Is Luminar Neo The Best AI Photo Editor?

1 Jul 202312:48

TLDRLuminar Neo is an AI-powered photo editor that offers innovative tools to enhance and correct photos with ease. The video highlights four key features: Super Sharp for refocusing, Noiseless for noise reduction, Magic Light for adding glow effects, and Body AI for subtle retouching. These tools can transform images professionally, saving time and effort, and are particularly useful for both hobbyists and professionals alike.


  • 🤖 AI photo editors like Luminar Neo have advanced significantly, making photo editing easier and faster.
  • 🔍 Luminar Neo's 'Super Sharp' tool can correct focus issues in photos, making them look like they were properly focused initially.
  • 🎨 The 'Noiseless' feature is beneficial for astro and low-light photographers, as it reduces noise without making images look plasticky.
  • ✨ 'Magic Light' allows users to add a glow or mist effect to light sources in a photo post-capture.
  • 💃 'Body AI' and 'Face AI' tools can subtly retouch portraits to enhance or alter physical features without noticeable distortion.
  • 📸 Luminar Neo's AI tools can save professionals and hobbyists from costly reshoots and the disappointment of unusable images.
  • 🌐 The software offers a range of tools that can be essential and standard in the photography industry.
  • 🎥 Sponsored content allows creators freedom to explore software capabilities, showcasing its real-world applications.
  • 🛍️ Luminar Neo is a paid service, but using the code 'airbazu 10' offers a 10% discount for new users.
  • 📹 The video provides practical examples of Luminar Neo's features, demonstrating their effectiveness on various types of photos.
  • 🚀 Luminar Neo's AI capabilities are impressive, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in photo editing software.

Q & A

  • How has AI photo editing evolved in recent years?

    -AI photo editing has significantly advanced, making tasks like replacing the sky or correcting focus issues much easier and faster compared to a few years ago.

  • What is one of the major advantages of AI tools in photo editing?

    -AI tools can now correct mistakes made in-camera after the fact, such as focus issues or incorrect camera settings, which can be life-saving for both hobbyists and professionals.

  • How does Luminar Neo's Super Sharp tool work?

    -Super Sharp tool uses AI to sharpen the image and bring the subject into focus, even if it was missed during the shooting. It can be adjusted to different levels and can be applied specifically to certain areas using masking.

  • What is the Noiseless tool in Luminar Neo and how does it benefit photographers?

    -The Noiseless tool helps to reduce noise in images, particularly useful for astrophotographers or when incorrect ISO settings have been used. It retains the image details while removing the noise, avoiding a plasticky appearance.

  • How can Luminar Neo's Magic Light tool enhance photos?

    -Magic Light tool adds a glow or mist effect around light sources, similar to using a Mist filter in-camera. It can create a more dramatic effect and enhance the overall mood of the image.

  • What are the portrait effects available in Luminar Neo?

    -Luminar Neo offers portrait effects like body slimming and face slimming, which use AI to intelligently identify body parts and make subtle adjustments for a more flattering result.

  • How does Luminar Neo's AI technology ensure natural-looking results?

    -Luminar Neo's AI technology works to ensure that adjustments like sharpening, noise reduction, and body slimming look natural and do not distort the image, maintaining the original details and aesthetics.

  • What was the photographer's initial skepticism about Luminar Neo's portrait effects?

    -The photographer was initially skeptical about the portrait effects because they didn't believe the AI could accurately identify and adjust body parts in a photo, especially when the subject was wearing thick clothing.

  • How does the photographer use the masking feature in Luminar Neo?

    -The photographer uses the masking feature to apply effects, like Super Sharp, only to specific areas of the image. By using a radial gradient and adjusting the feathering window, they can control how widely the effect spreads and ensure it only applies to the desired area.

  • What is the promotional code provided for Luminar Neo in the video?

    -The promotional code provided for Luminar Neo is 'airbazu 10', which offers a 10% discount on the purchase of Luminar Neo.



📸 The Evolution of Photo Editing

The speaker discusses their journey with photo editing, highlighting how AI tools and photo editors have advanced significantly over the years. They recall a time when simple tasks like replacing the sky in a photo were time-consuming, but now, these tools can correct mistakes made in-camera, such as focus issues or incorrect settings that result in grainy images. The speaker emphasizes the importance of these advancements for both hobbyists and professionals, as they can save time, money, and effort in photo retouching. The video is sponsored by Luminar Neo, a photo editing software, and the speaker shares their experience using it, highlighting four favorite tools: Super Sharp, Noiseless, Magic Light, and Body AI.


🔍 Super Sharp: Focus Correction

The speaker demonstrates the Super Sharp tool in Luminar Neo, which corrects focus issues in photos. They use an example of a photo taken in Milan, where the main subject, a building with a Gucci logo, was initially out of focus. By using Super Sharp, the AI sharpening effect is applied, bringing the Gucci logo into clear focus. The speaker also shows how to use masking to apply the sharpening effect only to specific areas of the image, correcting the focus of a fast-moving police car while leaving the intended motion blur in the background. This tool is described as a lifesaver for both professionals and hobbyists, who would otherwise have to reshoot images with focus issues.


