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17 May 202414:10

TLDRThe video introduces various AI-powered presentation tools that simplify the process of creating engaging and professional presentations. From generating outlines and text to selecting images and even animating slides, these tools cater to different needs, from educational to corporate presentations. They offer customizable templates, language options, and audience targeting, making it easier for users to produce visually appealing and content-rich presentations without extensive design skills.


  • 😀 AI Slides Wizard is a tool that generates outlines, text, and images based on a given topic with minimal user input.
  • 🔍 It offers a dropdown menu for more control, including template selection, language, and target audience options.
  • 📐 There are five templates with primary color changes, and the maximum number of slides is 10, suitable for school or college presentations.
  • 🎯 The AI suggests an outline based on the target audience input, which usually requires little to no modification.
  • 📈 Slides Go offers a more advanced presentation creation with options for writing tone, language, slide number, and style.
  • 🖼 It includes a text-to-image tool for generating images and a built-in translator for multilingual presentations.
  • 🌐 The images used in AI-generated presentations are sourced from free stock websites, and photographers can earn through platforms like Wir Stock.
  • 🎨 Presentations AI is highly advanced, offering unique slide designs with animations and layers, requiring minimal user adjustments.
  • 📝 Sandsteps is designed for interactive presentations, particularly useful for teachers, with speaker notes and the ability to answer questions during the presentation.
  • 🛠️ Pitch focuses on simplicity and visual consistency, suitable for pitch decks or product presentations, with easy image and text replacement.
  • 📊 Infography is a tool for creating infographics from blog posts or topics, improving presentation engagement and suitable for social media.
  • 🤖 FME Works differentiates by chatting with AI to describe presentation needs, offering unique and stylish graphics, though may require further user refinement.
  • 📑 Slide AI provides well-written text for slides, though the design is basic and may not be suitable without additional user modifications.
  • 🔑 Smart Slide focuses on enterprise customers, generating templates with explanations for information inclusion, useful for corporate presentations.
  • 🎙️ The choice of a presentation generator depends on individual needs, and for text-to-speech needs, there are resources available.

Q & A

  • What is the primary function of AI Slides Wizard?

    -AI Slides Wizard generates an outline, text, and even finds images based on a given topic for creating presentations.

  • How many templates are available in AI Slides Wizard for users to choose from?

    -There are five templates available in AI Slides Wizard, which mainly change the primary color of the presentation.

  • What is the maximum number of slides that can be generated in AI Slides Wizard?

    -The maximum number of slides that can be generated is 10, which is usually sufficient for school or college presentations.

  • How does Slides Go differ from AI Slides Wizard in terms of presentation creation?

    -Slides Go allows more control over the presentation's writing tone, style, and offers a wider range of customization options including a built-in translator and text to image generation.

  • What is the main feature of Wir Stock mentioned in the script?

    -Wir Stock is a platform for photographers to sell their photos, distributing content to over 15 marketplaces and offering AI tools for image generation and commercialization.

  • How does Presentations AI differ from other presentation generators mentioned in the script?

    -Presentations AI stands out for its advanced presentation generation capabilities, including the ability to generate outlines before slides and unique designs for each slide with animations and layers.

  • What is the unique feature of Slides Flow AI mentioned in the script?

    -Slides Flow AI allows users to disable greeting and thank you slides, as well as background images, and includes an AI writer to improve text.

  • What is the main advantage of using Sandsteps for presentations?

    -Sandsteps is ideal for creating interactive presentations, especially for teachers, as it allows the integration of interactive questions and speaker notes.

  • How does Pitch differ from other presentation generators in terms of customization?

    -Pitch focuses on simplicity and visual consistency, offering limited customization in terms of font and color scheme but ensuring aesthetic consistency across the presentation.

  • What is the primary use of Infography mentioned in the script?

    -Infography is a tool for turning blog posts, websites, or topics into infographics, improving engagement and making information more visually appealing for presentations.

  • What is the main limitation of Slide AI when it comes to generating presentations?

    -Slide AI generates simple and basic slides that require further modification by the user, and it has issues generating presentations about certain topics like the French Revolution.

  • What is the unique approach of Smart Slide in generating presentations?

    -Smart Slide focuses on enterprise customers and big companies, generating slides with explanations about the information that should be included, rather than meaningful text for the slides themselves.



Creating Presentations with AI Slides Wizard

Slides Wizard is an AI tool for creating presentations effortlessly by inputting a topic. It offers customizable options such as templates, number of slides, language, and target audience. With five templates that alter the primary color, a maximum of 10 slides, and a simple target audience input, it generates outlines, text, and relevant images. The presentations are basic in design but effectively generate content and infographics. Users may need to fine-tune and style the slides for better visuals.


Enhancing Presentations with Slides Go

Slides Go provides advanced customization options for presentations, including tone, language, number of slides, and style (minimalist, colorful, geometric, professional). It supports a wide range of slides and features like a built-in translator and AI-generated images. Users can replace or generate images using AI. Slides Go emphasizes high-quality visuals and provides a user-friendly experience, making it a powerful tool for creating polished presentations.


Monetize Your Photos with Wir Stock

Wir Stock is a platform for photographers to sell their photos across multiple marketplaces. It automates keywording, descriptions, and categorization, allowing photographers to focus on creativity. The platform offers AI tools for image generation and themes, enabling users to monetize their AI skills. It also features creative challenges with cash prizes and leaderboards. A paid plan provides additional marketplace submissions and other perks. Photographers can track earnings and performance through a personal dashboard.

Creating Unique Presentations with Presentations AI

Presentations AI offers advanced presentation generation with unique designs and animations. Each slide is customizable, with options for different styles and types. It includes animated elements, seamless transitions, and layers, creating dynamic presentations. The AI adjusts colors and graphics for consistency. While the design is unusual, it provides an engaging and professional look. The AI assistant may need improvement, but the tool's overall capability makes it a strong choice for innovative presentations.

