Haiper Ai Video Tutorial: How To Use Haiper Ai (Next-level Ai Video)

Tutorials by Manizha & Ryan
24 Jun 202408:04

TLDRThis tutorial introduces viewers to 'Hyper AI' for creating realistic and cinematic videos. The video demonstrates how to sign up, choose from various video creation methods, and customize video generation with text descriptions, image animations, and style preferences. It also highlights the benefits of upgrading to a paid membership for unlimited creations and commercial use without watermarks, encouraging viewers to explore the platform's capabilities.


  • 🚀 The tutorial introduces how to create realistic and cinematic videos using AI with a tool called Hyper AI.
  • 📚 Hyper AI is distinguished by its texture-based AI tools and high video quality rendering, which sets it apart from other similar tools.
  • 💻 To get started, users can sign up for a free trial and create an account using Google or an email address.
  • 🎨 There are four main methods for video creation: text-based videos, image animation, video repainting, and video extension.
  • 🌟 The platform features an 'inspiration' section where users can view examples and manage their creations and account settings.
  • 📝 Users can describe the video they want to create, including elements like characters, settings, and desired animation style.
  • 🕒 Video generation may take a few minutes, and users must wait for the process to complete before viewing their creation.
  • 🖼️ The tutorial also covers how to animate images using other AI image generators like NightCafe or Mid Journey.
  • 📷 When uploading images for animation, ensure they are in JPEG or PNG format to avoid conversion issues.
  • 🔄 Standard accounts are limited to single video generation at a time, but upgrading to a paid plan can remove this limitation.
  • 💰 Hyper AI offers different membership plans, with the Pro version providing the most benefits, including unlimited creations and commercial licensing.
  • 👍 The video concludes with an encouragement to like, subscribe, and comment for further engagement and questions.

Q & A

  • What is the primary tool being discussed in the video tutorial?

    -The primary tool discussed in the video tutorial is 'Hyper AI', which is used for creating realistic and cinematic videos using AI.

  • How can one get started with Hyper AI?

    -To get started with Hyper AI, one should click on 'try for free' and then either log in using Google or sign up with an email address.

  • What are the four basic ways to create videos in Hyper AI?

    -The four basic ways to create videos in Hyper AI are by creating videos with text, animating images, repainting videos, and extending videos.

  • What is the 'Spotlight' section in Hyper AI used for?

    -The 'Spotlight' section in Hyper AI is used to view amazing videos created by others and to view your own creations.

  • How does one describe the video they want to create in Hyper AI?

    -To describe the video they want to create, users need to click on 'create video with text' and then provide a description of the video in a popup, including details like the subject, setting, and desired animation style.

  • What is the duration and aspect ratio of a clip in Hyper AI?

    -The duration and aspect ratio of a clip in Hyper AI can be chosen by the user during the video creation process.

  • What is the recommended animation style for the example video of a cute girl in a pink strawberry dress?

    -The recommended animation style for the example video is 'JBL'.

  • What are the limitations of the standard account in Hyper AI?

    -The standard account in Hyper AI allows for 10 creations per day and three concurrent creations, but the videos will have a watermark, cannot be used commercially, and are not private.

  • What benefits does the 'Explorer' plan offer in Hyper AI?

    -The 'Explorer' plan in Hyper AI offers unlimited creations, five concurrent creations, early access to new features, and watermarked videos with limited commercial use and no private creation.

  • What are the additional benefits of upgrading to the 'Pro' version in Hyper AI?

    -Upgrading to the 'Pro' version in Hyper AI provides unlimited creations, 10 concurrent creations, watermark-free videos, commercial licensing for videos, and private creation.

  • How long does it typically take for a video generation to be completed in Hyper AI?

    -It typically takes around 10 minutes for a video generation to be completed in Hyper AI, but it can often be completed in less time.



🎬 Introduction to Hyper AI Video Tutorial

The video script introduces a tutorial on using Hyper, an AI tool for creating realistic and cinematic videos. It highlights that Hyper is a unique tool due to its high-quality video rendering and affordability. The speaker guides viewers through the sign-up process using Google or an email address and then explains the basic video creation methods available on the platform, such as creating videos with text, animating images, repainting videos, and extending video clips. The script also mentions the 'Inspiration' section for viewing pre-made videos and the platform's membership plans. The tutorial begins with creating a video using text, describing the process of specifying the video's content, duration, aspect ratio, and animation style before generating the video.


