The ULTIMATE Beginners Guide to Midjourney in 2024

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1 Jan 202448:21

TLDRThe video offers an in-depth guide to using Midjourney, an AI art generation tool, with a focus on its latest update, version 6. The host, Nolan, explains the significant changes in prompting, where detailed and descriptive language is crucial for the AI to understand and generate desired images. He demonstrates how to add text to images and suggests starting with simple prompts before adding details incrementally. Nolan also discusses various parameters like stylize, chaos, and weird values that can alter the output's aesthetics and variety. The video covers advanced techniques such as multi-prompting, remix mode, and the use of style raw for more literal interpretations. Additionally, the host touches on the future of Midjourney, including expected updates and new features, and provides a sneak peek at the redesigned website and its upcoming 'creation' feature. The summary also highlights the potential for video and 3D generation in the pipeline.


  • 🔍 **Midjourney Version 6 Update**: The latest update has significantly changed the way prompts are used, requiring more detailed and specific instructions for better results.
  • 🎨 **Prompting Techniques**: To achieve the desired outcome, users should start with a simple prompt and then add as much detail as possible, with each detail potentially altering the entire generation.
  • 📈 **Stylize Parameter**: The 'stylize' value (ranging from 0 to 1,000) determines the aesthetic quality of the image, with higher values leading to more beautiful but less accurate results.
  • 🔄 **Chaos and Weird Parameters**: These parameters introduce variety and unexpected elements into the generated images, with 'chaos' affecting the overall look and 'weird' intensifying the peculiarity.
  • ➕ **Multi-Prompting**: Combining multiple prompts with weighted values allows users to emphasize certain aspects of the prompt to achieve a desired aesthetic.
  • 🖼️ **Image Variations**: Users can generate subtle or strong variations of an image, with the 'remix' feature allowing for even further customization.
  • 📚 **Saving Parameters as Shortcuts**: Users can save combinations of parameters as shortcuts for quick access and reuse across different prompts.
  • 📝 **Text in Images**: Version 6 allows for the addition of text within images, although this feature is still being refined.
  • 🔗 **Image Prompting**: Users can now use image links as part of their prompts, which can lead to unique and creative outputs when combined with descriptive words.
  • 🔮 **Future Features**: Upcoming updates are expected to include consistency tools, storytelling tools, video and 3D generation, and a date-based release cycle for more frequent improvements.
  • 🌐 **New Website**: Midjourney's website has been redesigned with features like image searching, rating, and an upcoming 'creation' mode for generating images directly on the site.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the video?

    -The video provides a comprehensive guide to using Midjourney version 6, including its new features, how to create prompts, and what to expect in the next 12 months.

  • How has prompting changed in Midjourney version 6?

    -Prompting in version 6 requires more detailed and specific instructions. The AI pays close attention to each detail mentioned in the prompt, making it more powerful and accurate.

  • What is the significance of the 'style raw' in Midjourney version 6?

    -The 'style raw' is a variation of the Midjourney bot that offers a more literal interpretation of the prompt. It is useful for longer prompts or when the base bot isn't accurately understanding the user's request.

  • How can users add text to their images in Midjourney version 6?

    -Users can add text to their images by including words within quotation marks in their prompt. However, text generation can be hit or miss and is expected to improve in future updates.

  • What is the 'multi-prompting' feature in Midjourney version 6?

    -Multi-prompting is a powerful feature that allows users to split their prompt using two colons and add different weighted values to emphasize certain aspects of the prompt, giving more control over the output.

  • What are the options available for an image once it has been upscaled in Midjourney version 6?

    -Once an image is upscaled, users have the options for subtle and strong variations, remix (which allows for a new prompt), and additional upscales such as subtle and creative.

  • What is the 'stylize' parameter in Midjourney version 6 and how does it affect the image generation?

    -The 'stylize' parameter determines the aesthetic beauty of the generated image. A lower value makes the AI follow the prompt more closely, while a higher value results in more beautiful but less coherent images.

  • How does the 'chaos' parameter affect the image generation in Midjourney version 6?

    -The 'chaos' parameter introduces variety into the image grid, making each image look different from the others. Higher chaos values result in more varied and unpredictable outputs.

