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25 Mar 202409:49

TLDRIn this video, Tim introduces a new AI-driven video and animation workflow that combines the use of Vigle and Domo platforms. Vigle, currently in beta, allows users to animate images by uploading them and applying various motion prompts. Domo, a video stylization platform, offers a range of stylized looks for videos, including a popular GTA model and a Chinese ink painting style. The video demonstrates how to use these platforms together to create unique animations, such as animating a football player as a pirate or a karate master, and even combining different source materials for more complex animations. Tim also highlights the potential for creating animated shorts by kit bashing and tool bashing these platforms, encouraging viewers to experiment with the technology to achieve imaginative outputs.


  • 🤖 The video introduces a new AI-driven video and animation workflow by combining different AI platforms.
  • 🎥 The workflow is a result of the 'Animate Anyone' technology, which was previously discussed in a paper from December.
  • 🌟 Vigle DoAI is a platform that provides the 'Animate Anyone' technology, and it is currently in beta.
  • 📸 Users can upload images to Vigle and generate animations with motion prompts or use predesigned templates.
  • 💃 The video demonstrates animating a character (Daniela) with a motion prompt, resulting in a dancing animation.
  • 🎨 The character animations generated by Vigle are coherent, but the resolution and textures may be compromised.
  • 🦸 To address character limitations, full-body poses can be generated and then used in the animation process.
  • 🖼️ A green screen effect is used to allow for easy background removal in post-production.
  • 🔍 The video shows how different source materials can be used for input, resulting in varied animation styles.
  • 🛠️ Domo is a video stylization platform that can enhance the output from Vigle with different visual styles.
  • 🌐 Both Vigle and Domo are accessible through Discord, where users can generate and stylize their content.
  • 🎬 The video concludes by encouraging viewers to experiment with these tools to create unique and imaginative animations.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is a new AI video and animation workflow using a combination of platforms, specifically Vigle DoAI and Domo, to create animated content.

  • How does the AI platform Vigle DoAI work?

    -Vigle DoAI allows users to upload an image and then generate animations based on motion prompts. It has predesigned templates for certain motions and can also accept custom prompts.

  • What is the role of Domo in this workflow?

    -Domo is used to stylize the video output from Vigle DoAI. It offers various models to apply different visual styles to the video, enhancing the final output's appearance.

  • What kind of issues can be encountered when using Vigle DoAI?

    -Issues can include incoherencies in motion, jittering, and problems with tracking certain movements, especially if the source material is not ideal for the animation style.

  • How can the green screen effect be used in the workflow?

    -The green screen effect can be applied as a background option in Vigle DoAI. This allows for easy removal of the background in post-production, enabling the character to be composited into different environments.

  • What is the significance of the 'move' feature in Domo?

    -The 'move' feature in Domo allows users to apply motion to a still image, creating a dynamic visual effect. It's a new addition to the platform that expands the creative possibilities for video stylization.

  • What are some of the limitations of the current AI animation technology as discussed in the video?

    -Some limitations include the lack of consistency in character appearance across different generations, the need for higher resolution and better textures, and the challenges of generating animations from certain types of source material.

  • How does the video demonstrate the potential for creative storytelling using AI animation?

    -The video shows how combining AI-generated characters with different animation and stylization tools can lead to unique and imaginative outputs. It also mentions the creation of a short film by a user, indicating the potential for narrative content creation.

  • What is the significance of the 'kit bashing' mentioned in the video?

    -'Kit bashing' refers to the process of combining different tools and platforms to achieve a desired outcome. In the context of the video, it involves using Vigle DoAI and Domo together to create and stylize animations.

  • How does the video suggest users can experiment with the platforms?

    -The video encourages users to try different source materials, prompts, and stylization options to see what works best for their creative vision. It also suggests using the platforms in combination to push the boundaries of what's possible.

  • What are the potential applications of this AI animation workflow?

    -Potential applications include creating animated shorts, stylized promotional videos, character animations for social media, and even full-length films, as demonstrated by the user who created a short film with AI-generated characters.

  • How does the video address the issue of character consistency in AI animations?

    -The video acknowledges the issue of character consistency and mentions that it is something that the platforms are likely working to improve. It also provides workarounds, such as using full-body poses for better results.



🤖 Introduction to AI Video and Animation Workflow

The video introduces a new AI-based video and animation workflow by combining different AI platforms. The speaker expresses excitement about using Vigle and Domo together, with a special mention that Domo is sponsoring the video. The workflow is presented as an evolution of the 'Animate Anyone' technology, which was previously discussed. Vigle is highlighted as a platform that allows users to animate images by uploading them and using prompts or templates. The process is demonstrated using an image of a Dutch football player, Daniela van den Donk, dressed as a pirate. The video also addresses the limitations of the technology, such as resolution and texture issues, and suggests generating a full-body pose to overcome these. The speaker concludes by showing how the animated character can be integrated into a video editing software and further stylized using Domo.


