The New FASTEST Editor... (Reacting to My Challenge)

22 Mar 202111:16

TLDRIn this video, the host, known as one of the fastest editors, challenges the audience to create the best montage possible, with a prize of $500 and a shout out for the winner. The challenge attracted numerous entries, but the victory was shared between two collaborators, Dannon and Ravens, who produced an exceptional montage that left the host speechless. The video includes the host's live reaction to the winning montage and a review of other notable entries. The host expresses appreciation for the participants' efforts and creativity, which motivates him to consider hosting more challenges in the future.


  • 🏆 The challenge was to create the best montage with a reward of $500 and a shout out for the winner.
  • 🤝 There were two winners, Dannon and Ravens, who collaborated to create an impressive montage.
  • 🎥 The montage was highly praised for its quality, with the editor and clipper working together seamlessly.
  • 👍 The host encouraged viewers to subscribe and like the video to support more future challenges.
  • 🎉 A shout out was given to all participants for their hard work and effort in creating their montages.
  • 🎶 The only rule for the montage was to use a specific song provided by the host.
  • 📹 The montage by Dannon and Ravens was described as 'insane' and 'next level' by the host.
  • 😲 The host was left speechless by the quality and creativity of the montages, particularly Dannon and Ravens'.
  • 🚀 The montage set a high standard for future submissions, with the host expressing excitement about the level of skill shown.
  • 🕒 It was mentioned that some montages were created in just one day, showcasing the speed and talent of the editors.
  • 📡 The host also reacted to other montages that were not winners but were still considered to be of high quality.
  • 😂 There were moments of humor in the script, with the host reacting to some of the more creative and unexpected edits.

Q & A

  • Who is considered the new fastest editor after the challenge?

    -The new fastest editor is a duo consisting of Dannon and Ravens, who collaborated to create an impressive montage.

  • What was the prize for the winner of the montage challenge?

    -The winner of the montage challenge was awarded $500 and a massive shout out.

  • What was the only rule for the montage challenge?

    -The only rule for the montage challenge was that participants had to use a specific song provided by the host.

  • How long did the participants have to create their montages?

    -Participants were given one week to create their montages.

  • What was the host's reaction to Dannon and Ravens' montage?

    -The host was extremely impressed by Dannon and Ravens' montage, describing it as the most insane montage he had ever watched.

  • What did the host appreciate about the participants' efforts in the challenge?

    -The host appreciated the hard work, effort, creativity, and the high standard set by the participants, which motivated him to host more challenges in the future.

  • What was special about the editing and clips in Dannon and Ravens' montage?

    -Dannon was responsible for editing the entire video, while Ravens provided the clips. Their collaboration resulted in a highly synchronized and fast-paced montage.

  • How did the host encourage viewers to support the winners and other participants?

    -The host encouraged viewers to subscribe to the winners' channels, support them, and also to like and subscribe to his own channel to help him host more challenges.

  • What was the host's reaction to the montages that did not win?

    -The host showed appreciation for all the montages submitted, even those that did not win, and acknowledged the effort and creativity put into them.

  • What was the host's opinion on the editing skills displayed by the participants?

    -The host was amazed by the editing skills of the participants, noting the high level of proficiency, creativity, and the impressive speed and quality of the edits.

  • What did the host say about the montage created by Knight?

    -The host was impressed by Knight's montage, particularly the 3D effects and the fact that it was edited in just one day, which he considered very impressive.

  • How did the host describe the montages in terms of their impact on the viewers?

    -The host described the montages as setting a new standard, being next level, and having a significant impact on viewers, making them laugh and be amazed.



🏆 Announcing the Montage Challenge Winners

The speaker, known for being a fast editor, introduces a challenge where participants were tasked with creating the best montage using a specific song. The challenge was a success, with the speaker offering a reward of 500 and a shout out to the winner. The excitement builds as the speaker reveals not one, but two winners who collaborated to create an 'insane montage' that exceeded expectations. The winners, Dannon and Ravens, are praised for their exceptional work, and the audience is encouraged to subscribe to them. The speaker also acknowledges the effort of all participants and expresses motivation to host more challenges in the future.