  • What is the 'weird' parameter in Midjourney version 6 and what does it do?

    -The 'weird' parameter makes the images look more unusual or 'weird' while still adhering closely to the prompt. It offers a range of values from 0 to 3,000, with higher values producing more bizarre results.

  • How can users save their preferred combination of parameters as a shortcut in Midjourney version 6?

    -Users can save their preferred parameter combinations as shortcuts by using the 'prefer' command followed by 'set' and the desired shortcut name in the prompt box on Discord. This allows for quick reuse of favorite parameter sets.

  • What new features can be expected on the Midjourney website and in future versions of the software?

    -The website will soon include a 'creation' feature for all users, social features for communication and collaboration, organizational tools like folders and collections, and personal workspaces. As for the software, upcoming updates will focus on consistency tools, storytelling tools, video generation, and 3D generation.



🚀 Introduction to Mid Journey Version 6

The video begins with an introduction to the latest update of Mid Journey, version 6. The host, Nolan, outlines the plan to discuss the changes, features, and expectations for the next year. It emphasizes the improved prompting system, where more detailed instructions result in more accurate image generation, as demonstrated through various examples. Nolan also encourages viewers to adapt their prompting style for the new version and provides guidance on how to do so effectively.


🎨 Advanced Prompting Techniques

The second paragraph delves into advanced prompting techniques for Mid Journey version 6. It covers the process of starting with simple prompts and gradually adding more details. The host discusses the importance of coherence in prompts and introduces the concept of 'style raw' for a more literal interpretation of prompts. Additionally, it explores adding text to images and the potential upcoming improvements in text generation.


🔄 Multi-Prompting and Variations

This section introduces multi-prompting, a powerful feature in version 6 that allows users to split their prompt and add weighted values for different aspects of the image. The host demonstrates how to use multi-prompting to achieve desired effects that are not fully realized with a single prompt. It also explains the use of variation buttons to create subtly or strongly varied versions of a generated image.


📸 Upscaling and Image Options

The fourth paragraph discusses the options available after generating an image in Mid Journey version 6. It covers the upscale feature, which allows users to select a single image for enhancement, and the different variation types: subtle and strong. The host also explains how to access the settings to change the default variation type and introduces the 'remix' mode for regenerating images with altered prompts.


🌟 Stylize and Chaos Parameters

The focus of this paragraph is on the 'stylize' and 'chaos' parameters in Mid Journey. The stylize parameter adjusts the aesthetic quality of the image, with higher values leading to more beautiful but less accurate results. The chaos parameter introduces variety into the image grid, making each generation more distinct. The host provides a range of examples to illustrate the effects of these parameters at different values.


🤔 Weird Parameter and Combining Effects

The 'weird' parameter is introduced, which makes images appear more unusual while still adhering closely to the prompt. The host demonstrates the effects of increasing the weird parameter value and discusses the potential for combining it with stylize and chaos parameters for unique image results.


🔗 Saving Parameters as Shortcuts

This section explains how to save a combination of parameters as a shortcut for easy reuse across different prompts. The host guides viewers on setting up shortcuts using the 'prefer' command in Discord and how to trigger these shortcuts in future prompts.


📐 Aspect Ratios and Image Prompting

The host describes how to save common aspects, such as aspect ratios, as suffixes to be automatically appended to prompts. It also covers the process of image prompting, where users can upload an image and combine it with a text prompt to generate new images.


🔄 Blending and Describing Features

The paragraph introduces the 'blend' feature, which allows users to combine multiple images without adding extra words to the prompt. It also discusses the 'describe' feature, which provides prompt descriptions based on an uploaded image, and hints at the potential for an updated version of this feature in the future.


🎨 Style Tuning and Future Features

The host talks about the 'style tuning' feature from previous versions of Mid Journey, which allowed users to test different styles based on a prompt. Although not currently available in version 6, it is expected to return in future updates. The video concludes with a look at the new Mid Journey website, its features, and a teaser for upcoming tools and features, including consistency and storytelling tools, video and 3D generation, and the anticipated release schedule for new versions.