🖼️ Animating Images with Hyper AI and NightCafe

This paragraph continues the tutorial by demonstrating how to animate images using Hyper AI. It suggests using online tools like Mid Journey or NightCafe to generate images first. The script provides a brief guide on signing up for NightCafe and generating free images with limited credits. It then instructs how to upload an image to Hyper AI for animation, ensuring the image is in a compatible format like JPEG or PNG. The process includes describing the video and selecting animation styles. The tutorial also touches on video generation time and the option to upgrade to premium plans on Hyper AI for more features, such as unlimited creations, concurrent video generation, and commercial licensing. The speaker concludes by reviewing the generated video, noting the need for improvement in certain aspects like character animation, and encourages viewers to subscribe and engage with the content.




AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the video, AI is utilized to create realistic and cinematic videos, showcasing its capability to generate content that was traditionally created by humans. An example from the script is the use of 'Hyper AI' for video generation, emphasizing the advanced technology employed in this process.


Cinematic describes something that resembles or is characteristic of films, especially in terms of visual style and narrative quality. The video's theme revolves around creating videos with a high production value, akin to what one would expect from a movie. The script mentions building 'amazing realistic and cinematic videos using AI,' which highlights the goal of achieving a professional and engaging video output.


Rendering in the context of video production refers to the process of generating a final video output from a set of data, which could include animations, images, and other visual elements. The script notes that many AI tools do not render video quality the way 'Hyper' does, indicating the superior quality of Hyper's video rendering capabilities.

💡Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image or video, commonly expressed by two numbers separated by a colon. In the script, the aspect ratio is mentioned as a customizable feature when creating a video, allowing users to choose the dimensions that best fit their content's needs.

💡Animation Style

Animation style refers to the distinctive visual art and techniques used in creating animated content. The video script provides various options for the style of animation, such as 'JBL,' 'water color,' 'cyber Punk,' and 'steampunk,' which are examples of the diverse styles users can select to give their videos a unique look.

💡Video Generation

Video generation is the process of creating a video from a set of instructions or data input. The script describes the steps to generate a video using 'Hyper AI,' including specifying the content, duration, aspect ratio, and animation style, and then waiting for the AI to complete the generation process.

💡Membership Plans

Membership plans are the various subscription options offered by a service, providing different levels of access to features and benefits. The script discusses 'Hyper AI' membership plans, such as the 'Explorer' and 'Pro' plans, which offer varying levels of video creation capabilities, including the number of creations, concurrent creations, and commercial licensing.

💡Commercial Licensing

Commercial licensing refers to the permission granted to use a product, service, or content for commercial purposes. In the context of the video, upgrading to the 'Pro' membership plan provides 'commercial licensing' for the videos generated, allowing users to use their AI-created videos for business or revenue-generating activities.


NightCafe is mentioned in the script as an online AI image generator that can be used to create images for animating with 'Hyper AI.' It represents an additional tool in the video creator's toolkit, allowing for the generation of custom images that can then be transformed into animated videos.

💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey, like NightCafe, is an online tool for generating images using AI. The script suggests using either of these tools to create interesting images that can be later animated within 'Hyper AI,' demonstrating the integration of multiple AI services in the video creation process.


A watermark is a visible or invisible mark that identifies the content as belonging to a particular creator or service. In the script, it is mentioned that free video creations on 'Hyper AI' will have a watermark, which is removed upon upgrading to certain membership plans, indicating the distinction between free and premium services.


Introduction to using Hyper AI for creating realistic and cinematic videos.

Hyper AI is a tool that stands out for its video quality and rendering capabilities.

Starting with Hyper AI involves signing up with Google or an email address.

Four basic ways to create videos in Hyper AI: text, animating images, repainting, and extending videos.

In the inspiration section, users can view creations and manage their account.

Creating a video involves describing the desired scene and selecting duration and aspect ratio.

Choosing an animation style such as old film, watercolor, or steampunk.

Video generation process takes a few minutes and can be viewed once completed.

Animating images with Hyper AI requires generating an image first using tools like NightCafe or Mid Journey.

NightCafe is an AI image generator that offers limited free image generations.

Issues with uploading images could be due to file format, ensuring JPEG or PNG is recommended.

Video generation time can vary, with a maximum of 10 minutes for prompts.

Observing the generated video for quality and noting areas that may need improvement.

Exploring Hyper AI's membership plans for more creations and advanced features.

The Explorer plan offers unlimited creations with early access to new features, but with limitations.

The Pro version provides unlimited creations, concurrent videos, watermark-free, and commercial licensing.

Recommendation to upgrade to the Pro version for the best features and value.

Encouragement for viewers to like, subscribe, and comment for further engagement.