SG Kleinwort Hambros new Chief Investment Officer says bank remains very committed to Gibraltar

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6 Mar 202401:37


TLDRIn the context of a sluggish economic climate, the script posits that it's an opportune time to invest, particularly before economies rebound. Historical patterns suggest that pre-rebound periods offer substantial investment opportunities before the market fully realizes them. Despite concerns about equities reaching all-time highs, the script reassures that this is a common occurrence and not a deterrent to investing. Furthermore, the script highlights the commitment of 'Hambros' to its presence in Gibraltar, citing the opening of a new office and team expansion as evidence of this commitment. The unique regulatory and business advantages of Gibraltar, especially for banking and insurance sectors, are underscored as significant factors for the organization's location choice.


  • 😊 The current economic climate is sluggish, but it's a good time for investing before markets rebound.
  • 📈 Equities have been performing strongly, hitting all-time highs, which is not necessarily a reason to avoid investing.
  • 🏢 The company (Hambros) is committed to maintaining its presence on the Rock (Gibraltar).
  • 🏡 Hambros recently opened a new office in Gibraltar, reflecting their commitment to the location.
  • 👩‍💼 The company has been hiring and growing its team in Gibraltar.
  • 📍 Gibraltar has been a successful location for the company's business.
  • 🌐 Gibraltar offers unique advantages as a regulatory jurisdiction, particularly for insurance companies and passporting rules.
  • 🏛 The jurisdiction's regulatory environment presents interesting opportunities for a bank to support clients.
  • 👥 The company has a unique mix of client base in Gibraltar.
  • 📝 The video transcript discusses the company's commitment to Gibraltar and the advantages of operating in the jurisdiction.

Q & A

  • According to the speaker, what is the current economic climate?

    -The speaker mentions that the economic climate has been sluggish, but it's a good time to be investing.

  • Why does the speaker consider periods like the current one a good time for investing?

    -The speaker suggests that periods just before economies are about to rebound are good times to be invested, as the market hasn't fully caught up with the opportunity yet.

  • What concerns do some investors have about investing in equities currently?

    -Some investors are concerned about investing in equities because they have been doing very strongly and are hitting all-time highs.

  • How does the speaker address the concern about equities hitting all-time highs?

    -The speaker points out that equities hit all-time highs multiple times a year, and this shouldn't be a particular reason not to be invested.

  • What is the speaker's perspective on Hambro's presence on 'the Rock' (presumably Gibraltar)?

    -The speaker affirms that Hambro is committed to remaining in Gibraltar, citing the opening of a new office, hiring and growing the team, and the location's success for the organization.

  • What are some of the unique advantages of Gibraltar as a regulatory jurisdiction, according to the speaker?

    -The speaker mentions that Gibraltar has unique advantages compared to other UK-related territories, particularly regarding passporting rules for insurance companies, which creates interesting opportunities for banks to support clients in Gibraltar.

  • What does the term 'passporting rules' refer to in the context of the conversation?

    -The term 'passporting rules' likely refers to regulations that allow financial services firms authorized in one jurisdiction to operate in other jurisdictions within a specific region or economic area, such as the European Economic Area.

  • Based on the script, how would you characterize Hambro's overall stance towards its presence in Gibraltar?

    -Based on the script, Hambro's stance towards its presence in Gibraltar appears to be highly positive and committed, with plans for further growth and expansion in the jurisdiction.

  • What does the speaker imply about Gibraltar's client base for Hambro?

    -The speaker implies that Gibraltar has a unique mix of clients for Hambro as an organization, which contributes to the location's success and attractiveness for the company.

  • What can you infer about the importance of regulatory considerations in Hambro's decision to maintain a presence in Gibraltar?

    -Based on the speaker's comments about passporting rules and regulatory advantages, it can be inferred that regulatory considerations play a significant role in Hambro's decision to maintain a strong presence in Gibraltar.



📈 Investing Amidst Economic Sluggishness

The speaker argues that the current economic climate, although sluggish, presents an opportune time for investing. Drawing from historical patterns, the speaker suggests that periods preceding economic rebounds are ideal for investing, as the market has yet to fully catch up with the forthcoming opportunities. While acknowledging concerns about equities hitting all-time highs, the speaker dismisses this as a reason not to invest, stating that equities regularly reach new highs multiple times a year.

🏦 Hambros Commitment to Gibraltar

The speaker affirms Hambros' strong commitment to maintaining a presence in Gibraltar. This commitment is evidenced by the opening of a new office, the expansion of the team, and ongoing hiring efforts. From a business perspective, Gibraltar has proven to be a successful location for Hambros, providing ample reason for the company to remain committed to the jurisdiction. The speaker acknowledges Gibraltar's unique regulatory environment, particularly its advantageous passporting rules for insurance companies, which create interesting opportunities for banks to support clients in the region.