🌌 Noiseless: Noise Reduction for Astrophotography

The speaker introduces the Noiseless tool, which is particularly useful for astrophotographers dealing with high ISO settings that result in noisy images. The tool provides a recommendation for the level of noise reduction needed, and upon application, it effectively removes noise without making the image look plasticky or losing detail. The speaker illustrates this by showing a before-and-after comparison of an image taken in Jordan, where the noise is significantly reduced, maintaining the image's quality and detail. The effectiveness of Noiseless is praised, as it can make a substantial difference in the final output of astrophotos.

💡 Magic Light: Adding Glow and Halo Effects

The Magic Light tool is showcased as a way to add a glow or misty effect to light sources in a photo. The speaker uses an image taken inside a hot air balloon in Turkey to demonstrate how Magic Light can mimic the effect of a mist filter that wasn't used during the shoot. By adjusting the intensity and other sliders, the AI tool creates a natural glow around the flame, enhancing the overall mood of the image. The speaker also discusses the importance of adjusting the clearness slider to soften the light beams and create a more cohesive glow. The transformation of the image with the application of Magic Light is described as taking it to a whole new level.

💃 Body AI and Face AI: Retouching without Distortion

The speaker explores the Body AI and Face AI tools in Luminar Neo, which allow for body and face slimming adjustments in photos. Using a personal photo of themselves and their wife, the speaker demonstrates how the AI can intelligently identify body parts and apply slimming effects without distorting the image. Despite the subject wearing a thick sweater, the AI tool is able to effectively slim the body and face in a natural-looking manner. The speaker acknowledges that while they personally would not use these tools, the capability of the AI to perform such precise retouching is impressive and could be a valuable asset for photographers working in fashion or other fields where such retouching is common.



💡Photo Editing

Photo editing refers to the process of altering or enhancing digital images using specialized software. In the context of the video, it highlights how AI tools have simplified this process, making it accessible to both hobbyists and professionals to achieve high-quality results with minimal effort.

💡AI Tools

AI tools, or Artificial Intelligence tools, are software applications that utilize machine learning algorithms to perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence. In the video, AI tools are showcased as a revolutionary advancement in photo editing, automating complex tasks and improving efficiency.

💡Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is an AI-powered photo editing software that offers a range of tools to enhance and correct images with minimal effort from the user. The software is highlighted in the video for its advanced features and ease of use, transforming the photo editing experience.

💡Super Sharp

Super Sharp is a feature within Luminar Neo that uses AI to apply selective sharpening to images, particularly focusing on areas that were initially out of focus. This tool is designed to enhance image quality by bringing out details and clarity in the subject matter.


Noiseless is a tool in Luminar Neo that aims to reduce or eliminate noise in images, which are usually visible as grainy textures, often resulting from high ISO settings. This feature helps to improve the overall visual quality of photos, especially useful for astrophotography where capturing clear images is crucial.

💡Magic Light

Magic Light is an effect within Luminar Neo that simulates the look of light filters, creating a glow or halation effect around light sources in an image. This tool allows users to add a creative touch to their photos, enhancing the ambiance and mood by adjusting the intensity and characteristics of light.

💡Body AI

Body AI is a feature in Luminar Neo that uses artificial intelligence to detect and modify body shapes in photos, allowing users to adjust the slimness or proportions of individuals without distorting the image. This tool is particularly useful for fashion and portrait photography where body retouching is a common practice.

💡Face AI

Face AI is a tool within Luminar Neo that focuses on enhancing facial features in photos. It uses artificial intelligence to subtly adjust facial details, such as slimming the face or smoothing out skin, while maintaining a natural look. This feature is beneficial for portrait photography where a more polished appearance is often desired.


Sponsorship refers to the support provided by an organization or entity for a particular activity, event, or project, often in exchange for promotional consideration. In the video, Luminar Neo sponsors the content, allowing the speaker to showcase and review its features and capabilities.

💡Discount Code

A discount code is a promotional tool used by businesses to offer a reduction in price or other special offers to customers. In the context of the video, the speaker provides a discount code to the viewers, which they can use to save on their purchase of Luminar Neo.


Luminar Neo significantly simplifies photo editing, even for beginners.

The software's AI can correct errors made during the shooting, such as focus and exposure issues.

Luminar Neo offers features that are potentially life-saving for professional photographers facing reshoots.

Super Sharp tool allows refocusing on missed subjects with just a few clicks.

Noiseless AI tool effectively reduces grain without compromising image quality.

Magic Light creates glow effects post-capture, enhancing light sources in images.

Body AI and Face AI can slim and adjust features non-invasively.

The software provides customizable settings to achieve desired sharpness levels.

Luminar Neo supports selective effect application through masking features.

Real-world example of correcting focus on a fast-moving police car in Milan.

Demonstration of how the software can transform an out-of-focus photo into a usable image.

Luminar Neo offers advice on noise reduction settings based on the specific needs of an image.

The tools are described as becoming essential and standard in the photography industry.

Sponsorship by Luminar Neo highlights its confidence in the product's capability.

Promotional code provided for a discount on Luminar Neo purchases.