The ULTIMATE Beginner's Guide to MidJourney AI Art - MidJourney Tutorial & Explained Part 1

22 Aug 202238:37

TLDRThe video tutorial introduces viewers to the world of AI-generated art through MidJourney, a powerful tool that simplifies the art creation process. The host, from Analog Dreams, guides beginners on using MidJourney with Discord, highlighting the platform's accessibility and creative potential. The tutorial covers setting up a Discord account, navigating the MidJourney Discord server, and utilizing the 'slash imagine' command to generate art based on prompts. It also discusses enhancing generated images through upscaling and variance, and the importance of organizing and saving artwork. The host emphasizes the democratization of art creation and the empowerment of individuals to produce unique pieces without traditional artistic skills. The summary also touches on the MidJourney website's features, including personal feeds, community feeds, and the ability to bookmark and rate images to refine AI training and personal preferences.


  • 🎨 AI art is revolutionizing creative tools, making it easier for users to create art without technical skills.
  • 🚀 The MidJourney AI art generator is a powerful tool that can produce various types of art directly from its platform.
  • 🌐 To use MidJourney, users need a Discord account, as MidJourney operates through Discord servers.
  • 📺 Discord is a text, voice, and video calling app originally for gamers, now used for various purposes including art tools.
  • 🛠️ MidJourney offers a master class to guide users on how to utilize the AI art generator effectively.
  • 🎽 The speaker has their own art available for sale on merch at
  • 📺 The master class consists of six or seven episodes covering different aspects of using MidJourney.
  • 📚 Users can navigate through Discord channels and categories to find support, rules, FAQs, and community interactions.
  • 🖼️ The AI generates images based on prompts provided by users, and users can interact with the MidJourney bot to create, upscale, and iterate on their art.
  • 🔄 The process involves iterating on prompts, upscaling images for more details, and using various commands to refine the AI's output.

Q & A

  • What is the significance of AI art in terms of creative accessibility?

    -AI art is a powerful tool that allows users to create art without the need for traditional skills or physical capabilities, making the process of creating art more accessible to a wider audience.

  • What is the purpose of the MidJourney Master Class?

    -The MidJourney Master Class aims to teach users how to use the AI art generator MidJourney to create various types of art and enhance their creations with their own photo editing, video editing, and artistic skills.

  • Which platform is used to operate MidJourney?

    -MidJourney operates entirely through Discord, which is a text, voice, and video calling app.

  • What is the process of getting started with MidJourney?

    -To get started with MidJourney, one needs to create a Discord account, join the MidJourney Discord server through the MidJourney website, and then use the 'slash imagine' command to begin generating images.

  • How can users keep track of their generated images in the MidJourney Discord server?

    -Users can react to images with an envelope emote to receive a direct message with the image and seed, or they can check their Discord messages for completed prompts from the MidJourney bot.

  • What are the different types of channels available in the MidJourney Discord server?

    -The MidJourney Discord server has various channels categorized into support, newcomer rooms, theme-specific channels, chat rooms for discussions, and channels for sharing and showing off artwork.

  • How does the MidJourney AI generate images based on a given prompt?

    -The AI is trained on a vast number of images, classifies them using a process called CLIP, and then attempts to recreate the image from a blurred noise state based on the input prompt.

  • What are the options available for users after generating an initial grid of images?

    -Users can upscale individual images for more detail, generate more variances based on a chosen image, or reroll to create a new set of images based on the original prompt.

  • How can users organize and manage their MidJourney images?

    -Users can bookmark images, rate them, and save them to their personal feeds on the MidJourney website for easy access and reference.

  • What is the role of the MidJourney website in the image generation process?

    -The MidJourney website provides a feed of the user's generated images, allows users to view and interact with their creations, and offers additional tools for managing and organizing their artwork.

  • How can users find inspiration or learn more about prompt crafting in MidJourney?

    -Users can explore the community feed on the MidJourney website to view other users' images, read the prompts used, and get ideas for their own creations.



🎨 Introduction to AI Art and Midjourney Masterclass

The speaker introduces the revolutionary impact of AI art tools, emphasizing their power to enable anyone to create art regardless of skill or physical ability. The channel, Analog Dreams, and the Midjourney Masterclass are presented as resources to help users create art without getting bogged down by technical details. The course focuses on using Midjourney, an AI art generator, in conjunction with Discord and personal artistic skills to produce various forms of art. The speaker also mentions their own art for sale and provides a link to the merchandise shop.


📱 Setting Up Midjourney and Discord

The paragraph outlines the process of getting started with Midjourney, which involves creating a Discord account and accessing the Midjourney Discord server. It explains that Discord, initially used by gamers, is now a versatile platform for various communities, including art tools. The speaker guides on navigating the server, hiding the member list for simplicity, and finding the right channels for support and other needs. It also touches on the importance of understanding the rules and provides an overview of the different channels available within the server.


🚀 Generating Images with Midjourney Bot

The speaker explains how to use the Midjourney bot within Discord to generate images. It details the command 'slash imagine' followed by a prompt as the method to initiate the image generation process. The paragraph also covers the different channels within Discord where users can generate and share images, the use of reactions to save images, and the process of upscaling and creating variances of the generated images. It emphasizes the importance of taking time with the process and not getting overwhelmed by the information.


🤖 AI Training and Image Generation Process

This section delves into the AI's training process, describing how it learns to recognize and recreate images from a blur of noise. The speaker discusses the AI's ability to generate unique images based on life experiences and studying, similar to how humans learn to draw. It also explains the bot's task completion, the generation of variants, and the options available for users to upscale, create variances, or reroll images based on their prompts.


