13 May 202415:37

TLDRThe video features a humorous and insightful visit to the home of Son Dongpyo, a member of the band MIRAE, who is characterized as a spendthrift. The title suggests that the bandmate Kim Jongkook finally visits Dongpyo's house. Throughout the script, there is a playful banter about Dongpyo's lifestyle and spending habits, with discussions on cleanliness, shower routines, and the use of wet wipes. The band members tease Dongpyo about his excessive use of items and his concern for cleanliness, which they find amusing and slightly over the top. There's also a mention of Dongpyo's future financial planning and the importance of saving, given the fluctuating income of freelancers. The visit to Dongpyo's house reveals a tidy and well-kept living space, which surprises the visitors with its cleanliness and organization, despite the humorous exaggeration of Dongpyo's spending habits. The summary ends with a light-hearted agreement that Dongpyo signs, acknowledging the humorous jabs at his lifestyle.


  • 😯 The title suggests a visit to Dongpyo's house, implying a focus on his lifestyle and habits.
  • 🧻 There's a discussion about the use of wet wipes, with some characters expressing discomfort or confusion about their use.
  • 🚿 One character takes exceptionally long showers, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour, which surprises the others.
  • 🍗 The group reminisces about a delicious braised truffle chicken they had previously, indicating shared culinary experiences.
  • 🧹 There's a debate about cleaning habits, particularly wiping tables before and after eating, showing different perspectives on hygiene.
  • 🌸 Mention of a recent trip to Gangneung to see the cherry blossoms, highlighting leisure activities and the beauty of nature.
  • 🚗 A humorous conversation about transportation choices, with a suggestion to rent a car for a drive to the Han River.
  • 💸 Concerns are raised about Dongpyo's spending habits and the potential impact on his future financial stability.
  • 🏡 Upon visiting Dongpyo's house, the group notes its cleanliness, which contrasts with earlier discussions about his spendthrift ways.
  • 🛍️ Dongpyo is described as a spendthrift, with examples given about his purchasing behavior, such as buying multiple umbrellas.
  • 🔋 The script touches on energy conservation, as characters discuss the need to turn off power strips to save electricity.

Q & A

  • Why did the wet wipes dry up during the conversation?

    -It is suggested that someone might have intentionally let the wet wipes dry up to make the situation uncomfortable for others.

  • How long does it take for one of the characters to take a shower?

    -One of the characters takes a shower for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  • What did Dongpyo prepare for the group?

    -Dongpyo prepared braised truffle chicken, which they had enjoyed previously.

  • Why did the character feel the need to clean the table before eating?

    -The character felt the need to clean the table to remove any dust that might have accumulated, ensuring a clean surface for eating.

  • What was the group's opinion on Dongpyo's spending habits?

    -The group expressed concern about Dongpyo's spending habits, fearing that he might be spending more than he realizes and could face financial difficulties in the future.

  • What did the group suggest Dongpyo should do to secure his future?

    -The group suggested that Dongpyo should learn technical skills and consider a career as a fitness trainer as a backup plan.

  • Why did the group decide to visit Dongpyo's house?

    -The group decided to visit Dongpyo's house to better understand his lifestyle and to express their concerns about his spending habits.

  • What was the group's reaction to Dongpyo's house being very tidy?

    -The group was surprised and impressed by how tidy Dongpyo's house was, questioning if it was normal for an idol dorm to be so clean.

  • What was the humorous interaction about regarding the use of perfume?

    -There was a discussion about the use of cooling sprays and how a man would appear masculine if he smelled like them. Jongkook was teased for possibly using cooling spray No. 5.

  • Why did the group suggest turning off the power strips?

    -The group suggested turning off the power strips to conserve energy and reduce waste, pointing out that leaving them on unnecessarily could be a wasteful habit.

  • What was the humorous agreement that Son Dongpyo signed?

    -Son Dongpyo signed a humorous agreement that acknowledged the potential for physical and mental damage from listening to nagging, which he found amusing and agreed to keep confidential.



😀 Wet Wipes and Shower Habits

The first paragraph revolves around a conversation about the use of wet wipes and personal hygiene habits. It starts with a discussion on whether someone intentionally made the situation uncomfortable by using up wet wipes. The dialogue includes questions about the reasons for discomfort and whether others noticed the situation. It then shifts to a person's shower habits, with an individual taking a long time in the shower, raising questions about the duration and the activities performed during that time. The conversation also touches on cleanliness before eating, the use of wipes, and the concern over dust and cleanliness in general. There's a humorous exchange about living with such cleanliness standards, including a joke about wearing gas masks. The paragraph concludes with a mention of a recent trip to Gangneung to see the cherry blossoms and a discussion about transportation preferences.


💸 Financial Concerns and Lifestyle Choices

The second paragraph focuses on personal finance and lifestyle choices. It begins with a person's long shower routine, including exfoliating and using an oil remover, which leads to a humorous concern about water wastage and potential calls from the Water Resources Corporation. The conversation moves on to personal grooming, specifically the use of perfume and cooling sprays, and how they can affect one's image. There's a discussion about the wastefulness of buying items that are already owned, such as a mat, and the cost of borrowing versus buying. The paragraph also touches on health concerns, like scrub typhus, and the preference for certain food items like tteokbokki. It includes a dialogue about financial habits, with one member complimenting another for buying breakfast and a debate about generosity and the potential for it to be taken for granted. The paragraph ends with a reflection on the different perspectives on spending and a warning about the future financial stability of one of the members.