Simplistic Presentations with Slides Flow AI

Slides Flow AI generates simple presentations with limited customization options. It restricts users to six slides without a subscription and requires detailed input for the title and description. The generated slides are basic, using free images from Unsplash. Its built-in AI writer can improve text, fix grammar, and summarize content. While not the most advanced tool, it provides a straightforward solution for creating presentations, especially for users who prioritize text quality over design.

Interactive Elements with Sand Steps

Sand Steps offers interactive features for presentations, ideal for teachers and presenters. Users start with a presentation idea, select titles, language, tone, and size, and toggle interactive questions. The final presentation is simple but includes speaker notes for easier delivery. While image selection may require manual input, the interactive questions feature allows audience engagement during presentations. This tool stands out for its ability to create engaging and interactive presentation experiences.

Simplistic Visuals with Pitch

Pitch focuses on simplicity, requiring detailed presentation descriptions and offering limited customization for font and color. The tool ensures visual consistency, making it suitable for pitch decks and product presentations. However, it may struggle with complex outlines and image adjustments. Replacing photos is straightforward, but the generated slides might lack depth. Pitch is best for users seeking a consistent visual style over intricate design features.

Infographics with Infography

Infography converts blog posts and websites into infographics, enhancing presentation engagement. Users paste a link, choose the aspect ratio, and let AI generate graphics. It also creates infographics based on topics, providing a strong starting point for presentations. While accuracy may vary, users can refine the content for better results. Infography is ideal for creating visually appealing content for presentations and social media, improving information delivery and audience interaction.

Chat-Based Presentation Creation with FME

FME uses a chat-based interface for presentation creation, asking users to describe their needs and choose styles. It generates diverse slides with unusual graphics, though not always accurate. The built-in AI writer can create text for slides, offering blueprints for further customization. While FME's learning curve requires time, it produces visually unique presentations. It is suitable for users willing to invest time in mastering the tool for impressive results.

Basic and Free Presentations with Slide AI

Slide AI generates simple and basic presentations for free, with a focus on text content. It struggles with specific topics like the French Revolution but excels in AI-related content. The slides lack design complexity, and the tool does not offer a preview option. Users need to refine the generated presentations, making it more suitable for those who prioritize content creation over visual design. Slide AI's main advantage is its cost-effectiveness and ease of use.

Enterprise-Focused Presentations with Smart Slide

Smart Slide caters to enterprise customers, generating slides based on business types like pitch decks, sales reports, and product demos. Users describe their business in detail, and the tool creates slide templates with content suggestions. It lacks meaningful text generation but offers variations of the same slides. Smart Slide is ideal for corporate users needing structured templates, while those creating academic or casual presentations might find it less useful.



💡AI Slides Wizard

A tool for creating presentations with AI assistance. Users input a topic, and the tool generates an outline, text, and images. It offers a variety of templates and customization options for control over the final presentation.


Pre-designed presentation styles that users can select to quickly generate slides. Each template primarily changes the presentation's primary color and design elements, enhancing the visual appeal without much effort.

💡Slides Go

An advanced AI presentation generator that allows users to customize the tone, language, number of slides, and style. It offers various design options and has a built-in translator and image generation feature for enhanced customization.

💡Wir Stock

A platform for photographers to sell their photos. It distributes content to multiple marketplaces and provides AI tools for image generation and other creative tasks. Users can monetize their photos and AI skills through this platform.

💡Text to Image

A feature allowing users to generate images based on textual prompts. This is useful for presentations when specific images are needed that are not available in stock libraries.

💡Interactive Questions

A feature in presentation tools like Sense Step, allowing presenters to engage their audience with questions during the presentation. This enhances interactivity and audience participation.


Visual representations of information, often used in presentations to make data more engaging and understandable. Tools like Infography can turn blog posts and websites into infographics for presentations.

💡AI Writer

A feature in some presentation tools that generates or improves text for slides. It can fix spelling and grammar, shorten or simplify language, and summarize content, aiding in the creation of clear and professional presentations.


Visual effects applied to elements in presentations to enhance engagement. Advanced AI tools like Presentations AI use animations to make each slide unique and visually appealing.

💡Slide Flow AI

An AI tool that generates text and basic design for presentations. It focuses on writing quality content but may lack advanced design capabilities compared to other tools.


AI can create presentations in seconds with ease.

Slides Wizard is a tool that generates outlines and finds images based on a given topic.

Users have control over templates, number of slides, language, and target audience in Slides Wizard.

Slides Wizard offers five templates that primarily change the presentation's primary color.

The maximum number of slides in Slides Wizard is 10, suitable for school or college presentations.

AI suggests an outline for the presentation which generally requires minimal modifications.

Slides Go offers more control with options for tone, language, slide number, and style.

Slides Go has a built-in translator for multilingual presentations.

Slides Go allows users to search for images or generate them with AI if needed.

Wir Stock is a platform for photographers to sell photos and earn from AI-generated images.

Presentations AI is an advanced generator that creates unique designs and animations for each slide.

Presentations AI includes an AI assistant for easy inclusion of company logos and data.

Slides Flow AI allows disabling of greeting and thank you slides, offering simplicity.

Sandsteps offers interactive elements in presentations, perfect for teachers.

Pitch focuses on simplicity and visual consistency, suitable for pitch decks or product presentations.

Infograph is a tool for turning blog posts and websites into infographics for better engagement.

FME Works allows chatting with AI to describe what you want in your presentation.

Slide AI generates text for slides but may lack design skills and requires user modification.

Smart Slide focuses on enterprise customers and provides templates for corporate presentations.