🎨 Enhancing Animations with Domo's Stylization Tools

The second paragraph focuses on using Domo, a video stylization platform, to enhance the animations created with Vigle. Domo is praised for its various models, with a particular emphasis on the updated 3D cartoon and Chinese ink painting styles. The speaker demonstrates how to use Domo by importing the animated output from Vigle and applying different styles to it. The process results in a more stable and stylized output compared to the initial animation. The video also explores the use of different source materials for input, such as a stock video of a karate practitioner and a generated image from Midjourney, to create a unique animation. The speaker encourages viewers to experiment with different styles and platforms to create imaginative outputs. The video concludes with a mention of Domo's new 'move' feature, which allows for the creation of stylized animations with specific prompts and styles.



💡AI Motion & Animation

AI Motion & Animation refers to the use of artificial intelligence to create and manipulate movement and animation in digital media. In the context of the video, this technology is used to animate characters and objects, bringing them to life in a virtual environment. The video demonstrates how AI platforms can be combined to create a seamless and fluid animation workflow, enhancing the creative possibilities in video and animation production.

💡Bash AI Platforms

Bashing AI platforms together refers to the practice of combining different AI tools and services to achieve a more effective or innovative result. In the video, the creator merges Vigle DoAI with Domo AI to enhance the output of their animation projects. This approach leverages the strengths of each platform and can lead to improved outcomes that might not be possible with a single tool.

💡Vigle DoAI

Vigle DoAI is an AI platform that specializes in character animation. It allows users to upload images and generate animations with various motion prompts. The platform is currently in beta and accessible through Discord. It is highlighted in the video for its ability to animate characters in a coherent and fluid manner, although it may have limitations such as resolution and texture quality.

💡Domo AI

Domo AI is a video stylization platform that offers various models and styles for transforming the visual appearance of videos. It can apply different artistic styles, such as GTA or Chinese ink painting, to the input videos, enhancing their visual appeal and creating a unique aesthetic. Domo AI is used in the video to stylize the output from Vigle DoAI, improving the stability and consistency of the animation.


Discord is a communication platform that allows users to interact through text, voice, and video. In the context of the video, both Vigle DoAI and Domo AI are accessible through Discord, where users can join their respective beta testing or community channels. This platform facilitates the process of signing up for these AI services and provides a space for users to engage with the community and access support.

💡Green Screen

A green screen, also known as a chroma key background, is a technique used in film and video production to replace the background of a subject with a different scene or image. This is achieved by using a bright green color that can be easily distinguished and removed from the final output. In the video, the green screen effect is used to isolate the animated character for further editing and stylization.

💡Character Animation

Character animation is the process of creating movement and lifelike motion for digital characters. This involves designing and animating characters to perform actions, express emotions, and interact with their environment. The video focuses on using AI platforms to automate this process, making it more accessible and efficient for creators.

💡Video Stylization

Video stylization is the process of altering the visual appearance of a video to achieve a specific artistic or aesthetic effect. This can include changing colors, applying filters, or transforming the overall look to match a particular style or theme. In the video, Domo AI is used for video stylization, applying styles like GTA or Chinese ink painting to the animated content.

💡Kit Bashing

Kit bashing is a term originally from model making, referring to the practice of combining parts from different kits to create a new and unique model. In the context of the video, it refers to the combination of various AI tools and platforms to create innovative and imaginative animations. The video encourages viewers to experiment with different AI services and techniques to produce unique and creative content.

💡Video to Video

Video to video refers to the process of converting or transforming one video into another, often with a different style or format. This can involve changing the visual aesthetics, animating static images, or creating entirely new content based on the original video. The video highlights the advancements in AI technology that enable video to video transformations, opening up new possibilities for creators.


Today we're exploring a new AI video and animation workflow by combining different AI platforms

We'll be using Vigle and Domo, with Domo AI sponsoring the video

The workflow is inspired by the 'Animate Anyone' white paper from late last year

Vigle is currently in beta and available on Discord

You can upload an image and choose motion prompts to generate animations with Vigle

Vigle provides pre-designed templated prompts for common motions like dance moves and walk cycles

Templates tend to work better than straight prompting in Vigle

We generated a dancing animation of Dutch football player Daniela van de Donk dressed as a pirate

The character stays consistent and coherent, with fluid motion and no weird morphing

However, resolution and textures can suffer, and legs may appear dirty

To fix leg issues, generate a full body pose using a command like 'character $fullbody'

We then composited the animation onto a background using Premiere

Using different source material can yield interesting results

We combined a stock karate video with a generated image to create an impressive animation

But using complex source shots with generated characters can lead to messy results

Vigle doesn't have a time limit, so you can generate longer shots for more usable material

We then took the Vigle output and used Domo to stylize it with different looks

Domo is a video stylization platform that has updated its models and added a new /move feature

We used the GTA model and Chinese ink painting style on the dancing girl animation

The character consistency is improving, but still a work in progress

You can remove the green screen and composite the stylized output with other footage

We created a cool animation by combining the Vigle karate output with the Domo Viking punching style

Clipping and re-styling problematic outputs can yield usable results

The technique works for creating short animations with some pre-planning and forethought

Domo's new /move feature allows animating a character just by turning its head

Experiment with kit bashing and tool bashing these platforms together for imaginative outputs