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9 Aug 202304:24

TLDRWelcome to Homeworkify, an innovative AI tool that champions free education by offering homework help without charging fees. The platform stands against the use of automation tools and discourages abuse. It prides itself on a search engine that outperforms standard ones, providing solutions to questions that are not readily available elsewhere. The creators are committed to maintaining a free service and actively seek user feedback to improve the site. Users are encouraged to submit their homework questions for answers and to strive for better grades. The video also hints at upcoming content and invites viewers to subscribe for more.


  • 🎓 Education should be free for everyone, and Homeworkify aims to provide free homework help.
  • 💵 Homeworkify does not require payment for its services, unlike many other homework help sites.
  • ❌ The use of automation tools or bots to interact with the Homeworkify site is strictly prohibited.
  • 🚫 Unusual activity on accounts can lead to them being banned by the Homeworkify system.
  • 🔎 Homeworkify's search engine is designed to be more effective than standard search engines in finding solutions.
  • 📚 The platform attempts to provide answers to questions that are not available on other search engines.
  • 🌐 Users are encouraged to submit their questions on Google, copy them along with the URL, and then submit them to Homeworkify for answers.
  • 🔒 The site is committed to remaining free and resolving user feedback as quickly as possible.
  • 📝 Feedback and reviews are welcomed in the feedback section to help improve the site.
  • 🔄 The platform receives a lot of submissions daily and strives to address each piece of user feedback.
  • 🌟 The video encourages viewers to subscribe for upcoming content and to use the site to get better grades.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the AI tool Homeworkify?

    -The main purpose of Homeworkify is to provide free educational assistance to everyone, offering solutions to homework questions that might not be available through regular search engines.

  • Is Homeworkify a paid service?

    -No, Homeworkify is designed to remain free for users, but it asks users not to abuse the service.

  • What are the restrictions on using Homeworkify?

    -Homeworkify does not allow the use of wrapping boards, automation tools, or sending automated requests to the site. Unusual activity may result in account suspension.

  • How does Homeworkify differ from a normal search engine?

    -Homeworkify is an AI-powered search engine designed to work better than a normal search engine, potentially providing solutions to questions that are not available elsewhere.

  • How can users submit their homework questions to Homeworkify?

    -Users can search their question on Google, copy the question and URL, and then submit it to Homeworkify to get an answer.

  • What does Homeworkify do with user feedback?

    -Homeworkify values user feedback and tries to resolve every piece of feedback as quickly as possible to improve the site.

  • How does Homeworkify handle errors on the site?

    -If there are errors on the site, users are encouraged to leave a review in the feedback section so that the team can address the issues.

  • What is the process for getting homework help from Homeworkify?

    -The process involves searching the question on Google, copying it along with the URL, and submitting it to Homeworkify to receive an answer.

  • How does Homeworkify ensure it remains free?

    -Homeworkify aims to keep the site free by managing user submissions and feedback efficiently and by not allowing abuse of the service.

  • What is the goal of Homeworkify's video content?

    -The goal of Homeworkify's video content is to inform users about the service, demonstrate how it works, and encourage users to get better grades.

  • How can viewers support Homeworkify?

    -Viewers can support Homeworkify by watching their videos, subscribing to their channel, and providing feedback to help improve the service.



📚 Free Educational Support

The video script introduces a free educational platform that aims to provide homework help to everyone without any cost. It emphasizes the importance of education being accessible and criticizes other services that charge for similar assistance. The platform also discourages the use of automation tools or any form of abuse that could compromise the service's integrity. It mentions that any unusual activity detected could lead to account bans. The script highlights the platform's unique search engine designed to find solutions to questions that are not readily available elsewhere, and it encourages users to provide feedback to improve the site. The speaker also explains how to use the service by searching and submitting questions on Google, and assures viewers that the platform strives to help students achieve better grades. The video ends with an invitation to subscribe and a reminder to watch upcoming videos.




Education refers to the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, values, and habits. In the context of the video, the speaker emphasizes that education should be accessible to everyone without financial barriers. This is exemplified by the introduction of the AI tool 'homeworkify,' which aims to provide free homework help, aligning with the theme of making education more inclusive and affordable.


The term 'free' in the script signifies that the service offered by the AI tool does not require payment. It is used to highlight the tool's commitment to making educational resources available to all without monetary constraints. The script mentions that while many homework help sites charge fees, 'homeworkify' remains free, which is a key point in the video's message about accessibility.

💡homework help

Homework help refers to assistance provided to students to complete their homework. In this video, 'homeworkify' is portrayed as a platform that offers such assistance. The script suggests that the tool is designed to be more effective than traditional search engines in finding solutions to homework problems, thereby aiding students in their educational journey.


Abuse, in this context, implies misuse or overuse of the service. The video script warns against the misuse of 'homeworkify,' indicating that the tool is intended for genuine educational purposes and not for dishonest practices. This is an important aspect of the tool's policy, ensuring fair use and maintaining the integrity of the service.

💡automation tools

Automation tools are software or systems that perform tasks automatically without human intervention. The script mentions that the use of such tools is not allowed on 'homeworkify,' as they could lead to automated requests that might compromise the system's integrity and fairness. This is a measure to ensure that the service remains a genuine aid for students.

💡unusual activity

Unusual activity refers to any behavior that deviates from the norm, which could indicate a problem or misuse. In the script, it is mentioned that the system will detect and ban accounts showing unusual activity, reinforcing the platform's commitment to maintaining a fair and abuse-free environment.

💡search engine

A search engine is a software system that is designed to search for information on the internet. The video script describes 'homeworkify' as a search engine that is designed to work better than a normal search engine, particularly for finding solutions to homework questions. This highlights the specialized nature of the tool and its focus on educational content.


Solutions, in the context of the video, refer to answers or methods to solve homework problems. The script emphasizes that 'homeworkify' can provide solutions to many questions that may not be available through other search engines, showcasing the tool's utility and effectiveness in aiding the educational process.


Feedback is the process of providing comments or suggestions about something, often to help improve it. The video mentions that users can leave feedback on the site if they notice any errors, which shows the platform's openness to user input and its commitment to continuous improvement.


Submissions refer to the input or data sent to a system, in this case, the homework questions and answers. The script states that the platform receives a lot of submissions daily, indicating the active engagement of users and the tool's popularity among students seeking homework help.


Grades are the evaluations or marks given to students based on their performance in schoolwork. The video script suggests that using 'homeworkify' can help students get better grades, which underscores the tool's potential to enhance academic performance and support educational outcomes.


Welcome to the new AI tool called Homeworkify

Education should be free to everyone

Many homework help sites ask for money

Homeworkify remains free to use, but don't abuse it

No allowance for using wrapping boards or automation tools

Unusual activity on your account will get you banned

Homeworkify is a search engine designed to work better than normal search engines

You may find solutions to many questions not available on other search engines

The site aims to stay free forever

User feedback is taken seriously and resolved as soon as possible

There is a feedback section on the site for users to leave reviews

The process of using Homeworkify involves searching your question on Google

Copy the question and URL then submit it on Homeworkify to get answers

Homeworkify can help you get better grades

Upcoming videos will explain how Homeworkify works

Thanks for watching and subscribing to the channel