Micro? Exactly. I've got something really cool planned, I'll just say one thing:


I'll give it a go now, 12-cylinder vacuum cleaner? Yes. All-wheel drive, a bit of wannabe all-wheel drive,


we'll talk about that in a moment, PS? 660. 660 and now turn around. All-wheel drive, 635 hp, 12-cylinder, twin turbo


versus the naturally aspirated engine. I am excited. Drag Race? Drag Race. Launch control? Launch control. Alright, you're there!


There he is, the FF. The FF has an extremely difficult time on my site, but I can see


something from here that I discovered back then. Do you see it too? Yes, the bars. The grilles have


rusted again. Yes, that's sporty. Yes, that's really sporty for a car that


cost well over €300,000. This is true. That's just how it is, but we have something different to do today. Whatever, scandal video back and forth, whatever.


There is another episode 3, which concerns the scandal video, is still coming, now it's about


the Ferrari FF. The story was very cool here. Florian calls me and says, Hamid are you at home?


I'm like, yeah, what do you want? Yes, right around the corner from you there is someone selling an FF, I


really want to take a look at it and when I hear Ferrari FF, all the alarm bells go off in my head.


Yeah right. I say, Florian, we've known each other for so long, leave it, don't do it. No, I'm up for it now,


I want a winter car now. Okay, it's winter, there's snow and the car is there.


Yes! Or? Yes, cool. So, now we have something planned, we're not just testing the car today,


today is Sunday, today we're really getting down to business. We're going to go to the airport and


do a drag race and you'll have time to write which car will win, okay?


Can I drive? Yes, of course. Look, it works like that, it works like that, yes of course.


Come! Let's go! But it doesn't matter what the FF is like, Ferrari remains Ferrari. Is that right? It's so!


Wow, now listen to this when we start it.


What do you think who will win? The Bentley Continental GT or the Ferrari FF? Have you ever


done a launch? No. But we have to be really careful, we only have 6°. Yes, I have winter tires on


me too. Yes, anyway. And where, right, left? On the right, Autostrada, always at a slight angle. Yes, that's right,


you're still so picky. Yes, because we don't have lift activated, we have lift here.


Yes, we actually have everything. We really have everything, it has such cool equipment. I'm happy with the car every day.


This backdrop alone is fantastic. So more Ferrari type is simply not possible. No and you should


n't forget, we have a 12 year old car here, like the condition of the leather, seams, we


also don't have a soft paint problem, leather. Are you trying to sweet talk the FF again? Yes, I'm selling it to you right now,


so I don't think you're excited about it yet. Almost sold. I'm now excited to see what the car brings to drag racing.


You have to clearly understand the all-wheel drive system here, it is not, so it is extremely light,


over 50% lighter than the Quattro or Audi or VW Group, but you also have to know that


you only have all-wheel drive from gear 1 to gear 5. Then it goes to the rear and from I think 170-180 km/h it goes


completely to the rear. In this direction it goes completely to the rear, so caution is advised.


Then you have to be careful again . But you notice it very easily when it switches off, so someone in the know notices it.


Yes, I know, I know you notice it, but I still think that either I have all-wheel drive or


I don't have all-wheel drive. I think that at such high speeds, because in winter, i.e. in summer


I don't necessarily need it, in winter or something like that in smaller km/h numbers, I don't think it's that


bad at all, I have to say. Yes? Yes. Before we go to the track or drive to the airport


and do a real drag race, we first want to know exactly what your car weighs, come on


your car. I'm curious, I'm curious and I go up here, it shows


80 kg, but that's not true, that's not true.


Aha, 1.96 and now I'm coming with the Bentley, hold on to 1.96.


And? 2,400? 2,320, which means around 300 kg heavier. Yes. But 25 hp less, you have to win.


I think the price development of the FF is really interesting at the moment, it is and will be, even


if you are my buddy, actually if we talk openly now. Is a niche product. I immediately advised you


not to buy the FF. Yes. Immediately, immediately, at Ferrari I was still listening and when he


started with F, I said forget it, don't do it, don't buy the car. It could have been the F40.


Yes, that's right, that's right and I know that you're looking. Yes. But it would be unlikely that there was an F40


around the corner from me in the middle of Schwabing somewhere. That would be unlikely, yes.


But not ruled out. Not excluded, no. But still, the price development, the car


cost well over €300,000 and that was the deciding factor, the car had


the Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​back then in 2012, they are in a league in that sense, it was around that


150,000 - 180,000 € cheaper as a new car than the Ferrari FF. You have to imagine that and


then of course a lot of people dropped out, a lot of people then said no, it's too expensive for me, it's too expensive for me,


it's too expensive for me, Ferrari four-seater, well and so on and then the problems started and the


car has rapidly lost value, rapidly. That means we were talking about over 50-60% loss in value and


now they have leveled off between €100,000 and €140,000-150,000, right? Correct. How many kilometers does it have?


