This AI Tool Creates Videos in Seconds! (No Editing)

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29 Sept 202308:03

TLDRThe video introduces an AI tool called Nvidia AI, which has revolutionized content creation by allowing users to generate complete videos in minutes. The tool handles scripting, music, and editing, all powered by AI. The video outlines a four-step process to use the tool effectively: starting with smart prompts for better results, making small adjustments to the video, adding a human touch by replacing clips, and using the edit command box for further customization. The tool's potential is highlighted by examples such as an AI-generated Star Wars trailer and a thought-provoking ad by Orange. The video also discusses the ethical considerations of using footage from other sources and the legalities of fair use. Finally, it touches on the trend of YouTube automation and passive income generation, suggesting that AI tools like Nvidia AI can empower a new wave of content creators and help experienced ones to innovate faster.


  • 🚀 AI tools like Nvidia AI are revolutionizing video creation by handling scriptwriting, music selection, and editing autonomously.
  • 📈 The video demonstrates the capability of Nvidia AI to create engaging content by transforming a Wikipedia link into a full script and video with relevant footage.
  • 🎬 The rise of AI in content creation is evident, with 1.7 billion views for AI generative tools and 52% of respondents having watched a virtual YouTuber in the past year.
  • 🗣️ Customization options in AI video tools allow creators to select the voice, audience, and platform to tailor the content to their preferences.
  • 🎥 Premium features in AI tools offer enhanced voice quality and access to professional stock footage from sources like Shutterstock and iStock.
  • 🔧 The edit command box enables creators to make natural language adjustments to their videos, such as changing the pace, volume, script, or music.
  • 🌟 AI-generated content like fan-made trailers and thought-provoking ads showcases the creative potential and audience engagement that AI can offer.
  • 📊 The trend of YouTube automation and faceless channels is growing, with AI tools facilitating the creation of content and the potential for passive income.
  • 🤖 AI video tools are seen as co-pilots for creators, not get-rich-quick schemes, empowering them to focus on research, strategy, and creative prompts.
  • 💡 AI is leveling the playing field for content creators, allowing for diverse content like inspirational videos, and the possibilities for success are vast.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI tool mentioned in the transcript that can create videos entirely by itself?

    -The AI tool mentioned in the transcript is called Nvidia AI.

  • How does the Nvidia AI tool utilize prompts to create a video?

    -The Nvidia AI tool takes a prompt, such as a Wikipedia link or a news article, and generates an entire script, voice over, and selects relevant footage to create a video.

  • What is the significance of the statistic mentioned regarding AI generative tools and views?

    -The statistic that there have been over 1.7 billion views for AI generative tools indicates the growing popularity and acceptance of AI-created content.

  • What percentage of respondents are open to watching content generated by AI according to the YouTube culture and Trends report?

    -According to the YouTube culture and Trends report, a staggering sixty percent of respondents are open to watching content generated by AI.

  • What are the steps involved in using the Nvidia AI tool as described in the transcript?

    -The steps are: 1) Using smart prompts to create better results in the video AI software, 2) Making small adjustments to improve the video, 3) Adding a human touch to the final video, and 4) Tapping into the YouTube automation movement to start earning passive income.

  • How does the Nvidia AI tool handle voice selection and customization?

    -The tool allows users to select a voice, such as a middle-aged British female voice, and offers premium voice quality with the max plan. It also enables adjustments to the script and music to harmonize with the selected voice.

  • What is the purpose of the 'edit command box' in the Nvidia AI tool?

    -The 'edit command box' allows users to make adjustments to their video using natural language prompts. This can include changing the volume, pace, script, or music to better fit the user's vision.

  • How does the Nvidia AI tool address the concern of creating copy and paste content on YouTube?

    -The tool is described as a 'co-pilot' for creators, requiring them to still put in work to learn marketing, understand YouTube's algorithms, and develop strategies. It is not a 'get rich quick' tool for lazy people, but rather a powerful tool to help creators produce engaging content more efficiently.

  • What is the potential impact of AI tools like Nvidia AI on traditional content creators and viewers?

    -AI tools like Nvidia AI have the potential to disrupt traditional content creation by enabling faster and more efficient video production. This could lead to more content on platforms like YouTube, but also provides opportunities for traditional creators to evolve and incorporate AI into their workflow.

  • How can users of the Nvidia AI tool replace placeholder clips with their own?

    -Users can replace placeholder clips by either searching the in-video stock library for free footage or premium stock footage, or by uploading their own clips directly into the tool.

  • What is the potential earning potential for channels using AI-generated content as mentioned in the transcript?

    -The transcript mentions a channel named 'peaceful scriptures online,' which is earning up to thirty thousand dollars per year with AI-generated content that consists of stock footage, peaceful music, and a voiceover.

  • What additional feature is Nvidia AI expected to add that will increase the flexibility and customization of the final video product?

    -Nvidia AI is expected to add the ability to export the final product from the AI into Nvidia's video editor timeline, which will provide users with unlimited flexibility and customization after the AI has completed the initial creation process.



🎥 AI-Powered Video Creation with Nvidia AI

The speaker introduces a new AI tool called Nvidia AI, which was used to create the entire video, including the script, music, and editing. The video showcases how AI has become a significant part of content creation and consumption. The Nvidia AI tool is capable of generating a YouTube video from any prompt in minutes, with a human-sounding voiceover, an engaging script, and relevant footage. The video also discusses the growing trend of AI-generated content, with statistics showing that a majority of respondents are open to watching AI-generated content and a significant number have already watched a virtual YouTuber. The speaker then outlines four steps on how to use the Nvidia AI tool to create videos and potentially earn money from them.