💡Economic climate

This refers to the overall financial and market conditions at a particular time. In the script, the speaker mentions that the economic climate has been 'sluggish', indicating a period of slow or stagnant economic growth. This sets the context for the speaker's subsequent comments about investment opportunities during such periods.


Investing refers to the act of committing money or capital to an asset or financial instrument with the expectation of generating returns or profits over time. The speaker suggests that despite the sluggish economic climate, it's a good time to be investing, particularly before an expected economic rebound.


A rebound, in the economic context, refers to a recovery or upturn in economic activity after a period of slowdown or recession. The speaker suggests that investing during the current sluggish period could be advantageous, as it precedes an anticipated economic rebound, when markets typically experience growth and increased investment opportunities.


Equities, also known as stocks or shares, represent ownership in a company. The speaker mentions that equities have been performing strongly, which is causing concern among some investors about whether to invest when stock prices are hitting all-time highs. However, the speaker counters this concern by stating that equities frequently reach new highs, and this should not discourage investment.


Commitment refers to a dedication or pledge to a particular course of action or goal. The speaker emphasizes Hambros' commitment to maintaining a presence on the Rock (presumably a location or jurisdiction), as demonstrated by opening a new office, hiring and growing the team, and the overall success of the location for the organization.


A jurisdiction is a geographical area or territory with its own set of laws, regulations, and governing authority. The speaker discusses the advantages of having a business located in the jurisdiction of Jalter, particularly in terms of its unique client base and regulatory environment favorable for insurance companies, such as passporting rules.


Passporting, in the financial services context, refers to the ability of a firm authorized in one jurisdiction to conduct business in other jurisdictions without additional authorization. The speaker highlights passporting rules for insurance companies as an advantage of operating in the Jalter jurisdiction, likely referring to the ability to offer services across multiple regions or territories without additional regulatory hurdles.

💡Client base

A client base refers to the group of customers or clients that a business serves or caters to. The speaker mentions that Jalter has a unique client base for their organization, suggesting that the jurisdiction offers access to a specific set of clients or market segments that are valuable for their business.

💡Regulatory environment

The regulatory environment encompasses the laws, regulations, and oversight governing a particular industry or sector within a jurisdiction. The speaker implies that Jalter's regulatory environment, specifically related to insurance companies, offers unique advantages compared to other UK-related territories, making it an attractive location for their bank to support clients.


Opportunity refers to a favorable or advantageous circumstance or prospect for achieving a desired outcome, such as growth or success. The speaker mentions that there is 'a lot of interesting opportunity' for a bank to support clients in a location like Jalter, likely referring to the potential for business growth and expansion facilitated by the jurisdiction's favorable conditions and client base.


The current economic climate is a good time for investing, as periods like this usually precede an economic rebound.

Despite equities hitting all-time highs, which concerns some investors, this should not be a reason to avoid investing as equities hit new highs multiple times a year.

The organization has demonstrated its commitment to the Rock by opening a new office, hiring, and growing the team.

The location has been very successful for the organization, giving them all the reasons to remain committed.

Gibraltar as a regulatory jurisdiction has unique advantages over other UK-related territories, particularly for insurance companies due to passporting rules.

There is an interesting opportunity for a bank to support clients in a location like Gibraltar.



while the economic climate has been


sluggish actually it's a good time to be


investing if you look out through


history it's periods like this where


just before economies are about to


rebound it's actually a really good time


to be invested before the market fully


catches up with the opportunity and are


we expecting the market to rebound well


I mean equities equities have been doing


very strongly already which is giving


some investors cause for concern maybe


do I want to get involved when equities


are already hitting alltime highs the


reality is equities hit alltime High


multiple times a year that shouldn't be


a particular reason not to be invested


so it is a good time to be invested and


what about hambros presence here on the


Rock is there a commitment to remain


absolutely if you look at look at the


organization over the last the last few


years uh our demonstr our commitments


been demonstrated by opening up a new


office the team is super proud of the


new location we've been hiring and


growing the team there's a strong


commitment to the location um from our


from a very simple business perspective


it's been a very successful location for


us we have all the reason in the world


to want to be committed to


jalter can I just ask you you know what


you see as the advantages of having a a


business located here in this


jurisdiction so jalter has its own


unique mix of uh client base for for us


as an organization but also jalter as a


regulatory jurisdiction has some unique


advantages versus other sort of UK


related territories not least given the


passporting rules for insurance


companies so there's a lot of


interesting opportunity for a bank to


support clients in a location like



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