🏠 Home Visit and Life Observations

The third paragraph details a home visit to a member's house, with a focus on his lifestyle and spending habits. The conversation starts with concerns about the member's well-being, leading to a humorous comparison to the Grim Reaper and a guardian. Upon visiting the house, the tidiness is noted, and the number of umbrellas available is discussed, indicating a potential for over-preparation. The dialogue includes a discussion about laundry habits, with a preference for using a dryer and washing machine rather than air-drying, which is seen as a sign of a normal lifestyle. The paragraph also covers the member's approach to clothing care, with a revelation that he doesn't own or wash shirts, leading to a light-hearted exchange about different clothing habits. The conversation ends with a mock contract being read aloud, which includes terms about accepting nagging and not disclosing the content of the show, adding a comedic touch to the discussion.


🖋️ Autograph and Personality Insights

The fourth and final paragraph is a brief exchange about a member's signature, which is described as cute. There's a discussion about whether the member uses the same signature for fans, leading to a clarification that there are separate celebrity autographs. The paragraph ends with a comment on the member's brightness, highlighting a positive personality trait.




A spendthrift is a person who spends money in an extravagant and wasteful manner. In the context of the video, Dongpyo is referred to as a 'spendthrift', which is a central theme as it highlights his lifestyle and spending habits that are being discussed and critiqued by the other members.

💡Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are pre-moistened disposable wipes often used for personal hygiene or cleaning purposes. In the script, the issue of wet wipes drying up is mentioned, indicating a lack of preparation or a moment of discomfort, which adds to the humor and the portrayal of Dongpyo's lifestyle.

💡Braised Truffle Chicken

Braised truffle chicken is a dish that involves cooking chicken with truffle, which is a type of edible fungus known for its distinct aroma. It is brought up in the script as a food item they previously enjoyed, indicating a preference for luxurious or high-end food, reflecting on Dongpyo's spendthrift nature.

💡Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are flowers from cherry trees, celebrated for their beauty and often associated with spring. The mention of cherry blossoms in the script suggests a leisurely or indulgent activity that the characters are considering, which ties into the overall theme of their lifestyle choices.


Fanta is a brand of fruit-flavored soft drinks. The script mentions a controversy over a can of Fanta, which illustrates the camaraderie and playful banter among the members, as well as the trivial matters that can become a point of contention in their daily life.

💡Scrub Typhus

Scrub typhus is an infectious disease caused by bacteria and transmitted by certain types of mites. It is mentioned in the script as a humorous warning about the potential health risks of not having a mat on a bare floor, showcasing the group's concern for each other's well-being.


Tteokbokki is a popular Korean dish made from rice cakes seasoned with a spicy sauce. The dish is mentioned as looking delicious in the script, highlighting the group's shared enjoyment of food and their cultural preferences.


Ramyeon refers to instant noodles, which are a staple in Korean cuisine. The suggestion to eat two packs of ramyeon indicates a casual and relatable meal choice, showing the group's down-to-earth nature despite their discussion of more extravagant spending habits.


Freelancers are individuals who are self-employed and often work for multiple clients or on a project basis. The term is used in the script to describe the members' work status, which is relevant as it explains the fluctuating income and the need for financial planning and restraint.

💡Fitness Trainer

A fitness trainer is a professional who instructs individuals or groups on exercise and helps them achieve their fitness goals. The mention of preparing to become a fitness trainer reflects on the characters' contingency planning and the importance of having alternative career paths.

💡Physical and Mental Damage

Physical and mental damage refers to harm or injury to the body or mind, respectively. In the script, it is humorously mentioned in the context of signing an agreement, indicating the playful and dramatic interactions among the group members.


JONGKOOK visits DONGPYO’s House and discovers his spendthrift habits.

DONGPYO’s use of wet wipes dries up, causing discomfort among the guests.

DONGPYO takes unusually long showers, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour.

The group discusses the necessity of cleaning the table before eating.

DONGPYO is teased for his excessive cleanliness and potential dust allergies.

JONGKOOK and the group consider the practicality of renting a car versus taking a taxi to the Han River.

DONGPYO’s house is surprisingly tidy, contradicting the spendthrift label.

The number of umbrellas in the house raises questions about DONGPYO’s shopping habits.

DONGPYO defends his lifestyle as normal, causing a debate among the group.

Lalal expresses stress over the lifestyle differences observed in the video.

DONGPYO is encouraged to save and learn technical skills for financial security.

Im Woo Il is identified as the most financially cautious member of the group.

DONGPYO’s future spending habits are a concern, especially with fluctuating income.

The group humorously debates the use of cooling sprays and their impact on masculinity.

DONGPYO’s decision to buy breakfast is seen as a strategic move to get others to pay.

The group discusses the importance of not taking kindness for granted within their dynamic.

DONGPYO signs an agreement acknowledging the points made by the group, with a humorous mention of potential physical and mental damage.