📈 Harnessing AI for YouTube Automation and Passive Income

The second paragraph delves into the future updates and features of the Nvidia AI tool, which will allow for more customization and flexibility in video editing. The speaker expresses excitement about the ability to export the AI-generated video into Nvidia's video editor timeline for further refinement. The focus then shifts to the concept of YouTube automation and passive income, highlighting how people are leveraging AI to create 'faceless channels' or 'Cash Cow channels' that generate income with minimal ongoing effort. The paragraph addresses concerns about the potential for AI tools to lead to a proliferation of low-quality, replicated content on YouTube. However, the speaker argues that AI tools like Nvidia AI are more of a 'co-pilot' for creators who are still willing to put in the work to learn and grow. The paragraph concludes with an example of a faith-based channel created using AI, demonstrating the potential for AI to help creators produce meaningful and profitable content, and an invitation to learn more about monetizing non-monetized channels through a free training on YouTube.



💡AI Tool

An AI tool refers to software or a system that utilizes artificial intelligence to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence. In the context of the video, the AI tool called Nvidia AI is used to create videos automatically, including scripting, music selection, video editing, and voiceover. It's a game-changer for content creation, making the process faster and more accessible.

💡Nvidia AI

Nvidia AI is a specific AI tool mentioned in the video that is capable of generating videos from a given prompt. It automates the entire video creation process, from scriptwriting to video editing, and can produce content in minutes. The tool is sponsored in the video and is highlighted for its ability to create engaging and relevant video content.

💡Smart Prompts

Smart prompts are inputs or instructions given to the AI tool to guide the content creation process. They are crucial for generating better results as they help the AI understand the desired outcome. In the video, the creator uses a smart prompt by linking a Wikipedia page to generate a script for a recent events video.

💡YouTube Automation

YouTube automation refers to the use of tools or systems to manage and operate a YouTube channel with minimal human intervention. The video discusses how AI tools like Nvidia AI can be used for YouTube automation to create passive income through channels that require less human involvement, often referred to as 'faceless channels' or 'cash cow channels'.

💡Passive Income

Passive income is money earned with little to no effort by the individual after an initial setup. In the context of the video, passive income is generated through YouTube channels that use AI-generated content. The video suggests that with the right strategy and use of AI tools, creators can earn money even without actively creating new content.

💡Human Touch

The human touch in the context of the video refers to the personal or creative elements that a content creator adds to the AI-generated content. This could include changing certain clips, adding personal commentary, or making other adjustments to make the content more relatable or unique. It's about blending AI efficiency with the individuality of human creators.

💡Edit Command Box

The edit command box is a feature within the AI tool that allows users to make specific adjustments to the video after it has been generated. Using natural language prompts, users can request changes such as modifying the script, altering the music, or adjusting the pace of the video. This feature provides a level of customization without requiring advanced video editing skills.

💡Fair Use Law

Fair use is a doctrine in copyright law that allows limited use of copyrighted material without permission from the rights holders. It is typically applied for purposes such as commentary, criticism, or education. In the video, the creator encourages viewers to research fair use law when using footage from other people's videos to ensure they are compliant with copyright regulations.

💡Premium Voice Quality

Premium voice quality refers to a higher standard of audio used for voiceovers in videos. The video mentions that the creator is using the max plan, which unlocks premium voice quality, suggesting that the AI tool offers different tiers of service, with higher tiers providing better audio quality for the voiceovers in the generated videos.

💡Stock Footage

Stock footage is pre-recorded video material that can be used by video creators without the need to shoot it themselves. In the video, the AI tool provides access to a stock library for free footage, and also offers the option to purchase premium stock footage from sources like Shutterstock and Eye Stock, which can enhance the quality and professionalism of the final video.

💡AI Generative Tools

AI generative tools are applications that use artificial intelligence to create new content, such as videos, music, or artwork, from existing data or prompts. The video highlights that there has been a significant increase in views for AI generative tools, indicating a growing trend in the use of AI for content creation.


AI is revolutionizing content creation, allowing AI to create for humans.

Nvidia AI tool can create a YouTube video from any prompt in minutes.

The tool generates script, music, video editing, and voiceover using AI.

1.7 billion views already for AI generative tools as per YouTube Culture and Trends report.

60% of respondents are open to watching content generated by AI.

52% have watched a virtual YouTuber in the past year.

Smart prompts in the video AI software lead to better results.

The tool can create a recent events video from a Wikipedia link or news article.

Premium voice quality and audience selection available with the max plan.

The final platform for the video can be chosen during the creation process.

The tool allows for fine-tuning and replacing placeholder clips with your own.

Edit command box enables natural language prompts for video adjustments.

AI-generated content has the potential to challenge gender bias and generate thought-provoking content.

The tool is not a get-rich-quick scheme but a powerful tool for creators willing to put in work.

AI is leveling the playing field for creators, with possibilities being truly endless.

Channels can earn significant income with AI-generated, faceless content.

The tool will continue to evolve, adding new features for music, voiceovers, and subtitles.

Exporting the final AI product into Nvidia's video editor timeline will allow for unlimited flexibility and customization.

YouTube automation and passive income generation are growing trends facilitated by AI tools.