Create cartoony trendy images in Seconds, for Free! 🔥 using Ai

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6 Jan 202406:02

TLDRIn this tutorial, the creator demonstrates how to transform a regular image into a trendy, cartoony style using AI technology. The process begins with signing up on Styler AI, where an image is uploaded and stylized using AI to describe and recognize its content. The user then selects a desired style, such as 'innocent cutie,' and adjusts sliders to control the final look. After generating a stylized image, the creator uses REM maker to swap faces and further refine the image. To enhance the resolution, the upscale tool is employed. Finally, the image is imported into Photoshop for additional effects and color grading. The video concludes with a promotion for the creator's premium course, 'The Ultimate Guide to Photo Manipulation,' which offers in-depth knowledge on photo editing techniques.


  • 🎨 Use Styler AI to create cartoony and trendy stylized images by uploading your photo and selecting a style.
  • 📝 Before applying a style, use AI to describe your image for better recognition and results.
  • 🔄 Adjust the 'structure match' and 'style intensity' sliders to control the final look of your stylized image.
  • 🖼️ Export the stylized image at a high resolution, such as 3x, for better quality.
  • 🤖 Swap faces using REM maker to integrate your face into the generated image.
  • 🖌️ After swapping faces, use an upscaling tool like 'upscape' to enhance the resolution of the image.
  • 📈 Apply further enhancements in Photoshop, such as color grading and contrast adjustments, for a polished look.
  • 👉 Learn more advanced techniques in photo manipulation through the creator's premium course, 'The Ultimate Guide to Photo Manipulation'.
  • 📚 The course covers a range of topics from assembling images to adding final touches like atmosphere effects.
  • 💾 Access to stock images, PSD files, and brushes used in the course is provided for practical learning.
  • 🚀 Improve your photo manipulation skills by following the detailed projects and explanations in the course.
  • 🔗 Find the link to the premium course in the video description to take your visual creations to the next level.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the video?

    -The main purpose of the video is to demonstrate how to turn an ordinary image into a cartoony, trendy image using AI tools like Styler AI and REM maker.

  • What is the first step in creating a stylized image on Styler AI?

    -The first step is to sign up with Google email and then start a new project by importing the image you want to stylize.

  • How does the AI describe feature in Styler AI help in the process?

    -The AI describe feature helps the tool to recognize and understand what is already in the image, which aids in creating a more accurate stylized result.

  • What style of image is chosen in the video to transform the original image?

    -The 'innocent cutie' style is chosen to achieve a cartoony look for the image.

  • How can the end result of the stylized image be controlled?

    -The end result can be controlled using two sliders: one for 'structure match' to maintain the original image's structure, and another for 'style intensity' to adjust the strength of the applied style.

  • What is the next step after creating the stylized image on Styler AI?

    -The next step is to use REM maker to swap the face in the stylized image with the user's own face.

  • How does the REM maker tool assist in the process?

    -REM maker assists by allowing users to upload the stylized image and their own face image to swap faces using AI technology.

  • What is the issue with the image resolution after using Styler AI and REM maker?

    -The issue is that the image resolution may not be the best, appearing somewhat pixelated or unclear.

  • How is the image resolution improved?

    -The resolution is improved by using an AI tool called 'upscale' which enhances the image quality without significant loss of detail.

  • What additional steps are taken in Photoshop to finalize the image?

    -In Photoshop, effects are added such as a new layer with a screen blending mode, color grading adjustments, and split toning to increase contrast and create a specific atmosphere.

  • What resource is available for those interested in learning more about photo manipulation?

    -The presenter offers a premium course called 'The Ultimate Guide to Photo Manipulation' which provides detailed explanations and resources for advanced photo manipulation techniques.

  • Where can interested viewers find more information about the premium course?

    -The premium course can be found in the link provided in the video description.



🎨 Creating a Cartoony Style Image with Styler AI

The video begins with the host's intention to transform an ordinary image into a stylized, trendy cartoony image. The process involves visiting Styler AI's website and signing up with a Google account. The user is guided through importing an image, resizing it while maintaining its aspect ratio, and selecting the 'image to image' button. A crucial step is using AI to describe the image for better recognition, followed by choosing a style—specifically, the 'innocent cutie' style for a cartoony look. The host explains adjusting sliders for 'structure match' and 'style intensity' to achieve the desired outcome. After a few trials, a satisfactory result is obtained, which is then placed on the canvas. The video concludes with exporting the image at a 3x resolution and using an upscaling tool to enhance the image quality before importing it into Photoshop for further effects and color grading.