He now has 76,000. He has 76,000, yes. That was still it. That was also an issue again. Yes, that was of course


an issue, but I said I'd just do it now and try it out and so far


I haven't been able to identify any defects in the car, so far it's actually been


2-3 months actually relatively happy with it. So, the problems with the FF, the navigation system


always fails, then you have to stop, get out, lock, unlock, open the car,


restart, then your navigation system works again. In the middle of it all, the thing likes to go away, then


we always have a big problem, somehow these labels, have you remade them? No, they come from the factory. But there was something?


Yes, this one comes off easily, but unfortunately it wasn't available yet. OK. So you can also buy that,


the badge. Okay, the plaque is peeling off a bit. Can Can occur naturally due to heat. Then the next problem,


the electric seats sometimes don't work, then we have the rear window wiper, does


n't it? No, he didn't. But you could exactly order it and I would say everyone


who has an FF, has a rear window wiper, I would say over 40-50% of them do


n't work, then they get stuck, you know? That's a huge problem, now let's wait


until we drive out of the tunnel. Now we have a bit of tunnel noise from a 12-cylinder vacuum cleaner.


Dude, that's cool. That's awesome. Don't forget that we have the basic block from Ferrari Enzo on board here.


Exactly! You shouldn't forget that, that was actually my big wish. True.


To say I want such a light origin from Enzo. Yes, crazy! And we have that here and the sound.


You heard this one, we weren't anywhere near the high target number range yet, it's unbelievable.


It's incredible. Incredibly cool. As few petrol particulate filters as possible, in 2012 there was nothing. Nothing yet.


Exactly, it's really going strong. We are completely clean here. Next problem with FF, leather. The leather seats


sometimes come apart and so on. Heaven, heaven is falling, you know all that


from the scandal video. Then, of course, my Manettino circuit tends to fail very, very violently, then


my airbag lamp lights up partially and you just can't get it off and that


's relevant to the TÜV, if the airbag lamp lights up, that's a defect, you won't get it TÜV,


you won't get a TÜV and then of course PTU. Yes. All-wheel drive system, if that fails, then there is one


Four-wheel drive sign and then it always says error. You don't need an FF if you don't have all-wheel drive.


No, but there are actually some or a few who of course have the extended warranty,


where this has just been discovered today, which is then replaced by Ferrari under warranty without any problems


and that is of course 1 with a star. Absolutely, but those who have it and those who don't have it can


easily put down €20,000-25,000. Yes, of course these are sums, we are in the upper sports car segment,


there is nothing for €2,000. You get around €120,000 for the money, I don't want to say what


you paid for the car. Yes. OK. About €120,000, you obviously get a lot of car, a lot of sports car.


So it's a pleasure to drive this car because it's so fast, it's


already making music at 2000 rpm, it's already making music in the back, you can't imagine it, it


's just like that. I sit so comfortably. It's crazy, it's really unbelievable. Drive 6,000 km in a row


and nothing would hurt me. If he can stand it. He can endure it. Do you think? But I mean Giuseppe was also really


unlucky with his FF. I think so too. So that was, of course it's not Ferrari standard, but


it makes you wonder, but I don't want to reveal too much yet. I have


two other friends who have exactly the same problem, one of them is in Switzerland and one


of them is in Germany and they write to me weekly or every two weeks.


Hamid come on, make a video about our FF now, that means the FF is already known for it,


but write in the comments whether I should visit them too or do you say hey, it's getting boring


, the FF is easy a failed car.


So now we're at the airport!


Old Swede, old Swede, this is going to be hard, this is going to be really hard. I am excited. So, we're at the airport now.


Hey, look how unfair that is already, you're much further ahead. The tires?


Yes, okay, but you had to come here, I was first. But you know what we're about to do, we're going to put the


tires right here. Yes. Okay, we've sort of measured out 400m here and now we're doing a


drag race. Approximately 400 kg less and 25 hp more. Yes, those are things and an Italian engine too.


And another Italian. High speed engine. Okay, I'll just say one thing, there's Enzo's torso in there, the Enzo's, right?


Yes. So, Ferrari Enzo feeling in there, but we also know the problem. Let's get started!


Let's get started! What are we driving for, an espresso? For an espresso. For an espresso, that's on you anyway.


That's very difficult, I don't know, who do you think will win?


It's really exciting, it's really really exciting.


I've now got my ESC Dynamic all off, that means it's ready to go,


we want to beat the FF, we want to beat the FF, with 400 kg more and 25 HP less.




Woah dude!




Where is he?


And boom, dude, we're 400 kg heavier.


So now let's get out and have an award ceremony.


So 400 kg more, 25 hp less. I think you operated your car incorrectly. Yes, we tried it with ESC before


and the secret recipe for it was without ESC. Yes. And that is the crucial point here.


But it's still, look at this here, look here everything is wet.


And before that there was more rain. It's wet here, we hardly have any grip, our asphalt is


really cold. 5° maybe or something. Yes, exactly, we have winter wheels, you shouldn't forget that,


but the Bentley has still really proven that it's solid, you feel so safe in


the car. This is really true. That's unbelievable, it goes off, first it broke off a little bit and then


it grabbed and then it went off. Thank you so much, espresso is on you. Yes, as always.


I hope you enjoyed the post, see you again next Sunday, ciao!