🎮 Impressive Montages and Creative Editing

The speaker provides a humorous and enthusiastic commentary on various montages submitted for the challenge. The montages are described with a sense of awe, highlighting the impressive editing skills and creativity of the participants. The speaker comments on the speed and quality of the edits, the use of 3D effects, and the incorporation of popular memes and references. There's an emphasis on the effort and originality each participant put into their work, contributing to an entertaining and inspiring showcase of talent.


🚀 Exceptional Mobile Editing and Unheard-of Talent

The speaker expresses astonishment at the skill level of mobile editors, comparing their speed and precision to that of PC keyboard fast editors. The commentary focuses on a participant named Dragon, whose editing speed and technique are described as 'insane' and 'next level.' The speaker is particularly impressed by a trick that no one else has managed to perform, suggesting that Dragon might be the true winner of the challenge. The paragraph concludes with a sense of amazement at the undiscovered talent that has emerged from the challenge.




An editor is a person who selects, revises, and arranges content, typically in the context of film, video, or written material. In the video, the term refers to someone skilled in video editing, particularly in creating montages. The video discusses the transition from the speaker being known as a fast editor to recognizing others who have taken up the challenge and demonstrated exceptional editing skills.


A montage is a sequence of short, often symbolic, images edited into a film or video to convey a rapid series of events or to condense a period of time. The video is centered around a challenge to create the best montage possible, with the winner receiving a prize and recognition.


Collaboration refers to the act of working together with others to achieve a common goal. In the context of the video, two individuals, Dannon and Ravens, collaborated to create a montage that won the challenge, highlighting the power of teamwork in creative endeavors.

💡Shout Out

A shout out is a public acknowledgment or greeting, often used in social media or video content to recognize or give credit to someone. The video mentions giving a shout out to the winners of the montage challenge as part of their prize.

💡Live Reaction

A live reaction is a video or segment where the person records their immediate response to something, often in real-time. The video includes the speaker's live reaction to the winning montage by Dannon and Ravens, showcasing their genuine astonishment and appreciation.


In video editing, a transition is a visual or audio technique used to move from one scene to another. The script mentions a 'transition through my eye,' which likely refers to a creative and impressive transition technique used in the montage.

💡Next Level

The term 'next level' is colloquially used to describe something that is exceptionally good or has reached a higher degree of skill or quality. The video uses this phrase to describe the impressive editing and creativity of the montages, particularly the winning entry.

💡3D Stuff

In the context of video editing, '3D stuff' likely refers to the use of three-dimensional graphics or effects within a video montage. The video praises the 3D aspects of the montage, indicating that they were particularly impressive and contributed to the overall quality.


A macro in video editing or gaming is a series of commands or actions grouped together for easier execution. The video humorously suggests that some editors might have used macros to edit faster, though it is clear that the skill and creativity of the montages are not simply due to macros.

💡Cone Editing

Cone editing is a specific editing technique where the video is cut and manipulated to create a visual effect, often used in fast-paced montages. The video mentions this technique as an example of the high level of editing skill demonstrated in the montages.

💡Free Builds

Free builds refer to a segment in a video game where players construct structures or 'build' without specific instructions or constraints. In the context of the video, free builds are mentioned as a setting where impressive editing occurred, showcasing the editor's skill.


The host has been known as one of the fastest editors and is now challenging others to create the best montage.

The challenge offers a prize of 500 dollars and a massive shout out to the winner.

The video encourages viewers to like and subscribe to support future challenges.

Two winners, Dannon and Ravens, collaborated to create an incredible montage that won the challenge.

The duo's montage was so impressive that it was considered the best the host had ever seen.

The host expresses difficulty in choosing a winner due to the high quality of all the entries.

A live reaction to Dannon's and Ravens' montage is featured in the video.

The video showcases other notable montages that did not win but were highly regarded.

The host is amazed by the editing skills and creativity of the participants.

The video includes a challenge for viewers to create a montage using a specific song.

The host reacts with astonishment to the level of detail and skill in the montages.

Knight's montage is highlighted for its impressive 3D effects and fast editing.

The host humorously questions if some clips were sped up due to their fast pace.

A montage by Obi-Wan is praised for its creative use of popular memes and editing techniques.

The host is impressed by the editing speed and precision of a participant known for holding the quad edit world record.

The video features a montage edited entirely on a mobile device, showcasing the skill of mobile editors.

A participant's montage is so fast and precise that the host questions if it was done with macros.

The host concludes by expressing admiration for the effort and creativity put into all the montages.