📚 Advancing Photo Manipulation Skills with a Premium Course

The host expresses gratitude for watching and teases the next tutorial before diving into a promotion for a premium course called 'The Ultimate Guide to Photo Manipulation'. This course, newly released and accessible via a link in the video description, promises an in-depth exploration of photo manipulation techniques. It covers a range of topics from combining images, adjusting lightness and saturation, to painting light and shadows, creating atmospheric effects, and adding finishing touches. The course also provides access to all stock images, PSD files, and brushes used in the tutorials. This resource is positioned as a way to elevate one's photo manipulation skills to the next level.



💡Styler AI

Styler AI is a web-based tool designed to transform regular images into stylized, artistic renditions. In the video, it is used to convert the presenter's image into a cartoony, trendy style. The process involves signing up with Google, importing an image, resizing it, and then using AI to describe the image to help the tool recognize its content. This is a crucial step in ensuring the stylization process aligns with the original image's features.

💡Image to Image

The 'Image to Image' button within Styler AI is a feature that allows users to select a specific style they want their image to emulate. It is a pivotal part of the video's demonstration, as it is through this function that the image is stylized into a cartoony look. The presenter chooses the 'innocent cutie' style to achieve the desired effect.

💡AI Description

In the context of the video, an 'AI Description' refers to the process where the AI analyzes and describes the content of the image. This description assists the stylization tool in understanding the elements within the image, ensuring a more accurate and context-aware transformation. The video emphasizes the precision of the AI's description, highlighting the importance of this step.

💡Structure Match

The 'Structure Match' is a slider control within Styler AI that allows users to adjust how closely the stylized image resembles the original in terms of structure. In the video, the presenter increases the 'Structure Match' to ensure the end result maintains the integrity of the original image's composition.


The 'Stylize' button in Styler AI initiates the process of applying the chosen style to the image. The presenter presses this button after setting the style and adjusting the sliders to witness the transformation of the image into a cartoony, trendy piece. It is a key action that leads to the reveal of the stylized image.

💡REM Maker

REM Maker is another online tool used in the video to perform a face swap, replacing the face in the generated image with the presenter's face. This tool is crucial for personalizing the final image, making it more relevant to the presenter. The face swap feature is used after the initial stylization process in Styler AI.

💡Face Swap

The 'Face Swap' feature in REM Maker is utilized to replace the face in the stylized image with a different one. In the video, the presenter's face is swapped in to create a personalized cartoony image. This step adds a layer of customization and personal touch to the final output.


The 'Upscale' tool, as mentioned in the video, is used to enhance the resolution of the generated image. The presenter notes that the initial resolution is not the best and uses this AI tool to improve it. The upscaled image is shown to have significantly better quality, particularly in the sharpness of the edges.


Photoshop is a widely recognized image editing software used by the presenter to add final touches to the image. In the video, the presenter uses Photoshop to add effects, adjust color grading, and make other enhancements to the upscaled image. This step demonstrates the presenter's expertise in image manipulation and completes the image transformation process.

💡Blending Mode

The 'Blending Mode' in Photoshop, specifically the 'Screen' mode, is used by the presenter to add an orangey color layer to the image. This mode determines how the colors of the new layer blend with the underlying layers, creating a specific visual effect. In the video, it contributes to the image's final aesthetic.

💡Color Grading

Color grading in the video refers to the process of adjusting colors, contrast, and tones in the image to achieve a desired look. The presenter uses various tools in Photoshop, such as curves and channels, to play around with the color grading, aiming to enhance the visual appeal of the final image.

💡Split Toning

Split toning is a color grading technique where different colors are applied to the highlights and shadows of an image. In the video, the presenter increases the cyan in the red channel and the yellows in the blue channel to achieve this effect, adding depth and a unique color palette to the image.


Introduction to transforming images into a cartoony, trendy style using AI.

Explaining the process to sign up quickly with Google email on Styler Ai.

Demonstrating how to start a new project and import images into the Styler Ai platform.

Using the image to image button to choose styles for transforming the image.

Detailing the use of AI to precisely describe images, enhancing tool recognition.

Choosing the 'innocent cutie style' for a cartoony transformation.

Adjusting structure match and intensity sliders to control the transformation result.

Reviewing the initial stylized results and the improvements made after a second trial.

Exporting the transformed image and hiding previews in Styler Ai.

Using REM maker to swap faces for a more personalized result.

Downloading the face-swapped image and discussing the final visual quality.

Using an upscale tool to improve image resolution.

Final touches in Photoshop, including color grading and adding lighting effects.

Highlighting the effective use of AI in image manipulation.

Promoting a premium course on photo manipulation that includes detailed tutorials and resources.