🌟 Final Thoughts and Engagement

In the final paragraph, the host summarizes the key points covered in the video and encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and support him on Patreon for exclusive content. He also mentions the new website features, such as social features and organizational tools, expected in future updates.




Midjourney refers to a specific AI-driven image generation software that has undergone significant updates, with the video focusing on its version six. It is used to create images based on textual prompts, and the video discusses its capabilities, how to use it effectively, and what improvements have been made in the latest version.


In the context of Midjourney, 'prompting' is the process of providing detailed textual descriptions to the AI, which then generates images based on those descriptions. The video emphasizes the importance of detailed prompting in version six to achieve more accurate and desired results.

💡Version 6 Update

The 'version 6 update' is a significant upgrade to the Midjourney software that introduced new features and improvements. The video provides a comprehensive breakdown of these changes, including how they affect the image generation process and user experience.

💡AI Coherence

AI coherence refers to the ability of the AI in Midjourney to accurately understand and respond to the details in a user's prompt. The video discusses how the updates in version 6 have improved coherence, allowing for more precise image generation that aligns with the user's request.

💡Text Generation

Text generation within Midjourney's version 6 allows users to include text within their generated images by using quotation marks in their prompts. The video notes that while this feature is currently a bit hit or miss, it is expected to improve in future updates.


Multi-prompting is a technique used in Midjourney where a user can split their prompt with two colons and assign weighted values to different parts of the prompt. This allows for greater control over the image generation process, as demonstrated in the video with examples.


Upscaling in the context of Midjourney refers to the process of increasing the resolution of a generated image. The video explains different upscaling options available in version 6, such as 'upscale subtle' and 'upscale creative', and how they can be used to enhance images.


Variations in Midjourney are alternate versions of a generated image that can be produced by using the variation buttons. The video discusses 'subtle' and 'strong' variations, explaining how they can be used to create slightly different or significantly different images from the original, respectively.


Parameters in Midjourney are additional settings that users can adjust to change the outcome of their image generation. The video covers several parameters, including 'stylize', 'chaos', and 'weird', explaining how each affects the style and diversity of the generated images.

💡Style Tuning

Style tuning is a feature in Midjourney that allows users to experiment with different styles based on their prompts. The video provides a preview of how style tuning works, where users can select the style directions they prefer, and how this feature is expected to be incorporated into future versions of the software.

💡Image Prompting

Image prompting is the ability to use existing images as a reference for Midjourney to generate new images. The video demonstrates how to use image prompting on the Discord platform and discusses the potential for this feature to become more powerful in upcoming versions.


Midjourney has released version 6, introducing significant updates to its AI capabilities.

Prompting in version 6 requires more detailed instructions for the AI to generate desired images accurately.

Adding text to images is now possible within Midjourney by using quotation marks in the prompt.

The 'Style Raw' option offers a more literal interpretation of prompts, useful for complex or detailed requests.

Multi-prompting is a powerful feature in version 6, allowing users to refine their requests with weighted values.

Upscaling an image provides four options: subtle and strong variations, and the ability to remix with or without changes to the prompt.

Parameters like 'stylize' and 'chaos' can greatly alter the output, offering users control over the image's aesthetic and variety.

The 'weird' parameter introduces an element of the unexpected to the image generation process, with results that can be bizarre.

Saving parameter combinations as shortcuts simplifies the process for users to recreate specific styles across different prompts.

Image prompting allows users to upload a reference image and combine it with a textual prompt for unique generation outcomes.

Blending multiple images without additional text can create composite visuals quickly.

The 'describe' feature provides four prompt descriptions based on an uploaded image, aiding in generating similar styles.

Midjourney's new website offers an explore page, user gallery, and image rating system to enhance community interaction.

The upcoming 'creation' feature on the website will allow users to generate images with ease, including options for style and aspect ratio.

Future updates to Midjourney include consistency tools, storytelling features, video generation, and 3D generation capabilities.

Nii Journey (NJ) is a specialized model focused on anime aesthetics, offering unique styles such as Expressive, Scenic, and Cute.

Midjourney operates on a date-based release cycle, ensuring constant updates and new features throughout the year.