🌟 Navigating and Organizing Midjourney

The paragraph discusses the importance of organizing one's work within Discord, especially when dealing with multiple images and prompts. It provides tips on using reactions to save images and accessing them through direct messages. The speaker also explains the process of rating the upscale process to help train the AI and improve future results. It touches on the use of the Midjourney website for viewing images and emphasizes the need to manage one's Discord environment to maintain efficiency.


🌐 Exploring the Midjourney Website and Community

The speaker introduces the Midjourney website as a platform for viewing and organizing generated images. It explains the various features of the website, including the ability to bookmark and rank images, search for specific types of images, and view a feed of one's own and others' work. The paragraph also discusses the community aspect of the website, where users can draw inspiration from the artwork of others and potentially iterate on those ideas to create their own unique pieces.


📝 Crafting Prompts and Iterating on AI Art

This section focuses on the art of crafting prompts for the AI to generate desired images. It explains how users can copy and modify existing prompts to create new and unique images. The speaker also demonstrates how to use additional arguments in the prompt to influence the style and quality of the generated images. It encourages experimentation and iteration to achieve personalized results and mentions the importance of respecting the originality of others' work.


🎓 Conclusion and Future Learnings

The speaker concludes by reiterating the transformative power of AI art tools and their potential to democratize art creation. They express excitement about the future of AI art and the upcoming episodes of the master class, which will delve deeper into the process. The paragraph also encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel, check out the merchandise shop, and engage with the community. It reminds learners that while AI tools are powerful, developing artistic skills is a long process that requires time and practice.



💡AI Art

AI Art refers to the creation of art through artificial intelligence. It is a revolutionary tool that empowers users to generate creative works without the need for traditional artistic skills. In the video, AI Art is central as it allows the creation of unique images and designs, such as a 'space emperor ruling the galaxy,' showcasing the power of AI in the realm of art.


MidJourney is a specific AI art generator mentioned in the video. It is used to create various works of art directly from the platform and can be enhanced with additional photo editing or artistic skills. The video is a tutorial on how to use MidJourney to generate art, emphasizing its role as a powerful tool for artists and beginners alike.


Discord is a communication platform originally designed for gamers but now widely used for various purposes, including art tools like MidJourney. In the context of the video, Discord serves as the interface through which users interact with the MidJourney AI to generate art, highlighting its versatility and community aspect.


Upscaling in the video refers to the process of increasing the size and resolution of an AI-generated image while adding more details. It is a feature within MidJourney that allows users to enhance their artwork, making it suitable for larger formats or higher-quality prints. The video demonstrates how upscaling can improve the detail and clarity of AI-generated images.


A prompt is a descriptive input given by a user to guide the AI in generating a specific image or piece of art. In the video, crafting an effective prompt is crucial for achieving the desired outcome from the AI. For instance, the prompt 'space emperor ruling the galaxy' directs the AI to create images that reflect this concept.


Variation in the context of the video refers to the different interpretations or renditions of an image generated by the AI based on the same prompt. The MidJourney AI provides multiple variations, allowing users to choose the one they prefer or to use as a springboard for further creativity.

💡Imaging Bot

The imaging bot is an AI-driven feature within the Discord platform that responds to specific commands (like 'slash imagine') to generate images. It is the core of the MidJourney experience, enabling users to create art through textual instructions, as demonstrated in the video.


In the video, a seed is a unique identifier associated with an AI-generated image. It can be used to recreate or iterate on the generated image. The seed is an essential aspect of the creative process with AI art, allowing for continuity and the exploration of different creative paths from a single starting point.

💡Community Feed

The community feed on the MidJourney website showcases the artwork created by various users. It serves as an inspiration hub where users can view, interact with, and learn from the creations of others. The video emphasizes the importance of the community feed for gathering ideas and seeing the diverse applications of AI art.

💡Ranking System

The ranking system in the video is a feature that allows users to rate the quality of the upscaled AI images. This feedback mechanism helps train the AI to improve its performance over time. By rating images, users contribute to the development of the AI's capabilities, making it a collaborative effort.


Iteration in the context of the video refers to the process of refining and reworking an AI-generated image through multiple cycles of generation and upscaling. It is a key part of the creative process with AI art, enabling users to progressively develop their initial concepts into more refined pieces of art.


AI art is a powerful tool allowing users to create works they might not have the skills to make otherwise.

The channel 'Analog Dreams' aims to help everyone create art without getting lost in technical details.

The MidJourney Master Class teaches how to use the AI art generator MidJourney and photo/video editing skills.

Discord is used as a platform for MidJourney, which was originally designed for gamers but now serves various purposes including art.

To get started with MidJourney, one needs a Discord account and to join the MidJourney Discord server.

Discord operates through servers and channels, similar to IRC or team communication software.

The MidJourney Discord server offers various channels for support, newcomer rooms, and theme-specific creation.

The command 'slash imagine' is used to initiate image generation with the MidJourney bot.

Images generated by the AI can be interacted with, saved, and used for inspiration or further editing.

Upscaling and variance options allow users to refine and enhance their generated images.

The MidJourney website provides a platform to view and organize generated images, as well as explore community creations.

Users can bookmark and rank images on the MidJourney website, influencing the AI's future generations.

The MidJourney platform encourages creativity and iteration, allowing users to refine their prompts and generate unique art.

The artist emphasizes the importance of respecting the originality of others' prompts and not outright copying them.

The MidJourney community offers a space for artists to share, discuss, and get inspired by each other's work.

The website includes a personal feed, bookmarks, and the ability to follow other artists for curated content.

The MidJourney bot allows for detailed image generation through the use of weighted descriptors and additional arguments.

The process of generating art with MidJourney is straightforward but offers depth for users to explore and learn.

The accessibility of AI art tools like MidJourney democratizes the creation of art, emphasizing the importance of ideas and messages.